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The new news

jamie, 02.02.2005 17:28

The world is changing and not to the imperial masters liking. Remember the coup attempt and the Venezuelan people’s fight back? Western media could not be relied upon to report those events truthfully. Washington may really have something to worry about now because in the future such reliance may not be necessary. Spread the good news.

Mars Attack? No U.S. Killer Satellites Attacking Activists Everywhere!

C.S. Palit, 02.02.2005 16:59

Killer Satellites Attacking Regular Americans! Is This Just a Test Too? Treason. When your Vice-President sits in an underground military base and tells Norad to stand down cause it is just a test on 9-11, you have no business just standing by.

Let the Lawyers Against Bush in to serve those warrants!


required, 02.02.2005 16:58

Please vote :


Should Canada deport terrorist suspects and illegal aliens back to countries where they might be tortured?

Mars Attack? No U.S. Killer Satellites Taking Out Key People!

C.S. Palit, 02.02.2005 16:54

Satellite Attacking My Friends Home! Happening All Over The Country! Break Ranks. Come Home. Your families under attack.
High Crimes and Treason. We've Been Set Up.

Mars Attack? No Killer Satellites Zapping Americans!

just an American, 02.02.2005 16:47

We need help! Break Ranks And Come Home Now!

Mars Attack? No Just U.S. Killer Satellites Picking Off Activists in A Grand Coup

Carolyn Palit, 02.02.2005 16:40

Coup. Plain and simple while the politicians twiddle their thumbs, Americans are clueless, and people who know what is going on stand by while good Americans are being killed at home.


Roadkill Unites Us, 02.02.2005 16:36

Destruction of Kayford Mountain in West Virginia This is a call for everyone who can to get active against mountain top removal on february tenth. There a million ways for anyone anywahere to find and target the institutions perpetuating the destruction of the appalachian mountains...

PARAGUAY: El peligro de jugar a los impuestos

Federico Tatter, 02.02.2005 16:23

El intendente colorado Enrique Riera Escudero, acompañado de un cerrado bloque de concejales redactó y promulgó a finales del año 2004, sin más debates que los necesarios pero con una gran pasión “recaudadora”, sin más cálculos que las necesidades partidarias pero con ensueños “reeleccionistas”, una insólita ordenanza municipal que además de crear y desdoblar tributos “a placer” por el costado y encima de la Constitucion, pretendía incrementar los impuestos municipales en más del 300 por ciento.

King of Nepal siezes power......

King Amdo, 02.02.2005 16:06


King of Nepal siezes power......

King Amdo, 02.02.2005 16:06


Silent Extraterrestrial Invasion Threatens Human Freedom

New Knowledge Library, 02.02.2005 15:49

Human Unity, Freedom and the Hidden Reality of Contact Extraterrestrials not only account for mysterious UFO sightings and abductions, but may also be secretly exploiting human conflict and stimulating the rise of radical fundamentalism throughout the world.

Article in UK mainstream press about e-vote riggiong in the USA....

King Amdo, 02.02.2005 15:37

Risking being catogerised by US authorities as 'mentally ill', the UK broadsheet The Guardian carried a excellent article by a UK labour party person....

Ward Churchill and Academic Freedom

Pedro M. Rosario Barbosa, 02.02.2005 15:26

This article is a modified version of a post made originally in the author's weblog, evaluating Ward Churchill's statements from an ethical standpoint, as well as it advocates for his academic freedom.

Israel/Palestine: Optimism is one thing, Bulldozers another

Amira Hass (Ha'aretz), 02.02.2005 13:45

Amira tell it AS IT IS!
After all, the dictionaries of the victors and those possessing military superiority do not define their occupation as "terrorism and violence."

HOMENAJE AL Presidente de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela

AIPO - ABA, 02.02.2005 13:00

Invitación al acto del próximo sábado 05-02-05


required, 02.02.2005 12:55

Debased, demoted and exiled from the FBI's "SOG" (Washington, D.C.) for abusing a whistelblower, Robert Jordan is trying to rebuild his shattered FBI career by making false charges against Muslims including the infamous dismissed claim against a Muslim attorney that he had participated in the Madrid bombings. Now this same clown is claiming that Oregon is an al-Qaeda hotbed. Note that two articles are included here.

Iraq War Important for Oil Profits

A consumer, 02.02.2005 02:16

Record profits because of the War

The Beatles have caused the disintegration of mankind

The HIGH COURT, 02.02.2005 01:49

Nuclear Verdicts

Why Buy Prescription Drugs in Canada

A Patient, 02.02.2005 01:41

Instead of buying drugs from Canada we should change the law that restricts any negotiation of drug prices with the pharmaceutical companies.

Time to recognize our fallen Sons &amp; Daughters

A Parent, 02.02.2005 01:09

If we ask soldiers to die for their country then we should honor them in their death.

call for tactical audio contributions for protest academy london inaugural lecture @elastic feb 19- mar 5

msdm, 01.02.2005 22:01

what are we doing... at elastic residence london msdm| protest academy| london inaugural lecture:
‘What are we doing? What is happening to us? What needs to be done? I prefer not to’

Stoping the Corporate Media Cartel

Remixer, 01.02.2005 21:58

Help stop Corporate control of our information

Why the Iraqi Resistance has Saved the World

Agent Orange, 01.02.2005 21:33

Nothing can save us from ourselves except our enemies.

Wolf Advocates Take Alaska Boycott Drive to the Internet

Friends of Animals, 01.02.2005 21:21

Throughout the month of February, activists opposed to Alaska's state-sponsored aerial wolf-killing seek 28,000 pledges supporting a boycott of Alaska tourism.

US President George W. Bush personally connected to terrorist organizations?

Bylined to: Elio Cequea, 01.02.2005 19:10

Boulevard-de-Sabana-Grande THIS SHOULD BE FRONT PAGE! -- Chavez ia a democrat. GW Bush is a terrorist. Bush takes Qadaffi off the trrrorist list even though he IS a dictator. ...those who a couple of years ago "proved" to us that Saddam Hussein had WMD ... they are the same people now accusing the President of Venezuela of harboring terrorists.

Video of Purported UK Plane Shootdown By Iraqi Resistance

Iraqi Resistance, 01.02.2005 19:02

USA losing control of Iraqi airspace.

June 10-12th 'Weekend of Resistance' for Jeff 'Free' Luers Announced!

Friends of Jeff 'Free' Luers, 01.02.2005 18:27

Jeff Luers-January 2005 June 2005 marks the five-year anniversary of the imprisonment of our friend and comrade: Oregon environmental political prisoner, Jeff “Free” Luers. Jeff was sentenced to more than 22 years in prison for burning three Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) at a car dealership in Eugene, Oregon, and on trumped up attempted arson charges.

Ward Churchill resignation statement

Written by ernesto , c/o£, 01.02.2005 18:20

I clearly recall the comment on 911 from a speech, 'why didn't WE do it?'

It's not nice to steal from people trying to raise money for people with HIV/AIDS

Art Talks, 01.02.2005 18:15

Local TV station, CIVI-TV ("The new VI," part of the CHUM Group) use AIDS fundraisers artwork without acknowledgement or payment.

White Al Qaida

Serbia Today, 01.02.2005 17:19

Al Qaida's military operations in the Balkans and the reason why things go as they go in the democratic process in Serbia


Mathew Maavak, 01.02.2005 17:09

Many ominous things lurk while the post-tsunami reconstruction works are going on. There are hidden opportunities in any tragedy to aggrandize power.

The racist wave

£, 01.02.2005 17:07


Global Call to Action 2005

Caracol Intergalaticka, 01.02.2005 16:59

Global Resistance 2005:A call to action

Iraqis Boycott Election Fraud

By 20 Iraqi Exiles, 01.02.2005 15:34

We support demands for minimal pre-conditions:

(1) Setting a strict timetable for speedy withdrawal of all occupation forces,

(2) Ceasing all attacks, and confining all occupation forces to barracks until full withdrawal,

(3) Ending martial law and releasing all political prisoners,

(4) Establishing an independent election commission, led by Iraq's senior serving and retired judges, and including all Iraq's political forces. The commission can be assisted by anti-occupation figures, e.g. Nelson Mandela, and the UN General Assembly."

Kadınlar korkmadı en çok onlar oy kullandı, 01.02.2005 15:26

İsrail istihbaratına yakınlığıyla bilinen internet sitesi Debka’ya göre, yüzde 60 şeklinde verilen seçimlere katılım oranı aslında yüzde 40-45 şeklinde gerçekleşti.

Anti-Bush/Israel Song Parody

Ulysses S. Taxpayer, 01.02.2005 14:38

To the tune of "You Don't Mess Around With Jim" by Jim Croce... a song in "honor" of America's Glorious Leader and His Puppet Master, "Man of Peace" Ariel Sharon

Protest against police repression in Orissa

futureasia, 01.02.2005 13:40

Protest by Univarsity students in front of Orissa State House in New Delhi

Top Patroits Wants Readers

The Worm, 01.02.2005 12:56

Interesting perspectives on the Intelligence Community in the Bush Administration.

UN Proves Its Worth

Darius, 01.02.2005 12:42

The UN provides a valuable service

Live every move as if it were your last.

ggro, 01.02.2005 11:37

Gere and Stone together again, at an "Intersection" of elites, financiers, and washed-up presidential personalities . . . Will Lara Croft lead us to liberation?

Violacion de los derechos humanos en Israel.

Ivan Vanney, 01.02.2005 09:17

Violacion de los derechos humanos, detencion sin permiso, violacion de privacidad, aislamiento...


RAJAMOHAN, 01.02.2005 07:28

jpg files of documents. Wiedergutmachung eines Unrechts wodurch ein erfolgversprechender Laufbahn einesjungen indischen Wissenschaftlers ruiniert wurde-Rassendiskriminierung zwischen indischen und britischen Bachelorgrad Absoventen bei Zulassung zur Promotion nach Ausnahmeregel ($3 Abs.30 der Prom.ordnung der Universitaet Stuttgart} trotz gezeigter HERVORRAGEND ausserordentlicher wissenschaftlichen Qualifikation- Prozessbetrug durch falsche Darstellung zur Sache und zu Recht durch die Universitaet Stuttgart


Reuters, 01.02.2005 04:28

U.S. troops in Iraq shot dead four detainees on Monday during a riot at the main U.S. prison camp for guerrilla suspects, near the Kuwaiti border. U.S. commanders have said they want Camp Bucca to serve as a model for good conditions as an antidote to the bad publicity generated by photographs of prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib.
"The facility's commander immediately deployed all available guards to the camp in an attempt to control the situation ...
"Guards attempted to calm the increasingly volatile situation using verbal warnings and, when that failed, by use of non-lethal force. After about 45 minutes of escalating danger, lethal force was used to quell the violence."

Under Pressure, Qatar May Sell Jazeera Station

New York Times, 01.02.2005 03:33

Look how USA is "spreading freedom" across the world (in particular the
middle-east). By suppressing free-press!

The racist wave

antiracist@, 01.02.2005 00:42

the wave, 26 dez 2004 And you're wondering: What does tsunami have to do with racism?

( translation from german: )

National-Anarchists to Split

NAC, 31.01.2005 23:32

New national-anarchist group formed

Why did the US really pick a fight with Iraq?

Ryan Dawson, 31.01.2005 22:39

Myth after myth has been debunked, so why did they Government really want a war with Iraq? The militray industrial complex, profiteering, and Israel were all key players.

Iraqis would like to erect a monument to honor President Bush 'cos he is the symbol of freedom

The New York Post, 31.01.2005 22:13

Ali Fadel would like to erect a monument to honor President Bush in the middle of the city. "We will build a statue for Bush," said Ali Fadel, the former provincial council chairman. "He is the symbol of freedom."

NASA searches for a snowball in hell

Mark Gaffney, 31.01.2005 21:32

This is a feature article about NASA's recent space launch, Deep Impact. This is going to be one of the biggest stories of the year. NASA is seeking evidence in support of its current cometary ice model. However, it is very unlikely that NASA will find it. Later this year, we are going to witness the collapse of the current comet model, which will be of momentous significance to the human enterprise on earth, as it will herald a paradigm shift in science -- one that could save us from self destruction. This will be of interest to everyone.

The piece is already posted at Counterpunch. Here's the address. Feel free to reprint, post or link. Whatever.

Sincerely, Mark Gaffney

Israeli Prof: &quot;Shoot Arabs In The Head&quot;

Kurt Nimmo/Another Day In The Empire, 31.01.2005 20:59

If you listen to Zionists repeatedly putting their feet in their mouths, you gain a truly horrifying view of just how hateful the racist ideology called ZIONISM truly is.

For further links, please click the story link provided.

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