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various, 30.01.2005 02:19


The Hydrogen News # 27

Mike Johnston, 30.01.2005 01:02

Latest H2 energy news and an article by me.

Halliburton to Halt Its Iran Operations...Hmm, 30.01.2005 00:52

Time to get out before the bombs start falling?

George W Bush’s Eternal Triumph or The Andes to the Rescue of the World

Jason Martin for Mundos de Escuelas Revolucionarias, 30.01.2005 00:41

Caracas is Big and Probelamtic - But They Know the Way to Solidarity and Resista Social movements need to embrace a practical and focused goal of accumulating power in order to takeover governments.

Conventional politics and left-thinking in the USA are dead.

The only practical or effective means of altering the balance of power in the US or the world are armed struggle; relocating activists and supporters of change to states in the USA where they can seize power; or my thesis of massive financial aid to the revolutions in the Andes. Protests, lobbying and voting are stupid. They actually aid the power elite who want the appearance of democracy and opposition – as long as it can accomplish nothing.

The cultish leaders of USA environmental and justice groups are the main barriers to change. Most analysts accept this and the real debate is whether to try new strategies or fall back on style and simply modify the current moderate strategy of weakly merging the various lefty issues together in a grand coalition with the moderate democrats – a strategy where victory becomes as meaningless as defeat! Part II. Of, From the Failure of Politics and Vision in North America to the Steady Victories of Social Movements in South America: Tsunamis Inside the Criticisms of the Left: Venezuela versus the Shams of the World

The USA is an empire of corporate, trade and, military alliances.

Only through extending our conceptions of politics – which is another word for Power – extending it beyond the imaginary borders of nations can we create a better world. (Note 6)


Capitán Nemo, 29.01.2005 23:53

El fin último del submarinismo es sentirte como un pez

What on the GI's minds

Gayle, 29.01.2005 22:35

Repost from

January 17, 2005

I've been totally anti-war all my life. Especially since March 20, 1971. That's the day my oldest brother died in Vietnam. He was only 19 years old. I was 13 and remember every horrible, life-changing moment. At the time I was too young to protest. But, I remember watching it on the nightly news (when news was somewhat real and wasn't worried about the latest bullshit celebrity story).

Shi'ite Cleric Urges Election Boycott

Repostedby jamie from, 29.01.2005 21:27

Iraqi Shi'ite Cleric Urges Election Boycott
By: Lin Noueihed on: 29.01.2005 [20:54 ] (24 reads)

US Air Force Flies Its Combat Aircraft into Iranian Airspace

Yoshie Furuhashi, 29.01.2005 19:40

After Seymour M. Hersh's revelation that "[t]he [George W. Bush] Administration has been conducting secret reconnaissance missions inside Iran at least since last summer" (Seymour M. Hersh, "The Coming Wars: What the Pentagon Can Now Do in Secret," The New Yorker, January 24, 2005), more frightening news. Two newspapers on the left and right ends of the political mainstream report that the US Air Force is flying its combat planes into Iran's airspace, "templating" Iran's air defense positions, and daring Teheran to shoot US planes down -- an act that simultaneously prepares for the next war, serves as a provocation, seeks to create a pretext for war (if the planes are shot down), and (if nothing else) escalates its ongoing psychological warfare against Teheran.

Because There is No Cause: The Iraq Debacle, its war and elections, and the antiwar, peace movement

Manuel Valenzuela, 29.01.2005 18:46

another valenzuela must read! spread far and wide!

National Day of Active Nonparticipation a-k-a Spend a Day Killing No One

johnny, 29.01.2005 17:29

This is not a petition so much as it is a pledge to action. Please
read, and sign if you feel moved to do so. Whether or not you sign,
please forward it to as many people as you can, so that it can be
ensured the widest possible circulation.

I represent no organization, party, or
political ideology. I am just an indvidual with a conscience who has
read one too many newspapers today and won't sleep tonight unless he
does this.

Teaching the Constitution in a post-democratic America

Mark W. Bradley, 29.01.2005 16:44

Imagine the future of American education if corporate neocons and Christian Reconstructionists get the kind of free hand Bush is advocating...

Not Dangerous, but Still Locked Up: Unjustified Comittment in Canada

Aubrey Ellen Shomo, 29.01.2005 16:12

A young, progressive vegan, named Sara Arenson, is being forcibly held and drugged at St. Boniface hospital in Manitoba, Canada – not because she has been deemed dangerous – but simply because she has been diagnosed with a biological brain disorder.

&quot;German Greens have lost their anti-nuclear bite&quot;

Diet Simon, 29.01.2005 15:39

Germany’s Greens have lost their anti-nuclear bite, says the Junge Welt newspaper in a review of the party’s 25th anniversary ( It was one of several publications putting forth that view. The following is a collation of recent nuclear and anti-nuclear developments in Germany.

First Success in the Aubonne Case

Aubonne Support Group, 29.01.2005 14:53

The Aubonne-Bridge Action against the G8, in which two activists, Martin Shaw and Gesine Wenzel, nearly lost their lives as the police cut their climbing rope, has entered an exciting new phase...

Andalucia: trabajadores en lucha

Red Latina sin fronteras, 29.01.2005 14:48

Unidos y organizados... LLamamiento a difundir las luchas que actualmente se desarrollan en Andalucia y otras zonas de la Europa patronal.
Movilizaciones por los derechos de los trabajadores en general y de los trabajadores inmigrantes en particular, en el marco del conjunto de enfrentamientos contra todo tipo de opresión y explotación.

Elton John and the pedophile network Zandvoort

Jacqueline de Croÿ, 29.01.2005 14:35

The contacts of the mega star Elton John, film producer Russel Mulcahy and guitarist Gerry Laffy under the magnifying glass of Scotland Yard. At the base, Marcel Vervloesem of the Belgian activist association Werkgroep Morkhoven, who has forwarded to the British police the address book of the Belgian child trafficker named Robert Van Der Plancken, where they were consterned to discover Gerry Laffy.

U.S. Iraq vet proudly receives Purple Heart

Sara, 29.01.2005 14:14

I doubt the "honour" will help much. See picture

Elton John and the pedophile network Zandvoort

Jacqueline de Croÿ, 29.01.2005 14:07

The contacts of the mega star Elton John, film producer Russel Mulcahy and guitarist Gerry Laffy under the magnifying glass of Scotland Yard. At the base, Marcel Vervloesem of the Belgian activist association Werkgroep Morkhoven, who has forwarded to the British police the address book of the Belgian child trafficker named Robert Van Der Plancken, where they were consterned to discover Gerry Laffy.

Some truth from Iraq

Sara, 29.01.2005 14:02

Find letters, pictures and much more from GI’s and others on the ground in Iraq. It all adds up to a disaster and a colossal crime. Please share this with many others. Sara


clara et distincta perceptio, 29.01.2005 11:48

(censored) articles from several users suggest that athens-IMC may serve special interests,totaly undermining free speech


Amos Harel, 29.01.2005 08:25

The doctor pronounced the man dead and then "took out a knife and began to cut off parts of the body," the soldier said. "He explained the various parts to us - the membrane that covers the lungs, the layers of the skin, the liver, stuff like that," the soldier continued.

National Conference for Media REform

Robert McChesney, 29.01.2005 05:24

The 2005 National Conference for Media Reform, providing a forum to discuss visionary and practical solutions to the problems of our media, is coming to St. Louis May 13-15.

Canadian activist and writer detained at St Boniface Hospital

rose wine, 29.01.2005 05:15

Sara Arenson is a 26 year old activist and writer. Sara was involuntarily detained in August 2004, although she presented no clear danger to herself or others. She has again been involuntarily detained and treated at St Boniface Hospital and has requested that people act on her behalf.

Activists Challenge Laws that Shrink Public Domain

Free Expression Policy Project, 29.01.2005 04:48

The Brennan Center for Justice, the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California, and the nonprofit advocacy groups Public Knowledge, the Center for the Public Domain, and the First Amendment Project filed an amicus brief today in Kahle v. Ashcroft, arguing that Congress’s elimination of copyright renewal requirements in 1992 created serious First Amendment problems by radically shrinking the public’s access to works that belong in the public domain.

American Atheist National Convention in Philadelphia, PA

C. Hetman, 29.01.2005 03:49

American Atheist Logo The 31st annual national convention of American Atheists will be held 25-27 March, 2005 in Philadelphia, PA.

PSA - FCC Forum on February 8, 2005

Gladys L. Brooks, 29.01.2005 01:25

For the first time in history, the FCC is holding a public event to review the progress that been made since the launching of the new type of community radio licenses in 2000. 5 years later, the FCC wants to know how the stations have turned out, and what can be done to help make the service better.

Resist G-8 Ali babas

Jerome, 29.01.2005 01:22

The Uk Ali Baba says: "Millions of children die in Africa who shouldn't die, who it would be very easy to save," he said. "The fact that we don't apply the resources to the known cures or to finding better cures is really ... the most scandalous issue of our time. "We know all of this. So what can be done?" If only blair and his band of liars could sort-out human rights abuses first. For instance in a country that is run by their proxie satelite, Yoweri Museveni. These abuses continue to take place and we don't hear blair and band of liars make any music:


CNN, 29.01.2005 01:18

Corporate news strikes again with another informative display of journalistic derring-do. Talk about taking a stand!

Photos : THE CHILDREN OF IRAQ - Grand Theft Baghdad

£, 29.01.2005 01:06

Grand Theft Baghdad graphic photos have been taken down

World Economic Forum and Global Warming

Samuel Einstein, 29.01.2005 00:27

6500 million humans increasing at more than 80 million every year are the real cause of global warming - read all the facts about it on the website:
there's a forum so everybody can put their own points of view.

The Emergence of the Homeland Security State

Nick Turse, 28.01.2005 23:58

Since ancient Rome, imperial republics have invariably felt a tension between cherished republican practices at home and distinctly unrepublican ones abroad; or put another way, if imperial practices spread far enough beyond the republic's borders and gain enough traction out there in the imperium, sooner or later they also make the reverse journey home, and then you have a crisis in -- or simply the destruction of -- the republic itself. The urge of the Bush administration to bring versions of the methods it's applying abroad back home is already palpable; the urge to free the President, as "commander-in-chief" in the "war on terror," from all the old fetters, those boring, restraining checks and balances, those inconvenient liberties won by Americans -- so constraining, so troublesome to deal with -- is equally palpable.

'If I run will you shoot?' he asked. He ran. The guard shot him dead

Robert Schweizer, 28.01.2005 23:28

If America can do it to its own citizens, should we be surprised if it does worse to those it identifies as its enemy?

Yes this is how USA has been disreputing Christianity to spread barbaric
imperialism in the world! Should we be surprised?

Told you so...

Anarcho, 28.01.2005 22:56

According to Bush's inaugural address, the policy of the United States is the ultimate goal of ending tyranny in our world. This would involve supporting the growth of democratic movements and institutions across the globe.

The Iraq elections

Andrew Flood, 28.01.2005 22:53

This Sunday Iraq goes to the polls and gets to choose its own government. Or so we are told. Probably no one who was opposed to the war actually belives this but its useful to look at the flaws in the election process and then to ask what hope is there for the Iraqi people.

The Other Side of the Holocaust

Saree Makdisi (posted by David Vickery), 28.01.2005 22:36

This article puts in a nutshell the tragedy that has been inflicted upon the original inhabitants of Palestine as a result of the Holocaust that was inflicted upon the Jews of Europe. Is it too late?

Save the Children launches effort to safeguard

Save the Children, 28.01.2005 22:09

Online initiative offers another way to help

Tahltan elders continue occupation over mining deals (day 12)R

Ron Collins, 28.01.2005 19:27

Approximately 35 Tahltan's, lead by their Elders, have been occupying their band office in Telegraph Creek BC (Turtle Island) since January 17 in protest of mineral extraction deals being made without consultation by Chief Band Councilor (Indian Act Chief), Jerry Asp.

Warning: Graphic Photos : Anger over U.S. Forces posting photos of Iraqi war dead on Internet

Mak Dunn/U.S. Army, 28.01.2005 18:19

Anger over Iraqi war dead on Internet

Bringing It All Back Home

Nick Turse, 28.01.2005 17:00

Bringing It All Back Home: The Emergence of the Homeland Security State By Nick Turse

Anti-US Sentiment Prevalent as 5th World Social Forum Begins

Eduardo Comida, 28.01.2005 16:59

Slogans and images opposing US economic and military policy clearly dominated the 50,000 person opening march of the World Social Forum (WSF) on Wednesday. Banners opposing Bush and the Iraq War were the most prevalent, although many addressed corporate domination and globalization. One gigantic banner summed up all the messages; a red X through the letters “USA”.
An anonymous protester explained, “I'm not opposed to the people of the USA, just the policies.”


clara et distincta perceptio, 28.01.2005 15:10

Biased censorship of articles that do not violate the publikation policy!


Meena S Janardhan, 28.01.2005 13:56

Only 12,600 UAE expats signed up as voters from among the estimated 100,000 Iraqis living there ... Overall, only around 280,000 Iraqis have registered in the 74 centers set up in 14 countries ...

Heads Roll At The Veterans Administration

Bob Nichols, Project Censored Award Winner, 28.01.2005 05:45

Mushrooming Depleted Uranium (DU) Scandal Blamed

INFORMEN ANTES, NO DESPUES, 28.01.2005 04:39

POSTER Campaña por la fdefensa de los derechos a la libertad de la Información y la Expresión.Por la Democratización de los Medios

Glassjaw's New Single

n/a, 28.01.2005 04:33

Glassjaw's New Single

When Cops Are More Unionized Than Almost All Other Workers. . . .

Yoshie Furuhashi, 28.01.2005 04:20

What would send all the dead trade unionists spinning in their graves? The fact that cops are more unionized than almost all other groups of workers in the United States today. Worse, from 1983 to 2002, workers in "protective service occupations" including police officers "had the highest union membership rate of any broad occupation group in every year."


Lee Siu Hin, 28.01.2005 03:47

Contact: John Choe (646) 296-1455 WHEN: Friday, January 28, 2005 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 noon

Bushism RSS Launched

HPoole, 28.01.2005 02:52

A new Bushism blog was just launched promising to bring one new Bush quote a day! Start your day with a good laugh from the Capital.

Photos : THE CHILDREN OF IRAQ - A Must See &amp; More

Various, 28.01.2005 02:17

I have no words....


Please read this harrowing account from one of the Foreign Nationals detained in HMP Belmarsh high security prison.

At the end of the account, there are a number of ways in which you could help Mustapha and his family.

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