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Max Diorio, 20.01.2005 22:49

Activists held banners at freeway overpasses
and major intersections throughout the Bay Area

chavez nacionaliza industria papelera bajo control obrero

socialismoobarbarie, 20.01.2005 22:47

aqui chavez con los trabajadores de VENEPAL BIEN CHAVEZ, ESTO SI ES REVOLUCION!

Crisis in Guyana

Send Aid, 20.01.2005 22:46

Guyana has a national crisis on its hands, we have been experiencing really heavy rainfalls over the last 4 days. I live on the East Coast at Turkeyen quite near the Caricom complex and we are presently under some 2 to 3 feet of water depending on what part of the house or yard that you stand on.

Bush sworn in on stack of Bibles

John Breneman, 20.01.2005 22:37

Scathingly humorous coverage of the Bush inauguration by John Breneman, editor of the influential satire website, the Humor Gazette.

CSIS and the Canadian People - A Story of Oppression

Windsor Peace Coalition, 20.01.2005 21:51

In an attempt to exercise our right to political freedoms we can choose to oppose to the views of our democratically elected governments in a peaceful, but loud, manner -- if we so choose. In preparation for Dubya's recent visit to Canada, the Windsor Peace Coalition put together a bus to Ottawa. The following article recalls the strong arm tactics by CSIS against peace activists.

Reuter reports 500 people showed up

l;ksdjf, 20.01.2005 21:41

Coronation goes off without a hitch.

Burning Effegy of Bush

Nicola Hunt, 20.01.2005 21:41

Citizens and students burn an effegy of Bush in Arcata's square plaza the night before his inauguration.

Where is the live coverage of the coronation protests?

MC, 20.01.2005 21:06

Live coverage of the coronation protests? Do they exist?

The Face of War : Graphic Images

Dahr Jamail, 20.01.2005 20:03

All of these photos taken by the military are of men. An interesting thing, in light of the fact that the Iraqi Red Crescent has announced that conservatively, 60% of the casualties in Fallujah, which are expected to be well over 2,000 people, are women, children, elderly and unarmed civilians.

See Sore Loser Leftists, W. Is Still The President

Captain America, 20.01.2005 19:38

Admit it sore losers, W. won the election!

Inauguration Day 2005: imperial delusions and political reality

Barry Grey and David North, 20.01.2005 19:32

The formal installation of the second-term administration of George W. Bush brings to power the most reactionary government in United States history.


Ram Devineni, 20.01.2005 18:13

Breyten Breytenbach South African activist and writer Breyten Breytenbach is part of the international delegation of poets and writers going to the World Social Forum (WSF) to fight for social justice and progressive change. The group will be working with Oxfam’s Control Arms campaign and participating in several readings. In addition, Rattapallax magazine will be filming indigenous people at the WSF reading and performing their poetry for an online library and future film on endangered languages. The World Social Forum is a major assembly of progressive organizations and will be held in Porto Alegre, Brasil from 26 to 31, January 2005.

Turn Your Back on Bush

Sergei, 20.01.2005 18:10

Inauguration Prank

Voter turnout won't be enough to legitimise phony Iraq ''election''

Paul McGeough, 20.01.2005 17:34

True to form, the Americans and the puppet regime they have installed are cooking the books. Senior US officials and interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi repeatedly insist that all is well because insecurity will restrict voting in "only four of Iraq's 18 provinces". Four out of 18 is a little over 20 per cent and in the circumstances might be acceptable. But the truth is very different. Anywhere between 40 and 50 per cent of the population live in those four provinces.


Aamer Madhani, 20.01.2005 17:32

U.S. military commanders invited suspected insurgents and religious and tribal leaders sympathetic to the resistance to gather Tuesday for a conference with Iraqi government and military officials. The invitees would be asked to sign a pledge not to support or participate in violent acts against Iraqi or U.S. forces through the scheduled Jan. 30 elections.

But not one Iraqi signed the pledge!

Syngenta Claims Multi-Genome Monopoly

ETC Group's (Action Group on Erosion, Technology and Concentration), 20.01.2005 10:19

Swiss gene giant Syngenta, the world’s largest agrochemical corporation and third largest seed company has applied for patents that could effectively allow the company to monopolize key gene sequences that are vital for rice breeding as well as dozens of other plant species.

National Crisis in Guyana

Send Aid, 20.01.2005 08:42

Guyana has a national crisis on its hands, we has been experiencing really heavy rainfalls over the last 4 days. I live on the East Coast at Turkeyen quite near the Caricom complex and we are presently under some 2 to 3 feet of water depending on what part of the house or yard that you stand on.

Open letter to the Government of Canada

Windsor Peace Coalition, 20.01.2005 08:20

In response to the visit by George W. Bush, and the subsequent pandering to those who would rather support war than peace, the Windsor Peace Coalition authored this letter condemning our elected leaders and calling for action.

Resource material on right-wing campus funding/organizations

Bryan G. Pfeifer, 20.01.2005 05:12

Various articles/information and resources on right-wing influence and organizations in the academy and universities.


Bear Silber/Pacific Marketing Designs, 20.01.2005 04:35

Pacific Marketing Designs released the on-line exhibition ( of acclaimed photographer Marc Silber; it is already receiving kudos, but there’s more to the story…

USA have been and continue using &quot;environmentally friendly&quot; chemical weapons on Iraqis

., 20.01.2005 04:21

Ironic how USA invaded Iraq accusing Saddam of possessing chemical weapons.
And not USA is shamelessly uses it on Iraqi troops and civilians, and refer
to it as "remarkably similar" to napalm and "environmentally friendly"!
USA is like a mad dog foaming in it's mouth, and it's allies and supporters
repugnant. Someone needs to "take care" of this mad dog!

Banging Banquet

you simply must smash this inauguration, 20.01.2005 03:42

Get your flares ready.

Fuck you Bush and all the other sick bastards.

atleast shoot some rockets, 20.01.2005 03:18

Hopefully you have some new year rockets in spare.
Now you`ll have some use of them.

Corrupt cabinet file

atlest piss in front of them, 20.01.2005 03:09

- It is an honour to be here in Italy with
primeminister Berlusconi. We have some common
dreams - one of them to unite this world under
one control, one flag, one money and one army.
The brave new world is just around the corner.
We just need one more war. A war against Iran.
Thats all. Thank you. And God Bless my fellow, my colleague, eh...whatever.

Rights Abuse in Victoria, BC, Canada

DAJ, 20.01.2005 01:26


China halts work on 26 power plants due to environmental concerns

BBC via Nobody, 20.01.2005 00:03

An energy starved nation proves its commitment to the environment.

The Real face of Independent media

doctor_jones, 19.01.2005 23:52

demoralized by the truth - a bunch of nazis deserve to be embarassed, exposed and abolished!
they lie to get you on their side. no holds barred, steel cage indymedia action.
and a long trip to the ground for zepplin fans, illustrated and brought to you by indy's own doctor jones. free jay and silent bob.

timeline of cia atrocities

geral sosbee, 19.01.2005 22:49

See the work of very brave man , Steve Kangas( possibly murdered by the cia), by clicking the hartwell banner on my website.geral sosbee

Shocking images of Iraqi family slaughtered under US fire

Chris Hondros, 19.01.2005 22:49

WARNING: This gallery contains graphic images

Hersh Adds Credibility to Speculation Margaret Hassan was the Victim of a Counterinsurgency Operation

Kurt Nimmo, 19.01.2005 22:08

A disturbing pattern developed in Iraq, after captives released by known groups within the Iraqi Resistance reported good treatment, while the unnamed groups who released videotapes showing men with their faces covered, armed with Western weapons, killed their captives. This prompted speculation that US/Israeli intelligence services were killing foreigners in order to bolster support for the war effort.

רוני ערמון סוכן שב&quot;כ

סנטיאגו, 19.01.2005 21:30

רוני ערמון הוא סוכן שב"כ ציוני בכיר שעובד על כולם

US Vote Fraud &amp; The CBC

Jordan Thornton, 19.01.2005 21:07

I just wanted to pass this along so that the people at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation cannot claim ignorance on this issue when they fail to report it. I would love it if you'd help to put pressure on their producers, and send in any material you think would help.

Autprotarismo en la USAC

Sin Salarios los Trabajadores de la USAC, 19.01.2005 20:46

Coordinadora Estudiantil Universitaria CEU El sindicato de trabajdores de la Universidad Nacional de Guatemala, USAC (Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala) iniciaron medidas de presion en contra del Actual Rector Dr. Luis Leal y del CSU, por no hacer efectivo el pago de sus salarios, sumando este problema a la crisis de adminiastracion y corrupcion en la tricentenaria casa de estudios superiores.


Por Ángel Rodríguez Álvarez, 19.01.2005 20:20

Por estos días han aparecido dos referencias a la
situación de la salud pública en Estados Unidos,
especialmente llamativas por originarse en prestigiosas
fuentes norteamericanas.
Entre otros muchos datos y análisis interesantes y
reveladores de la precaria situación sanitaria de la nación
más rica y poderosa del planeta, el artículo publicado en The New York Times
el pasado 12 de enero, señala la comparación con lo alcanzado
por Cuba en materia de tanta sensibilidad como la
mortalidad infantil.

Colombian defense minister is child molester; has heroin trafficking girlfiend, translated by Nobody, 19.01.2005 20:05

This story, originally carried in a major daily newspaper, is truly shocking. A woman convicted of trying to smuggle 2 kilos of heroin into the U.S. is registered to receive conjugal visits from the current Colombian Defense minister. He appears to have exercised at least one such visit. What's more, according to her application to receive conjugal visits from him, her relationship with him began when she was 15 or 16 years old, at which time he was around 47. I'm not making this up, and I'm not just repeating wild rumors. This is the straight dope on the people we are buying all these guns for.

A faciest jew article

anarchist, 19.01.2005 19:57

" an October 2004 survey commissioned by Israel's Channel 2 TV, it revealed that 58% of adults aged 18-22 support "transfer" (the expulsion of Arabs from Israel), 26.4% believe the slain Kach Party founder, Rabbi Meir Kahane, was correct in his call to expel the Arabs, while one-third believe the Kach Party should be declared a legal organization once again. According to a concurrent Maariv report, a survey questioning 500 Israelis (representing a cross-section of society) revealed that 13.1% favor a national leader like Rabbi Meir Kahane (pro-Jewish, strong, and consistent)."

Behatokia publica un informe sobre las últimas denuncias de tortura

Observatorio Vasco de Derechos Humanos, 19.01.2005 19:16

Behatokia-Observatorio Vasco de Derechos Humanos ha publicado un informe sobre las últimas denuncias de torturas en el Estado español, y hace un balance del nuevo gobierno español en materia de denuncias de torturas

Barnara Boxer takes on Condoleeza Rice

QP, 19.01.2005 19:12

Check out the video link on Moore's site.

It's about time!


Por Orlando Oramas León, 19.01.2005 19:09

La sombra de la ingobernabilidad se cierne otra vez
sobre el horizonte boliviano, con las renovadas
protestas y cortes de rutas que recuerdan el ambiente
insurreccional de octubre de 2003, el cual dio al
traste con el gobierno del ahora fugitivo Gustavo
Sánchez de Lozada.

Why AWOL 2-7 Infantry Specialist Plans To Surrender

Robert S. Finnegan, 19.01.2005 18:32

"I won’t compromise my beliefs for the Army, come what may"

Brooklyn Free School Open House, This Saturday!

BFS Staff, 19.01.2005 17:10

The Brooklyn Free School is the first Democratic Free School in NYC in over 30 years. Come visit us this Saturday to see what we are up to!


jamie, 19.01.2005 16:59

Understand. The current crisis situation in Iraq where no one working for the U.S.A. and it’s occupation forces of desperately unemployed “Iraqi defenses” are safe is not because of “upcoming elections.”


Orlando Oramas Leon, 19.01.2005 16:46

The 5th edition of the World Social Forum is only a week away as it returns to the Brazilian City of Porto Alegre, at a time of profound changes in Latin America that include new challenges and the advancement of progressive forces.

Human rights violations and violations of International Law in Guantanamo

Astrid Essed, 19.01.2005 12:35

Not only must the recent FBI-revelations about the torture of prisoners in Guantanamo be seen in the light of the already well-known facts about their treatment, there is also a close connection with the official denying of their elementary human rights, due the refusal of the American government to give them a judicial status according to the principles of International Law

Project HAARP: Holes in Heaven (Video)

Satori, 19.01.2005 08:50

Project HAARP: Holes in Heaven (Video)
Download 37.3 MB
Real Player

Global poll slams Bush leadership

bbc, 19.01.2005 04:47

"Negative feelings about Bush are high and are generalising to the American people who re-elected him."

Tsunami provided &quot;wonderful opportunity&quot; for US: Rice

afp, 19.01.2005 04:45

"I do agree that the tsunami was a wonderful opportunity to show not just the US government, but the heart of the American people, and I think it has paid great dividends for us," she said.


., 19.01.2005 03:16

Illegitimate interim prime minister of occupied Iraq Iyad Allawi has been accused
of murdering Iraqis in cold blood! The following reports give a reasearched
account of the incident including Iyad Allawi's evil and ugly background.
Basically, anyone who is a puppet of USA and Britian has a questionable past.

twenty million miles to earth

doctor_jones, 19.01.2005 03:12

a humorous article to break the tension of world news gathering. indymedia people work so hard they deserve to be paid in pure love and a good time. w eare all to be commended -- telling the stories that the major cop. media is too gagged and afriad to reveal take dedication courage and heart. so-- a humorous and on puposely "fake" news story -- an a homage to the great HGWells Princeton tale of yesteryear entitled "---AS INCREDIBLE AS IT MA SEEM--"

Brooklyn Free School Open House

BFS Staff, 19.01.2005 02:52

The only Democratic Free School in NYC in over 30 years is having an open house THIS SATURDAY, January 22. Parents, teachers, reporters, and other interested folks are all invited. Please RSVP.

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