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Haiti: Why I was sacked: A former zone worker tells her story

ICFTU, 07.12.2004 09:28

The fight for workers' rights at the FTZ where Levi's jeans are assembled is continuing. Here is a first-hand testimony of conditions on the factory floor.

David in Palestine

David George / Canada, 07.12.2004 08:49

I have been asked to recount for the An-Najah University website, some of my experiences living and working in Palestine. Starting from early December, 2000, while still in Canada and blissfully ignorant of the Israel/Palestine conflict, seems like a good idea to me.

Palestinian Hospitality.

Steve Johnson, 07.12.2004 08:32

I think I could be penniless here in Palestine. Everywhere I walk people invite me for tea or coffee, a meal, and even to spend the night. Last night, my birthday, I left the university and hiked alone just before dark over the mountain into the country and into the next village. On the way I encountered some sheparders and was invited into their house for non alcoholic drinks and we ate. I now have a home away from Nablus if I ever want or need a place to sleep.

Who Are They? Do I know Them? /Testimony

Patrick Daly, 07.12.2004 07:56

I’m just finishing up two semesters here at An-Najah National University, where I have been teaching at the Faculty of Art, as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Archeology and in English. I’m originally from the States, and was educated in Britain.

Novedades de diciembre: León Ferrari, AuTonomía de Género y Carta del Nieto del Che sobre la Revolución CuBana.

Colectivo Nuevo Proyecto Histórico, 07.12.2004 06:54


15,000 tribal Papuans face genocide on the side of Glacier Mountain-PLEASE HELP

mama, 07.12.2004 06:44

As you read this, in the remote Highlands of West Papua, the Indonesian-occupied western half of New Guinea island, up to 15,000 Papuan refugees are huddling together to keep warm in caves or make-shift shelters on the frozen foothills of the glacier-topped Puncak Jaya -- at 5,000 meters high, the tallest mountain in Australasia. They are starving and terrified.

Public Concern.

Lynette Price, 07.12.2004 06:35

It involves possible fraud by at least one major Australian company and loss of evidence in The Family Court Sydney Australia.

CIA's Revenge: Election Fraud Smoking Gun

Wayne Madsen, 07.12.2004 05:41

People may wonder why a group of intelligence insiders would come forward to a non-major media outlet with such tantalizing information at this time. The corporate-beholden media cannot be trusted to report such a news story. A common theme from all the intelligence and ex-intelligence officials with whom I have communicated is that George W. Bush made a major mistake in attacking and purging the clandestine service of the CIA. The "agency," which extends far beyond the confines of Langley, Virginia, is having its revenge. It has willingly exposed a portion of a traditional clandestine CIA money route to expose the vote scam that was used to ensure Bush's election.

Bombing in Canada

CTV News - Jed Kahane, 07.12.2004 04:06

International Resistance Intitiative claims responsibility for Hydro sabotage of main power link to United States during recent visit to Canada by George Bush. Story censored by state security during visit to avoid news.

Canada Bombing

C.T.V.News, 07.12.2004 03:57

Power Line Sabotage in Canada during George Bushes's visit. Communique claims responsibility

Epoch Times Commentary on the Chinese Communist Party - Part I

The Epoch Times, 07.12.2004 03:05

More than a decade after the fall of the former Soviet Union and Eastern European Communist regimes, the international communist movement has been spurned worldwide. The demise of the Chinese Communist Party is only a matter of time.

Shocking Second Update - Photos of US Navy Seals' Prisoner Torture

US Navy Seals, 07.12.2004 02:38

Graphic photos.

The U.S. military has launched a criminal investigation into photographs that appear to show Navy SEALs in Iraq (news - web sites) sitting on hooded and handcuffed detainees, and photos of what appear to be bloodied prisoners, one with a gun to his head.

Marketing Conspiracy Turns People Into PR Weapons

Kipple, 07.12.2004 01:42

BzzAgent Growth Chart From Their Website BzzAgent and William Gibson have conspired to buy the once honest testimony of your friends, family, and loved ones with simple trinkets and free samples.

Kleenex wipes away ancient forests

Richard Brooks, 07.12.2004 01:20

Kimberly-Clark, maker of popular Kleenex brand tissue products, is clearcutting ancient forests.

Prophecy Dec. 6 : &quot; Your time is almost up&quot;

Brent Herbert, 07.12.2004 00:29

Here comes the judge...

WE pay CASh for used sensortags,inktags, and barcode labels

mary fouts, 06.12.2004 23:08

We pay CASH for used sensortags,inktags, and barcode labels

Innovadora planta de biodiesel para 1000 L/h

Carlos Muñoz, 06.12.2004 22:48

-Planta que produce 1000 L/h de biodiesel a partir de cualquier aceite vegetal usado
- Basada en la innovadora tecnologia SAVOIA BD JET

This Report Blows the Lid Off of E-Voting Manipulation in South Florida

Brad, 06.12.2004 20:49



snowshoefilms, 06.12.2004 20:14

Brandon Hughey, US Army war resister, escaped to Canada to avoid participating in what the young soldier came to regard as a crime against humanity, the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Brandon spoke to some 15 thousand assembled in Nov. 30, 2004 to protest Bush’s visit to Canada. (transcript of Hughey’s remarks)

Company Hired by FBI May have Mob Ties

WABC - New York, 06.12.2004 18:35

The report says the FBI apparently missed a big warning sign: Enopac spelled backwards is Capone.


Khadija Watson, 06.12.2004 17:56

The American nation has failed, it is falling - it is already dead.

The 'American Dream' Is Not Dead

DAJ, 06.12.2004 17:41

a call to war publishes a secret US Army document about counterinsurgency operations

trendsetter, 06.12.2004 16:51

As a matter of public concern, especially where it relates to continuing belligerent United States of America interference in Venezuela's domestic political affairs and its not-so-covert support for anti-democratic forces within Venezuela weeking to overthrow the legitimate government of President Hugo Chavez Frias, Venezuela today responsibly publishes (without permission) a top secret US Army document distributed to top Washington D.C. officials only last month in which United States' Counterinsurgency Operations are described in the form of a manual.

France Palestine Théâtre

association sîn, 06.12.2004 13:42

Liens concernant des échanges franco-palestiniens dans le domaine du théâtre

Protest the Electoral College's Vote in DC on Dec 13,14

Patrick OHara, 06.12.2004 11:55

numerous factual evidence of voter frand and uncounted and stolen votes
exists in 3 RED STATES. The goal is to amass 5 million Americans to hit the streets of Washington PEACEFULLY ZERO TOLERANE FOR VANDALISM, VIOLENCE.


afp, 06.12.2004 11:07

Jeddah - Gunmen stormed the US consulate in the Saudi Red Sea city of Jeddah on Monday and took a number of staff hostage, police said, as explosions and gunfire rocked the area. Witnesses said Saudi security forces had sealed off the consulate, where a fire was raging inside the compound, sending plumes of smoke into the sky.

Letting Go Of The View In The Rear View Mirror And Driving Forward Into The Future

walrus, 06.12.2004 03:56

The evil deeds of the past need no longer fascinate us when we commit to making the future a better place to live.

The Bush Regime's Enigma:Iraq &quot;Suicide Bombers&quot;!

Fauxlosopher, 06.12.2004 03:53

The Bush Govt. and the American media can't or won't explain the phenomenom of Iraq's "Suicide Bombers"!

Decriminalize the Prostitutes, not Prostitution

Sisyphe, 06.12.2004 03:22

In an unprecedented gesture, around thirty personalities known for their social and political commitment asks the government of Canada to reject the decriminalization of prostitution claimed by certain groups and to take immediate measures to to put an end to the harassing of prostitutes and to the sexual trafficking which is practised in Canada.

Ottowa Bush Protest: Lawyers Against the War

snowshoefilms, 06.12.2004 03:11

TORTURE CHARGES FILED VS BUSH Nov. 30, 2004 Lawyers Against War (LAW) filed charges in B.C. Provincial Court against G. W. Bush under the UN Convention Against Torture (ratified by Canada in 1987 and by the US in 1994). York University professor Michael Mandel (Toronto) speaks at a BUSH GO HOME rally in Ottawa (11/30/04). Canada’s atty. gen. has 8 days to accept or reject the case. (7 min.)

S. KOREA. 12.06/Last Week's Struggle Report

KCTU/ETU-MB, 06.12.2004 01:51

Migrant workers in S. Korea, now since more than one year in sit-in strike, always are participating the local class struggle.

War for Profit

Margot B, 06.12.2004 01:21

In place of any order to the world's wars are entrepreneurs, selling arms or military expertise and support and mercenaries looking for jobs - and companies, whose drilling and mining in some of the hottest spots often prolong conflict and instability. Small arms have been the weapons of choice in 90 percent of the conflicts since 1990 and have been responsible for almost 100 percent of the killing. The weapons, mostly state-owned, were used in conflicts that killed an estimated 10 million people during the past decade.

the United States IPv6 Summit 2004

Guido, 05.12.2004 23:49

December: T-HE event to find out everything about the New Internet, also called Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), is the United States IPv6 Summit 2004. Come and find out:

what's next, YELLOW STARS?

Anne Barnard, 05.12.2004 22:58

One idea that has stirred debate among Marine officers would require all men [OF FALLUJAH] to work, for pay, in military-style battalions. Depending on their skills, they would be assigned jobs in construction, waterworks, or rubble-clearing platoons ... Residents would receive badges displaying their home addresses that they must wear at all times.


Abu Assur, 05.12.2004 22:37

US thugs, inspite of the destruction and the killings you undertook, still, it is a joy for every freedom loving man in the world to see you rolling in the mire. Even some spiteful and malicious gossip asserts that France, Russia, and China dragged you, in a way or in another into Iraq, to see you confused and to enjoy watching your failure. Don't you see the writing on the wall? You are hated from the rising sun to the setting sun on this planet. Your majesty is degraded, demeaned, and despised and this is how the 21st US century will be, God willing, in the hands of the Iraqi resistance heroes.

For the masters

Joe, 05.12.2004 22:16

Iraq looks more like "French" Algeria" everyday. Work with the occupation and you are a target. I can't say I disagree. As of today 1270 U.S. GI's have been sacrificed for the "masters." joe

Man Provides Road Map for the Spiritually Lost

Gene Myers, 05.12.2004 21:50

Out of age, death, and sickness; a youth finds inspiration and a strong urge to help others.


Garland Favorito, 05.12.2004 21:41

“How could the federal government of the most powerful country on earth have allowed such a horrendous terrorist act to occur”?

Fallen Firefighter of the Day

Samizdat, 05.12.2004 17:13

Fallen Firefighter of the Day Fallen Firefighter of the Day : Michael Boyle, Engine 33, FDNY


JOSE ANTONIO EGIDO, 05.12.2004 16:53

Presentación de una web alternativa sobre China Popular

US: Hundreds demand recount at Ohio Statehouse

JOHN McCARTHY, 05.12.2004 16:23

Vote Fraud protest.

Indigenous hunger strike at the United Nations

Brenda Norrell, 05.12.2004 16:07

Indigenous hunger strike United Nations Offenders: United States, Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand, diluting indigenous rights at the United Nations

Doctors sanctioned for intruding in the private lives of alleged child batterers

Foundation Princess of Croÿ, 05.12.2004 11:41

As national and international organizations of the fight against the pedophile networks seek a zero tolerance of cruelty upon minors of age, doctors who had taken measures to protect children are condemned by the French Command of Doctors for having intruded in the private lives of persons involved. A petition presented by the Foundation Princess of Croÿ to the European Parlement

Schnellste Zeitschrift Deutschlands geht online

blindwerk - neue medien, 05.12.2004 10:54

06.12.2004 – Die Südpfälzer Agentur für „Barrierefreie Design Lösungen“ Blindwerk – neue Medien setzt Deutschlands schnellste Zeitschrift, das Magazin aus Bremen, interaktiv um.

Prophecy Dec. 5 : Poker Face

Brent Herbert, 05.12.2004 08:26

Sometimes that has been known to work...

ERR Communique from the Cultural Front

ERR Worker Collective, 05.12.2004 03:45

The Ever Reviled Records Worker Collective is proud to announce the launching of our new website: another step in on our on going efforts to undermine capitalism and the state while building the counter-culture. We got our cyberspace guns loaded and ready to storm the internet front!


Dries, 05.12.2004 01:55

Blind, Fury

Bush Arrested In CANADA

concerned citizen, 04.12.2004 22:20

Check this article out it says the canadians arrested bush and charged him with war crimes.

strike at filtrona switzerland

denise chervet, 04.12.2004 21:54

filtrona switzerland has been on strike since tuesday the 30th of november. the strikers call for support from the other sites of filtrona. filtrona belongs to the multinational company bunzl

Photos of US Navy Seals' Prisoner Torture

Navy Seals, 04.12.2004 20:42

The U.S. military has launched a criminal investigation into photographs that appear to show Navy SEALs in Iraq sitting on hooded and handcuffed detainees, and photos of what appear to be bloodied prisoners, one with a gun to his head.

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