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Jhon Jairo Grajales Gallego, 15.12.2004 18:21

Con este breve ensayo, pretendo contribuir a la reflexión crítica en torno a las bondades y dificultades que encierra la sostenibilidad teniendo en cuenta los elementos políticos, sociales, económicos y culturales que esta encierra.

Proof of Ohio Election Fraud Exposed

William Rivers Pitt, 15.12.2004 17:40

The company that requires immediate and penetrating scrutiny is Triad Systems.

AFFIDAVIT claims tampering with the voting machines in Ohio.

Attacking Wal-Mart's Supply Chain

Yoshie Furuhashi, 15.12.2004 17:18

Wal-Mart's zeal to "hold the lowest feasible [inventory] level while avoiding the risks of 'stock outs,'" its competitive advantage, is also the weak link in its anti-union empire.

Walkout Inauguration Day and the Anniversary of the invasion of Iraq

Keith McHenry, 15.12.2004 16:59

Walkout Inauguration Day and the Anniversary of the invasion of Iraq
Global WALKOUT for Peace, Freedom & Justice for All
WALKOUT Thursday January 20 and Friday, March 18, 2005

Senza un giorno di Pace

Matteo Boattini, 15.12.2004 14:59

Gli effetti dell'occupazione israeliana sul diritto alla Salute nei Territori Palestinesi

Images of Resistance photo archive post

Team IOR, 15.12.2004 14:55

Photographs of the recent rally at Rockefeller Center, NYC 12-11-04.

Dr David Kelly - Evidence Points to Assassination

The Insider, 15.12.2004 13:59

A review of the most serious unanswered questions in the case of Dr Kelly, the government weapons expert found dead after he exposed as a pack of lies the the case for the conquest of Iraq.

Da Vinci Code movie release timed to Knights Templar deadline

The Insider, 15.12.2004 13:42

The Da Vinci Code movie release is timed to coincide with the seventh centenary of the persecution of the Knights Templar, legendary guardians of the Holy Grail...

Catholic press attacks call for Pope to apologise to Templars

The Insider, 15.12.2004 13:36

The Catholic media mobilises yesterday against calls for the Pope to apologise to the Templars.

The Holy Grail - Hertford may hold a clue

The Insider, 15.12.2004 13:33

A clue to the secret of the Holy Grail may have been discovered in the rural county of Hertfordshire on the northern border of London, UK.

NGO workers march for Free Speech in Cambodia

A. Barang, 15.12.2004 13:16

On December 6th 2004 more than 300 Cambodian NGO workers marched through the streets of Phnom Penh demanding that the government end its arbitrary restrictions on marches, demonstrations and public gatherings generally. These restrictions have been in place for nearly 2 years, and were imposed following anti-Thai riots that many believe were deliberately stirred up in the run up to the 2003 national assembly elections.

A Statement from the Iraq Resistance

ak, 15.12.2004 12:26


Palestinian Refugees - 1948

Zajel / An-Najah National University, 15.12.2004 11:11

In the period from 1917 to 1949, Israel occupied 78% of the land of Palestine and evicted or caused to flee more than 750,000 Palestinian refugees to the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and other Arab countries such as Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and others.....

Dutch violations of the rights of the defendant

Astrid Essed, 15.12.2004 10:52

With this article I want to express my worriness about the recent
violation of the rights of Mohammed B, the suspect of the murder on the Dutch
cineaste van Gogh, which is not only an attack on his rights as,
but can also lead to a further erosion of the Dutch judicial system, which is based on the protection of the rights of a defendant and a fair trial.

No Way To Talk About Us: Victim Blaming In Media Coverage of Queer Hate Crimes

Cynthya BrianKate, 15.12.2004 10:10

summary is in 1st paragra[h

Call to Action: Anarchist Resistance to the 2005 Presidential Inauguratio!n

DC Anarchist Resistance, 15.12.2004 08:27

All out for an anarchist mobilization against centralized power
at the 2005 Presidential Inauguration: Washington, DC - January 15-20th


Michael Ruppert, by way of Anonymous, 15.12.2004 05:39

Press Accounts Fail to Mention His Vindication by CIA Inspector General Reports and Congressional Investigations.

Doctor helping cancer patients online

Leonardo Faoro, 15.12.2004 04:22

A doctor is helping cancer patients online by answering their questions.

Erin+Lyin! Rep.of Ireland aiding=abetting U.S.+Brritish Govts!

Sham-Rock, 15.12.2004 03:41

Republic of Ireland aids+abetts U.S.Govt's Guantanamo Bay Torture Airline.

Not Another Distraction Caption

jamie, 15.12.2004 00:57

Not Another Distraction Caption: Is someone trying to replace reports of world events with "drivel" meant only to distract? I don't mean to offend, but we do have a war to stop and a world to liberate! Calling all revolutionaries and others who may wish to survive the neocons. U.S. out of Iraq!

The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism

Manuel Valenzuela, 15.12.2004 00:57

Into the Vortex of Incalculable Consequences

Lessons from the snitching of Billy Cottrell by Jeff 'Free' Luers

Friends of Jeff 'Free' Luers, 15.12.2004 00:23

Jeff Luers-Winter 2004 This is an article written by Jeff 'Free' Luers and recieved today. For
background information on who Billy Cottrell is, please see


chino estafado, 14.12.2004 22:22

soy una victima mas del delincuente RAMY MICHAEL LANDMAN GALARZA, quien me vendio ( ESTAFO ) un inmueble que fraudulentamente aparecia a su nombre sin ser el propietario.


El ESTAFADO DE MINERALES 885, 14.12.2004 22:17

RAMY MICHAEL LANDMAN GALARZA UN DELINCUENTE REQUISITORIADO en el PERU es buscado ampliamente por el FBI en la ciudad de MIAMI para ser extraditado al PERU para responder por sus delitos.

Prophecy Dec. 14 : Open the doors to Eden

Brent Herbert, 14.12.2004 22:12

Let's try something a little different, a life giving prophecy...

Hidden Information Revealed

contributed by RSD, 14.12.2004 20:54

Those who are familiar with the connections between Nazi's and
UFO's may find the following document easier to accept than those
who have never been introduced to the reports of secret Nazi aerial
disk experiments, much less reports of their secret collaboration
with the so-called Grey aliens years before the corporate-fascist
infiltrators and sympathisers within the U.S. Intelligence Agencies
began making their own treaties with these same serpentine 'aliens'.


NAZBOL, 14.12.2004 20:30


Hidden Information Revealed

contributed by RSD, 14.12.2004 20:28

Those who are familiar with the connections between Nazi's and
UFO's may find the following document easier to accept than those
who have never been introduced to the reports of secret Nazi aerial
disk experiments, much less reports of their secret collaboration
with the so-called Grey aliens years before the corporate-fascist
infiltrators and sympathisers within the U.S. Intelligence Agencies
began making their own treaties with these same serpentine 'aliens'.

'Daves Not Here' Live DVD

CSR PRODUCTIONS Entertainment Group, 14.12.2004 20:28

'Daves Not Here' Live DVD "It Walks It Talks It Pisses on Yer Carpet"

Semites and anti-Semites, that is the question

Joseph Massad -- Arab Politics - Columbia University, New York, 14.12.2004 20:16

Indeed a large and disproportionate number of the purveyors of anti- Arab racism
in today's United States and Israel as well as in Western Europe are Jews. But
there is also a disproportionate number of Jews among those who defend Arabs and
Muslims against Euro- American and Israeli racism and anti-Semitism. THE


Sydney Carlton, 14.12.2004 19:29

Femicide,rape, torture, mutilation of thousands of women in Mexico and Guatemala. Corporate involvement. Law enforcement covers up. USA law enforcement never submitted snuff film as evidence. Italian police have.

Statements from the resistance and other war news

jamie, 14.12.2004 19:00

It is very hard to get any idea of what is going on in Iraq through the U.S. corporate media. The “official” death count of U.S. troops is now 1297. These articles from give a different view of the continuing and expanding disaster in that tortured and illegally occupied nation. They are not offered as verified truth but as tools with which you and others may begin to understand reality with your own common sense and reason as thinking and feeling human beings. Please share them as widely and as quickly as you can.


larry fine, 14.12.2004 18:23

A portrait of President Bush using monkeys to form his image led to the closure of a New York art exhibition over the weekend and anguished protests Monday over freedom of expression.

Dr David Kelly - Hallmarks of Assassination

The Insider, 14.12.2004 18:06

A review of the most serious unanswered questions in the death of British weapons expert and Iraq intelligence whistleblower, Dr Kelly, points strongly toward a British secret service assassination.

Tour of the Revolution: Instituto Municipal de Publicaciones - Caracas

Gary Ghirardi, 14.12.2004 18:03

I.M.P. Facilities: An inhouse magazine editorial meeting. A photo essay of the Municipal de Publicaciones in Caracas.


media platoon of the Islamic Jihad Army, 14.12.2004 17:52

To the American soldiers we say, you can also choose to fight tyranny with us. Lay down your weapons, and seek refuge in our mosques, churches and homes. We will protect you. And we will get you out of Iraq , as we have done with a few others before you. Go back to your homes, families, and loved ones. This is not your war. Nor are you fighting for a true cause in Iraq . And to George W. Bush, we say, “You have asked us to ‘Bring it on’, and so have we. Like never expected. Have you another challenge?”

Vietnam Redux: US B-52's Bomb Fallujah!

PUK, 14.12.2004 17:48

Fierce fighting in al-Fallujah; Resisitance seizes back neighborhoods.

Evidence from USA Electronic Torture of Citizen's by Govt. 12-14-04

Walter Tribe, 14.12.2004 17:46

Walter Tribe, the author of this this article is
a long term victim of electronic weapons torture
in The United States of America. He is here to tell
The World that The United States of America is
Not a Free Country! 12-14-2004
(from Los Angeles, California)

Si Hugo Chávez se pone cómico

Judith Martorelli, 14.12.2004 17:04

Descubre el lanzamiento de matrices de opinión para justificar un eventual magnicidio vinculando al presidente Hugo Chávez con "la narcoguerrilla colombiana" (sic), según acusan representantes de sectores que le adversan. El trabajo se apoya en un programa realizado en el 2002 por dos periodistas (que han asumido el rol de opositores)en el que sostienen que si Hugo Chávez no renuncia (en el golpe de Estado de ese año) sería asesinado por quienes no querrían "cazarlo" después en la montaña a donde iría por sus "vínculos con la narcoguerrila"

160 Villages Abandon Female Genital Cutting and Child Marriage in Senegal

Tostan, 14.12.2004 16:37

The village of Sinthiou Malème in Tambacounda region to host celebration of 160 villages declaring an end to harmful traditional practices

Cuba prepares for war with America

The Insider, 14.12.2004 15:30

Cuba's armed forces have begun their biggest military exercise for nearly 20 years, involving hundreds of thousands of troops and civilians.

Why the Left is Dying

Hans Zeiger, 14.12.2004 14:50

Why the Left is Dead

Call on the German Federal Prosecutor to Investigate Rumsfeld and Other U.S. Officials for War Crimes at Abu Ghraib

Carlos, 14.12.2004 09:03

Sign The Petition here

Group Sends Bush A Lump of Coal for Xmas

Donny Goldman, 14.12.2004 05:56

DemocracyMeansYou, a political action group, has organized a campaign to send a Bush (and gang) a lump of coal for their Xmas stocking this year... join in and send one yourself.


moonie rag, 14.12.2004 05:05

fewer than 1 percent of eligible Iraqis have responded to a voter-registration drive ... only 60,000 to 70,000 people in a country of about 25 million have responded — about .25 percent

Will they bring themselves home?

Zeljko Cipris, 14.12.2004 03:52

Realizing the wisdom of "dumb to come, smart to depart" yet distraught over politicans' unwillingness to extract them from the imperial deathtrap, will troops take matters into their own hands?

George W. Bush's America: A National Nightmare?

William Hughes, 14.12.2004 03:11

The “Intelligence Bill,” or S. 2845, was passed by the Congress, on Dec. 9, 2004, with little or no public input. Pushed by the ultra Iraqi War Hawk, Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (D-CT), it creates the foundation for a national ID card. Bail can easily be denied to anyone charged with a terrorist offense. The power of Homeland Security bureaucrats to place an activist on “Watch” or “No Fly” lists have also been greatly enhanced by this police state scheme.


Francisco Trindade, 13.12.2004 23:45


Interz0ne returns to Atlanta: March 11th-13th, 2005

Interz0ne, 13.12.2004 22:06

Interz0ne, the premier hacking convention of the eastern United States returns to raise social, ethical, legal, and technical awareness within the security community and the general public.

George Harrison: Irish Revolutionary and American Activist

Matt Siegfried, 13.12.2004 21:32

Appreciation of the extraordinary life of Irish revolutionary George Harrison. Written for the Irish Journal Fourthwrite

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