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The Ruling Class - Worker Bee model

Clint Clark, 18.12.2004 07:30

Civilization is the domestication of humans by other humans.

new Flyer for G8

bokonon, 18.12.2004 04:30

This is a new fler i just made to be handed out at G8 actions that specifically target xmas shoppers in the UK, making the link between consumerism and the conference. I'm putting it up on the newswire because the flyer is only really relivant in the madness of xmas shopping, so its kinda urgent. Hope you like it, please add your own email address in the space provided if you hand it out.

US Congressman Feeney implicated in vote fraud

Alex Babcock, 18.12.2004 04:24

Congressman sought to alter totals, testimony in Ohio case says

Rumsfeld Gave Torture 'Marching Orders' in Memo!

Joe Conason, 17.12.2004 21:05

Torture Begins at the Top

Iraqi Resistance Report for Events of Thursday December 16, 2004

Iraqi Resistance, 17.12.2004 20:03

Of note in this report: The amerikkkans asked for a truce from the Iraqi Resistance Wednesday, you know, the same resistance whose back they claimed to have broken.

In the meantime, those choppers haven't stopped coming down! :) :) :) Oh, and the tanks and humvees? Hee-hee! The army may as well have sent their home invading, torturing, raping, thieving, murdering interlopers out on little paper cars they've been smashed so mercilessly. Talk about lemons! The automobile industry might not want to buy its parts from the makers of these vehicles. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Victory to the Iraqi Resistance!
Marta Rodriguez

HavenCo: The Answer to Avoid the Press Cops of the World

J.S. Resnick, 17.12.2004 19:53

HavenCo on Sealand can keep Indymedia (and others) from getting seized again.

J20: Call for Decentralized, Local Actions Around the World

@, 17.12.2004 18:46

A Call for decentralized, local actions around the world on J20

Perhaps It's Time To Deploy A Fleet Of Black Helicopters To Find Election Fraud

Mr. Bill, 17.12.2004 17:58

The election fraud campaign has suffered another defeat in Ohio and it's not gaining much traction elsewhere. Perhaps it's time to deploy a fleet of black helicopters piloted and staffed by expert election fraud hunters, like David Cobb and Jesse Jackson, to scour the nation in search of election fraud. George Soros could put up the money for the fleet of one or two dozen black helicopters.

Destruction of Rainforests in Tasmania

Keith Parkins, 17.12.2004 17:34

Part of Tasmania is covered by a temperate rainforest. Less than 20% of the original rainforest is left, and at the current rate of destruction, what little remains will soon will be lost.

CONGO: How the West is fuelling the War &amp; Exploitation in the Congo

Legacy, 17.12.2004 14:57

The resumption of the most deadly conflict since the second world war - the civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), which is already responsible for 3.8 million deaths, appears to be a thinly-disguised attempt by the partly-UK aid backed Rwandan nation to deal with the militias which threaten its lucrative business of mineral extraction - most notably Coltan, within the Congo border region.

eigen belangen?

EMR, 17.12.2004 13:55

Een kort SF-verhaal over dat wat er gebeurt als het Vlaams Behang aan de macht komt.

Cuba, Venezuela reject US-sponsored FTAA, back Chavez plan

People's Daily Online, 17.12.2004 13:15

Cuba and Venezuela on Wednesday rejected US efforts to forge a free trade area of the two Americas and endorsed a Chavez alternative plan for Latin American and Caribbean integration.

Secret Censorship by Google

Lance Wolf, 17.12.2004 13:02

ZNetwerk Now that Google has gone public they are secretly censoring domain names by editing the information after the metacrawler goes through. I have been a webmaster for 7 years and I know what I'm seeing. Just as we feared the corporate fascists have taken over and as usual their agenda is hidden and their aim is to slowly take control of freedom of speech on the internet.

How The War is Really Going

jamie, 17.12.2004 12:52

Soldier charged in fake shooting to avoid Iraq
December 17, 2004
PHILADELPHIA -- Police have arrested a soldier they say had his cousin shoot him so he wouldn't have to return to Iraq.


Scott Allison &amp; others, 17.12.2004 12:16

*URGENT* US HAS WON over Kyoto!! China & India pull out!!!! Italy gives up!
If the human race ever came together for any reason this one is it!!!

Eskimos Seek to Recast Global Warming as a Rights Issue

Legacy, 17.12.2004 12:15

The Eskimos, or Inuit, about 155,000 seal-hunting peoples scattered around the Arctic, plan to seek a ruling from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights that the United States, by contributing substantially to global warming, is threatening their existence.

resitance in iraq

sansibar, 17.12.2004 11:25

About the resistance in iraq, here
an here a critic to the reistance and the supporters outside iraq

Super Fast Bittorent servers

Niels Haas, 17.12.2004 10:01

New Bittorent servers

Aotearoa Dissident Voice # 7 Out Now

Matt Russell, 17.12.2004 08:08

Yes, it’s that time again. Issue 7 of Aotearoa Dissident Voice, New Zealand’s biggest and most unrespectable anarchist publication is straight off the presses and into your hot little hands.


Alcan't in India, 17.12.2004 07:04

December 16, 2004 Press Release Dozens of demonstrators gather in front of Montreal headquarters to denounce Alcan's outrageous activities Montreal, December 16th, 2004 - For Immediate release - Today, a solidarity group called Alcan't in India held a demonstration in front of Alcan's Montreal headquarters to commemorate the killings of three anti-mining villagers four years ago. Meanwhile an independent report from India shows that goons, who have been on Alcan's payroll for the last three years, have attacked various delegations attempting to enter the region to observe and report on the commemorations occurring in Kashipur. "Just before the Montreal demonstration, we received a report from Sudhir Pattnaik an independent journalist of Orissa who has been covering breaking news from Kashipur, that 7000 local peoples congregated to commemorate the December 2000 shootings and again proclaim their clear anti-mining stance," said Alcan't in India spokesperson Abhimanyu Sud "This is despite massive police presence, which has set up checkpoints throughout Kashipur restricting almost all movement and communications within, to and from the area. This police intimidation is a conscious program of the state in support of UAIL's proposed mine and refinery, in which Alcan has a 45% share"


Workers demand union at Wal-Mart supplier in China

Worker Independence, 17.12.2004 04:21

I was waiting for this story to come out today because I was driving back from Kaiping last night with Liu Kaiming when an NYT journalist rang and asked him to comment on it. Scroll down to see what he said.

Maybe a hoax, but you can't be too careful

walrus, 17.12.2004 04:21

Alleged Wolfowitz plan to nuke Houston, Dallas, or Atlanta
Copy the text and mail it to your newspaper.


quadri syed, 17.12.2004 04:08

i am victum of the crime i need your help

Picture form IWW Stockton Trukers Strike

Worker Independence, 17.12.2004 03:10

Sihk Indian Immigrant Trukers holding IWW banner

Iraqis Will Not Be Divided

Joe, 17.12.2004 00:57

Iraqi Shiites fight on the side of insurgents(largely Sunni) in Falluja
By: Mustafa Amara on: 16.12.2004 [09:31 ] (638 reads)

Evildoers, here we come

Pepe Escobar, 17.12.2004 00:47

With the American military in its current state, Bush and the neo-cons cannot possibly reshape the Middle East to suit the neo-con/Likud agenda. Washington is faced with two options. It could restore the draft - provoking a minor social earthquake in the US. Or it could develop - and deploy - tactical nuclear weapons, mini-nukes. Fallujah - flattened by "conventional" means - was just a test. On the road to Damascus, the road to Tehran, the road to Riyadh, the neo-cons would be much more tempted to go nuclear.

Anthrax Killer at Large

The Washington Post, 17.12.2004 00:14

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

A MONTH AFTER the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, letters tainted with the anthrax bacteria were sent through U.S. mail processing facilities, infecting people in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Washington and Florida. The worst bioterrorist assault in U.S. history left five people dead, 17 sickened and some 10,000 on antibiotics. Public buildings had to be closed and cleaned at great expense; similarly expensive workplace safeguards have since been installed. Rubber gloves in mailrooms are now almost as common as envelopes. Yet three years after the anthrax mailings shocked the nation, we seem to be no closer to knowing who sent the letters. The bioterrorists are still at large.

bio chip rejection syndrome

mr chips, 17.12.2004 00:02

Bio chip rejection syndrome and govt liability? who is liable for medical costs if you are one of the people who develops bio chip rejection syndrome?As the human population has allowed the rulers to implement this for our own security, the glitches in the system are showing thru.A medical opinion only, some people develop aids like symtoms from medical implants(bio chips), is it an allergic reaction to toxic material used in the manufacture of the chips, or simply some percentage of the human population , experience various degrees of suffering from the bio chips, this is a new medical situation for the 21st centuary.

Bringing Down the Hope: Condoleezza Rice, Black Capitalism and War

MAX GORDON, 16.12.2004 23:48

An examination of Condoleezza Rice as an American icon, what she represents for Black Americans and Dr. King's "dream".

'Los Desaparecidos' avenge Pinochet

William Brinton, 16.12.2004 21:34

Those who disappeared during the reign of Augusto Pinochet are known as 'los desaparecidos', the disappeared. This week 'los desaparecidos' have found, albeit nearly 30 years too late, a measure of justice in a Santiago Courtroom.

Fallujah Music Video

JOlmsted, 16.12.2004 21:09

The Fallujah music video is a cyber collaboration between Singer/Songwriter David Rovics, Iraq based journalist Dahr Jamail and blogger JOlmsted.

The Satanic States of Amerika

Voice In The Wilderness, 16.12.2004 17:54

Power Play "The greatest trick that the devil ever made played on mankind, is for him to believe that he dosen't exist!"

Get this news out!

jamie, 16.12.2004 16:14

U.S. Soldiers' Grilling Fields and why elections won't quell Iraq resistance

On the Stupid &quot;Yushchenko Story&quot;

Sara, 16.12.2004 15:29

On the Stupid "Yushchenko Story." Did anyone out there ever see "Wag The Dog?" The fools in Washington and other capitalist capitals do not seem to realize how exposed they are now. Too many people in this world are developed human beings. The game is up. Yes it is true. It is now 1984. But unlike in the novel, "Big Brother" is about to fall. Sara

Labour website of the year

Eric Lee, 16.12.2004 14:41

Voting began last week for this annual competition, which began in 1997, and which allows trade unionists around the world to vote for their favourite union websites. The Labour Website of the Year, sponsored by LabourStart is the only global competition open to all trade union websites and aims to encourage excellence in website design in the international trade union movement.

Living with Refugees

anonymous, 16.12.2004 13:36

Sorious Samura returns to Africa once again to discover the realities of being one of Darfur’s countless refugees. More than a million people have been forced to flee their homes by militia attacks on the province in western Sudan. Tens of thousands have been killed.

Innocent Muslims illegally held as terrorists UK High Court rules

The Insider, 16.12.2004 12:53

The High Court and the most senior judges in the UK rule that innocent Muslimss are being held illegally under false accusations.

Innocent Muslims illegally imprisoned terrorists UK High Court rules

The Insider, 16.12.2004 12:47

In a landmark ruling the highest court and the most senior judges in Britain have been forced to admit that innocent Muslimss are being held illegally around the world by the oppressive regimes of America and Britain.

On Conflicts, Grudges, Anger, and Spirituality

Rev. Lady Gwenolyn Fae, 16.12.2004 07:31

Letting your faith rule your actions when human emotions get the in the way, no matter what deity you believe in and creating harmony within groups or a circle of friends.

United Nations Remains the &quot;Last Best Hope&quot;

Douglas Mattern, 16.12.2004 07:28

The UN Secretary General Kofi Annan is under attack by the right wing
in their continuing denigration of this vital world organization

Georgie &quot;Wargie&quot; Bush can't be STOPPED!!!

Saint N., 16.12.2004 06:53

Georgie "Wargie" Bush can't be STOPPED!!!

Detainee Abuse by Marines Is Detailed

Thomas E. Ricks, 16.12.2004 02:48

Marines operating in Iraq (news - web sites) over the past two years committed a variety of abuses against Iraqi prisoners, including burning a detainee's hands by igniting alcohol-based cleanser in August 2003, according to internal Defense Department documents released yesterday.

El Terrible Burgués, La Insurrección ArgentinA y la AuTonomía de los MovimienTos.

Nuevo Proyecto Histórico, 15.12.2004 23:05

No Way To Talk About Us: Victim Blaming In Media Coverage of Queer Hate Crimes

Cynthya BrianKate, 15.12.2004 22:23

1st paragraph summarizes article

The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis, Part I of III: Birth of Despotism

Manuel Valenzuela, 15.12.2004 21:34

description of how bush and company exploited 9/11 to grip absolute power

Anarchy in the Hub

Chris Haire, 15.12.2004 21:16

What's wrong with peace, love and understanding? For the
anarchists in Boston, quite a bit.

&quot;Official&quot; death count of U.S. GI's at 1299

jamie, 15.12.2004 21:07

"Official" death count of U.S. GI's at 1299. Since our press does not want to keep reporting on this crime it's up to you. Don't let your neighbors go uninformed!

Iraq Resistance Video

iraq jihad arm6, 15.12.2004 21:05

3 minute video called voice of the resistance in English(dutch accent)

Hollander Consultants Sales Department Breaks Fourth Quarter Goal, Deputy CEO Ascribes Internal Game as Key Reason

Matthew Bratschi, 15.12.2004 19:47

Hollander Consultants’ Deputy CEO and Vice President for Sales, Allen Jackson reported today that the Sales Department for Hollander Consultants beat its fourth quarter revenue target before any other division in the company.

Some Unfashionable Facts about the Middle East

Kramer, 15.12.2004 19:10

The Arabs Stole Palestine from the Jews, and not the other way around!

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