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The Politics of Fear: &quot;The Power of Nightmares&quot; and &quot;Hijacking Catastrophe&quot;

Yoshie Furuhashi, 13.01.2005 03:30

Here are two useful documentaries for activists: "The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear": and "Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear & the Selling of American Empire."


Doug Ireland, 13.01.2005 02:09

And you thought Torquemada was nasty.

The People’s Trust Fund: Social Security

&quot;Paintball Johnny&quot; Federici, 13.01.2005 02:04

"Hey future and current retirees, we're going with the tumbling dice!"

President Bush's scamming working Americans with gloomy forecasts and greedy dreams for Social Security.

Unjustly Jailed in America

Teton Mouse, 12.01.2005 23:57

Jailed for poverty - Unjustly incarcerated twice in Cook County Correctional Facilities (IL, USA) for "failure to appear" at unending court dates desired by ex-spouse. Failure and poverty caused by approximately $60,000.00 (a Class 4 Felony) Total of ex-spouse's arrearages on violated Court Orders for support payments. Who belongs in jail? Is this America, or the Twilight Zone?

MAS Freedom Expresses Concern Over Homeland Nominee

MAS Freedom Foundation, 12.01.2005 23:50

While at the Department of Justice, Judge Chertoff was instrumental in crafting key provisions of the USA Patriot Act

U.S. exports Democracy in Iraq by importing polls to America

DLi, 12.01.2005 23:20

In an neo-Orwellian twist of (Il)logic, the Bushed Neo-Cons have set up voting polls INSIDE the U.S. in order to promote democracy in Iraq!

favorable report on ind(ymed)ians

poetpiet, 12.01.2005 23:18

Indymedia's Independence: From Activist Media to Free Software
Biella Coleman

The global, decentralized, grassroots network applies open source principles to reporting the news.

The Debut and Growth of The IMCs

Indymedia[2] is an aggregate of loosely affiliated activist media centers scattered across the planet. Its ascension captures the confounding contradictions of modern globalization. While forces backed by the FCC centripetally consolidate media outlets into a few corporate behemoths, a countervailing current pulls some news media in the opposite direction; Independent Media Centers ("IMCs") are a prime example. A confluence of opportune events led to the creation of the first IMC in Seattle. These colliding rivulets included the success of the Seattle 1999 anti-WTO protests, accessible web and Free Software technologies, a growing public reliance on online news, and the insight and labor of activists. Internet technologies have been the basis of Indymedia's operations and growth, and in many ways the political objectives of the IMCs are reflected by their use and production of Free Software. The deployment of Free Software web publishing systems has also become integral to the IMCs' mission. This fascinating interconnection between political values and the technological context of the IMC emerges from an analysis of Indymedia's development over its first five years.

Indymedia centers are run as local collectives that manage and coordinate a news website; some also operate an affiliated media resource center for local activists. These websites give any user of the site (regardless of whether or not they are part of the collective) the ability to create, publish, and access news reports of various forms – text, photo, video, and audio. The result is a free online source for unfiltered, direct journalism by activists, sometimes uploaded in the heat of the moment during a demonstration or political action. Although individual centers are autonomous, each is connected to the others through a global infrastructure of technology and workers who share a commitment to open publishing. Where traditional journalism holds editorial policies that are hidden in the hands of a few trained experts, Indymedia provides the alternative of "open publishing," a democratic process of creating news that is transparent and accessible to all, challenging the separation between consumers and producers of news.
ps: has a blog too.

Heading for the Exits - &quot;We're getting our asses kicked in Iraq&quot;

Justin Raimondo, 12.01.2005 20:42

Diplomacy and disengagement: the buzz is "out now"

Ateliers Lucioles

Atelieux/workshoppers, 12.01.2005 20:33

Court-métrage de fiction durant le week-end de formation Lucioles à Montréal.

Le street-wear comme média éducatif alternatif

Keletigui Pratt, 12.01.2005 19:41

NG MRN - Esprit Maquisard Les promoteurs d'une jeune marque de street-wear française ont entrepris d'utiliser le vêtement comme média, afin de promouvoir une autre vision de l'histoire des peuples d'Afrique noire. A travers diverses images imprimées sur des t-shirts, la marque NG MRN (lisez Nègre Marron), nous fait entrevoir la résistance des peuples africains contre l’esclavage et la colonisation.

Research is not Terrorism!

The Arts Catalyst, 12.01.2005 19:30

Steve Kurtz and Claire Pentecost of Critcial Art Ensemble in UK

Making of a Thought Crime

Trurevolutionary, 12.01.2005 19:06

Yesterday I had a thought, I was thinking about the 1993 world trade center bombing and the people responsible.

Global Scanning Day, French

resonate, 12.01.2005 18:14

Global Scanning Day, in French language, english coming soon,

30th january Global day of Scanning.
For more information: - International Youth Camp - Mosaic of Books

US frees innocent British men held illegally for three years

The Insider, 12.01.2005 16:58

Yesterday the US government released another batch of innocent men from one of their concentration camps for Muslims.

World Social Forum in Numbers

Sparc, 12.01.2005 16:28

World Social Forum in numbers

Actualización del sitio de NPH: La Matanza de Cromañón, entrevista a Negri y Hardt y trabajos del grupo CAES.

Colectivo Nuevo Proyecto Histórico, 12.01.2005 14:45

“Porque la multitud puede “hacer sociedad” por sí misma, sobre la base de las colaboraciones reticulares del trabajo inmaterial.

The Burden of Proof

Peter Bevan, 12.01.2005 13:37

It seems that evidence has gone out of fashion...
a plea for us not to forget it.

Social Insecurity

John M. Kowalski, 12.01.2005 12:32

My take on the Bush Adminstration's campaign against Social Security

Le street-wear comme média alternatif

Keletigui Pratt, 12.01.2005 12:26

NG MRN - Esprit Maquisard Les promoteurs d'une jeune marque de street-wear française ont entrepris d'utiliser le vêtement comme média, afin de promouvoir une autre vision de l'histoire des peuples d'Afrique noire. A travers diverses images imprimées sur des t-shirts, la marque NG MRN (lisez Nègre Marron ou Neg Marron), nous fait entrevoir la résistance des peuples africains contre la colonisation, et la lutte des esclaves noirs déportés en Amérique pour l'élimination du système esclavagiste, épisodes souvent ignorés par les manuels d'histoire occidentaux. Une manière de nous dire que même dans les situations les plus désespérées, l'on ne doit jamais renoncer à la lutte!

Why the West have no compassion for human life

addu, 12.01.2005 11:30

Western kindness has a notorious history of rebounding and leaving a cruel taste amongst the receipts of aid. The failure of western governments to respond adequately to the catastrophe in Asia is not an act of God, but is the result of the capitalist ideology that makes materialism as opposed to humanitarianism the discerning factor in the disbursement of aid. These are the very same governments that never tire of preaching equality, human rights to the rest of the world, and setting up human rights commissions, but when given the opportunity to foster these ideals in some of the poorest countries of the world they are suddenly overcome with amnesia.

Mistaken Identity

Viva Castellarin, 12.01.2005 07:18

A Celebration of Cultural Diversity in America We returned after three months in the UK, part of our "global media event" announced on 23 September in Hollywood after winning our third award at the NYIIFV in Los Angeles. It's been an incredible insight into distributing MISTAKEN IDENTITY as "A Celebration of Cultural Diversity in America."

Iraq: The Devastation

Dahr Jamail, 12.01.2005 01:20

The broken promises, broken infrastructure,
and broken cities of Iraq were plainly visible in those early months
of 2004 -- and the sad thing is that the devastation I saw then has
only grown worse since. The life Iraqis were living a year ago,
horrendous as it was, was but a prelude to what was to come under
the U.S. occupation.

Internet Radio giant to break New! Anthem for World Peace-Dedicated to Children affected by Tsunami

K. Jackson, 12.01.2005 00:55

Greg Jones GOD BLESS THE WORLD-While You Bless America by Cleveland, Ohio native Greg Jones is new Anthem for World Peace and Unity. Climbing music charts worldwide!

Bush Junta Nominates Wolfowitz Trojan Horse to Homeland Security

Anna Hridaaya, 12.01.2005 00:17

Michael Chertoff has multiple ties to
Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, and other Likud
neocons who have impoverished America
as they sacrificed American soldiers on the
altar of Ariel Sharon's agenda

A Year For Peace 2005

Ravenaeus, 11.01.2005 23:55

I understand that protest groups want to believe that being "on the streets" still can work, but there has to be "real" media coverage to create any kind of sense. What actually happens is round-ups, undercover police pepper spraying and beating peaceful protesters, names being added to lists, and on, and on. There is no coverage and no benefit. However, there is a way.....

Genetically Engineered Foods

steve jones, 11.01.2005 23:36

see url:

Bush, Osama and Israel - &quot;...intentional killing of innocent women and children is a deliberate American policy.&quot;

WILLIAM A. COOK, 11.01.2005 23:29

Concealing Causes and Consequences
"And that day, it was confirmed to me that oppression and the intentional killing of innocent women and children is a deliberate American policy."

Bush Plans for 2005

Ravenaeus, 11.01.2005 22:57

There are things we know. Yes, we know, that Bush and his circle have planned, been planning since 1998, and said throughout the last four years that can be included in accurate predictions of the next two years. For example, in a campaign speech,"there will be a draft." This article is based on the information taken from the events, speeches, actions, and suggestions he made.

LEAP Rides Across America

Dennis R. Hilton, 11.01.2005 22:42

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition Law Enforcement Against Prohibition ( begins ride across America on March 4 at Hermosa Beach.

Resistance within the U.S. military grows: Taking an Amazing Stand

Robert Finnegan reposted by jamie, 11.01.2005 21:55

U.S. Army sergeant defies orders, refuses re-deployment to Iraq; two soldiers attempt suicide at 2-7 Infantry, 17 go awol

Benderman, 40 is a combat veteran, having served one tour in Iraq in 2003 during which a Captain in his command ordered soldiers from Benderman’s outfit to fire on children throwing rocks at unit personnel. Having personally witnessed this and other illegal acts by military personnel during his tour, Benderman now says that under no circumstances will he participate further in the war in Iraq, a war Secretary General of the United Nations Kofi Annan has labeled “illegal.”


King Amdo, 11.01.2005 21:46

It seems to Bran a wondrous beauty
in his Curragh on a clear sea;
While to me in my chariot from afar.....

possible cia attempts to undermine writings

geral sosbee, 11.01.2005 21:12

Subtle efforts to control the readers in France fail and the author of such a shallow effort reveals his condescending and arrogant attitude in his capricious written assault.

Fallujah: City of ghosts - Text and video

The Guardian, 11.01.2005 19:37

On November 8, the American army launched its biggest ever assault on the Iraqi city of Falluja, considered a stronghold for rebel fighters. The US said the raid had been a huge success, killing 1,200 insurgents. Most of the city's 300,000 residents, meanwhile, had fled for their lives. What really happened in the siege of Falluja? In a joint investigation for the Guardian and Channel 4 News, Iraqi doctor Ali Fadhil compiled the first independent reports from the devastated city, where he found scores of unburied corpses, rabid dogs - and a dangerously embittered population Watch an extract from the documentary

Video link embedded in article available at:

and don't miss the LOS ANGELES TIMES story:

L.A. Times: Is Al Qaeda Just a Bush Boogeyman?, by ROBERT SCHEER

Lessons from History......

KIng Amdo, 11.01.2005 19:27

Students of politics following the present day imperial adventures of the west in islamic areas might like to study this dairy record of my Great Great Uncle...serving in the British Army cira 1888...

En torno al marco económico y político del enmudecimiento forzado a R. Bronka

Pensar la libertad, 11.01.2005 17:35

Los medios han explicado que el PP descalabrara y el PSOE ganara las elecciones aludiendo a un cuento muy bonito; un cuento que el propio “Pueblo”, orgulloso de su gesta, se cuenta a sí mismo. Sintetizando: el PP se pasó de la raya (el Prestige, la “guerra” de Irak, Telefónica, el trasvase, el 11-M, etc.) y el Pueblo sabio se transformó de sujeto apático en ciudadano activo y lo destituyó. ¡Viva la democracia y sus posibilidades!.

Time to go!

Joe, 11.01.2005 17:18

GREENSBORO (AP) — U.S. Rep. Howard Coble, a Greensboro Republican and close ally of President Bush, says the United States should consider pulling out of war-ravaged Iraq.

Coble is one of the first members of Congress to suggest a withdrawal publicly.

The 10-term congressman said in an interview with the News & Record of Greensboro that he's "fed up with picking up the newspaper and reading that we've lost another five or 10 of our young men and women in Iraq."

A Economia no Projecto Proudhoniano

Francisco Trindade, 11.01.2005 16:47

A Economia no Projecto Proudhoniano

Desperate for Troops Imperial Leaders go Back to the British Well and more

Joe, 11.01.2005 16:43

LONDON - Britain will send another 400 troops to Iraq ahead of elections there, Defense Secretary Geoff Hoon said Monday.

The soldiers from the 1st Battalion Royal Highland Fusiliers will be sent from Cyprus to southeast Iraq, Hoon told lawmakers in the House of Commons.


A U.S. Soldier Speaks of the Atrocities He Witnessed
Scott Fleming 10 Jan 2005 22:08 GMT

People in my unit used to break bottles over Iraqi civilians' heads.

Tre Arrow's latest message.....

King Amdo, 11.01.2005 14:24

One thing Tre, In India one would say 'Namaste' as a greeting rather than a goodbye.

What has changed after Lula?

Plínio de Arruda Sampaio, 11.01.2005 12:51

To evaluate is to compare facts and values. In this evaluation of the first two years of Lula’s government, we chose as a term of comparison, the project for national construction. Using a synthetic and precise formula from Caio Prado Jr.: to what extent these two years of government have contributed to accelerate the transition between the “Brazil-Colony from yesterday into the Brazil-Nation of tomorrow”?
Three aspects of this transition will be examined: reduction of inequality; increase in autonomy; and political organization of the people. As for the reduction of social inequality, it should be mentioned that: for the two year period, the growth of the Gross National Product (GNP) was mediocre, and did not even manage to affect the GNP per capita. There was an improvement in 2004, but without a bigger impact – in terms of jobs (there was a small increase in comparison to the size of the work force), in terms of salaries ( in fact the average salary decreased in the two year period).

Denunciadas las irregularidades en el caso &quot;Placeat&quot; ante la fiscalía anticorrupción.

sov CGT Plasencia y Comarca, 11.01.2005 12:37

La presunta trama política - asociativa - mediática - judicial, que envuelve a la escandalosa resolución del famoso caso de los malos tratos en la Asociación Placeat de Plasencia, como no podía ser de otra manera, ha acabado denunciada ante la Fiscalía Anticorrupción.

The Most Racist and Fascist State

Faruque Ahmed, 11.01.2005 11:01

This supposed to be Bloody Palestine

Camp David hoax! Zionised media failed to inform you before and even

CSFH Warns Against Hate Groups Exploiting Tsunami Crisis

Campaign to Stop Funding Hate, 11.01.2005 10:47

Stay clear of sectarian groups such as India Development and Relief Fund (IDRF), Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS), Sewa International and Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America (VHPA).

Violent Death Of The Truth

Faruque Ahmed, 11.01.2005 07:59

Well, that was our customs and practices in the recent past. However, today; due to the wonderful contribution of the zionised media, the truth is dead and propaganda is up and in full swing overtaking Julius Striker and his master Joseph Gobles! The ironic part is, still some peoples are haunting dead bones of Hitler while modern day Julius Striker, Joseph Gobles and Adolph Hitler’s are conducting holocaust after holocaust without any hindrance whatsoever!

Hizb ut-Tahrir-Islamic Group Banned by Many Is Not on U.S. Terrorist List

KCom Journal (Dr. Imran Waheed) &amp; Washington Post (David B. Ottaway), 11.01.2005 07:56

The ideological desparation of the secular-capitalists is becoming ever more apparent
as they face the dilemma of losing more of their diminishing credibility in the world.
The secular-capitalists want to suppress the world-wide Islamic Party for Liberation
(to establish a world-wide Islamic Khalifate). But how can they, when the movement
has neither advocated the use of violence nor has been involved in violence for the
past 50+ years since it started.
The world-wide movement has gained media attention in Europe, Middle-East and
the Far-East. The movement essentially challenges (via intellectual dialogue) the
very foundation of the current secular institutions and establishments in light of
their world-wide failure to help reveal human suffering in all aspects of life.
The US administration is desparate and fearful especially of such a non-violent
movement which challenges the basis of secular-capitalist ideology. The US
administration is fearful that of giving any publicity to this movement in the US,
hence it may resort to other means of suppressing this purely intellectual challenge. The US will continue to install puppet regimes especially in the Middle-East
where the movement is gaining popularity, and instruct these puppet tyrant
regimes to use covert inhumane means to suppress the movement, as is currently
the case in Uzbekistan, where members of the movement are falsely accused of
being terrorists and then routinely subjected to incarceration and torture.
But the time approaches where USA and it's secular-capitalist puppets and allies
will openly use inhumane means to suppress this fast spreading movement.

Operation Iraqi Liberty (OIL)

Zeljko Cipris, 11.01.2005 06:51

A colonial soldier's song of lament

Troll Attack Cripples Victoria Indymedia

Jane Doe, Vic-IMC, 11.01.2005 06:38

A virulent troll attack has overwhelmed and shut down Victoria IMC's newswire editing pages. Efforts to block the troll have failed, and news editors are appealing for advice and assistance in upgrading the site's obsolete software.

Vigilantism,the guerilla weapon of choice of Neo-Revolutionaries?

The Power of 1, 11.01.2005 05:59

Whats left for Revolutionaries to do when they can't get a consensus on corporate greed,graft etc. because the corporations own all the media and with it they are brainwashing the majority of the public to play along with their corrupt,evil game! Whats left?

La toma no refleja la realidad de las fábricas recuperadas en argentina

MNFR, 11.01.2005 05:31

El Movimiento Nacional de Fábricas Recuperadas por los Trabajadores quiere dejar en claro su total oposición al documental "La Toma" -THE TAKE- de Avi Lewis y Naomi Klein.

Press release

Bay Area Antideath Penalty Coalition, 11.01.2005 02:54

Jan. 8, 2005—SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Opponents of the death
penalty will gather outside the State of California
building (505 Van Ness, San Francisco) on Tuesday,
Jan. 11 at 4:00 p.m. and call on Gov. Arnold
Schwarzenegger to grant clemency to Donald Beardslee
who is scheduled to be executed at San Quentin State
Prison on Jan. 19, 2005. Mr. Beardslee’s severe brain
damage, ineffective assistance of counsel, unfair
sentencing relative to his co-defendants and good
behavior while in prison are more than ample reasons
for the Governor to grant clemency. Activists will
announce specific new efforts to push for clemency and
protest actions should the clemency bid fail. Also to
be announced are plans to raise public awareness of a
California Senate commission that is now forming to
study the administration of criminal justice in

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