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The sciences of self-annihilation by the demagnetization of the magnetosphere which

joe lynskey, 31.12.2004 06:47

A document containing information on global warming and its effects on the earths magnetic field which will result in the extinctions of all species on this planet.

Project Independent PAC

Mike Clearwater, 31.12.2004 03:05

Project Independent is a bold new PAC aimed at unifying Independent efforts in the United States. We will reRegister voters Independent, thereby increasing the membership of each Independent Party (Green, Libertarian, Reform, other).


CARLOS FRANCO, 31.12.2004 02:07


Appeal: Emergency Donations to Asia Quake Victims!

Lee Siu Hin, 31.12.2004 00:30

I am appeal to you again in this holiday season, please give your helping hands by donate your money to support the Asian quake victims. So far there's 45 agencies accepting donations and/or sending emergency crews to the region, I prefer not to endorse anyone, so please read their descriptions and you decide which agency you want to donate (I will donate $50 to one of the following agency).


Hope Bastian, 30.12.2004 23:28

November 3, 2004
“How?” was the word of the day. How, as in “How is it possible?” and “How could they do this to us?” I saw the question reflected in the eyes of every person I met that day. How to explain something that doesn’t make any sense? How to explain to others something I am struggling to understand myself? As an U.S. citizen abroad, I’m held accountable for the actions of the U.S. government and constantly called upon to explain the unexplainable: “How could they (you) do such a thing?” As I passed my Cuban coworkers in the hallway today I had a hard time looking them in the eyes. I am ashamed and confused. Only 90 miles away from the southern tip of Florida, I am close to home, but I have never felt so out of touch. People here ask me “How it is possible that Bush has been re-elected?” and I don’t know what to say. I’m wondering the same thing.

Just how bad things are in Iraq

Joe, 30.12.2004 23:19

Two more articles that dramatize just how bad things are in Iraq for the U.S. Share the truth. Don’t let any more go to this hell.

La tragédie de l'Asie nous incite à changer le monde !

ventsteppes, 30.12.2004 23:18

Réfléchir à toutes idées innovantes pour rendre le monde meilleur au moment à la générosité s'exprime à cause d'une catastrophe d'ampleur. Que la générosité soit aussi celle d'une recherche d'un monde plus juste… sans attendre.

graphic art

BonoboSpeaks, 30.12.2004 21:51

poster comparing U.S. pledge of air to tsunami crisis with what its spends daily to occupy Iraq...

Another Massive Action: Boycott Inaug Not A Dime!

Owen F., 30.12.2004 19:35

A 24-hour national boycott to speak out against the war in Iraq on Inaguration Day, Thursday, January 20th, 2005 to say "Not One Damn Dime Day" in America.
Your contribution: Stop all forms of consumer spending on the 20th.


PEARL GOTTSCHALK, 30.12.2004 19:31

Coastal oil and gas development threatens BC's pristine Pacific Coast. We are calling all Canadians to help stop dirty fossil fuel extraction from wreaking havoc on our shores.

Concurso para Gaztetxes

Programa Gozamenez, 30.12.2004 19:18

El Programa de sexualidad Con Mucho Gusto-Gozamenez, promovido por Asociaciones y Entidades que trabajan la Educación sexual y la Prevención en Nafarroa, organiza un Concurso de Ideas para promocionar su página web Queremos hacer llegar este concurso a todos y todas las jóvenes que se encuentran en los distintos Gaztetxes de Nafarroa.

1330 U.S. Troops Now &quot;Officially&quot; Confirmed Dead in Iraq

jamie, 30.12.2004 17:42

12/30/04 Bangor Daily News: Family of injured Maine soldier heads to D.C.
The wife of a critically injured soldier in the Maine Army National Guard's 133rd Engineer Battalion was en route Wednesday to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, where she was expected to see her husband. Sgt. Harold Gray, 34, of Penobscot ...
12/30/04 KUNA: ?Militants destroy telephone exchange in Mosul ?
A statement issued by the multinational forces said a group of militants ?destroyed early of today's mourning a telephone exchange near Al-Maghreb district in western Mosul........

Two Academy Members Tackle Unwanted Oscar Season Byproduct

Bruce Black, 30.12.2004 17:38

With Oscar season filling the air with movie sound, two motion picture academy members are tackling this noise pollution.

vergewaltigung einer frau durch die spanische polizei geht weiter

folter bericht eines opfers, 30.12.2004 16:51

sie heist...amaia urizar...und wurde inbilbao von der spanischen gestapo die guardia civil von franco....und so eine schande und so was feiges ...kann niemand wegsehen...sie wurde mit einer pistolle vergewaltigt .....und die welt macht die augen immer noch zu ....und ...
zu so einer tat gibt es einfach keine endschuldigung ...wenn ihr das nicht verstehen wollt seit ihr nicht viel besser als jeder feiger vergewaltiger ....

help get corporations to donate to relief effort!

wanting to help, 30.12.2004 06:27

contact Starbucks to encourage them to donate 15 cents per cup of Indonesian coffee sold, and 5 cents per other cup of coffee sold to Tsunami relief efforts. Other suggestions for corporate donation campaigns?

See Leftists, America Stepping Up To The Plate To Help Disaster Victims

Captian America, 29.12.2004 23:59

It didn't take long for the America haters to say that Bush isn't offering enough money to help the disaster victims, but America always steps up to the plate to help the world. The America haters are just upset that Bush was right about the liberation of Iraq.

Prostitution: le modèle suédois donne des résulats positifs

Sisyphe, 29.12.2004 23:40

Cinq and après l'adoption d'une série de mesures législatives, la Suède récolte le fruit de ses efforts contre la prostitution et le trafic sexuel.

Toby Nixons' Pagan Power Magickal Mystery Tour, Global Notification

Toby Nixon, 29.12.2004 23:26

Toby Nixons' Pagan Power Magickal Mystery Tour, From
Arcata, California to a Pagan's day off in Amsterdam

Fox to Broadcast Anti-Muslim Hate Message on January 9th

Jim Finkle, 29.12.2004 22:55

"The [Muslim teen] also helps his parents mastermind a plot to kill large numbers of Americans that begins with an attack on a train. Over the breakfast table, the father tells his son: “What we will accomplish today will change the world. We are fortunate that that our family has been chosen to do this.“Yes, father,” his son replies."

Law forces Education to improves race relations

Jamal Jablie, 29.12.2004 21:59

The public school system in America reinforces the illusion of white supremacy simply with the absence of African American intellectual contributions in the core curriculum textbooks that all children are required to use. Public school students still rarely … if ever ... learn about what black scientists have contributed to the world on the large scale that it deserves, even during black history month. Self-hate in the black community is in large part, a result of the bias education of America's Public School core curriculum, which focuses on the slavery and civil rights from primary school through high school… both topics deal with the issues of white rule in America.

Support the push for your state to adopt the Amistad legislation that requires public schools in your state to include the teaching of African American contributions within everyday science textbooks as well as American and World history textbooks. This law was recently passed in the state of New Jersey on Aug. 28th, 2002. Help us get it passed in your state.

Johnson C. Smith Alumni, Ray Mapp has supported the Honorable William Payne (author of the Amistad Bill) of the New Jersey General Assembly and joined in the production of a documentary for television that brings awareness to the making and implementation of this landmark Amistad legislation. "This is the only law to pass in recent history that can truly improve race relations all over America and the world," says Ray. There is no doubt ignorance breeds racism and a weaker nation. “IF NOT NOW … THEN WHEN? IF NOT US … THEN WHO? WE’RE THE ONES THAT HAVE TO DO THIS” says Assemblyman Payne … IMPROVE PUBLIC SCHOOL TEXT BOOKS WITH INTELLECTUAL AFRICAN AMERICAN CONTRIBUTIONS.


Circle Community Centre

Phoenix, 29.12.2004 21:09

Thnks for the wonderful server fundraiser event at St. Georges, and a cry for help!

Miracles on Dorsey Street &quot;Kisses from Heaven&quot;

Jean Moses, 29.12.2004 18:29

Miracles on Dorsey Street, "Kisses from Heaven" Extraequestrinnel sightin's of the Pegasus kind. Out of Heaven's blood inspiration floweth. That's what a Pegasus is for. Heaven died tragically at the hands of sheriff's posse outlaws, horse thieves by day, horse killers by night, when she was supposed to be safe with friends. But Heaven was taken in a secret manner to a rodeo junkyard, where they "Matched Raced" her, butchered her, busted her big thigh bone and shot her twice in the head with a lil' caliber 22, which tells me the orse killer didn't do it right the first time, and Heaven did not die instantly. No one called with the tragic loss of one so loved and beautiful, her name, Heaven.

Tsunamic Calamity: A Natural Selection of Victims

Mathew Maavak, 29.12.2004 17:52

Natural calamities like the ongoing one in the Indian Ocean can be picky about its victims as well. Here is a story of how certain people, in fact, an entire enclave escaped uncathed. It would seem as if Darwinism was alive.

Iraq 04 like Vietrnam 66.

Joe, 29.12.2004 16:19

"After factoring in medical, doctrinal, and technological improvements, infantry duty in Iraq circa 2004 comes out just as intense as infantry duty in Vietnam circa 1966, and in some cases more lethal. Even discrete engagements, such as the battle of Hue City in 1968 and the battles for Fallujah in 2004, tell a similar tale: Today's grunts are patrolling a battlefield every bit as deadly as the crucible their fathers faced in Southeast Asia."

Ohio Voting Rights Violations During US Election

Mark Taylor-Canfield, 29.12.2004 00:29

Video of Ohio Elections


NONCEWATCH, 28.12.2004 20:57


Meningitis following iatrogenic neglect...

Malcolm Everett, 28.12.2004 19:40

Multiple abscesses usually arise from meningitis, pulmonary and VP shunt site infections, as well as congenital heart disease. In the case of congenital heart disease, abscesses usually arise along the distribution of the middle cerebral artery. VP shunt infections can involve S. aureus, S. epidermidis, Gram negative enteric rods, and P. aeruginosa. Staph aureus is the most common organism in brain abscesses due to head trauma or surgical events. Enterobacter and anaerobes can spread from intra-abdominal or genitourinary sites.

Generalized seizures have diverse etiologies, with systemic (e.g., metabolic) and iatrogenic (e.g., drug-induced) seizures being most frequent

Worldwide campaign demands repeal of Nat'l Security Law

Monica Moorehead, 28.12.2004 19:08

1000 hunger strikers march in Korea to protest NSL on Christmas Day Korean political organizers and human rights activists worldwide have launched a campaign to abolish one of the most repressive, anti-democratic edicts ever, the South Korean National Security Law. The NSL, a fascistic law steeped in deep-seated anti-communism, played a vicious role in Korean history.

What Happens When People Are Not Afraid To Sleep In Public?

David Arthur Johnston, 28.12.2004 18:44

a presuposition(I think)

Charges Against Bush Administration

Ravenaeus, 28.12.2004 18:35

Others will yell, protest, and rant...I choose to prove my case against our elected representatives. I dare someone to defend the Bush Administration against this presentation of evidence.

Poland's Phobias 2004

Tomek Kitlinski, 28.12.2004 18:03

2004 was a year of homophobia in Poland. On May 7 in Cracow, skinheads of a parliamentary party League of Polish Families attacked a peaceful demonstration of gays, lesbians and their supporters with slurs and stones and caustic acid. On November 20 in Poznan, skinheads of the League fired teargas at the feminist and anti-homophobic March of Equality.
Other prejudices mounted, too. Gays, women and Jews were othered and abjected in Poland.

Trearrow's Yuletide Message...

KIng Amdo, 28.12.2004 17:16

He's talking the same language as me...

Bush Feigns Sympathy for Military

Ravenaeus, 28.12.2004 16:52

While this president gets favorable press treatment from his corporate sponsors, the actions and covert subversion of attempts to get benefits and health care for Gulf War Vets and those returning from the Afghan and Iraqi conflicts of today show who the president is really supporting and I have the facts to back up my claims. Does he?

Forty Years of Great Improvements

Ravenaeus, 28.12.2004 16:46

We have been sold a great many lies about how our lives have improved over the past forty years. I contend that things are no better and even worse. Despite great improvements in science, medicine, and communications, our lives are actually more disrupted, less convenient, and medicated into compliance with "modern" society.

Atlantis--Separating Fact from Fiction

Ravenaeus, 28.12.2004 16:41

It the last century many theories about Atlantis appeared. However, there was also a real and extremely false embellishment about the actual details we were given by Plato. There was also an inclusion of information never truly tied to the Atlantean Myth. Here are the facts, no book fees, and no profit to be made.


Islam Online, 28.12.2004 16:34

How Can I Help?
Islam Online
Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Government's Delete Files: The GIEIS Project

Mark McCarron, 28.12.2004 14:24

For the last number of weeks monitoring of our moronic US & UK governments has revealed that they have access The GIEIS Project's website, to delete an accurate layout of the structure of the photon.

We can only assume now, that this is a direct attack and step must now be taken to remove these individuals from the face of the Earth.

Bush: When Actions Define A Man

Mark McCarron, 28.12.2004 14:03

A man defines himself through his actions.

So, what is the definition of George W. Bush?

Tsunami in U.S.A?

Zag, 28.12.2004 12:25

Tens of thousands killed and injured and millions left devastated, tune into Fox and CNN and the first thing I hear is "Can it Happen Hererrrrr?"


if you're not outraged you're not paying attention, 28.12.2004 05:50

"We tried to do what we could," McCreery said. "We don't have contacts in our address book for anybody in that part of the world."

He never heard of google?

Web Results 1 - 10 of about 354,000 for emergency
telephone numbers asia. (0.18 seconds)

"And I think this will be a lesson to them," he said, referring to the governments of the devastated countries.

Iraqi Resistance Stymies U.S. WMDs

DLi, 28.12.2004 04:39

The Iraqi Resistance--comprising of perhaps 20,000 fighters armed primarily with "low-tech" weapons of RPGs & IEDs--has so far outfought(& outfoxed) the $500 Billion-a-year USA Killing Machine, armed to the teeth with thousands of WMDs(and having used lots of them on innocent Iraqi civilians!) This should deserve TIME magazine's "Story of the Year."


hiroshima baby, 28.12.2004 03:36

India’s nuclear weaponisation facility at Kalpakkam was threatened by the tsunamis from the Bay of Bengal. Water from the sea entered the complex and a wall in the Kalpakkam Atomic Reprocessing Plant and the Madras Atomic Power Station caved in. It is not just MAPS. Kalpakkam also has a fast breeder test reactor, design offices of the Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, the DAE nuclear desalination plant and a new plant for a prototype fast breeder reactor.

Zionist authorities hamper PA election campaigning in occupied Jerusalem

Palestinian information center, 27.12.2004 19:43

Occupied Jerusalem - The Zionist occupation troops today burst into "Strand" hotel situated in the eastern occupied Jerusalem and removed a picture for the PA presidential candidate Mustafa Al-Barghuti.

athens greece

well, 27.12.2004 19:07

some 100 anarchists atack police station in solidarity to the tortured by policemen immigrants


turnyourback, 27.12.2004 16:11

Anarchists attack police station in Greece

@nonymous, 27.12.2004 14:02

a photo from the attack The police station sustained heavy damages after the attack, which was an answer to the racist and brutal behaviour, the cops of this police station, displayed on Afghan refugees during the past weeks .

tsunami in Penang, Malaysia

enrico, 27.12.2004 05:33

people still on the beach images of the tsunami that hit Penang in Malaysia

US military harvesting Iraqi organs for sale?

Fakhriya Ahmad, 27.12.2004 05:11

"The reports confirm the finding of tens of mutilated cadavers or cadavers missing parts. Some were found without a head. The American military command could not offer reasons to explain the bewilderment about the missing parts, suggesting that this may have been caused by the penetration of bullets to the [missing] parts. But these excuses cannot be medically accepted."

Venezuela Taking Steps to Defend Democracy

Howard Steele, 27.12.2004 04:03

"Imagine, if you can, that a group of military officers in the United States overthrew our elected President, dissolved our elected Congress and Supreme Court, and abolished the Constitution. Now imagine that democracy is restored but the Supreme Court rules that the officers who kidnapped the President and overthrew the government cannot be tried for any crime. That is what happened in Venezuela."

Two Academy Members Tackle Unwanted Oscar Season Noise Pollution

Bruce Black, 27.12.2004 02:10

With Oscar season coming into full swing, two Motion Picture Academy members have a new way to reduce noise pollution from home theaters and televisions.

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