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A Transman Meets Dennis Kucinich

Bet Power, 13.03.2004 20:56

This is what happened when I met Congressman Dennis Kucinich. Please vote Kucinich for President in the remaining primaries and caucuses!! Even though big media has selected the Democratic presidential nominee, Dennis still needs YOUR vote to collect delegates to take to the DNC. With more delegates, he will have influence in shaping a more progressive Democratic party platform. This is so important!

Today's Turmoil Venezuela Ezplained

DOGSPOT, 13.03.2004 20:29

The conflict in Venezuela began with a sucessful petition to recall 37 opponents of Hugo Chavez, with a response form his apponents for his recall. It was Chavez himself who instituted the mechanism of the recall.

Stolen Moments? Follow the Money

David Roknich, 13.03.2004 20:27

The day the music died in the intelligence committee hearings

Time is money: especially in this quagmire called Iraq. Much ado has been made of the false basis of our involvement. Investigations have come and gone here and in the UK. Tony Blair managed to hang on by his fingernails in the wake of the Hutton inquiry while the inner circle of Bush advisors manged to keep a stiff upper lip and carry on as if the game had been played by the book.

Qué hacer?

Crift, 13.03.2004 20:16

No hay respuesta política, militar, económica ni religiosa que sea eficaz frente al terrorismo. Sólo nos queda reducir el odio acumulado para evitar que se convierta en acción.

DOGSPOT Foreign Service Detained in Kabul

DOGSPOT, 11.03.2004 22:56

reports detained in Kabul

spam spam spam

£, 11.03.2004 22:49

~ a spam exclusive In keeping with a glorious tradition of going gaga over the latest trendy vibe at least three years late, here's a little addy about crap going on with people's computers...


Max Hastings (posted by D.J. Vickery), 11.03.2004 22:36

Understand before you condemn them... I feel a commitment to the Jewish people, founded on awareness partly
of their history, partly of their genius. Yet I see no reason why this
should prevent me from asserting that the policies of Sharon and
Netanyahu bring shame upon Israel.

Por el respeto a las víctimas de las bombas.

Hendrik Vaneeckhaute, 11.03.2004 21:58

Por el respeto a las víctimas de las bombas.

Estimado señor Aznar,

what will bush do? / qué va a hacer bush tres días antes de las elecciones?

una argenta, 11.03.2004 19:52

pregunta clave: a quién/es benefician los atentados de madrid?

Solidarity to the social center &quot;Asilo Politico&quot; (Salerno, Italy)

Laboratorio Studentesco (unisa - Italy - to be shown worldwide), 11.03.2004 19:46

Max solidarity to the comrades activists in the social center "Asilo Politico" (Salerno, Italy); they have had an heavy robbery last night. To be shown all over the Indymedia territorial sites.

McBusted: Mounting evidence supports claim McDonald's Israel fired worker for speaking Arabic

Ali Abunimah &amp; Nigel Parry, The Electronic Intifada, 11.03.2004 19:20

Abeer Zinaty, recognized as an outstanding employee at McDonalds Isreal, was fired for speaking Arabic on the job, verified by a handwritten statement from a manager at McDonald's Israel. McDonald's has banned Arabic from its 80 Isreal locations even though it is the native language of its Arab employees who are Palestinian citizens of Israel, and is one of Israel's two official languages, along with Hebrew.

Furto al C.S.A. &quot;Asilo Politico&quot; (Salerno - Italy)

Laboratorio Studentesco (unisa - Italy), 11.03.2004 19:20

Solidarietà al C.S.A. "Asilo Politico" (Salerno - Italia) che ha subito un grave furto la scorsa notte. To publish in Italy.

The Friendship seen by Proudhon

Francisco Trindade, 11.03.2004 18:37

The Friendship seen by Proudhon

The TRAITOR Bo Gritz, has a new radio show

Jackson Stonewall, 11.03.2004 18:05

Traitor James Gorden “BO” Gritz former Col. Special Forces, CIA spook, and government SNITCH starts a new shortwave show. Maybe after you read a little more about him you won't bother listening.

¿Por INDYMEDIA protege a quien da cobertura a los asesinos?

freemanyes, 11.03.2004 17:18

Por increíble que parezca, con más de 180 cadáveres todavía calientes...

Gugu quase morre em atentado na Espanha

anonymous, 11.03.2004 17:17

O apresentador do SBT Gugu Liberato estava entre os feridos no atentado com bombas em trens de Madri.

June 2003 Salonica-Greece

BabylonMedia Productions, 11.03.2004 17:03

Video from Thessaloniki - June 2003
BabylonMedia Productions

Americans Suffer Because of Sprawl Politics

Joel S. Hirschhorn, 11.03.2004 16:52

Largely hidden from public view is one of the most powerful business sectors: the land developers, home builders and real estate companies spreading suburban sprawl with its gluttonous land consumption. Sprawl is killing over 400,000 Americans yearly because it promotes sedentary living and poor eating habits. The sprawl industry has corrupted the political system.

German court rules train stopping is not a crime

Käpt'n Bär, translated by Diet Simon, 11.03.2004 15:33

No crime, says superior court. (Lüneburg Nov. 2001) German source story More at

The superior court in Celle (near Hanover) has ruled that assembly and demonstration on railway lines is not a criminal offence, but disorderly conduct.

The judgment will be welcomed by anti-nuclear activists who frequently block railway lines to hold up transports of waste, especially to the interim storage shed at Gorleben, near Celle.

technoliberty: Ogg news from January

£, 11.03.2004 14:33

?who controls the µscreen ?who controls the µscreen (mein kampagne)

News from vorbis about 'ogg' (open audio format).

Liberal Talk Radio Network Begins 31Mar04

marco [paraphrasing the times], 11.03.2004 14:21

JACQUES STEINBERG says liberal talk radio network will begin
March 31 on low-rated stations in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

George Michael will put new songs on Internet

LONDON (AFP) - [reprint], 11.03.2004 13:47

The new Pentagon papers

Karen Kwiatkowski, 11.03.2004 13:36

A high-ranking military officer reveals how Defense Department
extremists suppressed information and twisted the truth to drive the country to war.

Indian Election Watch website

M.A.Hussain, 11.03.2004 13:35

Please visit Save Kashmir Movement initiative on Indian elections

about the atack in Madrid

Mikel, 11.03.2004 12:48

The members of Batasuna, leftist and independentist political party of the Basque Country, have declare that they don´t belive that ETA is the responsible of the atack. ETA alwais advice if they put a bomb, and never atack to inocent civilians.
This sunday is elections day in all Sapain.


Comitato Maurizio Ferrari, 11.03.2004 12:06

LIBERTA' per Maurizio Ferrari che rimane in carcere dopo 30 anni inspiegabilmente e colpevolmente per motivi burocratici

Desarme verbal

Pablo Mora, 11.03.2004 11:34

...que nuestra labor sea consecutivamente de pensamiento, de acción y de pasión. Ante todo de pensamiento; luego, de acción que ponga en marcha las conclusiones del pensamiento; y enseguida, de pasión, para cumplir la acción, esto es, para ejecutar apasionadamente lo decidido y resuelto por el pensamiento. Una recomendación a favor de la economía del tiempo, esto es, a favor del desarme verbal...

Exporting Censorship to Iraq

Alex Gourevitch via Nadia, 11.03.2004 09:45

The press system we allow the Iraqis is far from free.

Taxpayer Financed Jihad

Doron, 11.03.2004 09:26

Shut Down NPR!

Anthrax Ricin Viruses and Targets

Sagamore Iams, 11.03.2004 09:03

The Next Surprise The question was posed, "Do the WMD attacks actually have the Postal Service as the target?"

Lawsuits against the CIA

..., 11.03.2004 07:05

Lawsuits against the CIA

US police put hip-hop under surveillance

Guardian UK, 11.03.2004 06:14

Hotels staked out and lyrics scrutinised in battle to stop rap's violence

Gary Younge in New York
Thursday March 11, 2004
The Guardian

The Miami and Miami Beach police have a black ring-binder six inches thick that starts with 50 Cent and ends with Ja Rule. In between come photographs, arrest records and other information on all the other major rappers in the US, from P Diddy to DMX. The police photograph them arriving at Miami airport, stake out hotels and video shoots and scrutinise their lyrics and connections in search of hints of potential violent conflict.

3 ways to Make our World a Safer Place

Voice 4 Change, 11.03.2004 04:35

Take a moment to make your voice heard.

Uncle Sugar: How the WMD Scam Put Money in the Bu$h Family's Pockets

Chris Floyd, 11.03.2004 03:20

Uncle Sugar: William H.T. &quot;Bucky&quot; Bush We're not talking here of the family's well-known association with the Carlyle Group, the world-bestriding "private equity" firm whose massive war-machine holdings have been so greatly engorged by Bush Jr.'s sack of Baghdad.

No, today we're dealing with Pop's brother, William, uncle of the current president.

William Bush is a director of Engineered Support Systems Inc. (ESSI), a supplier of high-tech military goods to--well, to the highest bidder. Just last year they sold $13 million worth of advanced radar gear to upgrade Communist China's fleet of fighter jets--you know, the kind that force down U.S. spy planes with such aplomb. This is just par for the family course, however; William's brother, Prescott Jr., is head of the America-China Chamber of Commerce, while Pretzel's brother Neil is in bed with the son of former Communist chieftain Jiang Zemin.


Lalo, 11.03.2004 01:32

6th annual alternative enviromentalist and Aboriginal Rights gathering on Mt.Elphinstone

Radio Libre Antagonista :: Transmitiendo

afe, 10.03.2004 22:56

El programa de radio por internet de AFE


Z, 10.03.2004 22:21

G8 2004

Why Britain needs hard policing and zero tolerence programmes

Captain America, 10.03.2004 22:06

Britain has been policed since immemorable by a largely unarmed police force policing "by consent".

Individualist Anarchist Publication

L, 10.03.2004 21:53

Individualist Anarchist Publication 'Listen Liberty!' has been updated with several more links and added writings.

Arrest Someone!!!!!

E. Miesner, 10.03.2004 21:24

This is an interesting article because it prooves that the FBI arrested someone for a crime based on their political ideology. The article did not actually point that out but read for yourself and think. I think charges should be brought against the agent or agents responsible for the origional arrest of the environmental activist.

Indígenas paraguayos viajan a Washingtong para testificar en demanda al Estado Paraguayo por incumplimiento de su obligación de restitución de tierras

Area de Comunicaión. Tierraviva para los pueblos Indígenas del Chaco, 10.03.2004 21:11

Indígenas de la comunidad de los Enxet denunciaron al Estado Paraguayo ante la Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos por violación de sus derechos a mantener sus tierras ancestrales. Después de mas de 15 años de intentar recuperar sus territorios y de seguir esperando a que el Gobierno les de alguna respuesta, acudieron a la instancia Internacional para poder tener alguna solución.

Laura's Diary

Laura Bush, 10.03.2004 21:03

First Lady The latest from the First Lady's daily diary. Mrs. Bush's press secretary has said that this is not for publication, so please don't pass this information on.

Occupation Conference: America Occup[ied from Compton to Palestine and Concert for Peace March 26th &amp; 27th

USC Peace and Conflict Scholars, 10.03.2004 20:32

USC Peace and Conflict Scholars presents America Occupied: from Compton to Palestine. March 26th and 27th at University of Southern California. Join us for DIALOGUE-FILM-ART-POETRY-WORKSHOPS-FOOD!!(lunch and dinner). Saturday Mar 27th Concert for Peace starting 7pm. Performances by Tre Hardson of The Pharcyde, 2Mex, Slowrider, and more! Plus, Afterparty! Location to be announced at end of Conference...

Bush Busters

Liberty Underground, 10.03.2004 20:25

Bushbusters When something stinks, in the neighborhood
Who ya gonna call? Bushbusters!

Quran stipulates Islamic bomb: clerics

Prince of Darkness, 10.03.2004 20:20

The Holy See, March 1999 Senior Iranian Ayatollah Bikini says Muslims have "every god-given right" to posess nuclear weapons

Syrian Support for Terrorism

MARK DAMELI, 10.03.2004 19:45

State sponsored terrorism is synonymous with Syria and more closely with the Assad regime. During the reign of Hafez al-Assad, and continuing with his son Baschar, Syria's al-Baath Party has embarked on strengthening its political hand by using the crudest of methods: Terrorism.

Action Alert: HLS Customer, Forest Labs

veganopolis, 10.03.2004 19:43

go to and help now! Call, e-mail and fax Forest Labs' top executives and their associates. Let them know they're responsible for the torture, maiming and murder of 500 animals a day. They must drop HLS. Go to and click on the "Exec Action Alert" link for more info.

Venezuela, March 2004: The logic of our times

El Libertario, 10.03.2004 18:14

* A study of the current situation in Venezuela demystifying the image sold by the media and promoted by the current rulers or by those who aspire to take their place. Originally published in El Libertario # 36, the bimonthly newspaper of the Comision de Relaciones Anarquistas

Bobby Sands at 50

Jim Gibney, 10.03.2004 14:38

The Irish struggle continues, but our martyrs give us strength

FL Ballots Jacked Again!

The Associated Press and The News-Press staff, 10.03.2004 13:58

Florida again tries to throw the election by placing Democrats that have left the Presidential race on the ballot.

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