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Green Party of Utah - a lesson in trust.

J.D. Bollard, 23.12.2004 06:20

The Green Party of Utah could be an object lesson for other State Green Parties in how NOT to have their bylaws be so vague that one person can deal a devestating blow, like keeping the Green Party Presidential Candidate off of the Ballot in Utah, without the membership having any specifically prescribed recourse to recall this person and substitute someone else as the State Liaison.

Iraqis Find Unity Against the Occupation

Reposted by Sara, 23.12.2004 06:05

Iraqis Find Unity Against the Occupation: U.S. failure is not only an option, it's the only option.

Non-reportage of US-linked infant mass mortality

Gideon Polya, 23.12.2004 04:47

According to the latest UNICEF report (2004), in 2003 the under-5 infant mortality was 110,000 in US-occupied Iraq (population 24 million), 292,000 in US-occupied Afghanistan (population 22 million) and 1,000 in the invading and occupying Coalition country Australia (population 20 million). This US-UK mass murder is not being reported by the Anglo-American-dominated global mass media.

Iraqi women enslaved by the invasion of US/British &quot;democracy&quot;

Haifa Zangana, 23.12.2004 03:42

To put it plainly women were give their due rights over 1400 years ago during
the revelation of Islam. Muslim who follow Islam __as practiced and taught by
the Prophet Muhammad__ do not carry this historical baggage of unfair gender
discrimination as is the case for the "enlightened" west. As a matter of fact,
the "enlightened" west has oscillated to the opposite extreme by imposing upon
women the same (incompatible) rules of life as those practiced by men.
An example: In USA it is the "enlightened" secular (of religious (does'nt matter
which ever it may be)) tradition for the woman to bare the cost of hosting
a banquet for her marriage ceremony. Only recently has this cost been
distributed between the bride and groom. Another example is the burden of
sharing living expense between the husband and the wife. And the most glaring
example is the undeniable fact that overall women are paid less than their
male counter part for the same type of occupation.
Islam is about a 1400 years ahead of the "secular" experiment, not only in
gender fairness but in a whole slew of other aspects of life!
Most people who hate Islam will have the natural inclination to distort the
true Islam as practiced by the Prophet Muhammad.
Final question to the bastion of secularism (USA): Name *one* female president
(head-of-state) in the history of USA?
Now do a yahoo/google search on "muslim" female heads of state in the history
of the world.

NEW PLAY -- Ghost of the Traitor (2nd vers.)

William Thomas Sherman, 23.12.2004 03:08

I posted this earlier but it did not all come up aftewrad. This is a second try.

Worse come to worse see:

Toward a anti-Authoritarian Islam

Salim, 23.12.2004 01:21

A short apologia on Islam and Anarchism convergence of principles.

Prophecy Dec. 22 : A week with the Dragon

Brent Herbert, 23.12.2004 00:51

Given some of the weird things I have done lately I thought I would post a few concluding statements, to attempt to clear matters up, and from now on I think that I will begin posting these prophecies on my own website, and if anyone should be lookingn for me, they won't have to look far to find me...

Prophecy Dec. 22 : How to end the Iraq War

Brent Herbert, 23.12.2004 00:51

Some commentary, followed by two possible options for ending the Iraq War for George Bush to consider...pick one...

Prior Restraint

RSD, 23.12.2004 00:16

&quot;Bucket of Bolts&quot; Protective Scalar Device
Just What Is Criminal Conspiracy?

A Guerrilla Market Primer

Chris Haire, 23.12.2004 00:09

A guide to getting your message across to the curious few, not the masses.

Ohio judge moves to delay, dismiss election suit

Rawstory, 23.12.2004 00:09

The Great Ohio Vote Fraud Cover Up

Fallujah: Little Stalingrad

William S. Lind, 22.12.2004 22:18

Why Fallujah is the turning point in the war on Iraq

Israel and US Moves in the Middle East: Pimps and Whores

xymphora, 22.12.2004 21:28

USA is going to get what it deserves in collaborating with the Zionist schemes.
Then there will be the next Israel's pimps in line: China and then possibly India.

Fallujah: The End Of Warfare

ABHAY MEHTA, 22.12.2004 21:25

The mightiest military machine ever in world history with the mightiest firepower the world has ever seen has been mightily trying to capture Fallujah. But no luck so far.
Instead the Americans faced an opposition that broke the back of the assault. Instead of "breaking bone by bone" and crushing "the backbone of the insurgents", it seems to appear that the same has been done unto them as they were planning to do unto the resistance.


meak, 22.12.2004 18:57

The secretion of adrenaline by the adrenal is part of the "fight-or-flight" reaction that we have in response to being frightened.

Wal-Mart elected Grinch of the Year, Cintas and Comcast runners-up

Rand Wilson, 22.12.2004 18:03

The retailing giant Wal-Mart was named 'Grinch of the Year' in a national online poll held between December 6 and December 22 by Jobs with Justice.

Christmas in the Ocupied Holy Land

john petrovato and Tom Feakins, 22.12.2004 17:49

Bethlehem today is little more than a sleepy town. But not the same sleepy town it was 2000 years ago. After 4 years of military incursions, oppression, and violence, the town remains beseiged. Frequently the town is put under “curfew”, meaning that the residents are not allowed to leave their homes. More frequently, roadblocks and checkpoints are placed in and around the town to make travel to and from Bethlehem nearly impossible. Under such conditions, it is not surprising that the town expects very few tourists and visitors during the holidays. Rather than being greeted on the street, we are asked by young children in Bethlehem for help in finding missing relatives, taken by Israeli forces. Refugee camps have sadly become permanent fixtures, with United Nations relief replacing Christmas spirit. Army green seems to be the color of this Christmas season, with coils of barbed wire trimming the roads and alleys.

Destroyed Fallujah “Uninhabitable”

Samir Haddad, 22.12.2004 16:49

“The rotten smell of the dead is widespread and smokes of internationally banned weapons used by the US occupation cover its sky. So, I don't think they will return to it even if the occupation forces depart.


Reposted by jamie, 22.12.2004 16:20

"This attack can not simply be laid at the feet of some shadowy group that the prostrated press calls Ansar al-Sunna. If such a group exists, it is a secondary symptom. The disease is in Washington DC. It is called empire building, and it is an activity that requires bodies – lots of bodies. Dead bodies, dead grown people's bodies, and children's bodies."

NEW PLAY -- Ghost of the Traitor

William Thomas Sherman, 22.12.2004 14:35

Introducing a new play -- "The Ghost of the Traitor"

Israel Attacks Hospital

ZioNazi Immunity, 22.12.2004 12:07

Doctors and patients must pose a threat to Israel: or maybe Israel just has a policy of killing Palestinians and wrecking their essential infrastructure...

J20 Pretzels Everywhere

The Bakers Dozen, 22.12.2004 10:40

J20 Pretzels Everywhere 1/5/05
author: The Bakers Dozen
In a dream I saw it raining pretzels at the pretzel parade.
I'll never forget it.
The price of pretzels plummeted all over the world.
Though none did starve, one did choke - the grand marshall of the parade.
The festivities continued unabated.

The Myth of a Divided America - 2004 Protests

Kali Autumn Lynn, 22.12.2004 09:59

In the year 2004 America spilled into the streets, frustrated, furious. Corporate controlled media ignored this and continued to sell them Lacey Peterson and whiter teeth.

song One Love One World

Craymo, 22.12.2004 09:13

World peace and tolerance song is helping to change lives in a positive way!

You Are The Judge

Faruque ahmed, 22.12.2004 08:42

I am not terribly religious and I think the Israel Palestine conflict is not religious in the first place. It is not a conflict of land. I do have time for all religion and race with mutual respect. I do not blame all Jews for this conflict for a verity of good reasons.

Jewish/Zionist censorship

interview, 22.12.2004 06:38

Alain Menargues, kicked out of his job in the French mass media for "anti-Semitism," has something to say about it.

ACLU documents Guantanamo Bay &quot;Torture&quot;!

H.G.Hardy, 22.12.2004 06:26

"The U.S.Military has employed extensive use of "torture" against the inmates it is holding at Guantanamo Bay Cuba"

problem with NC indymedia site

nego, 22.12.2004 05:04

apparent 'web worm' has infested the NC indymedia site.

Real Effects of Global Industrialization

Ravenaeus, 22.12.2004 04:29

Though global warming, changes in weather, and other doom-sayer idioms dominate the mega-media conglomerate coverage of global industry, the real effects are rarely reported. This a very condensed effort to provide a realistic and inclusive view of the continuing results of international conglomerates and the truly criminal acts of industries against the global environment.

Corporate Crime Shows Profit

Ravenaeus, 22.12.2004 03:27

I thought that the actions taken by the U.S. Department of Justice against the 100 Worst Corporate Criminals of the 1990s would have made an example of those who would pollute with impunity, violate human rights, and violate international trade rules, but I was mistaken.

Vacationing in Hell

Ravenaeus, 22.12.2004 02:46

The same thing happens to almost everyone. Vacation time comes and the planning and longing of the previous months comes to fruition. Yet, around the world people flock to the over-crowded, congested, and overly-expensive places that have become the tourist capitals of the world.

International Boycott of American Conglomerates

Ravenaeus, 22.12.2004 02:32

The continued support of international conglomerates funds the policies that global protestors are gathering to speak out against. The very act of traveling, staying in a hotel, flying, eating at restaurants feeds more money into the very organizations that the protests were organized against.

&quot;Informative Programs: The New Disguise For Advertising

Ravenaeus, 22.12.2004 02:28

The new wave of programs for your intellectual benefit have become thinly veiled masks of corporations and conglomerate advertisers. Selling you not only their products but their "programming" as well....

US Military Denied Benefits

Ravenaeus, 22.12.2004 02:22

Though media coverage and self-description installs George W. Bush as the most military friendly president of American history, his actions truly speak louder than his words.

Will Bush's daughters volunteer to fight in Iraq?

Saint10, 21.12.2004 23:10

Will Bush's daughters volunteer to fight in Iraq?

The Iraqi People Reject the U.S. Presence

Tim, 21.12.2004 22:59

U.S. propagandists and psyops officers want our citizens to fear "Ansar al-Sunna," but it is the Iraqi people who will never accept the U.S. on their land. Don't be fooled by 1984 ploys.

Investigating Ohio: An Interview with John Conyers

Tim Grieve, 21.12.2004 21:44

Rep. John Conyers isn't ready to declare the election stolen, but he'll continue to dig into the droves of complaints - and fight to fix the broken U.S. election system.


Col. David H. Hackworth, 21.12.2004 21:06

Hack says a draft is imminent, as there is no way to replace the estimated 50,000 KIA, WIA and non-battle casualties from Iraq that have been sent back to the States.

The Single Girl's Guide to Dating Donald Rumsfeld

Leilla Matsui, 21.12.2004 21:06

...the Donald Rumsfelds of the dating scene don't call you for the same reason military leadership can't be bothered taking the necessary steps to spare the lives of those carrying out their dirty work.

Dramatic image of &quot;fallen&quot; GI's

Keith Hinz, 21.12.2004 20:16

Follow the link to a sad and dramatic view of the war in Iraq:

Two Dozen Soldiers Killed

jamie, 21.12.2004 19:53

"The force of the explosions knocked soldiers off their feet and out of their seats. A fireball enveloped the top of the tent, and shrapnel sprayed into the men.
Amid the screaming and thick smoke that followed, quick-thinking soldiers turned their lunch tables upside down, placed the wounded on them and gently carried them into the parking lot.
"Medic! Medic!" soldiers shouted.
Medics rushed into the tent and hustled the rest of the wounded out on stretchers.
Scores of troops crammed into concrete bomb shelters outside. Others wobbled around the tent and collapsed, dazed by the blast.
"I can’t hear! I can’t hear!" one female soldier cried as a friend hugged her."

G8 Protest - Global Meeting

Dissent, 21.12.2004 19:24

Logo Planning, Networking and Co-ordination Meeting of the United Kingdom G8 Protest.

Urgent Support Needed: Threats and Harassment of Dine' Escalate on Black Mesa (USA)...

King Amdo, 21.12.2004 19:11

Nov. 24 , 2004
Urgent Support Needed: Threats and Harassment of Dine' Escalate on Black Mesa

Greetings Relatives,

Your prayers and support is very much needed! I have been approached by individuals who are concerned for the welfare of these resisters. And because of the lack of a stable network and volunteer/support personnel, we are unable to make a complete assessments of the situation in the regions of resistance. It is assumed that other elder and younger residents are experiencing hardship at this time. Currently, there are two critical hardships taking place....

Treasury Department Responds to Lawsuit By Writers and Publishers

Free Expression Policy Project, 21.12.2004 18:40

In response to a lawuit filed in September, the Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) today reversed what was effectively a ban on publishing books and journal articles by authors in countries such as Iran, Cuba and Sudan that are subject to U.S. trade embargoes.

One primitive analysis about one primitive revolution

Olga Samborska, 21.12.2004 18:16

On December 26 the Ukrainian election will again test this society on its validity to be taken by West or Russia as mainstream media present it. Being astonished of those perfomance "for democratic (orange) Ukraine", I take my right at least express my personall opinion about the happening in a country ,I had a chance to be born and grow up. I will be glad if it brings light on things to see that not everybody there or from there think "orange" or "white-blue". Prposed article not pretend to be competative with the mainstream journaists work since it written from the bottom of the heart..

Mayo Zapatista village attacked by police, beaten, imprisoned

EZLN of Sonora, Mexico, 21.12.2004 17:50

The indigenous Mayo Zapatista village in Sonora, Mexico, has been attacked by police, women and leaders beaten; leaders imprisoned

Trauma used by government to manipulate

alg, 21.12.2004 13:54

Scientific evidence shows the US govt. has been consistently using trauma and inducing trauma (since Kennedy assassination) to manipulate its population.

The Worldwide Ruling Class - Worker Bee Model, Still Going Strong In The 21st Century

Clint Clark, 21.12.2004 12:23

Old Testament religions are setup to preserve the Ruling Class - Worker Bee model, which began about 8,500 years ago. Old Testament religions are about legitimizing land ownership, taxes, the exploitation of natural resources, social stratification, and wealth generation; not about spirituality. Civilization is the domestication of humans by other humans.

Uh oh....

Tk, 21.12.2004 11:28

On the issue of civil liberties, W's actions during the first 4 years were only a glimpse, my fellow concerned humans....

L.A. Musicians tour Guantanamo Bay, December 2004

Los Angeles Music Awards, 21.12.2004 01:51

Los Angeles- When the 15 years old Los Angeles Music Awards were asked to put together a group of artists to go to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba earlier this month, they had no idea what to expect.

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