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Anti-war demo in Munich

Jeffrey Schevitz, 17.01.2005 11:28

This film shows the groups participating in an Anti-War Day Demonstration in Munich in 2004. The film features American a representative of the Munich-American Peace Committee (MAPC), who summarizes in English the speech he held at the demonstration, making clear that there is "Another U.S.A.", not only the Bush U.S.A.


RSD, 17.01.2005 10:38

Orgonite, a mixture of metal and resin, alternately reflects and absorbs all kinds of energies, especially EMF, RF, and other dangerous radiations, and breaks it up into normal, vital, background energy.

As such, it presents a great salvation to people and the planet. The deadly rays from towers and depleted, transfixed energy fields (DOR) become once again the warm, relaxed, vital and life-friendly energies of creation and nature.

Mehr Kritik - weniger Terror

Der Graf von Monte Christo, 17.01.2005 10:24

Es findet nun wieder das WEF statt. Als Globalisierungskritiker auf freidenkerischer Ebene halte ich nichts von Terror gegen das WEF.

Poland - on its way to a new drug policy

Artur Radosz, 17.01.2005 10:06

On 6 January 2005, the Polish Ministry of Health presented a brave and realistic proposal of progressive new drug laws.

Secret Playthings Sex Toys Announces Monthly Contests

Secret Playthings, 17.01.2005 04:08

Chill! A little Bush is good!

US Conducting Secret Iran Missions - Report

Reuters, 17.01.2005 03:51

Hersh quotes one government consultant with close ties to the Pentagon as saying, "The civilians in the Pentagon want to go into Iran and destroy as much of the military infrastructure as possible."

Amid Talk of Withdrawal, Pentagon Is Taking Steps For Longer Stay in Iraq

ELI LAKE, 17.01.2005 02:30

Surprise, surprise

Manmade Earthquake &amp; Tsunami?

M. W., 17.01.2005 02:12

We've seen a whole lot of articles blaming Nature for the earthquake and tsunami, and the weirdos are coming out of the woodwork claiming God's vengeance on those immoral Indonesian children. But there's doubt in my mind that Nature had anything to do with the catastrophe. Sounds more like another military test gone crazy. Someone needs to ask some questions!

Needless Tsunami Deaths Expose Worldwide Vulnerability and Lack of US Intervention

Christine Smith, 17.01.2005 01:41

Explores through interviews and research the lack of US intervention in preventing the tsuanmi tragedy, as well as examines the potential worldwide vulnerability (including US) to tsunami harm due to minimal or lack of adequate preventative measures such as detection devices, education, and communication protocols..


no way, 17.01.2005 01:22

see in :

L'accompagnateur syrien des deux ex-otages français en Irak, Mohammed Al-Joundi, a porté plainte, mardi 4 janvier à Paris, contre l'armée américaine pour "mauvais traitements, tortures et menaces",

Voting: The Great American Hoax

NorthStar Anarchist Collective, 17.01.2005 01:10

a response to Beyond Voting, by Chris Crass - Clamor Communique 42

What's Wrong with the World?

Ravenaeus, 17.01.2005 00:27

The thoughts and thoughtlessness, the fears and anxieties. These have been created for our distraction and to blind and to....

La culture alternative en danger a Copenhague.

Helio, 17.01.2005 00:01

Ungomshuset Logo Ceci est la traduction de la contribution envoyée par les activistes danois d'Ungdomshuset qui doivent faire face a la plus importante menace a l'encontre de leur lieu d'expression alternatif et non-commercial.

Cycle of Fear - The 2020 Global Landscape : CIA Report - Learn to Love Orwell

CIA, 16.01.2005 22:58

"Cycle of Fear provides an example of how concerns about proliferation might increase to the point that large-scale intrusive security measures are taken to prevent outbreaks of deadly attacks, possibly introducing an Orwellian world."


Bush’s Grand Plan: Incite Civil War

Reposted by jamie, 16.01.2005 22:50

Bush’s Grand Plan: Incite Civil War
By: Mike Whitney on: 16.01.2005 [12:55 ] (270 reads)

The Bush Administration is intentionally steering Iraq towards civil war. The elections are merely the catalyst for igniting, what could be, a massive social upheaval. This explains the bizarre insistence on voting when security is nearly nonexistent and where a mere 7% of the people can even identify the candidates. (This figure gleaned from Allawi’s Baghdad newspaper, Al-Sabah) Rumsfeld is using the elections as a springboard for aggravating tensions between Sunnis and Shiites and for diverting attention away from the troops. It’s a foolhardy move that only magnifies the desperation of the present situation. The Pentagon brass expected a “cakewalk” and, instead, they’ve found themselves mired in a guerilla war.


David Roknich, 16.01.2005 22:46

Realtime chat for a site that has often contributed political reporting and analysis to various Indymedia Centers: originally scheduled to debut on Halloween of 2004 - but not in Amerika.

Tsunami disaster: Sri Lankan government condemned

Benwen Lopez, 16.01.2005 22:41

Left Media Initiatives condemns acts of Sri Lankan Government

nature, culture, and indygenous struggle for autonomy under threat from road building in chiapas. PPP.

codigo lento, 16.01.2005 20:21

three recent articles taken and translated from chiapas indymedia which explain the current situation in the mexico- guatemala border area, in the lacantun nature reserve. the governement is building a huge bridge to prepare the way for the transnationals and "progress", perhaps lets call it sustainable development. only that the zapatisas hold autonomous comunities in the area, and that we are resisting everywhere. dissent! g8 2005

J20 &amp; RADICAL CHEERLEADERS--meeting space day before

Radical Cheerleaders of DC, 16.01.2005 19:12

The Radical Cheerleaders of DC have arranged a space for cheer squads and anyone else interested in cheerleading on J20! We have a space at the main convergence site from 1pm-7pm on January 19th. We will host a meeting during that day as well!

Arial Sharon in the Hell

Faruque Ahmed, 16.01.2005 15:51

Find out why Arial Sharon and Pope went to hell!

The Nashua Advocate: The Fastest-Growing News Source Focusing Solely on Election Reform in the U.S.

The News Editor, The Nashua Advocate, 16.01.2005 15:10

Announcement of the creation of a news source for articles and commentary on the growing election reform movement in the United States.

Bericht zur Demo in Winterthur

moa, 16.01.2005 14:09

Am Samstag, den 15.01.05 haben ca. 400 Menschen in Winterthur gegen das WEF und sein Jahrestreffen in Davos demonstriert. Die Demonstration verlief vollkommen friedlich und es sind keine Sachbeschädigungen bekannt.


Dave - Dubai, 16.01.2005 12:18

American forces in the city of Mosul north Iraq, have captured the terrorist leader Abu Mosaab Al Zarqawi who is behind the most deadly and brutal attack against American and Iraqi civilians.
They captured him ten days back and they are holding on the announcment to be released before the 30th Jan Iraq election.


DOGSPOT, 16.01.2005 06:30

Debut of a political chat site originally scheduled for October 31. Ok here it is. A little rough but ready to go.

The War Between Toronto Police and Anthony Wong

News Service, 16.01.2005 06:21

Imagine being thrown in jail for about 3 years after being accused of first degree murder. But Anthony Wong wasn't just accused, he says he was framed by the Toronto Police. There is haunting evidence that backs his claim.

One Voice For Peace

Mark Ciavardoni, 16.01.2005 02:50

A pamphlet including an introductory letter which represents
a call to action for establishing the right to live in peace
and establishing protections for the public from the abuses of
corrupt government and other forms of corrupt leadership.

Protest the Inauguration by Supporting the National Network of Abortion Funds

Yoshie Furuhashi, 16.01.2005 01:30

Here is a great idea from Katha Pollitt and Jennifer Baumgardner. Put it on your Counter-Inaugural to-do list: "Are you wondering how to protest Inauguration Day (January 20)? Here's a way to make a powerful political point and also help women in need: 'honor' George Bush, the most anti-choice President since Roe v Wade, by making a donation to the National Network of Abortion Funds. You know how pro-choice groups sometimes counter anti-choice demonstrations by asking people to Pledge a Picketer (give a small sum per demonstrator)? Think of this as Pledge a President!"

Is global warming a bigger threat than terrorism?

EcoAvenger, 16.01.2005 01:25

Last Updated: Saturday, 31 July, 2004, 16:28 GMT 17:28 UK

E-mail this to a friend Printable version
Is global warming a bigger threat than terrorism?

Former Labour Environment Minister Michael Meacher and Dr S. Fred Singer, president of the US-based Science and Environment Policy Project, answered your questions in a special interactive programme.


Climate change poses a bigger threat to the planet than terrorism - so says the UK government's chief scientific adviser, Sir David King.

Droughts, forest-fires, heat waves, floods and storms have all hit the headlines in recent years.

The World Health Organisation's Europe Global Change and Health Programme has estimated that more than 25,000 people died in last year's European heat wave.

Most mainstream scientists believe that human activity - notably emissions of greenhouse gases - has contributed to a detectable increase in the average surface temperature of the planet.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair says addressing climate change is his key priority during the UK's chairing of the G8.

The Pentagon says climate change should be "elevated beyond a scientific debate to a national security concern."

How serious is the threat of climate change? Whose job is it to tackle it - governments, companies or individuals? Do you believe your actions can make a difference - and do you care enough to try?

A great and important read. Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution Now

jamie, 15.01.2005 23:50

A great and important read. Taken from

How desperate is our ruling class?

Joe, 15.01.2005 23:19

How far have we fallen? How desperate is our ruling class? Very. And they know it even if the left does not. Understand the implications of U.S. defeat in Iraq. Joe

The U.S. Congress has killed measures to ban U.S. use of torture
By: AL-FIRDAUS on: 15.01.2005 [15:21 ] (91 reads)

Japan: A Comeback

Christian Kamongi, 15.01.2005 22:06

Their are many problems in the world of international relations but it seems that one of the most important ones is totally being ignored and that is the comeback of a militaric Japan. A worry that is increasingly creating trepediation for East Asia, this analyst, and hopefully after reading this article, you.

It's Official: My Brother Died in Vain

Dante Zappala, 15.01.2005 21:45

Why My Brother Died
After two years, the government has called off its fruitless hunt for WMD.


call to action, 15.01.2005 21:43


Don't shop
Don't work
Don't go to school
Don't drive
Don't participate in anyway with this regime


Don DeBar, 15.01.2005 20:53

Demand an FBI investigation of election fraud in Ohio - Thu, Jan 20 @ Noon.

If you can't go to DC next Thursday, but you want to protest the theft of the 2004 election in a way that will have a real-world impact, call a few friends, tell them to call a few friends, make signs saying "INVESTIGATE OHIO" and take them at Noon to your local FBI office. The addresses of all FBI offices are listed in the phone book.


FreeWayBlogger, 15.01.2005 20:44

Let's remind the world about the creativity and resolve of the Opposition to the Bush/PNAC Fascist Regime of War Criminals. We've been relatively silent for too long. The rest is over. Back to work!!

If the media is going to betray our trust, then it's time for us to SURROUND THEM WHERE THEY WORK!!! Time to pay them back for their shameful behaviour.

Tibetan representative expresses appreciation for Irish concern for Tibet

King Amdo, 15.01.2005 19:00

yeah, there's DEFINITELY a contection between Ireland and Tibet...mystic Mother Tara??!!!

Sadr movement bounces back

Joe, 15.01.2005 18:44

The nature of these demands suggest Sadr is the progressive force in Iraq. And other telling news from “in country.”

Las Alas de la Luna

Gino Alva, 15.01.2005 17:10

Cuento del joven escritor limeño Gino Alva. Las Alas de la Luna es un cuento donde el manifiesto esencial es el amor exacerbado y noble de Fernando por Paz.

Las alas de la luna

Gino Alva, 15.01.2005 16:54

Cuento del joven escritor limeño Gino Alva. Las Alas de la Luna es un cuento donde el manifiesto esencial es el amor exacerbado y noble de Fernando por Paz.

Global Warming Article in Todays UK Guardian...

King Amdo, 15.01.2005 14:11

More alarming evidence of the changing climate and weather patterns....

Tempuratures are rising, higher and higher,
Tempuratures are rising,
Right up to the sky...
Mother Earth, we sent her mad,
In out quest for money and gold.
Mother Earth we sent her mad,
By the means of ultimate insult,
Mother Earth we sent her insane,
Now she's gonna kill us!

(hey that's quite good!

Le poids des images

ElVirolo, 15.01.2005 13:48

Le matraquage médiatique fait des désastres. Comment noie-t-on la vraie solidarité internationale (et internationaliste) sous un flot d'images spectaculaires.

Independent Film in Vilnius again !

Movewithmovie, 15.01.2005 13:36

CALL FOR FILMS Independent Vilnius non-commercial film & video festival calls for films !

A babli type bomb in London?...

King Amdo, 15.01.2005 13:06

...the home office issued a warmig concerning this which was reported in the UK Guardian broadsheet. (Not on the internet site though)....

These are my thoughts on their paranoia trip whcih I sent to the Guardian.....

BAXTER 2005 Convergence for Human Rights, 15.01.2005 11:05

baxter immigration detention centre - australia BAXTER 2005 Convergence for Human Rights
Baxter Detention Centre - Pt Augusta SA
EASTER WEEKEND March 25 - 28 - 2005


At Easter 2005 we are going to the Baxter Detention Centre [ ] to express our dissent at the Howard Government and to demonstrate our Solidarity with those behind the fences.

BAXTER05 is a convergence of compassion and action; of affinity and recognition; of deep humanity and respect for refugee rights; of myriad NON-violent creative approaches to demonstration...

Resisting The Next Four Years Of Terrorism

Redwood Mary, 15.01.2005 05:00

Environmental Security =Peace

Sergeant Kevin Benderman Interview

This World Productions, 15.01.2005 04:00


Where will you be on Black Thursday?

Various/CCNWON, 15.01.2005 03:36

The Idea Is Simple.
Just Like The President.

Inaugural Protest: Fly the Flag Upside Down!

Russ Schneider, 15.01.2005 01:47

Not everyone can make the drive to Washington DC to protest the Inauguration in person. Even if they could, this administration has made it clear that they will do everything within their power to keep protesters away from major events.

So we at 2RA.ORG are asking each individual across this nation, to take a very simple step on the 20th. We ask that you display an American flag upside down as a sign of distress.

The &quot;Iraqi Resistance&quot; video - a must see

Iraqi Resistance/Various, 14.01.2005 23:56

Reuters carried this article yesterday which discusses the Iraqi video which asks Bush, ""George W. Bush; you have asked us to 'bring it on'. And so have we, like you never expected. Do you have another challenge?"

And don't miss "Tom Ridge: US 'should not rule out torture'"

California Mudslide Relief

Alexei, 14.01.2005 21:58

Just wondering how donations are going

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