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Global Weather Control System

Toni Thayer, 11.12.2004 07:10

NASA funds a private group of universities to develop the plan to implement a Global Weather Control System for all nations using jet contrails, solar reflectors orbiting the Earth, wind turbines and microwave energy.

Caring for the Wounded in Iraq — A Photo Essay

Drs. George E. Peoples, James R. Jezior, ..., 11.12.2004 01:56

A series of photographs by Drs. George E. Peoples, James R. Jezior, and Craig D. Shriver, portrays a medical care team in Iraq and the injuries confronted.

Colombia: Mafias en el poder

Jose A Galan, 11.12.2004 01:11


Press Office announced for underground Animal Liberation Movement

Syracuse Animal Rights Organization, 11.12.2004 00:12

Press Office announced for underground Animal Liberation Movement

Interview With God: God Returns! America Saved!

john stanton, 11.12.2004 00:02

God Supports Bush 100 Percent

Prophecy Dec.10 : The Great Depression

Brent Herbert, 10.12.2004 23:14

The story of the collapsing American economy explains a lot of what we see happening today...

Support this sailor

jamie, 10.12.2004 23:13

On December 6, as his ship was setting out for Iraq, Naval Petty Officer 3rd Class Pablo Paredes refused to board the vessel out of opposition to the war. In doing so, Paredes joined the ranks of military personnel who have spoken out against the invasion of Iraq and the US military’s conduct of the war.

Silence Speaks Volumes

Evan Herzoff, 10.12.2004 22:24

This article went unnoticed on the Colorado IMC wire.

Prophecy Dec.10 : A third message for Khamenei : Where is your God?

Brent Herbert, 10.12.2004 20:39

The Dragon wants to know...

Mapagpalayang sining mula sa piitan

Ilang-Ilang D. Quijano, 10.12.2004 20:13

Madalas sumipol habang nagpipinta si Jacobo Silva Nogales, isang sikat na bilanggong pulitikal sa Mexico. Sa limang taong pagkakapiit, mahigit 300 paintings na ang kanyang nalikha. Tila ipinararating ni Nogales sa mga kapwa-bilanggo na walang dahilan upang managhoy habang magagamit ang sining bilang daluyan ng diwang palaban.

Fallujah Pictures - New and Very Graphic

Dahr Jamail, 10.12.2004 18:29

Two weeks ago someone was allowed into Fallujah by the military to help
bury bodies. They were allowed to take photographs of 75 bodies, in
order to show pictures to relatives so that they might be identified
before they were buried.

The &quot;Clash of Civilizations&quot; thesis and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

john petrovato, 10.12.2004 18:08

Aside from the rhetoric being advocated as “fact” by news organizations such as FOX cable news, CNN, and most newspapers, the "clash" thesis has been regularly used by the powerful to justify wars. The U.S. used it to justify the war with Iraq and Afghanistan; Serbs and Croatians used it to justify ethnic cleansing of Bosnian and Kosovar Muslims; and it is used by Israel to justify their “war” with Palestinians.

Fallujah meets all criteria - added to list

Me, 10.12.2004 09:27

Nazi Ghettos The Bush Administration's plans for Fallujah place it squarely in history's hall of infamy.

Hey can't we all get...along?

Ayatollah Youso, 10.12.2004 06:35

Hey can't we all just get...along?

Making Hot Dates and Fighting Imperialism

Chris Crass, 10.12.2004 05:26

New anti-imperialist calendar for 2005. Support grassroots organizing against the prison industrial complex and community power by giving this Free Political Prisoners Calender to your friends and family.

Global protests against Alcan mine in India

Brook Thorndycraft and Tamara Herman, 10.12.2004 03:29

Adivasi communities in Orissa face police repression as they and Canadian residents protest the construction of a bauxite mine and alumina refinery project that would destroy their way of life.

CARACAS: Enfrentamientos entre policía y vendedores informales en el centro de Caracas

Comunicación Autónoma, 10.12.2004 01:49

Por lo menos 50 heridos fue el saldo tras los enfrentamientos entre vendedores informales –buhoneros-, y agentes de la Policía de Caracas, luego de que estos últimos realizaron un operativo de desalojo en el centro de la ciudad


Tito Tricot, 10.12.2004 00:27

Por primera vez, después de 31 años, una comisión especial investigó casos de tortura acaecidos en Chile durante la dictadura militar (1973-1990. 35 mil victimas de tortura, una infima parte de un total estimado de 400 mil torturados, testificó ante dicha comisión. Se publicaron los nombres de los torturados, pero ni un solo nombre de los torturadores. Ellos siguen libres y la impunidad continúa en Chile.

Hollander Consultants Success Attributed To Number Of Highly Trained Employees

Matthew Bratschi, 09.12.2004 23:37

Erika Sullivan, Director of Human Resources for Hollander Consultants, announced today that trained specialists comprise 75 percent of the company’s staff.

Manifestacion en contra de E$$O

pablo goikoetxea, 09.12.2004 22:40

E$$O encontra del medio ambiente


PABLO GOIKOETXEA PEREZ, 09.12.2004 21:46

Demostration against E$$O in Camden Town, North London

Texts on Proudhon

Francisco Trindade, 09.12.2004 21:02

Texts on Proudhon

USA using chemical weapons against Iraqis

Mike Whitney, 09.12.2004 20:24

You ask an ignorant about why the US attacked and invaded Iraq, and the answer
will be a laundry list of rubbish including, Saddam Hussein used chemical
weapons on "his own people" (the Kurdistanis). Out goes Saddam and in comes a
new more effecient and brutal regime lead by George Bush and company.
And what would a war-mongering ignorant say about the mounting evidence of USA's
use of illegal chemical weapons in it's illegal invasion of Iraq; the same
ridiculous excrement from the US explaining and justifying it's use.

Canadians join in song: “GEORGE BUSH IS A TERRORIST”

snowshoefilms, 09.12.2004 19:46

“GEORGE BUSH IS A TERRORIST” - The lead singer of the Toronto-based hip hop group, The Dope Poet Society, Professor D, is accompanied in song by a Greek Chorus. Images (signs) from a Buffalo NY rally Nov. 13 and Ottawa protests (15,000 strong, Nov. 30, 2004) against Bush’s presence in Canada. Photos from Fallujah thanks to Dahr Jamail, Link TV, Democracy Now, BBC. The Dope Poet Society performance took place at the Intl. Citizens' Inquiry into 9-11, Toronto, May 29, 2004.


Federico Tatter, 09.12.2004 19:18

Lastimosamente se deberá esperar hasta el 2008, y aún más, para cuantificar exactamente el daño que están produciendo las políticas del conservador y terrateniente partido colorado, comandado indiscutiblemente “con más firmeza que la que contempla la ley”, pero definitivamente “con menos patriotismo que el anunciado” por el ex comunicador, y hoy también terrateniente, Nicanor Duarte.

U.S. struggles for troops

Hal Bernton, 09.12.2004 19:01

Seattle Times staff reporter

The Army Reserve is facing an extreme shortage of company officers, a situation aggravated by a surge in resignation requests.

non vilolent protests in palestine continue

kbbbb, 09.12.2004 16:36

photos from the protest the non-violent protests against the building of the separation wall continue. this is a report from the 50th protest in a village called Budrus, on 7th of december, with the participation of anarchists against the wall.

Anarchist Declaration Of Indipendence

Anon, 09.12.2004 15:59

There Aint Much I Can Say Bout This 'Cept i Didnt write it.
but im glad someone finally has

Sexy Ladies - Teenage drinking

Tara Jennie Jenny, 09.12.2004 13:33

Teenage drinking, written by us teenagers.

Young druggies

anon, 09.12.2004 13:01

How we feel on young people using drugs!


ArtBishop, 09.12.2004 05:14

One day in 1967 the southern lebanese who lived on the border with north Israel woke up to find themselves on the other side of the border inside Israel.From that day on to this veryminute,thousands of Lebanese human beings who have lived in southern Lebanon on record for six thousand years before Christ before Mohammad before Moses,became the property of the Zionist State of Israel.

She escaped, but so many others died

Military Families Against the War, 09.12.2004 02:43

"Fallujah today is a city of untold stories and unspeakable pain."


The Organization of Qaeda [the Base] of Jihad in the Arabian Peninsula, 07.12.2004 23:03

Note: the translation is from the right-wing Jamestown Foundation, run by Brzezinski and the rest of that crowd; endorsed by veep Cheney and financed by the Smith Richardson Foundation of which Samuel Huntington is a board member.

Exercise caution if visiting their site, as well as the Muslim site displaying the original as it is surely monitored by a wide variety of intel.

The Limits of the Common Good in Society

Heather McCombs, 07.12.2004 22:38

For any aspiring polititians or politicos.

Prophecy Dec. 7 : A message for Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei

Brent Herbert, 07.12.2004 21:59

Let's talk...

LA TORTURA en Chile,



AFSC Joins Nationwide Series of FBI &quot;Freedom of Information&quot; Requests

AFSC, 07.12.2004 21:12

Group Says ‘Government Has Targeted Groups and Individuals With No Connections to Terrorism for Surveillance’

meet the DEADBEAT - bush regime's NEW GESTAPO CHIEF

smoking gun, 07.12.2004 21:08

The actual 12-page copy of the bankruptcy petition is found at:

Mired in a religious war

Sam Harris - The Washington Times, 07.12.2004 19:03

More and more, the true colors of the evil crusaders in the guise of "democracy"
are being revealed. The game plan is to now flip out the trump card and call an
all out war on Islam. The crusaders have been hiding too long behind their
facade of a "war on terrorism". The bottomline truth: this is a war to (for the
most part economically) enslave humanity, begining with the destruction of
Islam. Why?
Because Islam as a *way-of-life" is the only ideology that outright opposes
their ideology of enslavement via capitalism. Islam is the only ideology that
*mandates* freedom in every aspect of earthly life by servitude to none other
than the Creator. All other ideologies have been altered and converted into
personal beliefs, giving the control of human governance to capitalist exploits
and human enslavement.

USA's Torture Cells

ERIC MARGOLIS, 07.12.2004 18:42

Uncle Sam has his own gulag
Behaving like the Soviet secret police won't make America safer, Eric Margolis says.

And I can say is, USA is turning into a mutated Stalin's Russia.
Perhaps things need to get really worse before they can get better!

Unfounded Assumptions, Elections and Propaganda

Gary Sudborough, 07.12.2004 17:41

One facet of propaganda is the use of unfounded assumptions in an attempt to justify wars or other projects of the rich and powerful. Also, so-called free elections can be used to legitimize wars or to accomplish the corporate takeover and privatization of the economies of certain countries.

US orders Iraqi Red Crescent out of al-Fallujah and latest Iraqi resistance report

jamie, 07.12.2004 17:14

US orders Iraqi Red Crescent out of al-Fallujah and latest Iraqi resistance report:

US forces ordered the Iraqi Red Crescent of the city of al-Fallujah, and giving the humanitarian organization a deadline to quit the city by the end of Monday. The Red Crescent.

The Red Crescent had been set up in the ash-Shurtah neighborhood, but American forces had for some time been making it impossible for the organization to do its work. US troops put Red Crescent team members under virtual arrest, requiring them to get permission from the US military authorities even to clean out their quarters and throw out their trash – something that involved the making of three cell phone calls to obtain the necessary permission. If they failed to get permission for even such mundane operations, US snipers would shoot them dead as soon as they stepped out of their temporary residences.

Impending dollar crash explained, 07.12.2004 17:08

Soon the dollar will no longer be the world's reserve currency, and America's standard of living will plummet. This will upset & radicalize people and make real political change here possible. The following is a relatively in-depth but not overwhelmingly technical explanation of the dollar's impending crash.

At least 1274 U.S. GI's dead from Iraq war/occupation

jamie, 07.12.2004 16:53

"Officially" 1274 U.S. GI's have now been killedin Iraq. The true figure may be far greater.

Like growing evidence of election fraud in the "good 'ol USA," ruling elites would like these unpleasentries to go away. It's our job to put them front and center before the American public and the world. Let's get busy building the world we all want! jamie

PS Please spread widely

Marlboro Man

anon, 07.12.2004 16:33

jpg The glorification of war... jammed

45 Million Children To Die in Next Decade Due to Rich Countries' Miserliness

Jim Lobe, 07.12.2004 16:13

Yes, Earth U, even in Canada.

New PVC Plastic Report

Lois Gibbs, CHEJ, 07.12.2004 16:08

News Release on a new PVC Plastics Report by the Center for Health, Environment and Justice and Environmental Health Strategy Center. It focuses on health and environmental hazards of PVC, the "poison plastic," and the looming waste crisis in the U.S.

Police Brutality in Jacksonville, Florida

Anonymous, 07.12.2004 15:41

We are witnessing the beginning of a police state.

University decides to go ahead with £12M environmentally unfriendly car park

Sustainable Transport Action Group (STAG), 07.12.2004 15:38

The Council of the University of East Anglia (UEA) in Norwich, yesterday, decided to go ahead with plans to build a huge decked multi-storey car park, expected to cost at least £12 million, despite a campaign by coalition of local campaign groups demanding that sustainable transport options are developed instead.

There are somethings in life money can't buy

Asif Qureshi, 07.12.2004 10:41

Till Justice isn't delivered, it is unfair to allow Mr.George W Bush to continue as President of USA.

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