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Soldier threatens suicide if sent back

jamie, 30.11.2004 14:14

Now 1250 GI's dead in Iraq (, and that number is rising fast as one soldier threatens suicide if sent back:

11/30/04 abcnews: "U.S. Soldier Killed in Attack North of Baghdad
A U.S. Army soldier died from injuries sustained after a roadside bomb exploded next to his patrol north of Baghdad, the military said Tuesday"


AFP, 30.11.2004 13:48

If this were from Associated Press or UPI I'd dismiss it as a patent psyops fraud. But it's from Agence France-Presse which lends it some credibility.

There's still time - redouble the efforts!

A new attitude toward enemies

neil cunningham, 30.11.2004 13:41

A description of the process and intention of the making of my magic finger

Ottawa Indymedia blocked

doug f, 30.11.2004 12:46

With Bush visiting Ottawa Canada, the Ottawa Indymedia site is blocked.
This will probably be dismissed as a computer error & will clear up after Bush
The empire realizes that Indymedia is important and thus attacks it!

Todos a Ginebra

Azkitunwe, 30.11.2004 11:34

Historica huelga de hambre en la ONU Historica huelga de hambre en la ONU realizada por los pueblos originarios de todo el mundo. Convoquemos a todos para apoyar esta accion!!!!!

Dispelling the Darkness...

contributed by RSD, 30.11.2004 11:29

ELF Tower What are these towers for? Concentration camps in America?


Roberta Mancuso, 30.11.2004 11:27

"We look around at Palm Island, Redfern, and go bloody good on ya, one for us. I can't wait until I have my go," Mr Yanner said.

where are the foreign journalists?

john petrovato, 30.11.2004 10:38

Are the Palestinian territories the only war torn place in the world not covered by journalists? How can accurate reporting of the conflict take place if reporters never leave Jerusalem or Ramallah - cities that are generally safe from the harassment and violence of every day life in the Palestinian territories?

Cyprus Issue

Syed Asad Sabir Naqvi, 30.11.2004 08:19

In this article the author has tried to highlight the problems faced by the Cypriot People. As a foreign Observer, the author has tried to write the best view possible.

Northern Cyprus-Culture &amp; Cuisne

Syed Asad Sabir Naqvi, 30.11.2004 08:15

In this articles I have tried to summarize the Culture and Cuisine of Turkish Cypriots People.

Iraq not looking good. Dollar not looking good.

jamie, 30.11.2004 04:17

Dear friends,

Things are not looking well for the dollar (see article below). And the “official” number of G.I.’s killed in Iraq is now 1249 ( and rising fast (It was 1238 this morning).


As the dollar leaves behind the support in the 84 - 85 area on the index, the rate of decline is accelerating. The big questions now, of course, are "How far will it drop?" and "Are we in for a full-blown dollar crisis?" The simple answer to these questions is "a very long way" and "yes," respectively. Various factors are coming together to propel the dollar into a decline of seismic proportions that is expected to destroy its status as the world reserve currency and create conditions of economic crisis in the United States.

Prophecy Nov. 29 : The Declaration of Independence

Brent Herbert, 30.11.2004 03:55

The Charters of Freedom ... A New World is at Hand...

Australian Animal Rights Activists Lock-on to piggeries in National Protest

Kim Stewart, AAQ, 30.11.2004 02:54

In the early hours of Monday morning (November 29th) animal activists throughout Australia chained themselves to piggeries in what has been described as the biggest animal rights protest in Australian history.

TvNewsLies Challenges the Silence!

Editor,, 30.11.2004 02:40

Has the opposition been permanently muted? Do we just sit back and watch the endless war go on? Do we pretend it is no longer our concern? Do we become one with the warmongers? Do we watch in silence as Death rides unfettered through the streets of Iraq?

Or do we start asking the questions that no one has answered?

CENSORED: You must pay to visit your land

city zen, 30.11.2004 02:24

the con-gress (opposite of progress) just snuck a "rider" into the budget sunday.


Center for Constitutional Rights, 30.11.2004 01:36

Local - Frankfurt, Germany: +49-69-36507-2080
Local - Hong Kong: +852-300-80-300
Local - London, United Kingdom: +44-207-663-2210
Local - Paris, France: +33-1-7304-1400
Local - Singapore: +65-64193720
Local - Sydney, Australia: +61-282078340
Local - Tokyo, Japan: +813-4455-1250
To call in from the U.S. ONLY: Toll Free:

What to do in Kathmandu? Join the PGA!

freak street, 30.11.2004 00:49

The next global PGA gathering is going to take place in Kathmandu in June.

Who is doing what? Anyone?

International Anti-Corruption Day

by Sandy Frost, 29.11.2004 23:11

December 9 is the first annual Anti-Corruption Day.

Quietly released Pentagon report contains major criticisms of administration.

Tom Regan, 29.11.2004 22:49

Quietly released report says 'They hate our policies, not our freedom' and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have united otherwise-divided Muslim extremists and given terrorists organizations like Al Qaeda a boost by "raising their stature" directly contradicting claims made by President Bush's administration.

We have to lose a war. Your help is required

Manuel García, Jr., 29.11.2004 22:16

There is no way around the fact that to effect political change, it will mean disrupting our lives.

Simon the Magician's Television and Film Credits

William Thomas Sherman, 29.11.2004 22:01

Simon the Magician's Television and Film Credits

Norwich media blackout protest

norwich stop the war coalition, 29.11.2004 20:43

Norwich Media Blackout protest Norwich stop the War coalition held a protest against the mainstream media blackout on the war on Iraq.Monday 29 November Norwich Centre

Ukraine Election 2004: photos + video

Genia, 29.11.2004 20:09

Kiev's Independence Square - Nov. 28, 2004 At this very moment, Ukraine is going through extraordinarily important events that ensued as a result of the disputed presidential elections. This page was created to collect and publish a photo and video record of these events from all over Ukraine and from abroad and to provide an opportunity for Ukrainians and other interested parties to witness history with their own eyes, rather than through the dry language of newspapers and mass media.

Befitting Behaviors

Mary La Rosa, 29.11.2004 19:54

As an American, fearful for her National Guards' "re assignment" in ongoing occupation of Iraq, I am apprehensive and sickened by the role model our "Israeli allies" present in managing military standards and Occupation

More Proof Kerry Threw The Fight

Me, 29.11.2004 19:53

In failing to become a party to the Cobb/Badnarik request for an expedited recount, John Kerry has proven yet again that he was in the race to lose it - not to win it.


TV News Lies, 29.11.2004 19:10

What are you waiting for, America? See what they're doing in the Ukraine? What don't you understand? It's time to GET ROWDY. It's time to MAKE SOME NOISE. It's time to SURROUND THE MEDIA, and let them know I'M MAD AS HELL, AND I'M REALLY NOT TAKING IT ANYMORE!! Help or hinder, YOU DECIDE. Ignore the election results. The thing was rigged - AGAIN! Let's Roll!!

Middle East leaders rubberstamp US occupation of Iraq

Peter Symonds, 29.11.2004 19:05

Time and again it will become more and more obvious that all this is a circus
with the puppet regimes posing as spineless clowns and obeying the orders
of the slave-master USA and friends (Britain, Australia etc.)
But everything "good" eventually comes to an end!

Ukaine’s democracy under threat

Ukrainian students, 29.11.2004 15:18

Ukrainian students, as part of the world student community are asking for your moral support. History shows us that students and youth have always been a moving factor when nations have struggled for change. We ask the students of the world to stand together with us as one family, to protect democracy and defend the fundamental human right to choose.

Bax-Preis 2004 an Arne Hoffmann

Fabian Bergson, 29.11.2004 15:08

Belfort-Bax-Preis der Kellmann-Stiftung für Aufklärung und Humanismus an Arne Hoffmann für seine Analysen auf dem Gebiet der Gleichberechtigung der Geschlechter

Call for message of solidarity

ILPS Turkey section, 29.11.2004 09:00

For a long time the Turkish state has intensified its attacks towards progressive, democrat and revolutionary people and associations. During recent times many activists were kidnapped and tortured or have been arrested.

Police Attack Coca-Cola Protesters, Over 350 Arrested

Anivar Aravind, 29.11.2004 08:47

Police Attack Protesters at Mehdiganj Photo: Amit srivastava A massive demonstration, with over 1,000 people, was held at the Coca-Cola bottling plant in Mehdiganj, Uttar Pradesh to demand that the bottling facility shut down. Armed police reacted violently, beating and injuring many, including many women. Over 350 people were arrested in an incident that is rapidly becoming part of a pattern in Coca-Cola's response to the growing resistance in India - using violence to supress opposition.

Message of Peace

Luis Cernic, 29.11.2004 05:39

Message of Peace in to:
Thank you, and until always
Luis Cernic

Western Shoshone challenge Bush Empire

Brenda Norrell, 29.11.2004 05:19

1-Carrie Dann 2-Tupac Enrique Acosta Western Shoshone Carrie Dann called on American Indians not to be a part of the slaughter of women and children in Iraq


agnes, 29.11.2004 04:05

Canadians are asked to tie black ribbons to everything and to not hold back their disgust with the on-going violence.

Relevance:Activist Fiascos-Solutions Searching for Questions

D. Miranda, 29.11.2004 03:53

Trade is Terrorism is Counterinsurgency is USA EMpire We can only hope that Latin Americans are not deluded. We hope that it is not too late for them to grasp that help will never come from anyone in the USA. We hope that they can work among themselves and their own strengths to overcome the Empire and to build sustainable and peaceful lives.

Bruva Eee-Gee from the crew

Victor Spoonbridge, 29.11.2004 03:29

Bruva Eee-Gee Cartoon

The Hydrogen news #24

Mike Johnston, 29.11.2004 03:29

Breaking news related to hydrogen energy with an insightful piece by me.

2 + 2 = Five

Lloyd Hart, 29.11.2004 00:12

There will never be another free and fair election in America ever again if George Bush is inaugurated as the President of the United States on January 20th. 2005 or at least until there is a civil war restablishing an open democracy.

Academic Consortium for Open Voting Software Promises Public Domain Election Systems

Chito Lapena, 28.11.2004 23:53

In the spirit of free information flow and transparency in Democracy, academics in the Open Voting Consortium are now assisting in the drafting of engineering standards for open source and public domain election systems that generate a voter verifiable paper step. OVC compliant systems will use mostly off-the-shelf hardware and will belong to the communities that use it. The consortium needs support and visibility.

Kerry’s Silence Indicates Complicity with Vote Fraud

Ben Frank, 28.11.2004 23:43

Kerry is joined in silence by Edwards, Dean, Clinton, Gore and the official Democratic Party. They all remain silent in the face of undeniable evidence of vote fraud. And it’s not just the voting machines without a paper trail, there are hundreds of sworn statements delivered by Ohio residents detailing various Republican tricks to prevent democrats from voting.


The Reader, 28.11.2004 23:24

Seizure of Indymedia servers conducted on request of Italian and Swiss governments by US government was illegal under law existing already on the books, little known judgments show.


Craig R, 28.11.2004 22:56

AFTA talks begon on Nov 30th in Tucson Arizona. Now is the time to organize solidarity events across the U.S. in order to raise public awareness of the Free Trade issue. This is just a small 'summary article' urging activists to organize and mobilize his week.

Australian Animal Rights Activists Loc-on to piggeries in National Protest

Kim Stewart, AAQ, 28.11.2004 22:46

typical piggery Today animal activists all over Australia have lock on to piggeries to protest the cruelty of farming the xmas ham in what's been described as the biggest animal rights action in Australian history.

6,635 bodies in Baghdad mortuary: counting cost of crime and chaos

From Anthony Loyd in Baghdad, 28.11.2004 22:10

SHOT, stabbed, blown up,burnt: the bodies of Iraqis killed in Baghdad lie piled in overcrowded refrigerators at the city’s central mortuary, their ever-increasing number overwhelming both staff and storage space in a wave that marks the city’s descent into a Hobbesian world of crime and brutality.

Iran, Venezuela, and Simon Bolivar

zorro, 28.11.2004 22:07

A street in Tehran will be named after South American liberation hero Simon Bolivar following the Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s trip to Iran.

Sesión histórica de Diputados (sobre deuda odiosa)

Resurge_Argentina (ciudadanos por la democracia), 28.11.2004 18:28

El 16 de Noviembre próximo pasado, se trataban proyectos de ley fundamentales, entre ellos el que declaraba deuda odiosa a la contraida bajo la dictadura militar argentina instaurada en 1976. Sólo 34 de 256 diputados asistieron a la sesión, que si bien fracasó por falta de quorum, tuvo el éxito de poner en evidencia la posición de la mayoría de los legisladores a favor de los intereses antinacionales y de la usura internacional.

Contact info, email for Patricia Cornwell, lawyers etc. in bribery scandal

Dr. Les Sachs, 28.11.2004 17:10

Contact info for celebrity author Patricia Cornwell, her lawyers and relevant officials in the Patricia Cornwell bribery scandal (names, postal addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses):

Homelessness &amp; Public Space

homelessaxn, 28.11.2004 16:51

New book on homelessness, criminalization, and resistance across the U.S.

United Kingdom G8 Protest

Dissent, 28.11.2004 15:46

United Kingdom G8 Protest

Community-Based Recording Studios On Your Kitchen Table

Tom Poe, Open Studios, Reno, NV, USA, 28.11.2004 09:16

Open Studios Logo Community-based recording studios is a concept which most will recognize as their local access tv station. Cable companies have instituted a program for most communities they receive exclusive contracts with, that provides opportunity for the local community residents to create multi-media works that can be distributed across the country to other local access tv stations.

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