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F911 is the People's Choice!

susanscully, 11.01.2005 02:30

Michael Moore's documentary won Best Picture in the People's Choice Awards last night. Yay!!!

Culturas escolares, Proyecto Pedagogico Nacional y reforma curricular

Luis Bonilla-Molina, 11.01.2005 02:24

En este trabajo el autor revisa el estado de los debates educativos en Venezuela

2nd Annual Full Spectrum Living Retreat

Tara Piergrossi, 11.01.2005 01:29

How about starting the new year out right by committing together to take a few days out for our mind body and spirit while creating new friendships and deepening old ones? The purpose of the Full Spectrum Living Retreat is to provide a relaxing environment of natural beauty for diverse individuals to come together as a community to explore their mind, body, spirit, and emotions while forging new friendships in the hopes of transforming ourselves and our world for the better.


Marc Norton, 11.01.2005 00:30

Life is a cabaret... You hear a lot of things when you work in a hotel lobby. One guest, commenting to her companions on the tsunami disaster in Indonesia, declared, without shame, that "the place is an al-Qaeda breeding ground, you know."

Indigenous Resistance to the Petroleum Industry in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Ashley Victoria Schaeffer, 10.01.2005 23:23

Indigenous groups of the Ecuadorian Amazon are challenging the forces of international development and globalization that predate their lands. Focusing mostly on the efforts of the Quichua Comunidad Sarayacu and the Huaorani, this paper discusses the power of an "authentic indigenous cultural identity" used as a powerful political and environmental preservation tool.

A U.S. Soldier Speaks of the Atrocities He Witnessed

Scott Fleming, 10.01.2005 22:08

People in my unit used to break bottles over Iraqi civilians' heads.


Brian Cooney, 09.01.2005 23:18

The man being nominated by George W. Bush to head the Department of Justice is an unjust man who has prostituted the law to serve his boss. Gonzales' rise to fame should be titled: Mr. Death Goes to Washington.

Sexually Assaulted by US Forces, Fatimah Dies

ISLAMMEMO / IRR, 09.01.2005 23:03

Also Fatima’s letter - a must read

Torturing Limbo's Kitten

H. Millard, 09.01.2005 22:07


Dial M for Muderer (Narendra Modi)

Benwen Lopez, 09.01.2005 21:52

A press release against the illegal detention of Ms. Lynn Henry and Mr. Fhiroze.

If you wanted to start a civil war in Iraq - this would be the way to do it

xymphora, 09.01.2005 20:32


Cannabis Club Booted From WeHo

Ryan Gierach, 09.01.2005 20:11

A medical marijauna club operating in the bastion of liberal tolerance - West Hollywood - has been forced to move from the city, but not for the reasons one might think. It was due to neighbors' bigotry.

15.01.05: WORM-UP-Demo in Winterthur

&quot;Worm-Up&quot;-Team, 09.01.2005 19:46

Flyer Samstag, 15. Januar 2005, 13:30 Uhr
Neumarkt, Winterthur (Schweiz)

france appel a la solidarité syndicale internationale

comité de soutien a kamel de daewoo orion, 09.01.2005 18:26

in france many radicals or simple syndicalists militants are going in jail for their ideas and politicals issues
- this is a call for an international solidarity whith our comrade Kamel who is in jail for this political ideas and who is accused withouts any proofs by the french " justice "

More on U.S. develoment of Iraqi death squads

jamie, 09.01.2005 16:31

What more proof do you need that the U.S. sponsors “terrorism” and wants civil war in Iraq? See article below. jamie

U.S. Considers Elite Hit-Squads for Iraq -Report
NEW YORK (Reuters) - The Pentagon (news - web sites) is debating whether to set up elite hit-squads to target leaders of the Iraq (news - web sites) insurgency in a new strategy based on tactics used against leftist guerrillas in Central America 20 years ago, Newsweek magazine reported on Saturday.

Garrison Keillor speaks about vandals running the country

Queer Planet, 09.01.2005 16:11

Prarie Home Companion can be a bit ah shucks NPR for me at times, but lately Garrison is speaking out. This is one of the things he had to say on his web site.

I like to think this shows the deep level of concern and unrest happening right now in the world and especially in America.


Michael Hirsh and John Barry With Mark Hosenball, 09.01.2005 16:00

emphasis added:
"[Maj. Gen.Muhammad Abdallah al-Shahwani, director of the collaborationist National Intelligence Service] said most Iraqi people do not actively support the insurgents or provide them with material or logistical help, but at the same time they won’t turn them in. ONE MILITARY SOURCE INVOLVED IN THE PENTAGON DEBATE AGREES THAT THIS IS THE CRUX OF THE PROBLEM, AND HE SUGGESTS THAT NEW OFFENSIVE OPERATIONS ARE NEEDED THAT WOULD CREATE A FEAR OF AIDING THE INSURGENCY. "THE SUNNI POPULATION IS PAYING NO PRICE FOR THE SUPPORT IT IS GIVING TO THE TERRORISTS," he said. "From their point of view, it is cost-free. WE HAVE TO CHANGE THAT EQUATION."

Progress Donations Resources to the Asia Quake Relief

Lee Siu Hin, 09.01.2005 14:01

For the pasts several days, we had received several requests from different progress organizations to promote their humanitarian efforts in Asia, includes: Sri Lanka, India and Indonesia. Notes: The information provided here is often not verified by others, dishonest even scams involving donations are a problem in general. Please use information carefully and at your own risk

WHY Isn't THIS Front Page News?

susanscully, 09.01.2005 10:03

A member of the House and a member of the Senate have not stood up together to object to a state's electoral college votes since 1877, following the disputed election contest between Rutherford B. Hayes and Samuel J. Tilden.

El Kapitalismo te Exprime, te EncarceLa y te Asesina. La Matanza de Cromañón.

Colectivo Nuevo Proyecto Histórico, 09.01.2005 08:53

o Del propio sujeto social autosoberano dependerá que llegue una nueva democracia como autogobierno antipatronal y antiestatal.


Islam Online / Arab News, 09.01.2005 02:45

President Bush wants the lawyer who advised him that international rules on the treatment of prisoners were obsolete and “quaint” to become the principal law officer of the United States of America. With a record blemished by his stances on torture and civil rights, Arab Americans are concerned that the nomination of Alberto Gonzales as the new US attorney general would usher in a new era of racial profiling and religious discrimination.

Protesters stand in hearing room as Gonzales addresses the Senate committee. (Reuters)


AFP, 09.01.2005 02:12

US air strike hits wrong house, kills five in northern Iraq

Residents gather around a house reduced to a pile of rubble, in the village of Aitha, Iraq, south of Mosul, Saturday, Jan. 8, 2005. An explosion at a house killed 14 people and wounded five early Saturday, and the owner blamed a U.S. air attack. A U.S. military spokesman said the Americans were compiling information on the incident and would have a statement later Saturday. (AP Photo)

US Defaults On 40% Of Its Trillion Dollar Foreign Debt

Andre Gunder Frank, 08.01.2005 22:33


We're All Black Now!

Lloyd Hart, 08.01.2005 21:21

Now that Electronic Jim-Crow has officially stolen the 2004 presidential and congressional elections it can be officially declared that the South has finally won the civil war. It took a 150 years for the proslavery, segregationist, white supremacist movement in America to accomplish the task but they finally did it.

Clinton, just one of the gang again.

Queer Planet, 08.01.2005 19:24

Not one red cent? It would mean 40 million of them if that money went to aid and not for yet another gross display of greed. But yes, Clinton, of course, let us spend 40 million so that wealthy sycophants can get dressed up and party.

Who cares that people are starving on the streets, that the deficit is the highest it's ever been, that a deadly and expensive war is raging. Let them eat McDonald's hamburgers.

Clinton, Bush, Kerry, Congress....all the same bunch of wealthy ignorant self-congratulating corporate puppets. How much longer will this democracy tolerate such blatant plutocracy?

Das ist der Gipfel!

((i)), 08.01.2005 18:52

. .

school loan harrasment

Donna Deiss, 08.01.2005 17:41

AMAN Collections has illegally threatened and harrased my elederly parents during the holidays for a school loan that they have nothing to with. I am permanently disabled journeyman pipefitter since 1989 and remain under the care of my doctor, chiropractor and psychologist. I have not been able to work since 1990 and have not been helped by CCCS or Lexington Law after paying off $22,00 indebt in 2001. My credit remains negative and there is no one to help.

The devastation in Iraq

by Dahr Jamail reposted by jamie, 08.01.2005 16:10

Below is an article from a journalist in Iraq for the last six months or so. Unbelievable. Every “American” should be “forced” to read every word of it.


Tony Perry, 08.01.2005 15:23

"There's an old saying in Tennessee ... uh, I know it's in Texas ... uh, uh, probably in Tennessee – that uh, says ... uh, fool me once, shame on ... uh, shame on you. Fool me ... ... ... uh, you can't get fooled again." – Dajjal Bush during his 2004 campaign.

The actual saying is "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me."


Chad Groening, 08.01.2005 13:07

"Although it is too early to tell just how many people may be led to Jesus through the work of missionaries in devastated South Asia, Asher expects Christians involved in the relief effort will encounter vast numbers of people that are seeking God in the midst of tragedy." "When they're passing out a bottle of water, a blanket, a lanter, a candle, they're passing out gospel tracts with them," the ministry spokesman says. "So they are definitely taking this opportunity to be a witness of the love of Jesus Christ to the Hindus, to the Muslims, to whoever was affected, certainly fulfilling the commandment to take the gospel to everybody."

The tsunami was us

Derrick Z. Jackson, 08.01.2005 03:54

The 'tsunami' victims that we don't count

Addiction Book Author’s Message Ahead of Media Attack on Pharmaceutical Companies

Lucas Catton, 08.01.2005 03:12

“Losing the Beer Goggles” talks about harmful effects of prescription drugs in addiction treatment therapy, especially antidepressants

J-20 Seattle

Active Seattle Resident, 08.01.2005 02:35

Anti-Inaugural events planned for January 20th, Seattle Washington

Vancouver Canada Bus Riders Union Oppose Fair Increase

Brian Seidman, 08.01.2005 02:01

Vancouver Jan 7, 2005: Bus Riders Union Members Opposes Lower Mainland Fare Increase. This is a short photo documentary about how the Bus Riders Union used the Dec 8, 2004 Translink Meeting to voice ther oppoisition to increase fares. The link for the documentary is below.


Associated Press, 08.01.2005 00:50

There were at least three hazardous chemicals on the train, Berry said.
Officials were most concerned about chlorine, which is a gas, Berry said. The other chemicals, cresol and sodium hydroxide, are only dangerous if a person comes in direct contact with the materials, he said.

how to &quot;court&quot;?

Cooper defecates, 07.01.2005 23:55

Cooper's translations of Plato (the new ones) which I threw away in the trash at Border's book store, were so fucking awful Did you read the Euthyphro one? It was complete fucking shit (much unlike your divine self)


snowshoefilms, 07.01.2005 22:54

Prof. Niman continues an impromptu survey which touches on some the top stories and concerns of last year (and this), including Alberto Gonzales, “peak oil,” the debt crisis, alternative media and orchestrated capitulation by the Democratic Party: “I’ve seen nothing in the last generation from Democrats but their willing ability to roll over and play dead.

Here come the death squads?

jamie, 07.01.2005 22:39

Here come the death squads? The recent murder of an Iraqi trade unionist described in the article below may indicate that the U.S. is resorting to methods that proliferated in Central America and other “areas of it’s domain” in the 1980’s. Such actions “limited the effects of social movements” attempting to improve the lives of people of meager means (meaning the majority of the nation in question). But wait. The U.S. wants to improve the lives of common Iraqis doesn’t it?

call for activites IYC/Caracol WSF 2005

International Youth Camp, 07.01.2005 21:52

The deadline for actvities for the international Youth Camp to take part alongside the 2005 World Social forum in Brazil is the 15th of January

The GIEIS Project - Choosing The Middle Path

Mark McCarron, 07.01.2005 21:05

Anyone who understands the implications of the the recently decoded ancient Mayan Tzolk'in could not fail to notice the commercial aspect and the wide range of benefits it provides in nearly every field of industry.

I have seen a change, a beginning of a new approach across the world and I am prepared to match that change. Social chaos is not my goal, my intention was a simple wake-up call, that is all.

So, what for the future? Read on...

Opposing Bush: A Form of Mental Illness?

Kurt Nimmo, 07.01.2005 20:57

Conservatives Push for Psychiatric Diagnosis of 'Loony Leftists'

Global Vigil for the Global Village

HiMY SYeD, 07.01.2005 20:00

Candle Light Vigils Sunday January 9th will be exactly two weeks since the Disaster in south Asia. Christmas and New Years celebrations precluded a focussed moment to pause and reflect and grieve properly. 'Global Vigil for the Global Village' is a self-organizing moment in time where family and neighbours may gather in their communities and hold candlelight vigils. This is not a fundraiser. Monday January 10th allows people leaving work and students after class to connect with colleagues and classmates to reflect on the tragedy in south Asia: for latest locations or to add your own vigil.

International Youth Camp- WSF 2005

IYC, 07.01.2005 18:23

Fifth Intercontinental Youth Camp, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Only a few weeks left and the fifth edition of the Intercontinental Youth Camp will find its realisation in Porto Alegre, Brasil from 24th to 31st of January. While the organizational process has been going on for many months, these days the first campers are already arriving in Parque Harmonia, on the shore of Lake Guaíba in the heart of the city of Porto Alegre, to join in with the construction of the camp. Having surged during the first World Social Forum in January 2001, the camp rapidly developed its own dynamics and concepts and grew quickly counting over 25.000 participants in Porto Alegre in 2003 and more than 4.000 in Mumbai, India in 2004. It joins political discourse and action with practical approaches of convivencia (living together) in a huge laboratory.


Indymedia Activist, 07.01.2005 18:14


The Democrats Lick Boot Again

Queer Planet, 07.01.2005 16:42

Obama says there are two different elections systems in different parts of this country. Then he votes Bush into office!

Once again, the Democrats put on a really good show, and then did what the Republicans tell them to do.

Le traité constitutionnel est-il vraiment ce qu'il prétend être?

Sophie Lefeez, 07.01.2005 16:37

Beaucoup d’opinions ont déjà été émises sur le contenu du traité constitutionnel. Mais la forme du traité est tout aussi capitale car ce n’est pas qu’une simple constitution. Et il peut nous entraîner dans une grave crise.

Five Senators and Eight House Members to Challenge Election

By David Swanson, ILCA, 06.01.2005 18:55

Senator Barbara Boxer was the first, and Kim Gandy of the National Organization of Women announced it at a rally in Lafayette Square Park Thursday morning, across from the White House. Senator Boxer would be joining Congressman John Conyers and other House Members in challenging the electoral votes from Ohio in a joint session of Congress called to certify the election.

We Are All Torturers Now

MARK DANNER, 06.01.2005 18:50

We Are All Torturers Now. Confirm Gonzales, Bin Laden Wins. " By using torture, we Americans transform ourselves into the very caricature our enemies have sought to make of us."

Also see:
American attitude, “we will bring you democracy or we will bring you death”

Tsunami Cause

Derrick, 06.01.2005 18:17

The truth is slowly coming out about what caused this disaster

General secretly admits that Iraqi resistance has successfuly broken the U.S. Army Reserves

AFP, 06.01.2005 14:42

In a memo dated December 20 and addressed to Army Chief of Staff General Peter Schoomaker, Lieutenant General James Helmly admitted the danger that his troops would be unable to fulfill all of their obligations was "grave," stressing ominously that the reserve "is rapidly degenerating into a 'broken' force."

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