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Joy at news of imminent release of South Korean photographer Seok Jae-hyun

Vincent Brossel/Stephen Gilbert, 18.03.2004 01:16

South Korean photojournalist Seok Jae-hyun South Korean photojournalist Seok Jae-hyun is scheduled to be released from prison this Friday. He has been in jail in China since 18 January 2003 when he was arrested while documenting an attempt by North Korean refugees to flee to South Korean and Japan.

The RAAF's Fugitive

The Bulletin, 18.03.2004 00:32

Suicide is all too common in today's military. So why did the RAAF allow a highly rated technician, who dared to blow the whistle on drug abuse and weapons theft, almost pay the ultimate price? Paul Toohey reports.

»World Bank« (and Wolfensohn) water-painted in Ljubljana

AK Lag-watering : for United Colours of Resistance, 17.03.2004 23:57

water-painting of WB The chief of World Bank Wolfensohn was greeted in Ljubljana also by local activistic scene - strong message of rejection of neoliberal values was transmitted with teh direction action, the attack with water on the chief and his "valets du chambre" - general remark: succesfull and humorous.


iZ, 17.03.2004 23:47

An initial CAIR-LA request for an apology was denied, but the station apparently relented after receiving hundreds of calls, faxes and e-mails from concerned Muslims and people of other faiths.

España: ¿Por qué retrocede I.U. en un momento de giro electoral a la izquierda?

El Militante, 17.03.2004 23:18

artículo publicado en El Militante por Bárbara Areal,Miembro del Cosejo Político Regional de IU-CM

National Call in Week for the Buffalo, March 15-18

Ted Fellman, 17.03.2004 22:16

Stop the slaughter of the last wild buffalo in America.
Call your Congressional Representative today!

U.S. tries to silence former journalist on Sept. 11, 2001

Larry Neumeister Associated Press, 17.03.2004 22:11

A former journalist and congressional aide was arrested after working for
peace and attempting to expose the Sept. 11, 2001, plot before it happend.

Is this the way forward? – Anti Defamation Campaign.

Sarg. Maj. Res. Aviad Rosen, 17.03.2004 21:27

From a respected Israeli Naval Sarg. Maj. to a homless 'psychotic' individual...

A Question of Justice

The Economist, 17.03.2004 21:10

HUNDREDS of millions of people in the world are forced to endure lives of abject poverty—poverty so acute that those fortunate enough to live in the United States, or Europe or the rich industrialised parts of Asia can scarcely comprehend its meaning.

Florida: Trouble in Paradise

Hot Tuna, 17.03.2004 18:57

As election time nears officials in Florida are gearing up to disenfranchise the poor and elevate the rich. It would seem now would be a good time for radicals to reclaim Florida. There are jobs available with various reformist orgs (go to fund your adventure. Many libertariansd have talked about taking over Wyoming.It would only take a small committed influx in the population to take back what could be a beautiful place to live.

Transit Of Venus, 1,000th Day of Terror and Islam.

From: IdahoIndymedia. Stream this one together, 17.03.2004 18:39

Maybe an attack on the US is written in the stars.

"We announce the good news for the Muslims in the world that the strike of the black wind of death, the expected strike against America, is now at its final stage – 90 per cent ready – and it is coming soon, by God's will," the claim said."

"Watch Out For Those A-Bombs Planted In that caldera at Yellowstone National Park ..."

International Conference 'Media and Xenophobia'

EYFA (European Youth for Action), 17.03.2004 18:36

EYFA (European Youth for Action), the Czech
organisation "Information and Publishing Centre- Alarm!!!" and the Belarussian magazine "Antyfashyk" are organising the International Conference 'Media and Xenophobia' (Tabor, Czech Republic 18th - 23rd May 2004)

The Vote In Spain Falls Mainly on Bush

M.J. Stanton, 17.03.2004 18:28

Choosing a lesser of evils is no alternative, in fact, at this point in history it will not even slow down America's relentless march toward perdition. We are on the wrong road, both politically and morally; it is time to make an about face and change direction. The question is, will we be given a choice?

»World Bank« (and Wolfensohn) attacked with color in Ljubljana, SLovenia

United Colors of Resistance, 17.03.2004 18:24

»World Bank« (and Wolfensohn) attacked with color in Ljubljana, SLovenia STatement

Analysis: American History In One Word.

marco, 17.03.2004 18:20

Uncle Sam is missing a very imprtant lesson, easily got from Britain's 500 years.

Happy St. Patrick's Day from your boy at Enron

Jay, 17.03.2004 17:13

Spoof of Danny Boy about Ken Lay

Remembering The Fort Hood Three

marco, 17.03.2004 16:44

Reprinting from David Dellinger's book "Vietnam Revisited," I remind people
of yet one more similarity between Vietnam years and the present.
Stephen Funk and Camilo Mejia today.
David Samas, James Johnson and Dennis Mora "yesteryear."

Vampire Killer 2000

Jack McLamb, 17.03.2004 16:42

Although over 10 years old, this proves almost propheticly they are DESTROYING America!

Wolfensohn, President of World Bank...color-attack in Slovenia

United Colors of Resistance, 17.03.2004 16:28

Activists have attacked James D. Wolfensohn in Ljubljana, SLovenia today. Several color-filled eggs have hit the target.

40 million strike--against a ban on strikes!

News Surfing, 17.03.2004 16:01

One of the biggest strikes in world history took place 3 weeks ago in India, but the U.S. media chose to ignore it! (I just found out about it today). Briefly, India's supreme court had ruled that it was illegal for government workers to strike, so in order to protest the ruling and pressure the government: the workers--went on strike!

protests in an instant

pedro, 17.03.2004 15:57;mid=04-03-13-2226230 in the same day that news got to the spainsh people that their government had detained 5 people in relation to the horrible events of the 11th of March, thousands turned out all over spain to protest the Popular Party (Aznar´s Party) for attempting to manipulate public opinion to sway the upcoming elections.

The little shahid

David Wilder, 17.03.2004 15:46

Why isn't the international media reporting about the innocent-looking Palestinian boy who was asked to carry a bomb through an IDF roadblock?

art imitates life or propaganda is alive and well

HEWHO, 17.03.2004 15:19

Bush Backs New Terrorism TV Series,1,13584,00.html

hough the series' theme relates to the President's agenda on national security and international terrorism, it is virtually unprecedented for the White House to endorse such a fictional representation.

PP’s failure: reason’s to be cheerful but not foolish. Reflections on the Spanish elections and effect in the Basque Country

martin mantxo, 17.03.2004 14:43

our dead No one expected as all the polls showed PP as winners for the latest elections but the post-Francoists lost them. Joy? Absolutely! After their subtle but brutal repression in the Basque Country, after the Galician oil spill scandal (cahapapote), after their servilism with Bush in the Gulf war with the Madrid bombings as a consequence…. Totally deserved! Bt mainly because of their arrogance and pretentiousness: after 2 terms in government and consolidating from small majority to almost absolute majority, PP politicians developed this –as it’s called in Madrid- chulería.
This arrogance is not just evident in the actions that they pursue but in the way of treating other people from journalists to union representatives, etc. it’s a luck for us who live abroad not to have to see them. For an example last Thursday’s interviews in the BBC news of PP foreign minister Ana Palacio. It was then when she was asked about the possibilities of being an Islamist group the one behind the 11-3 bombings.

Solidarity to C.S.O.A. &quot;ASILO POLITICO&quot; and &quot;RADIO ASILO&quot;


Solidarity to C.S.O.A. "ASILO POLITICO" and "RADIO ASILO" against a vile robbery

strategy &amp; tactics - the Bomb

£, 17.03.2004 13:42

strategic Nuclear weapons - tactical or strategic?

Comments Needed To Protect Oregon Old Growth

Bark, 17.03.2004 13:40

Several contentious Oregon old growth sales, which have been the site of mass protest and civil disobedience, including numerous tree sits were stopped by a lawsuit this fall. The USFS is trying to push the sales through again. Public comments are due tomorrow! Automatically comment:

Resistance to Massacre World Wide

Wes Enzinna, 17.03.2004 12:55

This short essay is a clear explanation of the recent, complex events in
Spain, as well as a comment on the surge of anger and anti-war/anti-violence sentiment sweeping through the world. The current climate, coinciding with the one year anniversary of the Occupation of Iraq, is highly condusive to activist action worldwide. As an American living in Iraq, I have been able to analyze the events here, in America, and worldwide, with an intimate knowledge of the nature of each realm of conflict.

Scientist recommends reading MK-Ultra documents

..., 17.03.2004 09:07

The following is a post by the scientist Allen Barker on de-classified MK-Ultra documents

Manifestación contra la ocupación de Irak

Plataforma por la Paz de Tenerife, 17.03.2004 08:41

Cartel de la convocatoria Convocatoria de manifestación en S/C de Tenerife el Sabado 20 de Marzo a las 12:00. Salida en la Plaza de la Paz.
Por la retirada de las tropas de ocupación de Irak, Palestina y Sahara.

1.5 Million Russians Have AIDS!

Red neck, 17.03.2004 04:32

One of the most underreported stories of our time -- Russia is facing a catastrophic epidemic

The Usual Suspects, Fascists.

Lloyd Hart, 17.03.2004 03:50

Aznar's Popular Party (being the haven of the Franco fascists just as the Christian Democrats in Germany became the haven of Nazis after World War Two) more than likely contracted the men arrested through their handlers (the Bush regime) to plant the bombs that went off Thursday in Spain in an attempt to shift a weakening or possible loss for the Popular Party in the Spanish parliament to resounding victory for the Popular Party by blaming the attacks on the militant Basque separatists, the ETA.

Political turmoil in Spain on the aftermath of 11-M

Pablo Dopico, 17.03.2004 02:16

Right wing government refuses to let go its grip on power in Spain, after the socialist victory following the recent terrorist attacks of the 11th of March. Climate of political turmoil and scandal while people still cries for the victims. Riots in Basque provinces and other areas of the country. Rebellion of public television workers. Rumors spread about possible coup d'etat or state of exception. Right wing anti-democratic propaganda spreads through Internet and e-Mail at increasing rates.

Barcelona: the rebellion continous

..., 17.03.2004 01:38

Information about Barcelona nowar fighting (with a very bad translation)

Delivering the NO! to Bush and All That He Stands For

Andrei, 17.03.2004 01:14


This April Fools Day, Make a Fool of Fossil Fuels!

Youth Power Shift, 17.03.2004 00:01

Fossil Fools! On April 1st, young people involved in the Student Environmental Action Coalition's Youth Power Shift campaign will be doing various activities on their campuses to get their universities to invest in renewable energy. Young people that aren't students can also encourage their institutions like their workplaces to get their electricity from renewable energy sources.

The WSF Revisited: Back to Basics?

Radha D'Souza, 16.03.2004 23:56

[This article was originally written as my regular commentary for ZNet. ZNet declined to publish it. It is published here without any changes. The article raises important questions about the direction of the “New Social Movements” from “Third World” perspectives].

National Call in Week for the Buffalo, March 15-18

Ted Fellman, 16.03.2004 23:04

Stop the slaughter of the last wild buffalo in America.
Call your Congressional Representative today!

Interview : Balawaristan leader Nawaz Khan Naji

Gaizuddin Ghazi, 16.03.2004 21:48

Interview : Balawaristan leader Nawaz Khan Naji

Suport Freedom Struggle of Balawaristan

Clearly Racist And Bigoted Skits On Clear Channel

iZ, 16.03.2004 21:37

In the March 10 Bill Handel show on KFI AM 640, a pretend "Muslim" allegedly reading from the new Iraqi constitution refers to "hairy Iraqi women," "lovely Japanese schoolgirls," the "infidel custom of bathing on a regular basis," and "civil unions" between Iraqis and "loving camels and goats."

Presidential Elections - El Salvador

M.Ross, 16.03.2004 21:03

This is copy of an email received from CIS regarding the March 21st Presidential Elections in El Salvador.


Francisco Trindade, 16.03.2004 20:41


Major Censorship Action Alert for Middle East Studies

juan cole, 16.03.2004 19:43

Major Censorship Action Alert for Middle East Studies

Demonstration and Video Against the Iraq War at Terre Haute March 20, 04

Cathy McGuire, 16.03.2004 19:28

Terre Haute Stop War on Iraq is sponsoring a demonstration at 10 a.m. on Sat. March 20 in front of the courthouse; and showing the video "Uncovered-The Whole Truth About the Iraq War" at 2 p.m. at the Vigo Co. Public library at 7th and Poplar Sts.


Jennainf, 25.11.2007 18:28 desk3 [url=]desk4[/url] [link=]desk6[/link]

Expect WMD 'discoveries' before long...

Zinfandel, 16.03.2004 15:58

As the US election draws near.

Kevin Giuliani ist es selber Schuld...................

G.Lauck(Wieder in Deutschland!), 16.03.2004 14:33

Kevin Giuliani ist es selber Schuld wenn er bald im Knast sitzt!

jobless recovery

£, 16.03.2004 14:23

original what the recovery is looking like

Observe 20th March as Anti-US Imperialism Day - Call of AIAIF

AIAIF, 16.03.2004 12:18

This is the Call given by All India Anti-Imperialist Forum
Which was decided on its Convention held in Calcutta on November 15-16,2003.


Lucio Allegri, 16.03.2004 11:41

21 MARZO 2004 ore15.00 - 18.00 – Villa Venier, Sommacampagna, Verona
Appuntamento d’obbligo per i sostenitori di pace e dialogo!

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