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Victory for Immigrant Rights Movement

NJ Civil Rights Defense Committee, 04.12.2004 18:33

The immigrant rights’ movement won a significant victory when the Dept. Of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement arm directed that all jails in the US holding immigrant detainees cease to use dogs around the detainees.

London Victory to the Intifada picket of M&amp;S

Isobel Intifada, 04.12.2004 18:13

Report of London Victory to the Intifada picket of M&S Thursday 2 December 2004

Few want death duty in Iraq

jamie, 04.12.2004 15:49

Few want death duty in Iraq. “In fiscal 2004, the Guard had expected 7,100 soldiers to sign up after active duty tours. Instead, only 2,900 did -- not even half. As a result, what's supposed to be a 350,000-member organization had just 342,918 soldiers when the year closed out on Sept. 30.” Recent war details follow as 1268 U.S. GI’s are “officially”confirmed killed in this most recent phase (March 03 to present) of the attack on Iraq


Tito Tricot, 04.12.2004 15:35

After a year’s work, a special commission set up by the Chilean government, after pressure from human rights organizations, issued a report about Torture and Political Prison in Chile during the dictatorship that ruled the country between 1973 and 1990. 35 thousand victims of torture testified before the commission. All of their names are included in the report, but not a single name of any of the torturers in included.We are still waiting for justice to be done.

Über Indymedia

mojo73, 04.12.2004 14:48

Das Independent Media Center (IMC, unabhängiges Medienzentrum) ist ein Netzwerk gemeinschaftlich verwalteter Medienvertriebe („media outlets“) mit dem Zweck, radikale, akkurate und leidenschaftliche Wahrheitsvermittlung zu ermöglichen.

''Baghdad Terminator'' to lead U.S. gestapo

Bill Van Auken, 04.12.2004 10:44

Kerik embodies the cynical exploitation of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. He has parlayed his eyewitness account of the collapse of the Twin Towers—and his dog-like loyalty to his boss, former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani—into a sizeable personal fortune. Kerik referred to himself as the “interim interior minister of Iraq” and told the press that for him the job was “very personal,” indicating that he saw the suppression of resistance to American occupation as revenge for the New York cops who died on September 11.

Reflections on the murder of van Gogh and the ensuing Dutch events

Astrid Essed, 04.12.2004 06:10

I think it is interesting for the Indymedia-readers to receive a comment of a Dutch inhabitant about the recently committed murder on van Gogh, the following demagogical anti-islam reactions of Dutch politicians and media and the following anti-moslim attacks on Mosques, islamic schools and also Churches.

FBI Refuses Complaint Alleging Ohio Voter Fraud

Don DeBar, 04.12.2004 03:55

WHITE PLAINS, NY - The White Plains office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation today refused to accept a complaint detailing allegations of compound felonies of voter fraud, conspiracy and other offenses in connection with the Ohio conduct of last month's presidential election.

Adam Smith the Real-life Grinch Who Stole Christmas and Won't Give It Back

George Matafonov, 04.12.2004 03:16

At about this time each year, without fail, the lament will go out about how the real meaning of Christmas has been lost. This pre-Christmas tut-tutting is as much of a tradition as the obligatory Christmas cards, and treated in the same casual way. But for many, Christmas was stolen and Dr Seuss's Grinch didn't do it. It was Adam Smith, father of the Economics of Greed.

Bush couldn't have &quot;stolen&quot; election without Kerry's approval!

Piston-Pants, 04.12.2004 03:01

Democratic Dupes were in compliance with the Bush Republicians and played along with their vote stealing fraud!

Traumatic Brain Injury Subject of New Book Release

Joy Lee Rutter, 04.12.2004 02:47

Author Joy Lee Rutter 'A Flamboyant Disarray of Dreams', by Joy Lee Rutter, sparks interest in the little-known subject matter; traumatic brain injury. Midwest Rewiew says: "The book is enticing with its wild disarray, weird magical moments and plagued with paranoid delusions. A fast paced excellent read..."

Police Beat Arabic Men for over 9 Minutes!!!!

Melanie Seymour, 04.12.2004 01:42

Two Middle-Eastern men were physically assaulted outside a bowling alley in front of a group of witnesses on March 6, 2003. One of the men is diabetic and insulin-dependent. Both men are married to US citizens, and one of the men has two American children. One of the men's wife, an enrolled member of a Native American tribe, witnessed the misconduct.

Prophecy Dec. 3 : The Volcano is Back

Brent Herbert, 04.12.2004 01:26

And when there is a volcano that means there is still work to be done and something to say...

Very, Very Dirty Pictures; You want explicit? You want raw and uncensored and free of media bias? Here you go

Mark Morford, 04.12.2004 01:21

Graphic Photos

&quot;Mad Cow&quot; Strikes Back in Video Game

Veggie Games, 04.12.2004 00:29

Veggie Games Inc. takes "Mad Cow" in a whole new direction with release of Steer Madness video game

La deuda de la estética en la Revolución Bolivariana

Guayú De Falkón, 03.12.2004 23:44

Manipulando la necesidad estética de los seres humanos el capital privado puso a su servicio una íntima esfera de realización de hombres y mujeres para ampliar el saqueo y la explotación de los pueblos a escala universal.

peacfull berlin

clownarmy supporters, 03.12.2004 23:12

today 4 clock...starting ...back reclaiming ...the ..public space as a space to comunicate..a stop..war...against everbody....freedom...against mainstream....war propaganda..and stupid borring consuming..this clownarmy back taking space to love..and ...cry.....

keep on watching our situation and jap's police pigs!

rebel_JILL/ jap islands, 03.12.2004 23:01

"kamagasaki is burning!" i report the day-workers' and homeless
comrades' enraging from 2 December 2004 to yesterday. on evening of
today(4 December 2004), we will gather to protest in front of Nishinari
Police office again. Nishinari police should clarify the fact of their
violence, and should apologize!

U.S. Breaking: Conyers to Hold Hearings on Ohio Vote Fraud

William Rivers Pitt, 03.12.2004 23:00

Democratic Representative John Conyers, Jr. of Michigan, ranking Minority member of the House Judiciary Committee, will hold a hearing on Wednesday 08 December 2004 to investigate allegations of vote fraud and irregularities in Ohio during the 2004 Presidential election. The hearing is slated to begin at 10:00 a.m. EST in the Rayburn House Office Building in Washington DC.

The making of a Muslim Holocaust

MUZAFFAR IQBAL, 03.12.2004 21:40

This sort of routine mass-murder constitutes a holocaust of a kind unknown before in human history. It is not an isolated incident occurring at one place against a captured populace, like the slaughter of Baghdad by the Mongols in 1258; rather, this genocide is taking place throughout the world, continually. These crimes are not being committed by one state or one armed group against a specific city or village; rather, they are being committed by many different armies, wearing different uniforms. They are not a hidden, undocumented phenomenon; rather, they are being documented as they take place. Yet they barely raise an eyebrow; certainly they provoke no outcry.

Supreme Law: for dummies

DAJ, 03.12.2004 21:18

general articulation

&quot;There are bodies the Americans threw in the river&quot;

Dahr Jamail, 03.12.2004 20:12

Fallujah Refugees Tell of Life and Death in the Kill Zone

British intelligence: Arafat poisoned

CCNWON/ agency, 03.12.2004 18:36

It’s probable that Arafat was gradually poisoned.

Make Some Noise! A Youth Poetry Anthology

Editor Terry a O'Neal, 03.12.2004 18:05

Make Some Noise! 2 A Youth Poetry Anthology is now accepting submissions.

Earthlings United

Justin Beach, 03.12.2004 17:21 was step 1, was step 2, here comes the best part.

The Expo for the Artist &amp; Musicians

Dvineentertainment, 03.12.2004 17:19

This is the 1st Annual Hampton Roads Independent Underground Label Conference & Showcase, this conference will bring together independent labels & artists from all genre's of music; R&B, Pop, Hip Hop, Neo Soul, Alternative etc. We will also be uniting songwriters, producers, recording equipment company representatives; distribution company reps, pressing company reps, artist development and promotional companies, booking agents, entertainment management companies and entertainment lawyers for the purpose of artist empowerment.


First Nation advocate, 03.12.2004 17:13

"support indigenous in a hunger strike in UN"
"apoyo a Indmgenas en una huelga de Hambre en la ONU"
"soutien Indighnes en grhve de la faim ` l'ONU"

U.S. Vote Fraud: Exciting Update and Urgent Actions

Stolen Election 2004, 03.12.2004 16:56

The inside legal source who has been giving me great info said clearly,"the only recourse is public pressure!" That's where you come in.

Imperialists understand all too well the value of “divide and conquer.&quot;

jamie, 03.12.2004 15:57

The death toll of U.S. troops killed in this most recent invasion of Iraq is now 1263. During the month of November, 136 GI’s were killed. This represents the largest loss of life the U.S. has suffered since the war started in March 03. Time for some “distractions” in the news?

The notes below are from Please take special notice of the report (12/03/04 UPI: Shiite mosque attacked in Baghdad) Why would such an an attack use 4 suicide bombers? Using less would leave more for future such actions? Many Sunni and Shiite leaders have vowed unity against against the occupiers. Imperialists understand all too well the value of “divide and conquer.” I think history shows that no lie is too big and no crime is too monstrous if they will serve the interests of the “masters.” Think when you read. Better still, encourage others to do so.


cleaves, 03.12.2004 15:47

The principal proponents of these ‘strategies’ are the same men – Richard Perle, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz – who assured the world that the Iraqi population would welcome invaders with open arms and that the discovery of WMDs was inevitable! These ‘experts,’ have only confirmed that they are in dire need of medication;


lance massey, 03.12.2004 13:01

Connecting the planet thru music

Seeking spiritual wisdom from our pious president

*, 03.12.2004 11:02

regarding some passages in Leviticus

The Message

Jehad A.A Al-shamarkheh, 03.12.2004 09:36

From the refugee camps of Palestine to the world, despite of the distance, despite of the house demolitions, despite the days we lived in tents, I am a refugee, and I will not offer an olive branch, because I know that in Oslo we were not even mentioned.


rowland morgan, 03.12.2004 09:34

The contortions of all involved not to leave a paper trail in the form of phone bills proves it.

Is there a problem with this website?

Don DeBar, 03.12.2004 08:39

For about a year, some problem seems to have plagued this site, which previously I had found VERY useful in organizing.

Kashipur firing on Bhopal anniversary

Anivar Aravind, 03.12.2004 08:27

Unfortunately, on the eve of the Bhopal disaster, the State of Orissa has indulged in yet another open display of its love for corporations over its own people

Anti-War Hit Parade

Anonymous, 03.12.2004 04:18

Two great hits, and more to come, from one talented activist (note: contains off color language).

Center For Constitutional Rights Seeks Criminal Investigation in Germany into Culpability of U.S. Officials in Abu Ghraib Torture

CCR, 03.12.2004 04:17

German Prosecutor Asked to Meet Obligations under Law Requiring Investigation into Torture and War Crimes. Doctrine of Universal Jurisdiction Permits Prosecution of Suspected War Criminals Wherever They May Be Found

fucked or what?

trol, 03.12.2004 02:16

What the fuck is going on with this website? Has it been taken over by mere incompetents? The newswire does appear to be seripusly gibbled. Hey! I just figured out that this website ain't all about ME and MY blog and that no man is an isla and that I can't read spanish very well! I've never been to Iraq but I still can't get my head around American soldiers executing Iraqis pretending to be dead.

Prophecy Dec. 2 : Time to throw a brick

Brent Herbert, 02.12.2004 23:45

I think its time to go to court and talk to a judge...

Child Sacrifice in Iraq

Kathy Kelly, 02.12.2004 21:41

Will you stand with me?

Fuck This Rich White Movment

Red, 02.12.2004 20:38

The movement? What movement? I'm supposed to be part of this anti-globilization movement at least thats what indymedia and infoshop keep telling me... why don't i get any respect as a revolutionary anarchist? I say rise up they say shut up, and then later someone with a article about painting and shit gets more respect about being a revolutionary then an actual advocate. Fuck this movement!

See Peaceniks, Peace Breaking Out In Iraq With 12,000 More U.S. Peacekeepers

Captain America, 02.12.2004 20:12

12,000 more freedom fighters to deal with Iraqi terrorists the way they dealt with them in Fallujah. You terror coddling peaceniks must be as upset as you were on election day.

Wild Horses to be Slaughtered for Profit

Animal Protective Legislation and American Humane Association, 02.12.2004 19:27

During the end of year appropriations frenzy, U.S. Senator Conrad Burns (R-Mont.) inserted language into the Consolidated Appropriations bill to permit wild horses and burros to be killed and their meat sent abroad where it is eaten by people in upscale restaurants.

Video: Iraq - In The Name of Freedom

An-Nahda Media, 02.12.2004 18:09

USA, Britian and coalition nations promised the removal of Saddam and his regime
from Iraq in order to introduce freedom and democracy. But the true intentions
of USA, Britain and coalition colonialists was to replace one tyrant with
another tyrant, Allawi, a former Ba'athist turned CIA agent. This 3-part video
presentation is very revealing of the history of colonialism/imperialism
inflicted upon the land of Iraq and it's inhabitants from 1258 CE upto 2003 CE.

Exposing the murder of President John F. Kennedy

from Eric Jon Phelps book - Vatican Assassins, 02.12.2004 09:08 the bloody hand of the Society of Jesus,
by Order of its Jesuit General being
"the Black Pope",
In Command of His Most Obedient Servant,
the "infallible" Pope Paul VI being
"the White Pope",

Bush Crime Family Flow Chart

a patriot, 02.12.2004 09:03

In the shadows of the chestnutree...I betrayed you...and you
betrayed me...

Taken in for questioning

Tony Hillier, 02.12.2004 07:33

It’s 5 a.m. It’s Gate-Ten-frosty outside and poet and peace activist Tony Hillier waggles a tea bag and is moved to write. Earlier he’d attended Swindon events to mark World Aids Day. Life and death moves around his mind and spews onto the keyboard.

Black Box Tea Party

Ruby, 02.12.2004 06:21

No Vote Left Behind Patriots Protest "Smoothing" Over the 2004 National Election

Black Box Tea Party

Ruby, 02.12.2004 06:06

Patriots Protest "Smoothing" Over the 2004 National Election Debacle

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