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The Coming Wars

SEYMOUR M. HERSH: The New Yorker, 19.01.2005 01:11

IRAN ...reported last month on the existence of a broad counter-terrorism Presidential finding that permitted the Pentagon “to operate unilaterally in a number of countries where there is a perception of a clear and evident terrorist threat...

Donald Rumsfeld asking for more troops and dollars from...Bangladesh!

Should I laugh or cry?, 19.01.2005 01:08

The US Secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld
asking for more troops and dollars from
Bangladesh foreign minister M.Morshed.

Articles Yanked by Seattle's &quot;Indy&quot; Media site

William Thomas Sherman = &quot;Seattle's favorite Human Rights Abuse Victim&quot;, 19.01.2005 00:46

The following to pieces were yanked by Seattle "Indy" Media as being unsuitable.

I got some pull with this leg

Synthetic legs bootleg inc., 19.01.2005 00:40

Odd fellow?

Sure he must have some pull in his leg...
Get on the scene like a sexmachine
and show your sexy leg to the whole world.

Find 5 wrongs in this picture

CNN(CCCN), 19.01.2005 00:27

Dont show up with these pathetic scenes.
Put some life to those protests.

"Enduring freedom" now on the streets of Washington D.C

Republican Websites Hacked in Protest of Inaugurations

Internet Liberation Front, 18.01.2005 23:59

In solidarity with the billions around the world who are being oppressed under the Bush agenda, The Internet Liberation Front has hacked and defaced six Republican websites who push forward the sick and violent ideology of warfare, capitalism, and profit over people.

Where is the Black Pope - he asks

White Pope replaced by Black Pope, 18.01.2005 23:51

- Hey, I didn`t come all this way
just to see your capot on your head.
I want to meet my buddy, the jesuit general
who receives payments from me...
- I don`t hear so well anymore...did you say
you want to meet Pope John Paul II who sat
on the throne of the Holy See for 33 days.
Freemasons who like to jerk with that occult number
preferred it that way...
- Can we start testdrilling of oil in Vatican?
- Filling of your gap of intellect...did you say?

Bush: Better human intelligence needed

dizzy noogieman selected?, 18.01.2005 23:26

Does this need any more words...
US is about to inaugurate a dizzy, fuzzy

This must be a toothpaste subvertisement

Atleast throw molotovcocktails against the motorcade, 18.01.2005 23:13

These men have something in common.
Can you find out what they have in common...

Whos laughing a dirty laugh

the end days of democracy, 18.01.2005 23:03

This mans buddy - the head of international crime syndicate
Silvio Berlusconi, alias Primeminister of Italy.

4 more years of worthless shit.

Serving Two Flags: Neocons, Israel and the Bush Administration

CounterPunch, 18.01.2005 22:55

Has American Fascism arisen because of Israeli/Zionist Fascism and its influence over American politics? The evidence suggests this is indeed the case.

Is this for real?

atleast piss in front of him, 18.01.2005 22:48

This man is going to be inaugurated tomorrow.
Are you going to allow that to happen?

Solutions Online Magazine Announces New Issue, Hollander Consultants’ Publication Provides Diverse Content

Matthew Bratschi, 18.01.2005 22:16

Solutions Online Magazine, published by Hollander Consultants, has just released its first issue for 2005

What If They Didn't Stop?

Jordan Thornton, 18.01.2005 21:13

What if the Maddening Crowd gathered to demonstrate against the rigged elections and madness of the Bush/PNAC Regime at the pending $40 million, corporate-sponsored Inauguration didn't stop at the police lines?


Seymour Hersh, 18.01.2005 20:45

In other words, we now face a much more dangerous Fascist Regime, one which has taken steps to ensure that pesky things such as facts, checks & balances, or the law, do not impede their ideologically-driven aggressive conquest against the Arab World. Remember, everything that Hitler did was "legal", too ...

Reclaim Britain

together in the battle, 18.01.2005 20:42

Pay attention to this: The British Isles are one hell of headquarters
to the corporate policestate(New World Order).
The Freemasonry is quartered here. So is the British monarchy.
The G8 will convene in Scotland. The annual Arms Fair is held
in Britain. Britain is also part of the corrupt coalition invading
and looting Iraq.

Mas dinero para el ejército de Guatemala, Graciás Dios para EEUU. More money for the Guatemalan Army, Thank God for the U.S.

jen, 18.01.2005 20:32

Estados Unidos casi está listo dar mucho dinero para el ejército de Guatemala.
The US is almost ready to give alot of money to the Guatemalan Army.

Pluto's Republic: Shadow government, Doublethink and Soviet ideology

mikal x, 18.01.2005 20:15

slandewr, doublethink and teh contunuation of practices b=used in the Soviet era by poliburo enforces combined tomake socialism a world enforcer of tyranny and oppression -- as well as a philosophy that successfully assasniated another one -- anarchism. taking advantage of people's lackof historical understanding: racists lied for nationalism in the United States and many other countries, in a tune Robert Smith of the Curecals "Just Like Hitler."

Wake Up Already. It's 1984! Or Why You Should Be In The Streets This Thursday

Reposts by Joe, 18.01.2005 20:05

Wake Up Already. It's 1984! Or Why You Should Be In The Streets This Thursday

Man charged with possession of owl

BlackEagle, 18.01.2005 19:36

Indigenous Man is being tried on January 20 at Crane Naval Base in Crane, Indiana for posession of an Owl; which is a blatant violation of his rights.
Is this because he tried to do the honourable thing?

Seaside Sprawl: Who Will Learn From the Tsunami Catastrophe?

Joel S. Hirschhorn, 18.01.2005 17:29

The current tsunami disaster should cause serious rethinking of seaside development for all coastal locations, but there is little evidence that it will. When people and developers refuse to see the folly of living at the water's edge, then government must step in and effectively protect people from themselves and nature from people.

¿Deseas que tu audiovisual sea transmitido por ViVe?

VIVE, 18.01.2005 17:22

Tendremos un módulo en el área de prensa del Foro Social Mundial, Porto Alegre 2005, allí lo recibiremos

More College Students Abusing Prescription Drug Stimulants

Luke Catton, 18.01.2005 17:11

Dangerous and addictive prescription amphetamines lead to abuse, more drugs and risky behavior

Le grand Mouvement de gauche de demain sera construit par les Tribus d’aujourd’hui

Yukong, 18.01.2005 17:05

Réflexion sur le rôle des Tribus modernes dans la construction du Front Social

Please Join With Us

Faruque Ahmed, 18.01.2005 16:32

This is the first instance in this universe where the occupied
people are responsible for the violence of the occupational forces!
It is like a rape victim is responsible for a violent and drunken
animal's crime called violent rape. But again, a witch is guilty if
she is drowned! If not, she must be a witch (and therefore the good
people has to do the job properly, i.e. roast her alive)!!


Por Ángel Rodríguez Álvarez, 18.01.2005 16:16

Reporteros sin fronteras, José María Aznar y la CIA aparecen envueltos en una operación contra Cuba descubierta por la prensa francesa.

What future for public service broadcasting?

Eddie, 18.01.2005 16:09

A one day conference in London on Friday February 11th 2005 will examine what the future holds for public service broadcasting. The conference takes place amidst growing concerns about political, corporate and WTO interference in broadcasting around the world

El Foro vuelve a Porto Alegre en tiempos de cambios

Orlando Oramas León, 18.01.2005 15:50

El Foro Social Mundial, a celebrarse en Porto Alegre, Brasil, del 26 al 31 de enero actual, se apresta a iniciar su quinta edición, en momentos trascendentales para América Latina, de avances de las fuerzas progresistas y retos renovados.

Tokyo Deported Two Kurdish Mandate Refugees: to Arrive Istanbul, 19:55 <Jan. 18, 2005>

IMC Japan, 18.01.2005 15:42

A Kurdish father and his son, who are recognized as mandate refugees by UNHCR, were today deported to Turkey from Narita Airport nearby Tokyo, at 14:25 (Japan time).

See Peaceniks, Seymour Hersh Is A Liar

Captain America, 18.01.2005 15:06

He should be put on trial for sedition or treason or something.


smash wef, 18.01.2005 11:50

In Bern wurde eine internationale Grosskundgebung gegen das WEF verboten. Das kann nicht hingenommen werden, umsomehr, weil es auch in Davos seit Jahren nicht mehr möglich ist, zu demonstrieren.

Wir rufen dazu auf, am 22. Januar 05 radikal nach Bern auszuschwärmen!!!

Tons of WMDs in Iraq

DLi, 18.01.2005 10:57

Contrary to the corporate media's spin, tons of WMDs have been discovered in Iraq. Only problem is, they are Made-in-U.S.A. varieties such as 1,000-lb bunker busters, anti-personnel cluster bombs, and untold numbers of Depleted Uranium shells. But the American public is not likely to learn of their brutal and often indiscriminate use by U.S. Occupation forces, from the "Capital-bin-laden" media reporting inside the USA.

Martin Luther King Pop Quiz

Editorial Repost, 18.01.2005 10:38

How much do you really know?

Bush Plans for 2005

Ravenaeus, 18.01.2005 10:31

There are things he has said, he claims to have earned "collateral" to use during this presidency. What they have said, planned, and already begun should scare the hell out of the US and the globe.

Nuke Tests Cause Quakes

Ravenaeus, 18.01.2005 10:04

There is overwhelming evidence that there are relationships between the global testing above and below ground and the cataclysmic events that have followed. After 900 pages of data and a serious anxiety about the results, statistically there is only minimal deniability.

What is Wrong with the World?

Ravenaeus, 18.01.2005 09:44

The ideas and dreams of great men have been squashed by the corporations, war-mongers, and hateful throughout history, but what is really wrong with the world...the people of the world? Don't have time to see or to care? Is ignorance an excuse?


Tom Brown, 18.01.2005 05:48

Major humiliation for Bush as 100,000 Iraqis living in Michigan were entitled to register for the phony "election" on January 30th - and only 500 actually did!


Samanthapettai, 18.01.2005 05:30

Rage and fury has gripped the tsunami-hit tiny Hindu village of Samanthapettai in India's southern Tamil Nadu after a group of Christian missionaries refused them aid for not agreeing to follow their religion.

Bike Chain Response interfaith bike ride from Nevada Test Site to Los Alamos National Laboratory

Kelley Kolberg, 18.01.2005 04:07

Bike Chain Response
June 19th to July 17th 2005
Nevada Test Site to Los Alamos National Laboratory

57 mdp para hacer un Parque en memoria de mujeres asesinadas

Ciudad Juárez, 18.01.2005 03:34

Invertirán 57 millones de pesos para crear un parque en memoria de las más de 400 mujeres asesinadas en Ciudad Juárez

Golpe de Estado light en La Palma

Guliganchik, 18.01.2005 03:19

Golpe de Estado light y criminalización de la lucha social

(o como justificar el ilegal traslado de los hermanos Héctor y Antonio Cerezo)

The Inaguration Different in Santa Fe NM

Bruce McIntosh, 18.01.2005 02:32

Photos from the march and inaguration The residents of Santa Fe NM celebrate an alternate version of what four more years of W could be.

AUDIO: Sergeant Kevin Benderman Interview

World Productions, 18.01.2005 01:24


Whose Future Is This Anyway? - Yours or Big Brother's?, by Tom Engelhardt

Tom Engelhardt, 17.01.2005 23:34

Thoughts on Fiction-based Reality:
Or Does the Future Stand a Chance?

New Study on the Role of US Foundations

American political scientist Joan Roelofs, 17.01.2005 21:33

Joan Roelofs discusses how foundations and socio-political institutions divided and
rule the masses in the US and the rest of the world--through the use of "identity politics".
The foundations distract the masses from the real agenda of reform and divide the agenda
into fragmented individualistic concerns, there-by extinguishing the main agenda of
reforming the system of governance and in effect using the divide-and-conquer tactic.
The end result is that a few elite make and break rules and control the masses; the
rest of the masses simply live like cattle, exploited for the rest of their lives!

Cna-Compostela convoca unha manifestación en solidariedade coas detidas en Barcelona en setembro do 2003

Cna-Compostela, 17.01.2005 20:28

Xoves 20, 20h en Praza das Praterías. CNA-Compostela

Cosmos as Meditation: Mystic Musilm Philosophy

some guy, 17.01.2005 18:59

Cosmos as Meditation: Sufi and Shi'a Muslim Reflection on the Spiritual

Prohibited Items at Inauguration to Include Free Speech

A friend of Martin's, 17.01.2005 18:57

In the interests of national security, and to honor the fight for liberty of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., all free speech is hereby cancelled until further notice.

El 20 Bush jura cuatro años más...

ÁngelRodríguez Álvarez, 17.01.2005 17:02

El martes 20 de enero tendrá lugar en Washington la ceremonia de asunción a la presidencia de Estados Unidos, tras los comicios celebrados en noviembre y que concentraron, como ningún otro, la atención del planeta.

Ukrainian Coalition of Protest: &quot;We will stay to the end.&quot;

Coalition of Participants in the Orange Revolution, 17.01.2005 15:01

In response to Yushchenko's recall of protest in Tent City, a coalition of activists declares to remain until the inauguration of their democratically-elected president.

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