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Future Abortionists of America

Anonymous, 03.01.2005 18:26

Abortion group targets teens to prove they're pro-life.

Concentration Camps for American Muslims?

by Kurt Nimmo, 03.01.2005 17:15

If 44 percent of all Americans, as noted by Pipes, believe Muslims and Arabs should be “focused” on, how many of them would approve of chipping Mulsims like household pets or shipping them off to concentration camps? Millions, no doubt.

'I reported the rape within 30 minutes - then watched my career implode'

Suzanne Goldenberg, 03.01.2005 16:08

With thousands of women on the front line of America's phony war on terror, the Pentagon has been forced to acknowledge that female soldiers are at risk from their comrades in arms, and that, in the US military, rapists often go unpunished and the culture of violence runs deep. A rapist was transferred - to a prized post!

Villagers say foreigners get priority in Thai tsunami rescue...

King Amdo, 03.01.2005 14:01

...a 'mainstream' view from the UK Observer newspaper...

Statue of Nazi ally vandalised...

King Amdo, 03.01.2005 13:57

The Church of Rome beats the Nazi's in the abuse stakes. (get it!!!)

Sexual abuse causing mental illness prisoners at Guantanamo...

King Amdo, 03.01.2005 13:51

For those with srong stomachs, heres a revealing article from the UK national broadsheet, The Obsever. We know christian facist nonce's. Allah Akbar.

1333 U.S. GI's now &quot;officially&quot; killed in Iraq

jamie, 03.01.2005 13:43

The dying goes on in Iraq. 1333 U.S. GI's now "officially" killed in Iraq. Don't let them keep it "under the radar."

A Voice Ignored-An Ally Lost

Carl Hitchens, 03.01.2005 05:50

There is no group in this country so universally exploited for political debate, while at the same time ignored than the Vietnam veteran. The Liberal/Progressive wing of journalism and politics has essentially thrown us away as a potential ally in moving a national dialogue forward to end the war and save democracy.

Voice Ignored - An Ally Lost

Carl Hitchens, 03.01.2005 04:45

January 2, 2005

To Whom It May Concern:

There is no group in this country so universally exploited for political debate, while at the same time ignored than the Vietnam veteran. The Liberal/Progressive wing of journalism and politics has essentially thrown us away as a potential ally in moving a national dialogue forward to end the war and save democracy.

A coronation or inauguration?

Idaho Mountain Express, 03.01.2005 04:00

A little sacrifice by political parties is not much to ask while other Americans and their families are sacrificing far more in a war that President Bush started.

CSFH Warns Against Hate Groups Exploiting Tsunami Crisis


It is time to give and give generously. As the death toll climbs past 150,000 and the world comes to grips with the devastation caused by the deadly Indian Ocean tsunamis, numerous organizations across Asia are stepping up to organize relief and rehabilitation. We at the Campaign to Stop Funding Hate (CSFH) urge all individuals in the U.S. and elsewhere to support them by donating generously. However, our responsibility does not end with giving. It is also our combined responsibility to ensure that our funds do not end up in sectarian hands, and that this tragedy does not turn into another opportunity for communal groups to gain foothold in our plural society.

GOD BLESS THE WORLD timely Anthem garners exciting global reviews-Dedicated to Tsunami Victims

Orville Records, 03.01.2005 01:50

Greg Jones New! Anthem for Peace and Hope by Greg Jones climbing global charts- Special Release dedicated to victims of Tsunami

Kerry Garbage

David Stray Ney, 03.01.2005 01:37

A short poem about my observations

&quot;It's kind of a shame,&quot; says a marine. &quot;We've killed a lot of innocent people&quot;

Economist, 03.01.2005 00:21

Must-read from the Economist on the indiscriminate contempt for, and killing, of our Iraqi subjects. "It's kind of a shame," says a marine. "We've killed a lot of innocent people".

Top Ten War Profiteers of 2004

Center for Corporate Policy, 03.01.2005 00:18

Corporate dollars, the reason for the genocide in Iraq, Bush's friends and Skull and Bones buddies

Earthquake and tsunami tragedy: racism, political and bureaucratic bungling exposed as death toll rises

Oceania region collaboration, 02.01.2005 23:03

Aceh In the wake of the tragic tsunamis that have killed as many as 150,000 people in Asia, a number of interesting allegations have arisen that question the wests commitment to caring about poor non-white nations in the throes of natural disasters, the ineptitude and irresponsible behaviour of governments, and raising questions about the responsibility of the actions of rich nations in the development of conditions that caused or exacerbated this disaster.

The Sabotagued Prayer

Mac Crary, 02.01.2005 22:44

New evidence was found in the assassination of John Lennon during an investigation into the origin of the AIDS epidemic.

Desalojo de 50 familias en el Cabanyal (Valencia)

Andrés Hueso González (Cooperación Social Universitaria), 02.01.2005 21:37

Uno de los edificios que serían derribados Medio centenar de familias que viven en el barrio del Cabanyal de Valencia serán expulsadas de sus hogares a principios de enero, fecha en la que se realizará el desalojo programado para la prolongación de la avenida de los Naranjos.

Traditional American Values

walrus, 02.01.2005 21:23

If traditional American values can be defined
by historical American actions, then genocide
is as American as baseball.

¿Kirchner es igual que Menem?

Raul Isman, 02.01.2005 20:12

comparacin entre dos proyectos y dos mandatarios.

Tsunamis and Wars

Gary Sudborough, 02.01.2005 20:03

The nature of the US contribution to tsunami relief aid and the reasons for the differences in corporate news coverage of natural disasters and wars.

Aspects of Treason: The latest in a long list of reasons why Bush and his friends should be in jail

John Kaminski, 02.01.2005 18:39

Even the most hidebound defender of the rapacious policies of the United States of America would grudgingly agree that anyone — and especially its leader — who deliberately jeopardizes the security of the nation and its people should be removed from his position of responsibility and punished.

United We Stand poster

Queer Planet, 02.01.2005 18:01

For some reason this wouldn't load on the other entry.

Sue-Ann Army...A Communique

Sue, 02.01.2005 12:00

This is just the start of our direct action against the universe's filth...human beings.

The Manchurian Candidate DVD

theamericanway, 02.01.2005 11:17

discussion The Manchurian Candidate

Bush to Tsunami Survivors: Let Them Eat Flags

David Morgan, 02.01.2005 08:09

President Bush on Saturday ordered the U.S. flag to be flown at half-staff for five days to honor victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami

Even WORSE atrocities at Bush's Guantanamo concentration camp

Neil A. Lewis, 02.01.2005 08:07

Mohamed al-Kahtani's interrogation was not yielding much, so the CIA decided in the middle of 2003 to try a new tactic. Mr. Kahtani, a Saudi, was given a tranquilizer, put in sensory deprivation garb with blackened goggles, and hustled aboard a plane that was supposedly taking him to the Middle East. After hours in the air, the plane landed back at the United States naval base at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, where he was not returned to the regular prison compound but put in an isolation cell in the base's brig. There, he was subjected to harsh interrogation procedures that he was encouraged to believe were being conducted by Egyptian national security operatives.


Dana Priest, 02.01.2005 08:04

The Pentagon and the CIA have asked the White House to decide on a more permanent approach for potentially lifetime detentions, including for hundreds of people now in military and CIA custody whom the government does not have enough evidence to charge in courts.

Haiti Ends Year with Peaceful pro-Aristide Demonstration

Haiti Information Project, 02.01.2005 07:04

December 31st in Bel Air began in a small dusty room off the street of Delmas 2. Combatants, the name for the most strident backers fighting for the return of
President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in Haiti, patrolled the area as others painted signs demanding his return with slogans recognizing the rights of the poor. This
is clearly ground zero for the movement in this country that considers itself honoring the votes cast by the majority of Haiti’s poor that led to Aristide’s
election as president in November 2000.

January 1st is Independence Day for Haitians

HLLN, 02.01.2005 06:59

January 1st is Independence Day for Haitians.

Haiti, in combat, preserved the honor of the sons and daughters of Africa
after 300 years of slavery. Its existence led to the eventual destruction of the
Western European slave trade in the world, not to mention smashing into
smithereens the ideological construct and notion of "white" superiority.

feb 5th flyer

dizrokwel, 02.01.2005 04:28

show @HELIOS

Tsunami Relief Cymru

Gareth Strangemore-Jones, 02.01.2005 03:14

Tsunami Relief Cymru call for help organising "a Welsh wave of creative compassion" at events across Wales to raise money for Oxfam International's aid efforts in South East Asia.

NAZI BUSH REGIME's ENVIRO/HAARP-REICHSTAG FIRE: seize Aceh oil militarily as &quot;rescue&quot;

repost, 02.01.2005 02:00

2004 Sumatra quake/tsunami (click to animate): HAARP and/or Selective Warnings Why has a senior commander involved in the invasion of Iraq been assigned to lead the US emergency relief program? "Lieutenant General Blackman was previously Chief of Staff...leading the Marines into Baghdad..."

US Foreknowledge and Selective Warnings. Similar to 9-11, the automatic warning system STANDS DOWN to allow a terrorist act occur, hypothetically using the HAARP technology, to justify upcoming militarization of the area with US troops in an area rich with oil. Whether HAARP or otherwise, the associated issue would be the standdown of the automatic earthquake warning system among its subscribing member nations. This is CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE--U.S. ONLY WARNS AUSTRALIA AND INDONESIA--LEFT OTHERS IN AN ENVIRONMENTAL REICHSTAG FIRE TO DIE FOR POLITIAL GAIN, and then invaded oil rich Aceh with over 2000 U.S. Marines and two aircraft carriers with armed helicopters.

No one tells the member countries about the "earthquake". However, the US DOES WARN its military base in the aera. And from this military base, part of the invasion of Aceh is proceeding with TWO AIRCRAFT CARRIERS and led by the U.S.'s pre-emptive invasion of Iraq leadership.

11 points to consider below

“Box of Hope” at Pantego Bible Church Provides Tsunami Relief

Elizabeth Kobus, 01.01.2005 22:50

Project ‘Box of Hope’ is a grassroots effort of Pantego Bible Church collecting $30 dollar donations that go towards boxes of basic living necessities like rice, traditional clothing, and items for water purification. The relief effort starts Sunday, January 2nd from 8 AM to 12 Noon at Pantego Bible Church, 8001 Anderson Blvd. in Fort Worth and will continue through the next several weeks.

nyc critical mass: we win!

maus., 01.01.2005 21:12

hundreds ride on new years eve without incident - is the bullshit over?

Scumbag yuppies sunbathing in SE Asian disaster areas

Abe W Goodman, 01.01.2005 19:54

PHUKET, Thailand (AP) - Six days after one of the worst natural disasters in decades, foreign tourists were back on the beaches of this Thai resort island Saturday, frolicking in the gentle waves of the Andaman Sea, riding jet skis, posing for snapshots and sunbathing topless on the sand.

The scene was mindboggling - and infuriating - for island residents

United We Stand Poster

Queer Planet, 01.01.2005 17:12

pass it on

Gaps in French Briat death report

Diet Simon, 01.01.2005 15:54

Sébastien Briat. The French anti-nuclear movement Réseau Sortir du nucléaire charges that there are serious gaps in the state attorney’s report on how a young activist was killed in November by a nuclear waste train.


Mario Bernardino, 01.01.2005 14:12

Andalusian Days Festival ”Ayam Andalusia” is a multi cultural event festival, which will take place in the Moroccan city of Marrakech in March 2005 for 30 continuous days. The Festival will highlight the role of the Islamic Civilization, especially the Andalusian Islamic Civilization that lasted for 8th centuries reflected through various cultural events.

Smash Mouth Education

2bans' roots hiphop, 01.01.2005 03:25

2bans' roots hiphop is Smash Mouth Education,in otherwards stop your points of view and deliberate on the point of view of the victims. i.e the indegenous,this new music genre is the voice of any affliction this side of humanity,deny it airplay and in trueth you look just like oppression manifest in carnal form. play it and you are getting healed through enlightenment!!!

Smash Mouth Education

2bans' roots hiphop, 01.01.2005 02:49

2bans' roots hiphop is Smash Mouth Education,in otherwards stop your points of view and deliberate on the point of view of the victims. i.e the indegenous,this new music genre is the voice of any affliction this side of humanity,deny it airplay and in trueth you look just like oppression manifest in carnal form. play it and you are getting healed through enlightenment!!!

How to contact Senators

Queer Planet, 31.12.2004 17:45

Tell the senators to sign the petition to contest this fraudulent election. We don't want another replay fo the last election where the senators stood silent to the cries of injustice by the representatives.

Contest the election petition. Senator sign!.

Queer Planet, 31.12.2004 17:39

Sign the online petition here:


Human Family, 31.12.2004 17:36

It's past time to end institutionalized Apartheid

Exporting Unhappiness

DATTA-RAY, 31.12.2004 16:15

"But no matter how many foreign jehadis there might be, the invaders would not have been trapped in such a quagmire if the local population did not support the resistance."

Exporting Unhappiness And The Real Star Of The Year

Datta-Ray, 31.12.2004 16:03

"The star of the year, therefore, is not the US but Iraq.It is there that history was made in 2004 and is still being made. However much the violence is to be condemned, what means other than guerrilla warfare is open to the victim of conquest? What other response is possible to the brutality of Abu Ghraib or the unknown horrors of Guantanamo Bay? Iraqi tactics are neither new nor especially grim. This was how Spain repulsed Napoleon who called the Peninsular campaign "a running sore"; this is how every invaded nation in history has fought back against a powerful invader. It just happens that the targets are usually local collaborators because the enemy is so well-shielded."

L'ignominie de Chirac n'a aucune Limite

raftman, 31.12.2004 15:14

This an article in french langage about an interview of jacques Chirac the 30/12/04. He said, he's going to ask for a delay for the debt.

AROUSE Your Senate's Members, 31.12.2004 13:37

See to prescribe Verifygra for Kerry and your Senators. Electile Dysfunction got you down?

Are We Stingy? Yes

marco [reprint from nytimes...], 31.12.2004 09:01

The American people are NOT stingy.
George W Bush and his cronies are.

Anarchist's California Conviction Overturned

jmsatty, 31.12.2004 08:10

Matthew Lamont, an anarchist convicted of possession of explosive devices in Orange County, California, had his conviction overturned by the Court of Appeals on December 229, 2004. The court found that the Superior Court had improperly ruled that Lamont had no standing to challenge a vehicle stop by La Habra Police which the Orange County District Attorney admitted was illegal.

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