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U.S. Congress weighs Constitutional Rights of Black Farmers

Michael Harris, BFAA California, 22.01.2005 21:30

U.S. Congressman Steve Chabot,(R) Ohio, continues to lead a Legislative effort to safeguard the constitutional rights of Black Farmers here in the United States of America. Black Farmers worldwide face a similar battle.

My Wellstone Assassination Conspiracy Theory

RJG, 22.01.2005 21:05

He wasn't killed off by the Bush Administration, but rather the Democratic National Committee. The reason why the DNC killed off Wellstone and up Walter Mondale to run for his Wellstone's office was because they realized they were backing a lousy candidate and figured they had a better chance of winning with Mondale. Wellstone being a lousy candidate because he was running for a third Senate term on a broken campaign promise of not seeking more than two terms for his office.

Corrupt Leadership - The Major Threat To US Citizens

Mark Ciavardoni, 22.01.2005 20:17

Article identifies corrupt leadership as the major threat, and impediment
to achieving government of the people, by the people, and for the people
in the US. Explores ways to raise the consciousness of the public to an awareness of a completey corrupt political system.

Fight or Walk: the Chicago Transit Fare Strike

MIDWEST UNREST, 22.01.2005 20:11

details and analysis of fare strike campaign in chicago

Now, the reckoning- the Guardian report on the Diaz raid-Genoa 2001

Nessuno, 22.01.2005 17:39

In the summer of 2001, Italian police launched a brutal raid on protesters at the G8 summit in Genoa after they had returned to their sleeping quarters. Among 62 injured were various Britons, some of whom have still not recovered. Finally, more than 60 officers are being called to account in court. Rachel Shabi and John Hooper report

La Junta Electoral le prohibe al gobierno español el uso del slogan &quot;Los primeros con Europa&quot;

Otradem, 22.01.2005 15:37

La Junta Electoral Central resolvió ayer rechazar la expresión "Los primeros con Europa" como lema central de la campaña institucional que pretende impulsar la participación en el referéndum del 20 de marzo.


We The People, 22.01.2005 11:26


With the 30 Countries of the *Willing Coalition* that joined BUSH to attack Iraq

Maple Leaf Corruption

localharbor, 22.01.2005 04:19

Turns out that the Iraq War wasn't about oil after all, but the opposition to it was.

Modern or Primitive: The Future of Human Rights at Stake

Clint Clark, 22.01.2005 03:41

How long will it take for western civilization to wake from its denial and recognize the direct relationship between the Old Testament and Human Rights abuses?

Counter Inaugural 2005 Photos

Caine Rose, 22.01.2005 03:19

Bush Kills Photography by Caine Rose

Mendoza (Argentina), situacion social en la provincia de la impunidad

Horacio Seo, 22.01.2005 03:11

El presente texto es un informe de la situación social de la provincia de Mendoza (Argentina), donde los desocupados no sólo no reciben ayuda del gobierno sino que además se ilegaliza toda actividad que intenta realizar para sustentarse. Se agrega luego un informe especial de su penitenciaría que haría merecer en las próximas semanas una sanción de Amnistía Internacional por las brutales condiciones de detención.

Decriminalizing Marijuana in Mass. Rock Shows!

Masscann/NORML, 22.01.2005 01:32

Masscann/Norml Freedom Rally 15 ½-

Hurricane Rain Fund Shows.

All Door Proceeds to Masscann/Norml.

Decriminalize Marijauna in Massachusetts!

At Goodtimes, Assembly Sq. Drive, Somerville, MA

Friday 1/28 and Friday 2/11.

Comedia Film Festival - Call For Submissions

Jon Rondeau, 22.01.2005 00:52

Comedia-Call For Submissions Use humor and film/video to get your message out? Submit your short film to Comedia, the film festival attached to Montreal's Just For Laughs / Juste pour rire International Comedy Festival. Submission deadline is April 30th. Festival dates run from July 14-24, 2005. for more details.

The Hydrogen News # 26

Mike Johnston, 22.01.2005 00:43

All of the current H2 energy news that's fit to print.

Video/Text : Fallujah : The “City of Mosques” has become the “City of Rubble”

Harvey Thompson/Channel Four News, 21.01.2005 23:55

As the film report from Fallujah makes clear, the future envisioned for Iraq by US imperialism is not one of a flowering democracy, but the terrorising and suppression of all resistance from an outraged and rebellious population.


SMASH WEF!!!, 21.01.2005 23:17

Alle nach Bern!!!
All to Berne!!!
Tutti a Berna!!!
Tous à Berne!!!

Your Help Urgently Needed to phone call to indonesia military and police in Wamena now!

fPcN Intercultural, 21.01.2005 22:58

Indonesian Military Reacting Brutally in Wunin, Wurineri District, Burning Houses, Churches and Offices - The tribal elders and church elders from Tolikara Regency are now requesting the the NGOs, governments and student organisations all over the world, to give a helping hand, to stop yet another deadly military operation.

US-Flaggen in Hundescheiße

karcsi, 21.01.2005 22:50

Steckt US-Flaggen in Hundescheiße, lasst es Bush wissen, was ihr von Faschismus hält!

Iraq: A Failure or a Success?

Abe W Goodman, 21.01.2005 22:33

On the Hubbert Peak Oil Theory and America's quest for global supremacy.

Resistance Videos from Bush Inauguration Quasi-Riot

News From Babylon, 21.01.2005 22:10

5 Videos from the Inauguration

Videos from Bush Inauguration Quasi-Riot

News From Babylon, 21.01.2005 21:31

5 Videos from the Inauguration

Corporate Media Ignores Genocide Trial of Christian Priest

Hirondelle News Agency (Lausanne), 21.01.2005 21:29

see the full listing of googlenews articles about the genocide trial of Athanase Seromba at:

Of course, Seromba isn't a Muslim or the genocide trial would be a world sensation:

"planning and supervising massacres of more than 2,000 of his flock at Nyange Parish Catholic church (Kibuye, Western Rwanda) by Hutu extremists on the 16th of April, 1994"

Zionism Promotes Anti-Semitism

Jews Against Zionism, 21.01.2005 20:59

Zionism is, itself, antisemitic, because Zionist leaders pop up in positions of not only authority, but also of Trust, throughout oprganized Jewry,a nd consciously attempt to deceive Jews and lead them astray. Then, Zionists cowering behind and claiming to represent Jews, carry out unspeakable acts of aggression, violence, and racial hatred.

Dr. Jack Shepard; Abu-Mazen needs a peace partner!

Dr. jack Shepard, 21.01.2005 20:56

Does Abu-Mazen have an Israeli Partner for Peace?
The cease-fire must be the start of meaningful negotiations
for a permanent settlement.

Abu-Mazen is the Palestinian partner for peace. Does Abu-Mazen have an Israeli partner for peace?

Counter Inaugural Vigil in Florence, Italy

US Citizens Against War, 21.01.2005 18:52

In front of US Consulate in Florence Italy Counter Inaugural Vigil in Florence Italy on Jan 20 in solidarity with other protests around the world.

KKKolumbus Gets His Ass Kicked in Denver

Transform Columbus Day, 21.01.2005 18:39

The Denver Eight found not guilty of failure to obey a lawful order in the Columbus Day protest.

Press Releasse

Sundiata Sadiq, 21.01.2005 18:22

Attack on Ossinging branch of the NAACP by Hazel Dukes for no other reason other than standing up for Mumia Abu-Jamal. The mainstream of the NAACP wants to remain in the dark ages while the more radical membership wants to stand up and be counted.

Crisis in Guyana

Send Aid, 21.01.2005 18:13

Serious flooding along the coast of Guyana Guyana has a national crisis on its hands, we has been experiencing really heavy rainfalls over the last 4 days.

Mobilization against the WEF - Davos

ilsott, 21.01.2005 17:06

(translated from French by Ian) The demo of January 22 against the WEF is dead... Long live acts of protest in Berne’s old city from 1 P.M. to 4 P.M.! --------- Below is the Anti-WEF Alliance’s new call explaining its vision for the 22nd. Be creative! We will not let them intimidate us! Wreck the WEF!!!

The Cruelty

jamie, 21.01.2005 16:02

Follow the link to the awful images of the crime described below:

US troops kill father and mother in front of their Iraqis children
By: wholetruth123 on: 20.01.2005 [02:26 ] (9985 reads)


By Angel Rodriguez Alvarez, 21.01.2005 15:18

Preparations underway in Cuba for municipal elections on April 17 are in full swing and electoral
commissions island wide are working to update voter registration rolls so that lists can be on display from February 15 to March 17.

Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network - Brigade 2005

Brigadista, 21.01.2005 15:02

VenezuelaSOLIDARITY_org_Brigade_BANNER The Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network involves a diversity of solidarity, progressive and left organisations Australia-wide. These organisations have come together to coordinate Australian solidarity activities with the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela.

Arrest of 10 year old boy at Animal Rights Demo

Susan Maria Gavaghan-Taylor, 21.01.2005 14:56

My nephew Daniel Brian Taylor was arrested at Hillgrove Cat Farn on 31st May, 1998 and was held by the police for 7 hours. The charge was throwing stones at Hillgrove farm on 18th April, during a demonstration. Daniel was 10 years old at the time. There was an appeal against the police for wrongful arrest, but Daniel lost on this charge. However, the judge ruled that Daniel was "wrongfully detained" for 7 hours. The police appealed against this ruling and although Daniel was awarded £200 in compensation, most of the points were upheld. In effect the police still have the right to do the same thing to 10 year old children in the future.

Police Commissioner sort explanation from Manitham

Manitham, 21.01.2005 12:03

Ms. Daillere Aline, a human rights activist, law degree holder joined Manitham Coimbatore City Police Commissioner has served a memo to Manitham organisation on 20-01-2005 night at around 9.30 pm, seeking explanation, 'how can a French national holding a tourist visa can be engaged with this Human Right work in Coimbatore'.

( Re-Written ) DECLARATION of INDEPENDENCE, 21.01.2005 07:02

Free to Use WRITINGS and IMAGES or other information... From...

Anarachists Being Rounded Up

joe, 21.01.2005 05:58

Anarchists are now being rounded up in DC.

Global Dimming Doc Enough To Light Bush's Bulb?

BBC documentary, 21.01.2005 03:33

Global dimming means that air pollution is causing less sun to reach the earth surface. A BBC documentary looks at what this means for humanity. Scientists are now worried that dimming, by shielding the oceans from the full power of the Sun, may be disrupting the pattern of the world's rainfall. A must read -- show transcript on-line!

Police Break Up Anarchist Riot In DC

Captain America, 21.01.2005 03:30

Check out this from the DC Indymedia site.

No Democracy is the root problem

Colin Donoghue, 21.01.2005 03:20

All of the bad policies coming out of the Bush Admin. need to be challenged, i.e. Destroying our health and environment, undermining our constitutional rights, the unjust war in Iraq, cutting funding to health care, education, social security, etc. BUT we must recognize that none of this would be happening as badly as it is if we had an actual democracy in the USA.

Should I Believe In The 9/11 Commission Report

Mr. Bill, 21.01.2005 03:18

I just started reading "The 9/11 Commission Report: Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States," and I was wondering if I should believe in it? I mean this is the official government commission report about 9/11, so I guess it must be true, right?

Susan Sontag under attack by a lesser mind

Ozymandias, 21.01.2005 02:48

An article by Srdja Trifkovic viciously attacking Susan Sontag contains arguments of breath-taking stupidity. This comment is to put the matter right.

Coronation of Corruption

Manuel, 21.01.2005 02:08

Please share with those who care.

Rural Washington Citizens Mourn Dead U.S. Troops and Iraqi’s on Inaguration Day

David Nearing, 21.01.2005 02:08

On Thursday, January 20, soon after George Bush was inaugurated in Washington D.C. citizens of the town of Twisp in North Central Washington gathered to mourn the dead U.S. solders and Iraqi’s by erecting a ceremonial grave yard in the town commons.

Giving the 2004 Inaugural Address the Surgical Treatment

Firebrand, 21.01.2005 00:21

Rest easy, Mr. President...the greatest achievement of freedom is yet to come. The people will see to that.


Two important open letters from Representative John Conyers, Jr.

Bush Protest 4th and Pennsylvania

High, 21.01.2005 00:12

Bush-Protesters I was glad to see people able to get so close to the motorcade

Rights abuse in Victoria, BC, Canada (Re: barring none)

David Arthur Johnston, 21.01.2005 00:05


Gluaiseacht Anti-war &amp; EYFA Winter Meeting

Treacy R &amp; Niall Hartnett, 20.01.2005 23:23

Activists are gathering in April at The Boghill Centre, Co Clare, Ireland, for what promises to be a special anti-war meeting. Organised by Gluaiseacht, and as part of the EYFA Wintermeeting, this conference will take place from Thur 7th - Sun 10th April 2005, in order to revive common purpose and friendship, and to establish a European network of anti-war and peace activists. The meeting will culminate in an action at Shannon Airport on Sun 10th April. All are welcome and we hope to see you there.

Your friends at Gluaiseacht.

Human Shields Needed

Nice Guy, 20.01.2005 22:59

Human Shields are needed to protect the polls during the upcoming Iraq elections.

Toronto Against Bush

Gidget Digit, 20.01.2005 22:56

There were five arrests and several injuries this afternoon after police broke up a demonstration at York University against the Bush inauguration.

hugo chavez nationalizes paper industry under workers control

socialismoobarbarie, 20.01.2005 22:54

here is chavez with VENEPAL workers On the morning of January 19th, in the Ayacucho room of the Presidential Palace in Caracas, and with the presence of Venepal workers and trade union leaders, Chavez signed decree number 3438 which expropriates Venepal. From now on it will be co-managed by the workers and the state.

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