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No child left unmedicated

Phyllis Schlafly, 02.12.2004 05:36

Big Brother is on the march. A plan to subject all children to mental health screening is under way, and pharmaceutical companies are gearing up for bigger sales of psychotropic drugs ... A Columbia University pilot project of screening students called TeenScreen resulted in one-third being flagged as "positive" for mental health problems, and half of those being turned over for mental health treatment.

Petition for release DOJ report on FBI cover-up

Kara Deniz, 02.12.2004 04:51

An online petition has been created, to demand release of the Department of Justice report on the FBI coverup related to translators and information which involved foreknowledge of 9/11 events.



Find out more about the hazards of pesticides and about safer solutions from the School Pesticide Reform Coalition

Torture charges filed against George W. Bush in Canadian Court

Various / CCNWON, 02.12.2004 01:13

This is not satire.


Carl Dix, 01.12.2004 22:55

On November 18, 2004, a NBA game between the Indiana Pacers and the Detroit Pistons resulted in a melee involving players and fans. Carl Dix, a long time revolutionary activist, looks deep into this and makes the link between what happened that evening with the current dangerous and tense political climate in the US in which a rightwing Christian Fascist juggernaut has been unleashed.


Army Pfc. Lynndie England, 01.12.2004 21:31

Those lizards of oz even forgot to take pictures. 'Course that might not be a bad idea ... ... but the inspiration that George Bush has given me is my legacy to the rest of the world.

2004 Bloggers' Challenge

Chuck, 01.12.2004 20:35

I write a blog, an on-line web log. It has political commentary, cat pictures, and much mocking of self-important celebrities like Paris Hilton.

My politics are of the Republican / libertarian variety. My commentary follows that perspective. I'm in disagreement with 80% of the blogosphere in one way or another, and the same probably is true for most Americans who don't read blogs. But that doesn't matter at this moment.

Last year a number of us discovered a charity that we felt was very worthwhile, and we supported it with an on-line fundraiser. That charity is Spirit of America.

Genocide By Omission

Lloyd Hart, 01.12.2004 20:24

Earlier this fall it was finally admitted by scientists and researchers at the university of Harvard Medical School in Cambridge Mass. that Linus Pauling was absolutely correct in his research and findings in the 1980's on the best way to combat AIDS.

Titan Arabic Linguist Candidate Files EEOC Race Discrimination Charge

MR, 01.12.2004 19:49

I decided to file an EEOC charge of discrimination against Titan Corporation. The basis of the charge is racial discrimination. No one indicated that the color of my skin, rather than my linguistic capabilities, would be the determining factor in Titan’s hiring decision.

Chemical weapons lab in Falluja

CNN vs. ArabNews, 01.12.2004 19:26

1) CNN -- Iraqi forces find chemical materials in lab [in Falluja]
2) -- A Close Look at Fallujah "Chemical Weapons Lab"

Latest death count of U.S. GI's in Iraq is 1255

Joe, 01.12.2004 19:22

As of today (12/01/04) 1255 U.S. GI’s have died in Iraq. Recent details below:

How Big Media kills: The BBC has facilitated the mass killing of innocents in Iraq

David Edwards and David Cromwell, 01.12.2004 19:19

Protest The BBC On Thursday, December 2 - This Is Why!


IWA-AIT, 01.12.2004 18:59

Granada (Spain) 4-5-6 dec. 2004


IWA-AIT, 01.12.2004 18:43

Granada (España) 4-5-6 diciembre 2004

Follow-up on &quot;Simon the Magician&quot;

William Thomas Sherman, 01.12.2004 18:25

Follow-up to an earlier posting on "Simon the Magician"

Winds of Change Tour, last train to Hopiland

Brenda Norrell, 01.12.2004 16:59

1-Casper's Mighty 602 Band 2 Native environmental warriors 'Channeling Jimi on the last train to Hopiland'
When the Winds of Change Tour culminated its four city concert venue in the Southwest, Native people from the Alaskan arctic to the Tohono O'odham southern border cracked open the truths about the Bush administration's destructive energy policies, global warming and the gouging of Black Mesa by Peabody Coal.

Dick Cheney has a gay daughter ACTION

greg montgomery, 01.12.2004 15:47

There is a new sticker/stencil campaign out there to show what hypocrites this administration is with regard to gay rights. Check it out. make it happen in your town.

Dear friends of an imperialist free world: Why the U.S opposes Venezuela’s arms purchases

jamie, 01.12.2004 15:24

We should support the purchase of any weapon by any nation that is threatened by U.S. imperialism, as is Venezuela. On this point, Iran comes first to mind. However, I notice that Chavez is also buying "100,000 semi-automatic rifles." Could these be sniper rifles? The Iraqi resistance is becoming an inspiration to the world. I think Chavez will ultimately rely on the people for his nation's protection. They grow more unbeatable by the day. jamie

Declaration of support for Al-Baradei from the union of Muslims in Europe

The union of Muslims in europe, 01.12.2004 14:39

we, the representatives of the union of Muslims in Europe, which unites all of Muslim organizations and streams throughout Europe, are united over one principal issue

AcTuaLiZación NueVa PáGina del Colectivo Nuevo Proyecto Histórico.

Colectivo Nuevo Proyecto Histórico, 01.12.2004 09:02

Sigamos promoviendo la discusión abierta, la distribución de materiales, la contrainformación, las intervenciones y todo tipo de iniciativas de producción autónomas. Porque la historia de la especie humana es la historia de su liberación.

Students at 60 Colleges on Five Continents Demand Justice for Bhopal

Ryan Bodanyi, 01.12.2004 07:46

The Death of a Child New Student Movement Building Against Dow Chemical

Where we are, where we must go

Sady Hamerston, 01.12.2004 04:47

"America is having news-media crisis; if they control 90 percent or more of Fallujah as they alleged, I challenge them to allow world news satellites to see for themselves," says Fallujah Mujahideen Advisory Council spokesman Abu Saad Al-Delaimy. He says 100 mujahideens have been "martyred." The rest of the dead are civilians."

The troops in Irsaq are losing it!

Cindy Robinson, 01.12.2004 04:09

STRATFORD — A serviceman, apparently distraught over the prospect of being sent back to the war in Iraq, threatened to kill himself as he stood naked and screaming outside his house.

Patrick Henry College: Is it a breeding ground for the Christian Republican Reich?

By Mauricio Rosas and Lorelei Jackson, 01.12.2004 03:54

Patrick Henry College: An institution that intends to have a significant impact on the future leadership of the U.S. is not your ordinary school of higher learning. "The students about 75% of who have been taught at home rather than in schools - are required to sign a statement of faith before they arrive, confirming that they have a literal belief in the teachings of the Bible."

A veteran’s reflections – five years later…

Abe Haim, 01.12.2004 03:54

I’m not writing this just to reminisce. I wanna share some of the thoughts I’ve had since then – as I’ve seen the radical/activist communities change.


India Resource Center, 01.12.2004 03:36

Sit-In at Coca-Cola Plant in Mehdiganj Send a FREE FAX to Neville Isdell, CEO of the Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta, US demanding that they stop the violence and take immediate action to address the serious problems created by Coca-Cola in India. Envía un FAX GRATIS dirigido a Neville Isdell, Director de Coca-Cola Company en Atlanta, EEUU, exigiendo que paren la violencia y tomen acciones inmediatas para resolver los serios problemas que ha creado Coca-Cola en la India.

Breaking News.....Canadian authorities have arrested US president George W. Bush in Ottawa

Thomas D'Arcy McGee, 01.12.2004 03:10

The first photo released since the arrest of US President Bush Canadian authorities have arrested US President George W. Bush and charged him with offences under Canada's War Crimes Act.

Open Letter to the Liberal Party of Canada

Abe W Goodman, 01.12.2004 01:54

Presented is a letter sent to members of the Liberal Party of Canada on the visit of George W. Bush

Robin Hood Lives in Texas! Maldef Claims Victory for School Funding

Greg Moses, 01.12.2004 01:32

The trial judge in the Texas School Funding Trial released final docs today. Here is a MALDEF press release and a selection of key passages from the court's findings, with commentary from the Texas Civil Rights Review.

Good news in Baghdad

Donna Mulhearne [The Pilgrim], 01.12.2004 01:28

Dear friends

There's a gun battle outside. It has been going ferociously for 20
minutes. There's been several large and fatal bomb blasts today.

It is cold without electricity. I, and most families in Baghdad, now
sit in the dark. My Iraqi friends are anxious and sad about everything.

But there is good news in Baghdad.

10,000 march on Bush in Ottawa, Canada

IMC - OTTAWA, 30.11.2004 23:55

10,000 march against Bush in Ottawa, Canada A large crowd of around 10,000 people rallied at Ottawa city hall, snaking through the downtown and marching on parliament hill

Hollander Consultants Clobbers Previous Earnings Records, Revenue Collection Exceeds $5 million

Matthew Bratschi, 30.11.2004 23:36

Hollander Consultants has shattered all previous revenue records by collecting over $5 million five weeks before the end of the year.

Bush Regime Resigning

susanscully, 30.11.2004 21:46

Just a thought.

Prophecy Nov. 30 : Storm battered city

Brent Herbert, 30.11.2004 20:00

Some selections from Isaiah

Al-Qaida releases new video

Al-Jazeera, 30.11.2004 19:59

It is unfortunate that the transcript of the whole video has not been released.
What are they hiding? Or rather why is the US applying pressure on Al-Jazeera
to prevent it from releasing the full transcript?
The Americans and the people of the world deserve to see the full transcript
and understand the message from themselves.

Court Dismisses New Challenge to Copyright Regime

Marjorie Heins/FEPP, 30.11.2004 19:51

San Francisco federal district judge Maxine Chesney has made short work of the latest court challenge to America's increasingly enclosed copyright system. Dismissing the case of Kahle v. Ashcroft, Judge Chesney rejected the plaintiffs' arguments that changes to copyright law over the past 28 years have so restricted the public's access to thousands of historically valuable works as to violate the First Amendment.

Kuwaiti anti-war cleric sentenced by USA puppet Kuwaiti monarch government

Al-Jazeera, 30.11.2004 19:48

Bush wants to spread "democracy"! Sure!
And he continues to protect the tyrant US-friendly monarch of Kuwait, Saudi-Arabia
and other middle-eastern and central-asian puppet tyrant regimes.
This proves that non-violent disapproval of the king is illegal in Kuwait.
What's interesting is that USA is morphing into these tyrannies that it supports.

Al-Zawahri Issues Video Statement Offering “One Last Advice” For The US

JihadUnSpun News Desk, 30.11.2004 19:41

The message is pretty obvious: stop the illegal invasion of Muslim properties and lands and stop supporting facist regimes in the Muslim world and allow the
Muslims to progress with self-determination. Looks pretty straight forward.
But unfortunately most (and not all) westerners (especally Americans) do not
apply critical thinking by themselves. They swallow a "re-interpreted" version
of a simple message from the "terrorists". Re-interpreted by their "god" the
US govt. and media!

These Laws Were Made For Breakin'

Richard Scott, 30.11.2004 19:02

James E. Morgan, district court judge of Hamilton County, Texas -- located 70 miles northwest of Waco -- apparently never saw a law he doesn't like to trash, whenever the needs of bias, prejudice, judicial incompetence or outrageous injustice beckon.

U.S. threatens to kill himself if sent back to Iraq

jamie, 30.11.2004 18:43

STRATFORD — A serviceman, apparently distraught over the prospect of being sent back to the war in Iraq, threatened to kill himself as he stood naked and screaming outside his house.

U.S. prospects in Iraq are very bad

jamie, 30.11.2004 18:35

U.S. can’t “prevail” in Iraq. American commander admits that it would take ten years for an Iraqi force to succeed in their homeland, continuously supported by U.S. troops. By that time we would have our second Vietnam. Our nation would be crushed and broke. The following article drives this point home nicely. amie

Activists crawl through web to untangle U.S. government secrecy

william fisher, ips, 30.11.2004 18:15

Provides a list of websites and direct links to them.

What if they held an Anti Bush Protest and Nobody Came?

HaHa, 30.11.2004 18:14

Hopes for early mass protests in the streets of Ottawa on the eve of Tuesday's visit by US President George W. Bush fizzled out, as journalists outnumbered demonstrators

Hunger Strike at Passaic County Jail

NJ Civil Rights Defense Committee, 30.11.2004 17:11

2 detainees at Passaic County Jail are in their 9th day of hunger strike demanding their release.  They are struggling for all the immigrant detainees who are being held as criminals and torn away from their families and communities.

Fallujah's 9/11: U.S. Used Weapons of Mass Destruction

Fintan Dunne, Editor, 30.11.2004 17:09

November 9th, 2004 was Fallujah's 9/11 Tuesday. It marked the peak of three days of indiscriminate bombing of Fallujah by US forces. The bomb blitz featured weapons of mass destruction: banned napalm-type munitions, chemical poison gas and super-bombs of up to 2,000-pounds.The relevant US commanders should be immediately detained and interrogated --so we can determine on whose orders they acted, that others may also face justice.

Anti-Gypsyism unifying Europe

European Roma Information Office, 30.11.2004 16:58

Opinion polls reveal strong ressentments against Roma all over Europe.

Hunger Strike in Passaic County Jail

New Jersey Civil Rights Defense Committee, 30.11.2004 16:50

2 detainees at Passaic County Jail are in their 9th day of hunger strike demanding their release. They are struggling on behalf of all immigrant detainees who are being held as criminals and torn away from their families and communities. 
ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement, formally INS) recognizes a hunger strike only after 72 hours. 
These immigrant detainees are being held in jail even though they have no criminal charges.

Five Years After the Battle For Seattle

Chuck Munson, 30.11.2004 16:19

The media spin cycle leading up to major anti-globalization protests has become so predictable that activists have been forced to come up with better media strategies to keep up with the lies and disinformation. The mainstream media starts the cycle several months in advance with articles and coverage about the upcoming summit and accompanying protests.

“The Pianist” of Palestine

Omar Barghouti, 30.11.2004 16:07

When I watched Oscar-winning film The Pianist I had three distinct, uneasy reactions. I was not particularly impressed by the film, from a purely artistic angle; I was horrified by the film’s depiction of the dehumanization of Polish Jews and the impunity of the German occupiers; and I could not help but compare the Warsaw ghetto wall with Israel’s much more ominous wall caging 3.5 million Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza in fragmented, sprawling prisons.

Violation of Human Rights in the U.S

by Jesus Alberto Cabal, 30.11.2004 15:13

Congratulations to all the friends of IMC for a job well done in exposing institutionalized corruption. I am stopping by to invite everyone to visit my "blog" which exposes one of the worst violations of human rights ever committed by government officials in the United States....Thank you!

jesus cabal

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