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Taking the War to Bush: Protesting the Inaugural Swearing-In Ceremony

Peter Chabarek, 24.01.2005 20:29

Fifty yards from the podium at the Capitol on inauguration day, Oour action disrupted the swearing-in ceremony of Bush.

Indigenous People Blockade Oil Companies - You Can Help!

Rory Cox, 24.01.2005 20:26

The indigenous peoples of Sakhalin Island, Russia are taking direct action, and demanding that Big Oil address their concerns. Beginning last last week, approximately 40 protesters blocked the entrance to ExxonMobil's shoreline production complex on Sakhalin's Chaivo Bay in a tense stand-off. They've held their ground despite sub-freezing temperatures and the presence of local and federal police. According to the latest reports, protesters have stopped a line of at least 100 fully loaded trucks in their tracks on the road leading to the site, and have shut down Shell and Exxon sites. The protesters are having an impact!

Land Theft Around Jerusalem

Meron Rapaport: Ha'aretz, 24.01.2005 19:31

The Israeli Government is at it again!, and what they are doing now is absolutely hateful. (d.v.)
As a result of a secret Israeli government decision, thousands of Palestinians living in the West Bank who own land or homes in East Jerusalem lost all rights to their holdings. And there are already plans to build on the expropriated land.


Por Néstor Núñez, 24.01.2005 19:25

El sistema electoral cubano es perfectible, pero sin
dudas, en materia de apertura, participación y limpieza,
camina mil millas por delante del modelo enarbolado por USA
como ejemplo universal.


Foreign Press Foundation - Henk Ruyssenaars, 24.01.2005 18:44

As in all history, it is shown that it is impossible to make friends by invading, intimidating, shooting, bombing, jailing, torturing and killing them. It showed every time, that the only people the US or Israel could call their 'friends', were the dead, because they couldn't protest anymore.

Why I'm Willing to Defend Hussein, By Ramsey Clark, Former U.S. Atty. General

Ramsey Clark, 24.01.2005 18:23

The defense of such a case is a challenge of great importance to truth, the rule of law and peace.

-Israel seizes thousands of acres of Palestinian ownedland in Jerusalem

IMC Israel, 24.01.2005 18:13

The land was taken after Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's
government decided several months ago to enforce a
long-dormant law that allows Israel to seize lands of
Palestinians who fled or were driven out during the

US military sponsors Jon Stewart

Fay, 24.01.2005 17:52

Go to the Comedy Central site and see all the ads for the US military, especially when you go to Jon Stewarts Daily Show site.


Por Ángel Rodríguez Álvarez, 24.01.2005 17:20

La Comisión de Derechos Humanos podría hacer una provechosa contribución a la humanidad, si analiza el sistema carcelario en Estados Unidos.


M.K., 24.01.2005 15:58

Norwegian police brutally arrested one of the squatters of Mor Godhjertasvei23, a squatted old peoples home in Oslo, Norway. Eat the Rich filmclub has made the documentation. Partly in english

Not a love letter to the Egyptian president

Khaled Diab, 24.01.2005 15:30

Faced with the grim prospects of prolonged political virginity, Khaled Diab decides to make President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak an indecent proposal - step down and let Egyptian mature into political adulthood.

Not a love letter to the Egyptian president

Khaled Diab, 24.01.2005 15:14

Faced with the grim prospects of prolonged political virginity, Khaled Diab decides to make President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak an indecent proposal - step down and let Egyptian mature into political adulthood.


Centro de Mídia Independente, 24.01.2005 15:12

Olavo de Carvalho Será que não está mais do que na hora de dar um fim físico a esse câncer chamado Olavo de Carvalho?

Don’t you think it is time we should bring a physical end to this cancer called Olavo de Carvalho?

Embrassing with the Full Moon

agustin antunez, 24.01.2005 12:08

In the magic night of this Tuesday 25, a month after the Tsunami and
receiving the Full Moon, all people will meet and embrace ourselves with Mother Earth for feeling how our greatest strength flow actually from the peace and love.

Outrageous abuse of Nablus

H.Witness, 24.01.2005 10:41

The dawn of 19 January the day before the Al-Adha Holy Feast is unforgetable.

Inauguration Day Photos, 24.01.2005 07:12

At the inauguration protest we saw the movement is becoming more vibrant with more male and youth attendance. The chants are a little stronger and about resistance and solidarity.

See Leftists, God Wants W. To Be President

Captain America, 24.01.2005 06:59

I could have told you before 2004 that trying to unseat W. was an act of futility God wouldn't allow to happen, but you wouldn't have believed me. You would have dismissed me as a crazy religous wacko. But it's true, God wants W. to be president. In fact, I think God wants W. to declare a permanent state of emergency and declare himself President For Life.

Inauguration Day Photos, 24.01.2005 06:29

Hundreds of new photos from the 1-20-05 inauguration day protest in Washington Dc

UK Will Oppose Military Intervention in Iran

David Roknich, 24.01.2005 05:26

Straw's work relies on an appreciation of multiplicity within Iran and the relationships cultivated by his predecessor, Robin Cook. Representives from Britain of the EU have invested heavily in negotiations with Hojatoleslam Hassan Rowhani, Secretary of Iran`s National Security Council.

Seattle's celebrates Bush

Ken Slusher, 24.01.2005 03:21

At least 3000 people turned out last Thursday to celebrate W's second successful theft of our voting process. Mr. Bush, please recall that Mr. Nixon was also quite happy about winning a second term. Our government is guilty of so many war crimes, I don't have to name them. Jail him, and his cohort thugs.

Spay and Neuter Your Heterosexual

Queer Planet, 24.01.2005 02:50

It's the right thing to do.

Media, Murder and American Morality!

Editor,, 24.01.2005 00:35

It's not a new query,but suddenly particularly relevant: Why has a society capable of such fantastic technological advances never moved beyond Neanderthal methods of solving problems? Clubs have been replaced by daisy cutters, for sure... but we have not advanced a centimetr from the primitive belief that "might makes right" After the hubris of Bush's Inaugural Speech, open discussion about the morality of war and its horrific weaponry is really, really vital. But we're not going to have that dialogue. We no longer even discuss the dubious morality of the invasion of Iraq....seems we're simply looking for the best rationale to justify the whole fiasco. War is hell, but we've been systematically desensitized to its depravity'

Power OF the People

Robert Dawn, 23.01.2005 23:48

Dear Eleanor,

I am very certain that multi-nationals are quite vulnerable to consumer pressure. When I read the history of Auschwitz, the one thing that impressed me most was the overriding concern on the part of I.G.Farben to make a profit....

You think maybe Coke or Pepsi or DOW Corning or Eli Lily or any other industrial giant wouldn't go down before a relative handful of concerned citizens, but they would, because their rivals will eat them up if they falter.

Their advertising budgets alone shows how desperate they are for their market share. Their real enemies are their competitor corporations, and a little spin from a well-organized consumer group - not sabotage, not assassination, not legislation - just a little boycott here and there, with a lot of support for alternative products or services, would be like the bit in the mouth of a horse.

They simply don't want to lose business. They can't afford to lose business. It's that simple....

Why have we become so stupid ?

Leila Dregger, 23.01.2005 23:01

sos earth ! The whole of human civilization is built on the disrespect and destruction of the living. As long as we do not realize and change this fact, separate environmental repairs and appeals to the common sense of the human being can not succeed.
Environmental catastrophes are a last warning: Leave Babylon. Leave this way of life which destroys the earth. There is a healing perspective for the earth; and there is a perspective of how human kind can survive these catastrophes.

Bears Waking Up to Global Warming - Why Isn't the Government?

Grizzly Bear, 23.01.2005 22:17

Look what we've done now. Even the bears in some countries are waking up to global warming! It's too bad some country's governmental leaders are still sleeping. By the time they wake up to the reality of global warming and legislate some action, it will be too late. Grrrrrrr.

Video: The VW suicide-bomber ad

Who made VW suicide-bomber ad?, 23.01.2005 21:28


Day of the Rats : Animal Farm in the New Century


"Rats anywhere are a threat to us, he thundered."

5 anarchists were arrested after the meeting against neo-liberal reforms in Nizhny Novgorod (Russia), 23.01.2005 20:34

Protest actions against neo-liberal reforms of Putin and Fradkov are continued in Russia. The government tries to stop the protest activity.

Zapatista Doll Causes 2-Car Derailment In Metro DC Snow.

anon., 23.01.2005 17:38

A derailment of two cars near Union Station today
right at the beginning of major global protests has
the entire city at a standstill.
Conductors are standing by.

A Call to Action?

Robert Dawn, 23.01.2005 14:53

How about hitting these big multi-nationals where they hurt --consumer boycotts?


Francisco Trindade, 23.01.2005 14:09


A Call to Actioin?

Robert Dawn, 23.01.2005 14:06

How about hitting these big multi-nationals where they hurt --consumer boycotts?

Urgent Action! Racist Music Attacks Asian Tsunami Victims at Hot 97, New York City!

Lee Siu Hin, 23.01.2005 13:16

Calling A Protest Letter And Rally Against The Radio Station!

Embracing Earth/Embrassent la Terre/Abrazando la Tierra

tonatiuh, 23.01.2005 12:29

El día internacional de la paz, es el próximo 31 de enero. Ha habido dos terremotos el 26 de diciembre en dos años seguidos, coindiendo con la Navidad y con el comienzo del ciclo solar, es decir, muy cerca del solsticio. Es también cuando el consumo destruye más recursos. Y encima resulta que un mes después del terremoto, tenemos Luna llena. La única explicación lógica para tantas coincidencias es que, COMO LA TIERRA ES UN SER VIVO, se expresa en el lenguaje que sabe y nos está diciendo que EL ÚNICO CAMINO ES LA PAZ

Give peace a Chance

Slave Name - Sean, 23.01.2005 10:33

&quot;Give Peace a Chance&quot; Its a picture. Peace


Ben Guiotined, 23.01.2005 10:28

More bits of the pieces and just how many Federal Agencies and Departments they can throw at you and worse, what the NINTH CIRCUIT feels about CIVIL RIGHTS COMPLAINTS and the FIFTH AMENDMENT and more......


Been Frankling, 23.01.2005 09:06

Congressionally and Presidentially appointed Federal Officer "charged" with and prosecuted aggressively for "BEING DEPRESSED"...... found guilty....

FIFTH AMENDMENT VIOLATIONS againsts self-incrimination now rampant in US GOVERNMENT'S desire to impose Napoleonic Law......

No valid charges.....

No witnesses appear......

Unnamed and unknown witnesses decalre unknown and undeclared charges...?

Seized records.......

Falsified medical records and more......


Inauguration protest reports, photos

CSD, 23.01.2005 06:40

mainstream press and indy media coverage and photos of J 20 actions in DC and around the world.

Seattle Student Solidarity: J20

Quorri Isra, 23.01.2005 03:57

The student counter-inaugrual walkout was a statewide effort, with schools from everywhere, spanning from middle schools to colleges and universities. Not In Our Name worked with us in conjunction with our efforts.

In Buenos Aires, the Crisis Fades from Sight but not from People’s Minds

Sita, 23.01.2005 01:55

In the Plaza de Mayo, just opposite the Presidential Palace, vendors watch their Argentine flags, pins and mate cups from a distance, resting against the iron police barricades that have become permanent fixtures in the park. Tourists photograph from strange angles to avoid political graffiti. The clanging of pots and pans and the chorus of thousands chanting “Que se vayan todos” (They all [the government] must go), heard throughout the “the week of the five presidents”, have subsided. The banks have replaced their broken windows and ATMs, and the cover story of a major newspaper assures readers that a new strategy for repaying foreign debt will soon “restore normality”.

American Justice: Pictures of an Iraqi arrested and executed

albasrah, 23.01.2005 01:19

American Justice: Pictures of an Iraqi arrested and executed

Littleton famous again in war?

jamie, 22.01.2005 23:25

Michael Moore first brought focus to the connection between the war machine makers in this town and the social sickness from which we got the Columbine nightmare. Will this town now make “heartless killers” for Iraq and beyond?

The ten best writers on the net

John, 22.01.2005 23:05

Read it

VP Dick Cheney &quot;Pimps&quot; for his &quot;buddy&quot; Ariel Sharon in fomenting Iran War!

k.hawley, 22.01.2005 22:38

VP Dick Cheney "Pimps" for his "buddy" Ariel Sharon in fomenting Iran War!

The 10 Best writers on the net

John Kaminski, 22.01.2005 22:37

This an excellent article to pass on to anyone you know who wants to know the truth about what is going on in the world.


As if more evidence of U.S. war crimes were needed, 22.01.2005 22:28

American Justice: Pictures of an Iraqi arrested and executed
By: on: 22.01.2005 [16:32 ] (395 reads)

New International Racist Internet Forum

Franz_Kafka, 22.01.2005 22:20

Logo of the &quot;Pan-Aryan National Front forum&quot; New racist forum called "Pan-Aryan National Front", international gathering point for racism and fascist hatred.

Python swallows Bush!

Laura Miller, 22.01.2005 22:00

Confirmation : Bush is Snakey!

Warning! New Viral Strain: Gonorrhea lectim

Bryan Bernelie, 22.01.2005 21:40

The Center for Disease Control has issued a warning about a new virulent strain of sexually transmitted disease. This disease is contracted through dangerous and high risk behavior. The disease is called Gonorrhea lectim (pronounced "gonna re-elect him").


RichDuff, 22.01.2005 21:34 A review of Unconstitutional:A war on Civil Liberties. Its a documentary by Nonna De La Pena. The Film is a documentary about the Patriot Act and how it has already undermined the Constitution and our basic freedoms.

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