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U.S. soldiers' idea of humor in Iraq

Consitution Defender, 27.01.2005 21:48


This is the humor that the "patriots" and "heroes" have over in Iraq.


PAISLEY DODDS, 27.01.2005 21:33

Female interrogators tried to break Muslim detainees at the U.S. prison camp in Guantanamo Bay by sexual touching, wearing a miniskirt and thong underwear and in one case smearing a Saudi man's face with fake menstrual blood, according to an insider's written account.

Tous fichés

Jack, 27.01.2005 21:11

Fiché à l'OTAN

Video : U.S. Hostage Pleading For His Life : Windows Media

Jihadis, 27.01.2005 20:54

The video shows Roy Hallums, 56, an American contractor, sitting cross-legged in civilian clothes, with a gun to his head, begging Arab leaders to secure his release from captivity.

one nation worthy of the Title – Nazi Nation= the USA!

Falluja, 27.01.2005 20:13

USA is a World of Nazis If there were the capacity for ART in this world – all artists would show the true colors – and the spectacular evil of the Amerikans – but since this is so impossible (beyond humans ) we have to read poor words like these. – BUT YOU DO SEE THAT beautifully ugly art - it is on the headlines each day – it is on everything stamped = made in America – you know the truth – or you would/could not read this…

Creacion de la Asamblea Okupa de Xixón

A. O. X., 27.01.2005 19:38

Nace en Xixón (Asturies) una Asamblea con el fin de promover la Okupación.

Photos : THE CHILDREN OF IRAQ - microimage props

£, 27.01.2005 19:31


Veterans' Benefits &quot;hurtful&quot; to National Security, says Pentagon

Joel Wendland, 27.01.2005 18:48

In fact the Republicans are so desperate to cut veterans' benefits they have started attacking fellow Republicans who want to preserve current benefit levels. The Wall Street Journal reports that "the House Republican leadership took the unusual step of stripping New Jersey Rep. Christopher Smith of his chairmanship of the Veterans Affairs Committee" for pushing "so aggressively for veterans benefits that he at times threatened to oppose their spending plans – and President Bush's – unless more retiree benefits were included."

Photos : THE CHILDREN OF IRAQ - tabloid front page

£, 27.01.2005 18:31


Iraqi Resistance shoots down US helicopter, killing 31 Marines near ar-Rutbah.

Reposted by Joe, 27.01.2005 18:25

The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported eyewitnesses as saying that Iraqi Resistance forces fired a SAM7 rocket, bringing down a US helicopter over the city of ar-Rutbah, 460km west of Baghdad at 7am Wednesday. The helicopter had been on its way to the village of Makr adh-Dhib, which lies near the city. The correspondent explained that American forces habitually carry out helicopter-borne landings in that area to raid and search houses and arrest people. It is nearly impossible for them to go by land to the village because the Resistance controls the countryside, so they must resort to helicopter-born assaults.

Cuban Girl Opens World Social Forum

Cuban News Agency (AIN), 27.01.2005 18:20

Havana, Jan 27 (AIN) The 5th World Social Forum opened Wednesday
in Porto Alegre, Brazil as attention focused on Ivette Gonzalez,
daughter of one of the Cuban Five, incarcerated as political
prisoners in the US.


£, 27.01.2005 17:50

SANCTIONS + WAR + ? A suggestion/reminder:
This page is NOT:; my webpage; your webpage; a forum; a soapbox; a local imc; taken down by fashist/nasi; going anywhere anytime soon; ...
As originated by marco - support others' posts!

Haiti Solidarity Week: February 20 – 28

Haiti Reborn, 27.01.2005 17:13

As Haiti heads into its second year after a violent coup d'etat deposed democratically-elected President Jean Bertrand Aristide, and in the wake of several natural disasters and as violence continues unchecked, solidarity with the people of Haiti is more important than ever.

Photos : THE CHILDREN OF IRAQ - A Must See

Various, 27.01.2005 16:38

I have no words....


Por Roberto Pérez Betancourt, 27.01.2005 16:01

Mediante el sufragio directo y secreto los ciudadanos
decidirán quienes, de entre ellos mismos, serán los
delegados de circunscripciones con un escaño en las
asambleas (gobiernos) municipales del Poder Popular.

Iraq: Order 81

Keith Parkins, 27.01.2005 15:59

As part of the systematic corporate looting of Iraq, the US is now about to destroy Iraq's agriculture, and in doing so, will destroy a heritage going back at least 10,000 years.

The Left is Becoming Neo-Fascist

Dissent, 27.01.2005 10:49


311 Days 311 Hours 311 Minutes and 311 Seconds After 311

Andrew, 27.01.2005 08:58

January 29th 2005 is 1,235 days after 911
911+311+13 = 1,235
January 29th is also 311 days, 311 hours, 311 minutes and 311 seconds after 311

Anti-war ex-soldier refuses to fight for US imperialism

Carl Webb, 27.01.2005 07:34

Back Door Draft tries to prevent part time soldier from finishing his contract and forces him to go AWOL.

Anti-war ex-soldier refuses to fight for US imperialism

Carl Webb, 27.01.2005 07:21

Back Door Draft tries to prevent part time soldier from finishing his contract and forces him to go AWOL.

This Pollyanna army

Sidney Blumenthal, 27.01.2005 06:34

Bush will not admit that his troops are too exhausted to sustain his vengeful global missions


Armand Rabuttinio, 27.01.2005 06:14

The Internet and its largest market place are the subjects of a Guinness World Record.

Slumping US$ = the next catastrophic Tsunami?

DLi, 27.01.2005 04:10

A top Chinese economist, Fan Gang, dropped a veritable "bombshell" today, by openly criticizing the "unreliable" U.S. dollar, at a World Economic Forum meeting. Even though Fan refrained from putting blame on the Bush regime's fiscal irresponsibility, it was a clear signal to financial circles that China will actively diversify its holdings away from the Dollar exclusively.

Terre Haute anti-Iraq war activists met Tues. to discuss upcoming demonstration

Cathy McGuire, 27.01.2005 03:47

Local members of the Terre Haute, Indiana Stop War on Iraq organization met on Tuesday, Jan. 25, 2005 at Coffee Grounds to discuss plans to participate in the March 19, 2005 national call for demonstrations by United for Peace and Justice.

Acuerdo en torno al caso Granda

CEEI - ENCUENTRO, 27.01.2005 03:33

Acuerdo elaborado por el Centro de Estudiantes de la Escuela de Estudios Internacionales de la Universidad Central de Venezuela y el Movimiento Encuentro Crítico, en torno al secuestro de Rodrigo Granda.

Has America awakened yet? Wake up America. It’s very late. It’s 1984.

jamie, 26.01.2005 23:57

Now 1418 GI’s “officially” dead from the Iraq war. Has America awakened yet? Wake up America. It’s very late. It’s 1984.

Lapantomima electoral en Irak

Hèctor Manuel Guevara, 26.01.2005 23:21

Una reflecciòn sobre la pseudo democacìa importada por el imperio terrorista de Feorege Wc Bush y sus chacales

Hostigan a radio comunitaria en México

suljaa, 26.01.2005 23:16

Radio Ñomndaa, La Palabra del Agua, primera estación
radiofónica que transmite en lengua amuzga y que, bajo el auspicio de
las autoridades tradicionales de Suljaa’ (Xochistlahuaca, Guerrero),
transmite para satisfacer las necesidades de comunicación del
municipio autónomo.Debido a que Radio Ñomndaa tiene como fin servir al fortalecimiento de la cultura del pueblo amuzgo, desde su surgimiento ha sido hostigada de múltiples formas por las instituciones de gobierno...

Video/Text: Sy Hersh: &quot;We've Been Taken Over by a Cult&quot;

Seymour Hersh, 26.01.2005 20:54

As the Senate Judiciary Committee prepares to vote today on the nomination of Alberto Gonzales for Attorney General, we hear a speech by Pulitzer-prize winning investigative reporter Seymour Hersh on torture from Guantanamo to Abu Ghraib to Vietnam.

VMI Cadets Dress as Nazis for School Party

Brent, 26.01.2005 20:52

For the 2004 Virginia Military Institute Halloween party, cadets dressed as Nazis, fairies, KKK, the starving poor and guys with bullseyes on their asses.

World Jewish Congress: They're at it again!

Laura Reanda, 26.01.2005 20:49

The World Jewish Congress is pressing the U.N. for a special "stand alone" General Assembly resolution against "anti-semitism". But this time the definition is very different from what you might expect. Somewhere in their logic the United Nations is also responsible for hatred against Jews. When are we going to say "enough!"? Many other ethnic groups have suffered on this planet, not only these people. (David Vickery)


Liz McIntyre, 26.01.2005 20:47

Say &quot;NO!&quot; to RFID Spychips. Boycott Tesco. CASPIAN (Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering)
has launched a worldwide boycott of Tesco in response to the retailer's
escalating use of RFID on consumer products. CASPIAN Founder and
Director Katherine Albrecht made the announcement to millions of viewers
watching BBC Newsnight, the popular UK news program, on Tuesday.

counter-inaugural dispatch

qtt, 26.01.2005 20:00

Dispatch/analysis from january 20th counter-inaugural protests in washington, d.c.

Even The U.S. Democratic Leadership Supports An Iraq Invasion

Captain America, 26.01.2005 19:36

Israel has more nukes than England. Foreign Policy expert Stephen Zunes wrote of the Democrats' platform in Foreign Policy in Focus on August 12, 2004:

One possible target for American forces under a Kerry administration is Iran. The platform implies an American right to such military intervention by stating that "a nuclear-armed Iran is an unacceptable risk to us and our allies." No concern is expressed, however, about the already-existing nuclear arsenals of Iran's neighbor Pakistan or of nearby Israel. Iran has called for a nuclear-free zone in the region, which the Democrats appear to reject, apparently because it would require America's regional allies to get rid of their nuclear arsenals as well. The Democrats, like the Republicans, believe that instead of pushing for multilateral and verifiable arms control treaties, the United States can effectively impose a kind of nuclear apartheid, unilaterally determining which countries can have nuclear weapons and which countries cannot.

Putin in Poland

Varg, 26.01.2005 19:19

26-01-2005 16:28 This post will be udpated as we get more info. A few minutes after 16:00 in the Krakow main square, the protests against the visits to Auschwitz by the national leaders responsible for war crimes started. For a dozen or so minutes there has been a speech by representatives of the Free Caucasus Committee (Komitetu Wolny Kaukaz).


test, 26.01.2005 18:53

Muppets and Kofi more testing

The Terror of Neoliberalism - A review considering social change led by and with young people

Adam Fletcher, 26.01.2005 18:47

In the latest work from author/scholar Henry Giroux readers can learn about how the demise of funding, personnel, and ultimately, premise is devaluing the social structures that young people learn, live, and lead in. Giroux's analysis focuses on the role of social, economic, and political influences within the structures that young people occupy and on the community in general.

Triple Border Issue on World Social Forum Agenda

AIN Cuban News Agency, 26.01.2005 18:43

Havana, Jan 26 (AIN) The United States' attempts to turn the
border area shared by Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina into a
terror spotlight will be analyzed at the World Social Forum,
which began Wednesday in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Positive Thoughts--Positive Works

Ravenaeus, 26.01.2005 18:38

The time for negativity is over. We need to do the most positive things we can in our daily lives for our own sanity, but also to offset the insanity we can not penetrate with rational thoughts. It is our responsibility to keep writing and speaking our dissent, but also to lead by example.


JOHN DOE, 26.01.2005 18:25


Sri Lanka Communist Leader Praises Cuban Medical Assistance

Cuban News Agency, 26.01.2005 18:22

Havana, Jan 22 (AIN) A Cuban medical brigade in Sri Lanka is
helping to prevent the spread of epidemics.

Demonstartion against Putin in poland (Cracow)

jacek, 26.01.2005 16:59

This post will be udpated as we get more info. A few minutes after 16:00 in the Krakow main square, the protests against the visits to Auschwitz by the national leaders responsible for war crimes started. For a dozen or so minutes there has been a speech by representatives of the Free Caucasus Committee (Komitetu Wolny Kaukaz).


Equipe Changer le monde, 26.01.2005 15:10

Venez visiter notre blog en directe du FSM a Porto Alegre!

Participatory Democracy in Cuba

By Angel Rodriguez Alvarez, 26.01.2005 14:56

The political system in Cuba is highly misunderstood due to deliberate misinformation campaigns of the US government and powerful rightwing groups that permeate the international media.
In an attempt to falsely portray the island’s political system, diehard opponents of Cuba use the United States’ vision of democracy to judge whether an election is democratic.

Blog on WSF

Equipe Changer le monde, 26.01.2005 14:44

Come visit our blog on the World Social Forum!


Armando, 26.01.2005 14:37

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented actions. In this case, we, the undersigned bloggers, have decided to speak as one and collectively author a document of opposition. We oppose the nomination of Alberto Gonzales to the position of Attorney General of the United States, and we urge every United States Senator to vote against him.


Berges, 26.01.2005 14:20

Landtag Mainz hatt Personal für NRW zu stellen, damit der Rückzuck auf Stabs und Organisationsebene in NRW und Rheinlandpfalzt durchgeführt werden kann und die betroffenen Teile ausgetauscht werden können

Wenn Sie veröffentlichen verlängern Sie mein Leben


corporate news network, 26.01.2005 14:19

A U.S. Marine Corps helicopter crashed early Wednesday in west Iraq, near the border with Jordan, killing 31 Marines, military officials said.

1/26 6 AM ET Alert! &quot;Suspended Indefinitely!!!&quot; - New York Hot 97 &quot;Miss Jones in the Morning Show&quot;

Lee Siu Hin, 26.01.2005 14:03

Jay of notified us that the Hot 97 "Miss Jones in the Morning Show" is "suspended indefinitely" over her recent racist "Tsunami Song"


realitybasednation, 26.01.2005 10:03

This is Nazi brutality:

This is Antichrist brutality:


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