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edmar, 26.01.2005 09:43

We are seeking contributions for a televisual project in Chicago.


edmar, 26.01.2005 09:41

Come to chicago April 22-may 1 Version>05-Invincible Desire is a summit of the underground and the everyday. Version>05 aims to practice, examine, and strengthen the activities of our local configurations and external networks. Version>05 is a drunken boat on a river whose flow has been reversed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Simplifying the case against Dick Cheney

Calvin Swift, 26.01.2005 07:32

Cheney was Commander in Chief on 9/11 calling the shots via Secret Service. Cheney was managing multiple war games and terror drills on 9/11 that paralyzed U.S. Air Force response. War games & terror drills included live-fly exercises with military aircraft posing as hijacked aircraft, as well as simulated exercises that placed "false blips" (indicating virtual planes) on FAA radar screens.

Wellstone Assassinated By DLC, Mondale and Vox Fux

K., 26.01.2005 06:21

I just bought a little conspiracy book about the plane crash that killed the late Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone called "American Assassination: The Strange Death Of Paul Wellstone," by Four Arrows and Jim Fetzer.

Microwaving Iraq

William Thomas, 26.01.2005 05:28

You might want to do a little research into that cell phone in your pocket.

Safety from Tsunamis

Peter Ravenscroft, 26.01.2005 04:53

Shoreline solar powered klaxons linked directly to the global tsunami warning centre, elevated sports fields and big spreading trees may help save lives next time. Help if you like. Donate thought.

Highland's Brewpub opposed

Nono, 26.01.2005 04:26

More than four dozen Highland residents met on a bright January morning to hear details about a proposed brewpub to be located at 3200 Tejon. The brewpub has already met with vocal opposition and petition against its liquor license. By the meeting’a close, however, many residents supported at least the concept of a restaurant and more investment in Highlands.


Marine Brig. Gen. David M. Brahms (retired) and 11 others, 26.01.2005 04:20

As retired professional military leaders of the U.S. armed forces, we are deeply concerned about the nomination of Alberto R. Gonzales to be attorney general. We feel that his views concerning the role of the Geneva Conventions in U.S. detention and interrogation policy and practice have put soldiers in harm’s way.

Entrevista a Michael Hardt

aut-op-sy, 26.01.2005 03:40

Este es una entrevista a Michael Hardt, co-autor de Imperio y Mulitudo, la entrevista era conducido de gente de la lista de email "aut-op-sy" que es una lista de marxistas libertarias, anarquistas, y comunistas.

interview with Michael Hardt

aut-op-sy, 26.01.2005 03:38

this is an interview with Michael Hardt, co-author of Empire and Multitude, conducted by members of aut-op-sy, an email list of libertarian marxists, anarchists, assorted communists and ne'er-do-wells.

TSUNAMI - Global Vigil 3,000 Candles at Ocean Beach, San Francisco

HiMY SYeD, 26.01.2005 02:04

H-O-P-E : 300 homemade lanterns at Ocean Beach, San Francisco January 9th 2005 We need 3,000 virtual candles lit online at our website with your accompanying words and reflections by Wednesday in time for a giant 1,000 foot wide Candlelight Tsunami Global Vigil for the Global Village.

Venezuelan March for Sovereignty: Caracas

G.D. Ghirardi, 26.01.2005 01:44

March in Caracas 1-23-05 Tour of the Revolution II: Photo Essay
Venezuelan March for Sovereignty: Caracas January 23 2005
"En Defensa de la Soberanía"

Junge deutsche verschwindet in Australischem Gefaengnis

Parijat Wismer, 26.01.2005 01:03

Junge Deutsche Reisende eigesperrt seit November in einem Australischen Wuesten Camp.
Gibts Familie oder Freunde die sie suchen?
Das Deutsche Konsulat will ihr nicht helfen.


Bad Tsunami Song aired on Hot 97 FM, 26.01.2005 00:45

For the last week New York's Hot 97 has been running a hideously unfunny and offensive skit named the "Tsunami Song," that ridicules the victims of the Tsunami as "chinks" whose children will now be sold into child slavery. It's being played on the station's morning show, hosted by Miss Jones.


Ciudadanos Argentinos, 26.01.2005 00:11

Argentina deuda externa:
Recurso de amparo para impedir la reestructuración de la deuda en default.

Transmitiendo Radialmente el Foro Social Mundial a la Ciudad de México

suuAuuu, 25.01.2005 23:53

Una coalición de comunicadores populares, independientes y alternativos estamos transmitiendo la cobertura del Foro Social Mundial de Portoalegre, con un espíritu de autogestión y autonomía en Radio Zapote, 94.1 FM en la ciudad de México

Justice now! Aboriginal community will 'fight to the nth degree'!

Green Left Weekly 'Invasion Day issue', 25.01.2005 23:02

GLW-612-Invasion-Day-cover.jpg STOP BLACK DEATHS IN CUSTODY! - Interview with ISJA presidentRay Jackson

What &quot;Newsweek International&quot; Says About America or &quot;America Dreams Alone&quot;

Reposted FC, 25.01.2005 22:05

America dreams alone: The rest of the world has woken from the "American dream" - or nightmare, to be exact - while Americans can no longer tell fantasy from reality

Dream On America
The U.S. Model: For years, much of the world did aspire to the American way of life. But today countries are finding more appealing systems in their own backyards.
By Andrew Moravcsik
Newsweek International

Wal-Mart using Frazier Masonry in Oakland, CA

James C Bresnahan, 25.01.2005 21:54

The Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local #3 and Hod Carriers Local 166 in conjunction with other Alameda County Building Trades will begin picketing the construction of Wal-Mart in Oakland on Friday, January 28, 2005at 5:00 am. We would like to express our concerns that Frazier Masonry does not meet area wage and benefit standards. The Wal-Mart is located on Edgewater Drive, Oakland, CA on the west side of 880 at the Hegenberger exit. It would be appropriate for representatives of the community to show their support by attending this job action.

Immigrant's play coyote; coyote plays Bush

Nobody, 25.01.2005 20:48

This man is stupid enough that 13 Chinese immigrants conned him; but he is smart enough to turn around and con the Bush administration.

La calle no es de la izquierda

CARMEN MARTINEZ, 25.01.2005 20:42

Ya era hora que alguien os ponga firmes

U.S. Army's Rampant Torture Going Unpunished

Various, 25.01.2005 18:51

U.S.'Iraqi' [mercenary] security forces are committing systematic torture and other abuses against people in detention.


m-amin-sympatic, 25.01.2005 18:50


Condeceitful Rice and Dubya

Ravenaeus, 25.01.2005 18:28

There are things we know, have known, and are finding out every day, but I like to use their own actions and words to show their deceptions and lies. I also will call them liars outright, because I believe it is politically correct to do so. Enjoy...

Can Anyone Save US?

Ravenaeus, 25.01.2005 18:24

There are inherent problems when trying to breach the gap, gaff, created by the US media and religious leadership. Truth doesn't seem to penetrate the thick skulls of the "blind" followship.


Amos Harel, 25.01.2005 18:22

The overall intention is to conduct "awareness operations" to influence Palestinian public opinion, mostly through propaganda, psychological warfare and sometimes disinformation ... Psychological warfare officers were in touch with Israeli journalists covering the Arab world, gave them translated articles from Arab papers (which were planted by the IDF) and pressed the Israeli reporters to publish the same "news".

We're Sorry

Janne, 25.01.2005 17:23

US must apologize for its past military actions

Tecnobrega, ou a nova ordem fonográfica

Eloisa Aquino, 25.01.2005 16:18

Como o tecnobrega paraense é mais radical do que a troca de arquivos ilegais de MP3 no combate à indústria fonográfica.

Theaters Against War (THAW) call for scripts

THAW, 25.01.2005 16:06

It's time for the first annual THAW 10-Minute Agit-Prop Play Showdown!

Got a super-short MOTHER COURAGE that needs to be seen, now more than ever?
Send it to us!

Read on for details...


Federico Tatter, 25.01.2005 15:42

A la reciente suba del gasoil (fósil no renovable) enteramente importado, y que impacta en forma directa e inmediata en la canasta básica familiar; al conjunto de subas impositivas realizadas y por realizar dentro del cronograma del neoliberal proceso de “adecuación fiscal”, consensuado entre el gobierno nacional y el Fondo Monetario Internacional, que aumenta los impuestos indirectos y reduce los directos nacionales desde los primeros días de enero de 2005, la ciudadanía asuncena deberá prepararse para resistir también el costo de una inmisericorde suba de los impuestos municipales que orillan los 330%.

Important War News

jamie, 25.01.2005 14:41

Here’s the latest ”official” casualty figures for U.S troops in Iraq as 1380 GI’s are now said to have died in that illegal war. Please spread the news and the dramatic report on DU that follows.

Resist the 2005 G8 Summit: World Social Forum Events

Dissent International Netowrking Group, 25.01.2005 14:35

People involved with the Dissent! Network (, organising
anti-capitalist resistance to the 2005 G8 Summit to be held in the UK, are
organising a number of events in Porto Alegre during the World Social Forum (WSF).
Here are the details of our workshops. We hope to see you there!

Resist the 2005 G8 Summit: World Social Forum Events

Dissent International Netowrking Group, 25.01.2005 14:34

People involved with the Dissent! Network (, organising
anti-capitalist resistance to the 2005 G8 Summit to be held in the UK, are
organising a number of events in Porto Alegre during the World Social Forum (WSF).
Here are the details of our workshops. We hope to see you there!


Por Ángel Rodríguez Álvarez, 25.01.2005 14:32

La base del sistema institucional de Cuba son los delegados de circunscripción, quienes se agrupan en Consejos Populares --instancia que abarca un número de circunscripciones-- e integran las asambleas municipales como órgano de gobierno del territorio.

Fountainhead e-Letter, Berlin Germany, Film Festival &amp; Televcision Information!!

Fountainhead, 25.01.2005 12:58

An overview of Fountainhead Tanz Theatre perspectives regarding politics & cultural information from Berlin germany.


Gideon Polya, 25.01.2005 11:35

The actuality of the Jewish Holocaust was recognized too late - official recognition came 30 months before the end of World War 2. 60 years on, the UK-US mainstream media that gave saturation coverage to the war-promoting lie of WMDs still refuses to report the human death toll from the Iraq War (0.4 million so far)- media lying by commission and omission. Silence is deadly.

Justice Now - Re-open the Hickey Inquest! NO BLACK OUT! NO WHITE WASH!

Indigenous Social Justice Association (ISJA), 25.01.2005 11:14

Leaflet front page [[ Ray Jackson +61 (0)2 9318 0947 & +61 418 436 572 or Raul +61 403 037 376 ]]
( 8 Feb) PUBLIC MEETING "Justice Now - Re-open the Hickey Inquest!"
(13 Feb) RALLY & MARCH @ Redfern-Waterloo "NO BLACK OUT! NO WHITE WASH!"
(15 Feb) Rally & HAND-OVER of ISJA-Petitions
(18 Feb) FILM NIGHT: The Man from Kamilaroi (ARTV) + HOW THE WEST WAS WON – "the blackfellas' Eureka"

Is Republic Day Just Another Holiday?

SANDEEP DATTA,, 25.01.2005 09:18

Is Republic Day Just Another Holiday for today's youngsters? Nothing is more pitiable to notice countrymen underestimating the worth of its national day like just another boring day.This write-up is just a small attempt to let our youngsters realise the importance of the Republic Day.

new B2B Trading Marketplace online

trader, 25.01.2005 08:11 is an international B2B electronic business trading portal.
Additional places in particular a comprehensive B2B commercial platform for (2007) - European Union - entry country ROMANIA and offers thereby a first-class possibility, to profit directly from the structure and growth of this European Union entry candidate. More info at:

Counter-Inaugural news: What Broadcast Television Missed!

Linsey Mayhew, 25.01.2005 03:01

This audio file contains interviews with protestors at the Dupont Circle Rally after the Inaugural Parade and eyewitness accounts of the violence in Adams Morgan following the Anarchist march.

Hunting the Homeless in America

The Toxic Reverend, 25.01.2005 02:13

The criminalization of homelessness is exposed. After making it a $500 fine and sixty days in jail offense for being homeless, Sonoma County California is prepares to "count the homeless" and aquire their locations. Posted bye a local "homeless, homeless advocatre" in one of America's riches counties, where Corporate America meets every Summer, at the Bohemian Grove. Documentation of numerous "police shootings" (murders) in Sonoma County are linked in, with verifiable reference material.

Marijuana now available in tobacco and moths

Anson Parforthecourse, 25.01.2005 01:51

the cDNA library of THC synthase Marijuana DNA libraries have been extracted and cloned into the tobacco plant as well as the moth Spodoptera frugiperda - it's a very interesting article complete with instructions for aspiring micro-biologists

Exporting Hope

Brian Pickett, 24.01.2005 23:32

Is a Velvet Revolution possible in America? I'm not so sure. But one things for certain, as I attend rallies and marches, I see a great deal of strength and integrity in the anti war movement. It will be a long and arduous battle ahead of us. What follows is a modest offering of hope. Keep your heads high.

U.S. Justice Looking To Imprison Someone

geral sosbee, 24.01.2005 22:44

The corrupt Justice Department of the U.S. shows keen interest in the fraudulent fbi performance report and in the photo of the fbi supervisor (Ken Kaiser) who wrote and signed it

Haiti: Human rights organisation denounces summary executions

Lawyers' Committee for the Respect of Civil Liberties, 24.01.2005 21:58

The Lawyers' Committee for the Respect of Civil Liberties (CARLI) expresses its anxiety and extreme concern in the face of the endless human rights violations committed in the country, and especially in the capital city's shantytowns.

Bericht über die Fichierungsmaschine in Bern

moa, 24.01.2005 21:14

Bern, 22. Januar 2005


Various, 24.01.2005 20:59

It is time to take our fight directly to the media and the seats of power it whores itself to. Not a day should pass without this illegitimate Government nor its media outlets/propaganda wing having to deal with our outrage and constant bomardment/harrassment.
We've licked our wounds. Now, it's time to do what the German People didn't do when Hitler got out of hand.



Film Strip International, 24.01.2005 20:56

As in sphincter...


Dr. Teresa Whitehurst, 24.01.2005 20:53

The Fascists in DC do not care about the discourse. They will forge ahead until they are forced to stop. But this betrays the fact that they KNOW that what they are doing is wrong.

We are the Majority, and TRUTH is our greatest ally.
The only way we can fail, is if we fail to ACT!!

Israeli Man Arrested After Milk Contamination

Stuff NZ, 24.01.2005 20:46

You will recall that Mossad agents were caught trying to procure phony NZ passports last year. And isn't this what those who brag about their ability to "think the unthinkable" told us "ze terrorists" would try to do? Just who ARE the Terrorists? Wonder who this would have been blamed upon.

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