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George W joins Hitler as Time's &quot;Man of the Year&quot;

DLi, 21.12.2004 01:45

Once more, the Son-of-a-Bush from Crawford, TX has joined Adolph Hitler, the once unemployed Austrian painter, as TIME magazine's "Man of the Year."


anonym, 21.12.2004 01:34

kurzfristiger aufruf für anti-christmas-demo!

Nuclear and chemical warfare, unwanted neighbors of Indian Country

Brenda Norrell, 21.12.2004 00:15

Ecocide in Indian Country; Shoshone, Paiute and Goshute are slowly nuked and gassed by U.S. military

Fatima's Letter and the subequent assault on Abu Ghuraib

., 20.12.2004 23:21

There is a reason why the "mujahideen" loves the ultimate sacrifice for the sake
of Allah and justice, just like the infidel loves women and wine.

Jesus was a Ninja

DAJ, 20.12.2004 21:39

"The vast universe, beautiful in its coldly impersonal totality, contains all that we call good and bad, all the answers for all the paradoxes we see around us. By opening his eyes and his mind, the ninja can responsively follow the subtle seasons and reasons of heaven, changing just as change is necessary, adapting always, so that in the end there is no such thing as surprise for the ninja."- Takamatsu sensei

President Bush signed order to allow torture, says ACLU

ACLU / CCNWON, 20.12.2004 20:58

News release and documents made public today by the ACLU points a finger at the President. The information releases indicates President Bush signed an executive order permitting inhumane interrogation methods against detainees in Iraq.

US military's slow and toxic genocide in Indian Country

Brenda Norrell, 20.12.2004 19:18

by Chris Francisco Badlands Bombing Range, SD Apartheid in Indian Country, the U.S. military's systematic poisoning of Indian Country; concealed and misleading Department of Defense data

Dear Santa Bush

Anonymous, 20.12.2004 18:27

I hope that you don’t think I have been naughty just because I spent the whole year trying to get you thrown out of office and indicted for war crimes.

I am writing you to thank you for the wonderful presents you’ve given me so far this year and get in my wish list for next year. I hope that you don’t think I have been naughty just because I spent the whole year trying to get you thrown out of office and indicted for war crimes.

First, I ought to thank you for that one present I’ve already opened, but unfortunately had to send back because it was already broken.. I’m talking about the man who was nearly my new chief of Homeland Security, Bernard B. Kerik: Rudy Giuliani’s former limo driver then his choice for New York City police commissioner, a professional strength adulterer, profoundly corrupt business man, and possible Mob toady. Of all the possible people you could have picked to safeguard our country, knowing you picked a guy who once set up an apartment for 9/11 rescue workers and then occupied it round the clock with his series of mistresses, who used his hospital security forces in Saudi Arabia to guard his mistresses and later as police chief used homicide detectives to track a different mistress’ missing cell phone, it is truly comforting to see how much you care about our country. It also reassures me that people will eventually see through you. Oh please excuse me, Santa Bush, that wasn’t nice.

Still, this is the man who took conflict of interest to a whole level by making money recommending the Department of Homeland Security purchase Tasers from a company he and Giuliani both happened to work for. Imagine what he could have done for the country if he had gotten control of Homeland Security’s annual 7 billion dollar appropriations budget. The fact that Kerik claims none of his other scandals were as important as his illegal alien babysitter lets us know that Kerik actually has something even bigger hidden that he hopes he can keep from hitting the presses. I look forward to confirmation hearings on your next choice, Ron Artest.

Now, on to my list: I guess the number one item on my Christmas wish list, like every other loyal American, is that I want a couple of those magic tickets to the official inaugural events on Inaugural Day, Jan. 20, 2005, I’ve been hearing about. I want mine to include both the “exclusive” lunch with Mr. Bush and Vice President Cheney, and the “elegant” candlelight dinner with a special appearance by President Bush options, plus the all-access pass to any inaugural ball. According to the New York Times, “Organizers say that the inaugural celebration at the end of the January will not be marked by any noticeable restraint and will cost more than any other in history.”

I realize that tickets for these events are running about $250,000, which would have bought a lot of body armor and maybe even a couple of armor conversion kits for a Humvee or two, but I think it’s worth it to bask in your glorious radiance. You could just take it out of your Halliburton Fund, er, I’m sorry, I mean the defense budget. But wait, since I know you value your image “the War President” I guess you could probably just siphon off the ticket costs from the starving widows and orphans fund. What’s that? You’ve already gutted that program? I guess I’ll have to catch your big deal coronation on Entertainment Tonight. It’ll be on right after the nightly news glosses over the latest death toll from your little war.

I also would like some “Hush Medals” like the Presidential Medals of Freedom you recently gave to your Iraq war architects: former Gen. Tommy Franks, former CIA Director George Tenet and former Iraq administrator L. Paul Bremer. I’ve been at least as critical of you as Bremer, as bumbling as Tenet and as hardheaded as Franks. Though I guess if you’re going to start giving out medals for self-serving incompetence, you may run out of metal before you’ve awarded all the medals the GOP has coming. With 1200 US dead, 8000 wounded and ten times that number of Iraqis destroyed, Bremer, Franks and Tenet have accomplished a great deal. Perhaps you could buy them an all expense paid trip to Fallujah. I imagine the Iraqis would love to give them what they so richly deserve.

And, speaking of war, lastly, unlike from one in six to one in three soldiers coming back from Iraq, I would not like to suffer from symptoms of major depression, or serious anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder this year. According to Pentagon figures, experts predict that the number returning US soldiers eventually requiring mental health treatment could exceed 100,000. Stephen L. Robinson, the executive director of the National Gulf War Resource Center, says, "These are people who are going to need help for the next 35 years." Of course I never wanted to go over there in the first place. But I suppose that is one of the reasons you’d call me naughty.

Life in George Bush's America

local news 8, 20.12.2004 17:31

She pulled up to the bank parking lot around 2:30 p.m. Wednesday and headed to the front door, walker in hand. Kristie Olsen, security officer, says, “It took her several minutes to get from the door to the desk.” After walking through the doors, the elderly woman walked up to a bank employee. Calynn Hanpsten, senior service representative, says, “She said, ‘I’m telling you I’m going to rob the bank.

Getting in Touch with Your Inner Terrorist

MICHAEL NEUMANN, 20.12.2004 17:00

How We Became Barbarians

Secret evidence used in Australian “terrorist” trial

Mike Head, 20.12.2004 16:52

Lodhi was bundled into the court building in shackles, in full view of the media. The display was intended to convey the impression that he is a violent and highly dangerous individual. Like several other Muslim men charged with terrorist offences in Australia over the past year, Lodhi has been denied bail and held in virtual solitary confinement in a “super max” prison, cut off from family and friends. Under state and federal “counter-terrorism” laws, the traditional presumption in favour of bail has been scrapped. It will only be granted in “exceptional circumstances”. On receiving a confidential affidavit from the Commonwealth, Magistrate Michael Price imposed a number of secrecy orders despite vigorous objections by lawyers for Lodhi and by media organisations. The orders mean that the affidavit itself will remain suppressed, and the media is barred from disclosing even the general nature of the material relied upon in it.

Beauty of Zionism

Talmudic Boy, 20.12.2004 16:33

If Jew kills a Christian he commits no sin. --Sepher Or Israel

The seed [children] of Christians valued same as the seed of a
beast. --Kethuboth (3b): [Market value is $621.00, apparently]

Is it true?

Talmud Boy, 20.12.2004 16:24

"The Jews have a disproportionate number of mental defectives,
idiots, and imbeciles." - Dr. Maurice Fishburg, Eugenic Factors in
Jewish Life.

Bomb Attacks in Iraq Work of U.S. Psychological Operations

Sara, 20.12.2004 14:44

Don't be fooled. Sunni resistance have absolutely no reason to attack Shia Iraq. The U.S. is behind these bombings "a la 'The Quiet American' (a film all wishing to understand our 1984 world should see). Sara

Domestic Terrorist Identification

Walter Tribe, 20.12.2004 14:42

Classified US Government Technology / December 20th, 2004

Insecurity Makes Iraq Elections “Most Secretive” in History

Mazen Ghazi, 20.12.2004 13:41

"Iraqi television shows only the feet of election officials rather than their faces, because they are terrified of their identity being revealed." Terrified of the unabated attacks, phony "premier" Iyad Allawi last week huddled himself in the US heavily protected Green Zone in Baghdad to announce his slate of candidates for the 275-member National Assembly. Shopkeepers distributed registration forms hidden in the bags of monthly rations on which most Iraqis survive. A heavy turnout seems just wishful thinking with the majority of the country’s 25 million population expected to barricade themselves into their houses in fear of their lives.

Sabotajes y censura fascista a

antorcha, 20.12.2004 12:57

Sabotaje y censura fascista a

I was shot in my hand /palestinian

Zajel / An-Najah National University, 20.12.2004 11:03

We were living through extremely difficult conditions during the siege of Alfalojeh, when the Egyptian army came to our village. They were many soldiers, hundreds if not thousands. They were with us in the village during the imposed siege around them, and I remember their commander, Beih Taha. He ordered his soldiers to build two fences around the village and put mines in between the two fences.

Jewish convoy passed through the main road

zajel, 20.12.2004 10:51

Hamama village was neighboring some villages and towns, Majdal and Askalan from the south, Asdod town from the north, Beit Daras village from the north, Joles village from the east, with the sea to the west.

1948 - First Arab-Israeli War

Zajel \ An-najah National University, 20.12.2004 10:40

In Palestine, Arab protests against partition erupted in violence, with attacks on Jewish settlements in retaliation for the attacks by Jewish terrorist groups on Arab towns and villages and the massacre of hundreds of unarmed Palestinians in their homes which soon led to full-scale war. The British generally refused to intervene, intent on leaving the country no later than August 15, 1948, the date scheduled in the Partition Plan for termination of the Mandate.


Donna St. George, 20.12.2004 08:38

Louis Mizell, who heads a firm that tracks incidents of crime and terrorism, observed that "when husbands or boyfriends attack pregnant partners, it usually has to do with an unwillingness to deal with fatherhood, marriage, child support or public scandal." For some men the situation boils down to one set of unadorned facts: "If the woman doesn't want the baby, she can get an abortion. If the guy doesn't want it, he can't do a damn thing about it. He is stuck with a child for the rest of his life, he is stuck with child support for the rest of his life, and he's stuck with that woman for the rest of his life. If she goes away, the problem goes away."

U.S. government moves to muzzle dissident voices

Scott Martelle, 20.12.2004 07:15

In an apparent reversal of decades of U.S. practice, recent federal Office of Foreign Assets Control regulations bar American companies from publishing works by dissident writers in countries under sanction unless they first obtain U.S. government approval. Violations carry severe reprisals -- publishing houses can be fined $1 million and individual violators face up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Bloody Free Speech In Australia

Faruque Ahmed, 20.12.2004 05:01

This is the original article in a well known Sydney daily.
Mergo Kingston is a very decent journalist, columnist, commentator
etc. The Zionazis made a few attempts to silence her and a few other
voices of the reason in this nation.

Time Magazine Names Bush

Me, 20.12.2004 03:53

He's in good company. Four more years and he and his gang of thugs'll be right up their with the rest of history's monsters.

10 Reasons Why I Hate X-mas

David Stray Ney, 20.12.2004 03:52

I must preface this poem (rant) by saying I DO NOT celebrate x-mas, and I spell it with an "x".

Monday December 20, 2004

chris ramsaroop, 20.12.2004 01:59

Family Demands Coroner's Inquest into death of Migrant Farm Worker- Press Conference and Delegation Tuesday December 21, 2004 Toronto, Canada

Updated with Graphic Video: Exclusive: Conscientious Objector Witnessed Abuse, Killing of Iraqi Detainees at Abu Ghraib &amp; More

JUAN GONZALEZ, 20.12.2004 01:34

In a national broadcast exclusive, we speak with former Army Reserve Specialist Aidan Delgado. At Abu Ghraib, he witnessed U.S. soldiers abuse and killing of Iraqi detainees. Video and Transcript - Warning - This program contains graphic images

Denuncian &quot;abuso de poder&quot; y &quot;actitud amedrentadora&quot; de un magistrado de Tierra del Fuego

Pablo Costa (Inforum Patagonia), 20.12.2004 00:14

Organizaciones de todo el país (Argentina) solicitaron el juicio político de un juez de instrucción (ex secretario de Galeano en la causa AMIA), por "desproporcionadas" diligencias policiales ordenadas en una causa hacia un miembro de Participación Ciudadana, entidad que desde hace cinco años viene presentando denuncias e impulsando reformas en el poder judicial fueguino. El denunciante de la causa es el ex abogado de Menem, Riucardo Klass, denunciado en varias oportunidades por Participación Ciudadana.

Full-Scale Invasion of North America Being Planned...

contributed by RSD, 19.12.2004 23:23

America, Wake Up!!!

No Virgins?

ARAFAT, 19.12.2004 22:36

NoVirgins What?? No Virgins??

Rebuilding an Antiwar Movement for 2005

Jordy Cummings, 19.12.2004 21:34

The most important thing to remember is that we are trying to stop a war. Anti-capitalists like me may say that capitalism is the root cause, feminists will say patriarchy, liberals the Bush crime family, libertarians the state, conservatives the decline of chivalry. We can all “know better” yet still work together. This is far more important than anything else, and it just might work.

Video: testimony by the programmer claiming to have been asked to hack the US election vote

Clint Curtis / Brad, 19.12.2004 17:14

For the first time -- the FULL Video of Clint Curtis' Sworn Testimony!

Ottawa, Canada Police Scapegoating Local Somalis?

A Community Resident, 19.12.2004 16:22

AN OPEN LETTER TO THE HELLS ANGELS This note, entitled "An Open Letter to the Hells Angels," was found posted at the OC Transpo stop located at the northeast corner of Somerset and Bayswater. This area is known for rampant hard drug (crack cocaine, cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin) dealing and high-risk sex trade worker activity.

How to Win in 2006

anonymous, 19.12.2004 15:39

How to win Congress back in 2006

The Mountain and the Mouse

Uri Avnery, 19.12.2004 15:04

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon: Enemy of Peace Is this how a statesman with a vision of peace acts? He behaves more like a doctor who treats the hand of a patient while sticking a knife into his belly.

German minister caves in over nuclear dump

Diet Simon, 19.12.2004 12:21

Ahead of a crucial election, the German environment minister has caved in to the nuclear power industry over the search for a final nuclear waste dump, alleges a leftwing daily, the tageszeitung (taz). More precisely, says Berlin-based taz, Jürgen Trittin (Greens) has caved in to the Social Democrat chancellor, Gerhard Schröder.



Interview with Mumia Abu-Jamal, arguably the most famous political prisoners in the USA (originally published on

Father Seeking Justice in Georgia

Keith Lynch, 19.12.2004 06:16

Dekalb County, Decatur, Georgia Police Department, the Department of family and Children Services, and the Dekalb Juvenile court need to be held responsible for the destruction of a family.

''Cowboy Mafia''

J.R., 19.12.2004 04:42

''Cowboy Mafia''


Robina Suwol, 19.12.2004 03:44

Parents Gain Right to Know About Toxic Exposures

ahas festival march 25th - april 2nd

anonymous, 19.12.2004 01:49

The como ahas collective is announcing plans for a non-hierarchial, anti-authoritarian festival/gathering in the missouri forests march 25th - april 2nd. While everyone is free to come and participate in what manner they choose there is a large emphasis on differing musicians (bands/djs/lone) and diy technical werkshops/skillshares. has an organizing page setup so feel free to contribute

Poll finds 44% of Americans would limit Muslims' rights

William Kates, 19.12.2004 01:13

Imagine if this headline read "Poll finds many Nazis would limit Jews' rights"

Maorc: prise d'assaut d'un ministère

lerebelle, 18.12.2004 23:29

Les diplômés chômeurs prennent d'assaut un ministère à Rabat

Letter to a navy recruiter from a nurse

eddy dyer, 18.12.2004 22:52

They wrote to me first, dammit!

Liberal Conspiracy?

Reverend I Ben Yakinoff, 18.12.2004 18:01

A dissertation on the existence (or lack of) a liberal conspiracy to suppress free thought and speech.

The More Troops That Read This---The Sooner The U.S. System will fall

Reposted by jamie, 18.12.2004 17:15

The More "Troops" That Read This---The Sooner The U.S. System will fall

Soldier's wife details supply shortages in Iraq

Bert Schlauch, 18.12.2004 15:19

A nonpartisan group held a press conference at the Capitol in St Paul to request a Congressional inquiry into the the inadequate supplies and equipment for the troops. One soldier's wife testified about shortages experienced by her husband who is stationed in Iraq near Fallujah.

Exposicion contra la guerra

Michel Hernandez, 18.12.2004 14:02

la exposicion "American Pie" compuesta por 14 carteles contra la guerra de Irak, se inauguro el 16 de diciembre en Ciudad Habana, Cuba, y estara expuesta todo el mes de enero.
La organizan Alternativo y Tipos dos proyectos culturales de la Facultad de Comunicacion y Diseño de la Universidad de la Habana

Iraq: America's Sinister Plan for Falluja

sansi, 18.12.2004 13:40

another posting from
(I don't like the copy paste journalism, but when big power wants to hide the truth...)

America's Sinister Plan for Falluja
By Michael Schwartz

The chilling reality of what Falluja has become is only now seeping out, as the American military continues to block almost all access to the city, whether to reporters, its former residents, or aid groups like the Red Crescent Society. The date of access keeps being postponed, partly because of ongoing fighting -- only this week more air strikes were called in and fighting "in pockets" remains fierce (despite American pronouncements of success weeks ago) -- and partly because of the difficulties military commanders have faced in attempting to prettify their ugly handiwork. Residents will now officially be denied entry until at least December 24; and even then, only the heads of households will be allowed in, a few at a time, to assess damage to their residences in the largely destroyed city.




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