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The GIEIS Project: Wolfram's Cellular Automata Solved

Mark McCarron, 16.11.2004 23:12

Recently Decoded Ancient Mayan Tzolk'in By applying data obtained from the recently decoded ancient Mayan Tzolk'in, to Wolfram's Cellular Automata a perfect pattern is presented, demonstrating that what we consider to be genetic, thus matter too, is light accelerated beyond light.

C. Rice's Jilted Lover Speaks.

Lyle Jackson, 16.11.2004 23:03

Borders of Iraq. Can we talk ?
Conflicting news-reports make the
influence of foreign "insurgents"
in IRAQ difficult to understand.

Devil's Due

John Doraemi, 16.11.2004 22:43

------------------------------------------------------- John Doraemi has a new blog, Crimes of the State, at -------------------------------------------------------

Shoot The Messenger, The Death of Investigative Journalism

Jorge Mouro, 16.11.2004 20:46

How The Fourth Branch of Government is turning a blind eye to America's real problems.

Let the river Tara in Montenegro be!!!

CPthAH, 16.11.2004 20:42

In 1976. Tara river canyon was proclaimed a UNESCO reserve as a part of Man and Biosphere Programme (MaB) and thus received special protection from the international community. As a part of Durmitor mountain National Park, Tara river canyon received yet another degree of protection by being proclaimed UNESCO’s World Natural and Cultural Heritage Site and included in UNESCO’s World Natural and Cultural Heritage List.

VOTING FRAUD 2004, Update, Coverage, Links

Feral, 16.11.2004 20:41

Tune in to
for Breaking News on the
unfolding VOTE FRAUD story

Louisiana teens getting driver's license also register for selective service

Robert Morgan, 16.11.2004 20:36

After questioning the early registration, Chevalier researched the issue and learned the Legislature passed Act 373 in the 2003 session dictating that all males aged 15 up to 18 seeking a first-time driver's license or an OMV identification card must register with Selective Service.

Lets see what voting method was used

Some Guy, 16.11.2004 20:29

Somebody should create a matrix of voting technology used (ie computer touch screen, punch card, etc) and cross reference it to voting preference. It would be interesting indeed if computer touch screen voters tended to vote for Bush. In fact, it would be very powerful evidence for impeachment, wouldn't it?

25th Anniversary of the Greensboro Massacre Reception in L.A.

Barbara A. Garcia, 16.11.2004 19:50

As the U.S. recently commemorated the 25th anniversary of the Nov. 3rd Iranian hostage crisis, another anniversary occurred that day: the 25th anniversary of the Greensboro Massacre. It was an event that was pushed behind the headlines to what happened overseas, but had just as devastating an effect on the families of those who were murdered by members of the Ku Klux Klan and American Nazi Party. Below is an open invitation to all in the Los Angeles area to attend an upcoming reception that commemmorates the history and the legacy of the Greensboro Massacre.


A. Citizen, 16.11.2004 19:33

How to Hack the Vote: the Short Version
Chuck Herrin, CISSP, CISA, MCSE, CEH
* CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional
* CISA - Certified Information Systems Auditor
* MCSE - Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
* CEH - Certified Ethical Hacker

American Apology To Iraq

KurzweilAI, 16.11.2004 19:30

Not sure who wrote this, but it showed up under the "Mind Exchange" section at and thought it worthy of a post here.

A full account of my arrest at the RNC

Niels Alpert, 16.11.2004 18:39

Netted by police on 42nd St. A straightforward account of how I was unlawfully arrested and detained for 26 hours at the Republican National Convention in New York City on August 31, 2004.

Rally Against Japanese Dolphin and Whale Slaughter

Citizens' Initiative Omega, 16.11.2004 18:00

Los Angeles and San Francisco Demonstrations Against Japanese Dolphin andWhale Slaughter on Friday, Nov. 19. World-Wide Protest.

Hollander Consultants’ CEO Advises How to Start a Consulting Firm at National PTCA Conference

Matthew Bratschi, 16.11.2004 17:59

Fred King, CEO of Hollander Consultants, a Portland, Oregon-based business and practice management consulting company, informed over one hundred attendees of the Professional Consultants and Trainers Association (PTCA) annual conference, how to start their own consulting firm.

Cry of the Lord

DAJ`, 16.11.2004 17:32

dancing ego

FALLUJA: Summarily Executed - Uncensored Video / Text of US Troops Executing Wounded Falluja Mosque Prisoners

Matt Hamon / Norman Hermant, 16.11.2004 16:44

US Marine under investigation after death of wounded Iraqi insurgent

The zionist in Abu-Ghuraib

star, 16.11.2004 16:40

Still a conspiracy theory to the backward individual.
This picture could'nt be more revealing.

The honorable US campaign

photo leak, 16.11.2004 16:36

The picture speaks for itself.


Citizens' Initiative Omega, 16.11.2004 16:36

H.ome from Iraq!


snowshoefilms, 16.11.2004 16:31

THE PTECH STORY: Indira Singh, whistleblower, former J P Morgan Chase ‘risk architect’. In her allotted half hour, Indira Singh, an EMT at Ground Zero on 9-11, tells how she later bumped into Ptech, thinking of hiring the high-level information spooks (PROMIS plus) for Morgan Chase. She didn’t, but took her growing suspicions and documents to the FBI and the official 911 Commission, which muzzled them Singh takes us on a quick tour of back door banking and corporate spying and stealing and drugs and terrorism and CIA front organizations involved at every turn.

Prophecy Nov 16 : Osama targets America with nukes

Brent Herbert, 16.11.2004 16:25

Answering cries for help. Should I, or shouldn't I? Hmmmmm.

$200411.16 today's ©™®₤¥€$ Windows edition

£, 16.11.2004 15:43

daily poem, McMillan, Caldicott c/o, W$, Link Du Jour

Hizb-ut-Tahrir members and supporters march in Tripoli in support of Falluja

KCom News, 16.11.2004 15:37

Hizb-ut-Tahrir (Party for Liberation) is a world wide network working toward
re-establishing the Islamic Khilafah (Caliphate).

Strangest piece of web history returns

sam, 16.11.2004 15:18

From conspiracy theories to art to marijuana legalization to theoretical physics, Inifinity Factory was a webcasted talk show created during the height of the dot-com era by now bankrupt (in it's original form) company Pseudo Networks. This is one of the wildest, most interesting, and most bizarre pieces of media to ever hit the web.

Iraqi Resistance Reports for November 12, 13 and 14

Iraqi Resistance, 16.11.2004 14:44

Sorry for posting all three reports at the same time but I just found them and wanted to post them before the information becomes obsolete.

Iraqi Resistance Report for events of November 15 2004

The Iraqi Resistance, 16.11.2004 14:34

A good portion of what is described here is borne out in the now less than veiled reports of the corporate media about "rebels fighting to the death" in Fallujah and the fighting spreading elsewhere. Long live the Iraqi resistance, and victory to them. For they are the *only ones* who have defended the Iraqi people from the abuses and savagery of their ameriKKKan and British occupiers. Victory to the resistance! For their fight is the *only avenue* that will free Iraq from foreign occupation and the *foreign exploitation* that's already begun there.

&quot;official&quot; GI death toll in Iraq 1195. Don't buy the lies!

jamie, 16.11.2004 14:05

Don't buy the lie that Iraq is "calming down" after the U.S. butchery in Falluja. Independent media and some mainstream reports indicate that the situation there is becoming less stable. All areas of that country are revolting against the illegal and clearly hated occupation. Take a look ( the rate of U.S. troops killed in action, 75 already in the month of november and we're only half way through! Only fools would expect Iraqis to respond to the occupiers with less venom now. Please spread this news. jamie

A Economia Política enquanto Ciência Social

Francisco Trindade, 16.11.2004 12:47

A Economia Política enquanto Ciência Social

Manifiesto del Paro Cívico Nacional - Paraguay

Julio Recalde, 16.11.2004 10:47

Estudiantes, Trabajadores y Desocupados de Paraguay organizan piquetes y manifestaciones en Asunción y el Departamento Central sumándose a los cortes de ruta y ocupaciones de tierra por parte de los campesinos.

Petitions to urge Congress to investigate vote fraud.

a fellow American., 16.11.2004 09:40

plaese sign the following petitions. very important, and pass it on.

Los Golpes que Faltan

Utopía, 16.11.2004 07:22

cuando un Pueblo está decidido a ser libre nadie lo puede dominar. Si, es cierto, usan explosivos ¿y como equilibrar el poder de fuego con el imperio invasor si no es con estos? Que arda pues el invasor en las calles de Irak con los explosivos, las piedras, las balas, las maldiciones y todo lo que tenga el Pueblo Iraquí para defenderse.

One by one they desert the insane leaders..

Hammerhead Lincoln, 16.11.2004 06:53

Like rats deserting the sinking ship-fear of prosecution?

Zarqawi rallies fighters in new tape

Al-Jazeera, 16.11.2004 03:05

direct link to the tape
(Arabic language, 1 min., 40 sec.):

Suitcase Children

I don't know, 16.11.2004 02:37

A whole generation of suitcase children.

Jello biafra knows more...

Prophecy Nov 15 : America's Dishonored Armed Forces

Brent Herbert, 16.11.2004 02:16

Time is very short

Spare a Little Latte for Palestinian Schoolgirls

Mark C. Eades, 16.11.2004 01:56

As Arab children die under US-backed Israeli occupation, they find little sympathy on either side of the congressional aisle. Case in point: Congressional "latte liberal" Nancy Pelosi.

Dogs Eating Bodies in the Streets of Fallujah

Dahr Jamail (@, 16.11.2004 01:52

Independant Iraq War Correspondance dated 15 nov 2004

Iraq is Burning - So What Are You Going to Do About It?

DONNA J. VOLATILE, 15.11.2004 22:26

We need EVERY anti-war group to unite under the same banner! We need every single person in this country who does not support this illegal war, the murder of innocent people, the injustices being foisted upon other countries, to come together now!

Donate Indy

imc, 15.11.2004 21:48

jpg donate


your comments are always welcome ..., 15.11.2004 21:42

Sun Nov 14, 6:39 PM ET

Fallujah GI : A US marine from the 3/5 Lima company carries his "GI Joe Action Man" doll as he walks past the destruction in the restive city of Fallujah. (AFP/Patrick Baz)

Coalition death score - 2 million Muslim kids, 1000 US soldiers

Gideon Polya, 15.11.2004 21:27

Aside from the sustained lying, massive public deception, illegality, the horrendous "collateral" civilian casualties and immense US corporate benefit (nearly US$400 billion extra military expenditure by the US alone since 9/11), there is a further outrageous scandal associated with the post-9/11 US invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, namely the NON-REPORTAGE of horrendous civilian casualties by mainstream global mass media. From a CONSERVATIVE analysis of published UN and UNICEF data there has been an excess "collateral" mortality of about 2000 Muslim children for every US combat death - as compared to the murder of about 0.3 Jewish children for every Axis military death in World War 2.


Awaken Fearfull US masses, 15.11.2004 21:14

The Youth Will Be Decisive attacks on powerlines and transformers could wreck havoc on industry, consumer confidence, government budgets (through increased security costs and lost revenues), and the stock market. In just a few weeks shortages, rationing and civil unrest could be widespread. large transformers are specially designed for their installation’s requirements. They can take weeks, months and with sustained damages years to replace.

Yassar Arafat was &quot;Fried&quot; by Israeli Govt. &quot;Microwave&quot; attack!

Mabus/Bush, 15.11.2004 21:08

Yassar Arafat was "Fried" by Israeli Govt. "Microwave" attack!

Letter to the Freedom Fighters of Fallujah, and to All the People of Iraq

Garda Ghista, 15.11.2004 21:02

Apologies to the people of Iraq for the Crimes of George Bush


gabriele zamparini, 15.11.2004 19:06

To initiate a war of aggression, therefore, is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.

US Troops Shot Civilians Escaping From Fallujah

KATARINA KRATOVAC, 15.11.2004 18:16


MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT! An Electoral Reform Discussion

Cynthia Holmes, 15.11.2004 18:05

Join us to engage in a strategic discussion about the future of the electoral system in building informed, critical and self-determined communities.

Wednesday, November 17th
6:00-8:00 pm
at the HotHouse, 31 E. Balbo, Chicago


sfh, 15.11.2004 18:03

We can do it!!! Stop all economic activity all around the world on the day the most evil man in the human race takes power!!! Huelga global el 20 de enero de 2005!! Greve globale le 20 janvier 2005!!! Spread the word and participate- at least call in sick!!!

US pleas for cease-fire?

Mafkarat al-Islam, 15.11.2004 17:58

Wondering if this is true?
Would like a confirmation of this report. The US and mass media may not
report this, or at best might be slow to report if this is true.


Paul Gilfeather, 15.11.2004 16:21

Sparks World-Wide Revulsion.

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