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SALOMON, 06.02.2005 00:23

Un fantasma recorre hoy Latinoamérica porque la población hoy recién empieza a ver el panorama del engaño de las privatizaciones salvajes de los años 80 y 90, presentadas por los profetas del neoliberalismo como el remedio a todos los males de la región pero nunca imaginaron las empresas extranjeras el papel que les tocaría desempeñar, de ser fuentes del despertar de las luchas sociales.

Statement of the WSF 2005, on the threat of Left violence in the Philippines

World Social Forum 2005, 05.02.2005 23:45

We are deeply concerned that there are still some groups in the world today that attempt to deal with political differences using physical attacks and death threats. A recent example of this is the situation which has emerged in the Philippines where a number of individual intellectuals, activists (Walden Bello and Lidy Nacpil) and organisations engaged in various forms of struggle against militarism and globalised capitalism have been listed by the international department of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) as ³counter-revolutionary² and as ³agents of imperialism². Some individuals named on this list have already been assassinated and, based on past experiences, this list constitutes a credible threat of assassination.

United States Leading Export: Gun Violence

Daniel Kelley, 05.02.2005 23:32

The U.S. rates as the worst of custodians preventing gun violence against children and has now taken their show on the road, to Baghdad.

Ward Churchill and the Contras, the CIA, and Elliot Abrams-A blow by blow of Ward's Treachory

KL, 05.02.2005 22:48

Ken Lawrence former writer of Covert Action while Ward worked there gives a blow by blow of Ward's support of the CIA and Contras in Niaragua.


Mark Ciavardoni, 05.02.2005 21:20

Discusses findings from a large group of individuals
about personal values, and shows the contrast between human
values and "wall street values".

The Conflict between Jews and Muslims

Ralf Biermann, 05.02.2005 21:03

I studied the Bible for some years and just recently I discovered the Quran to be a holy book as a complement to the Bible. As opposed to other people I do not see religion as the root cause of the problems between the nations, but as the solution. Therefore I concentrate on how everything fits together.


£, 05.02.2005 20:53


A call for the revitalization of the South Eastern Prison Books Program

readers corner prison books project, 05.02.2005 20:43

we need help in the southeast with prisoner support
The South Eastern Prison Books program has not been running for some time
now. The program was previously based out of Asheville, North Carolina for a few
years and covered all of the Southeastern states. In the event of the closing of
the local Asheville Community Resource Center (ACRC), the program lost its
space. Now with the reopening of the ACRC in a different location we have an
opportunity to start the program back up again.

Queer Law Students Want to Kick the Military Off Campus

Chelsea HaleyNelson, 05.02.2005 20:41

Queer law student groups from UC Berkeley, Golden Gate University, UC Hastings, New College, Santa Clara and the University of San Francisco, terming themselves the Coalition of Queer Law Student Associations (CQLSA), are protesting the military recruitment at the 21st Annual Northern California Public Interest/Public Sector (PI/PS) Legal Careers Day. The event, an all-day career fair for public interest oriented law students hosted by the Public Interest Clearinghouse and nine Northern California law schools, is scheduled for Saturday, February 12th at UC Hasting College of the Law. The protest challenges the decision of organizers of PI/PS day to allow the military to recruit at the event despite the Third Circuit Court of Appeals recent ruling in Fair v. Rumsfeld declaring the Solomon Amendment unconstitutional.

New bill would put Homeland Security above the law

Various/CCNWON, 05.02.2005 20:31

Ve Haff Vays Ovf Makink Yoo Tock.


required, 05.02.2005 20:04

In Trincomalee district 70 percent of the dead and 65 percent of displaced and rendered homeless were Muslims. But the government authorities overlooked the Muslims when appointing members to the District Task Force and its five sub-committees. Not a single Muslim representative was appointed to such institutions, which are engaged in implementing relief, and reconstruction work in tsunami affected areas in the district.

Israeli War Crimes, 2/4/05

Tierra Insurgente/ Intifada Al Ard, 05.02.2005 18:14

This is a summary of israeli war crimes committed in Palestine for the week ending 2/4/05

The Importance of Free Speech

William Thomas Sherman, 05.02.2005 14:54

Why is Seattle Indy Media censoring? And why don't they come out and discuss this topic? Have THEY become THEM?

It seems to me if they are going to yank articles that those doing so repeatedly identify themselves by name, and give us their reasons for doing so.


Urgent news from Nepal

@, 05.02.2005 10:21

The situation in Nepal is FAR worse than previously thought, The King is conducting massive repression and there is a communication blackout - this is one of the few reports getting out of Nepal.

Support Our Troops? I Sure Don’t!

Derek J. Hanson, 05.02.2005 05:20

Each and every one of our troops are terrorists, plain and simple! They terrorize the Iraqis like those “evil-doers” terrorized us on September 11, 2001. I don’t support terrorists.

Top U.S. Marine General: Fun to Shoot Muslims, 05.02.2005 04:19

Now we enter the phase of the USA+Coalition Crusade where we will here
them boast about the crimes they commit!

The fairy tale of the Dutch open society and humane asylum-measures

Astrid Essed, 05.02.2005 03:24

In contrarily with the general allegations in American and Western newsmedia, not only the Netherlands is no open society for minorities, moreover the Dutch asylum-policy is violating gravely international humanitarian principles.


Paz Now, 05.02.2005 01:52

An Urgent Call to Action!! The "Key" to PEACE. A powerful grassroots movement to flood congress with 1 million keys!!

Why ZIONISM today is the real ENEMY of the JEWS

Avi Shlaim, 05.02.2005 01:21

Israel's policies are the cause; hatred of Israel and anti-Semitism are the consequences.

Nelson Mandela, Ambassador of the Poor

The Don, 04.02.2005 23:53

Cancel debt and bring trade justice to poorer countries, pleads Mandela.

Marriage Equality a Matter of Justice

pspalmer, 04.02.2005 23:50

On Sunday, February 13, Unitarian-Universalist congregations all over California will join in open support of Marriage Equality. At the 11:00 a.m. Sunday Service of the First Unitarian Church of Los Angeles, 2936 West 8th Street, guest minister Stefanie Etzbach-Dale will speak on the subject of “Standing on the Side of Love”. Free. (213) 389-1356.

Venezuela shifts oil sales strategy

The Don, 04.02.2005 23:50

As relationship with the USA keeps on deteriorating, President Hugo Chavez sees new market partners in Russia, China, India, Iran and Argentina new market partners.

More arrogance, more belligerence, more chauvinism

The Don, 04.02.2005 23:48

When is Bush going to concentrate on putting his own house in order?

AIM Communique on Ward Churchill

Ogithida- American Indian Movent, 04.02.2005 23:41

This is a summary of our communique on recent Churchill events. He may have a right to say what he is saying but we have a right to say his positions are not in keeping with our position and once again and since 1985 he is not a part of the American Indian Movement.

Australian CentrelinkCEO Jeff Whalan I sentance you to be floged publicly for child abuse

Mark Flowers, 04.02.2005 22:44

Australian Federal welfare agency Centrelink CEO Mr Jeff Whalan and previous CEO Sue Varden at the helm of the nasty ship CEII Centrelink Enhanced Investigation Initiative and ASSI the Australian School of Security Investigation . With a top crew of power mungors very nasty types all of them . Sue Varden is the master builder of this massive team of hand picked low lives Un Australian welfare pigs used only to persecute those who dare to question Centrelink { or have evidence that would expose Centrelink Persecution }

Martial Law Declared in Nepal

Neoclassic, 04.02.2005 22:42

Nepal: All communication links were cut after the King Gyanendra's announcement of suspending parliament and fundamental rights, on Tuesday, 1st of february.

Oklahoma No 1 in War Crime Weapons

Bob Nichols, Project Censored Award Winner, 04.02.2005 22:22

On the 60th Aniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz, Fallujah Leveled by Uranium Weapons from Oklahoma.

How the heck did Marc Silber get that frog to swim into a cloud?

Pacific Marketing Designs, 04.02.2005 22:21

Marc Silber’s photographs ( have been acclaimed as “brilliant” “inspiring” and ”evocative” but all we want to know is how he got that shot of the frog swimming into a cloud?

Footsteps of Anne Frank: American writer takes refuge in Holland, banned by Bush government

Dr. Les Sachs, 04.02.2005 21:52

American writer forced to take refuge in Holland, after illegal banning of free speech by Bush government and a Bush-loyal judge. New relevance for the legacy of Anne Frank on the 60th anniversary of her death, in this U.S. court fraud scandal to ban a writer's freedom, a scandal financed by longtime Bush friend and celebrity author Patricia Cornwell.

Theodore W. Allen, 85, Author of &quot;Thge Invention of the White Race&quot;

Jeffrey B. Perry, 04.02.2005 21:38

Obituary (long)

The New York Times killed a story that could have changed the election—because it could have changed the election

Dave Lindorff, 04.02.2005 21:24

The Battle of Bush's Debate Bulge. The New York Times killed a story that could have changed the election—because it could have changed the election.

Indy TV rocks: Got WinAmp? see this video stream

hfx_ben, 04.02.2005 21:08

*I posted this more than 10 minutes ago and it's still not on NewsWire ... and I cleared my Cache too, just in case. 'Sup with that?*;stream.nsv ... copy that, launch WinAmp, chose F)ile and then Play URL, then paste those numbers.

THE LETTER: AN AMERICAN TOWN &amp; THE &quot;SOMALI INVASION&quot; Opens in New York City

Ryan Davis, 04.02.2005 20:47

Feature-length documentary opens at the Pioneer Theater on February 9th. The film chronicles the turmoil economically struggling and overwhelmingly white Lewiston, Maine faced when 1,100 former Somali refugees relocated there en-masse in the wake of the 9/11 tragedy - referred to at the time as the "Somali invasion" by the international news media.

Sudan Rally for Teens

Jaime Bergerson, 04.02.2005 20:42

March 26, 2005 Rally outside the Sudanese Embassy

Indy TV rocks: Got WinAmp? see this video stream

hfx_ben, 04.02.2005 20:24;stream.nsv ... copy that, launch WinAmp, chose F)ile and then Play URL, then paste those numbers.

Arab-Israeli Conflict: The Deceptions

Ravenaeus, 04.02.2005 20:07

The conflict has grounds in unlawful and globally opposed policies and actions by both the nation of Israel and the US. The PR machines of the US and Israel have to be ignored as well as those of the Arab states, but the truth and history of the conflict can be found if you dig a little.


By Angel Rodriguez Alvarez, 04.02.2005 17:43

Results from 2004 show that Cuba is making great progress in its fight against drug trafficking and use.

PDF &quot;Some People Push Back&quot; On the Justice of Roosting Chickens

Ward Churchill c/o £, 04.02.2005 17:00

Made with my own font, OpenOffice, and PDFCreator.

About Compulsory Execution by Proxy of Nagoya City, Japan against the Homeless people

highwind, 04.02.2005 16:48

On Januray 24th, Nagoya City Administration did compulsory execution by proxy against the homeless people live in Shirakawa Park, Nagoya.

NYC Indymedia Censors Article

Scott Loughrey, 04.02.2005 16:19

'911 and the Society of the Spectacle' Appears NYC Indymedia censors article 30 minutes after it appears.

Venezuela: realizadas VI Jornadas Anarcopunks en Caracas

Redacción de EL LIBERTARIO, 04.02.2005 16:17

* Como espacio para la contracultura combativa surgido por 6 años atras por iniciativa de la Comisión de Relaciones Anarquistas -CRA- de Venezuela, en la semana del 23 al 30 de enero se efectuaron en Caracas las VI Jornadas Anarcopunks, con películas, videos, foros, talleres y una exposición sobre el Punk en Venezuela.

North Korea Linked to Nuclear Material Sale

Toyko Todd, 04.02.2005 15:55

BBC reports that N.Korea shipped material to Libya

1444 GI's now &quot;officially&quot; killed in Iraq

jamie, 04.02.2005 15:29

1444 GI's now "officially" killed in Iraq. See details below from

The Children of Iraq

David Vickery, 04.02.2005 15:17

The children of Iraq and being brutalized, much like the children of Palestine Look at these pictures of Iraqi children and try to imagine the kind of adults they will become as a result of the American/Zionist war on the country of Iraq.


required, 04.02.2005 15:17

The photos show an absolutely uncanny
resemblance between Rumsfeld and the Gestapo Nazi
played by actor Ronald Lacey in "Raiders of the Lost
Ark". The difference between the two is that Lacey was
only pretending to be a Gestapo Nazi - while Rumsfeld
is the real thing.

Nelson Mandela in Trafalgar Square

Keith Parkins, 04.02.2005 14:27

Nelson Mandela launched the Make Poverty History campaign to a packed Trafalgar Square lunchtime Thursday 3 February 2005.

Child labour

sadashivan, 04.02.2005 13:56

Here is the movie clip to view children performing circus to please public and earn. This clip indicates child labour still exists.

Teens for Peace, Sudan Rally

Jaime Bergerson, 04.02.2005 12:18

March for Teens in front of Sudanese Rally on March 26, 2005. Please come!!


Por Roberto Pérez Betancourt, 04.02.2005 12:05

En cada área poblacional cubana de hasta 399 habitantes (circunscripción) los vecinos se reúnen con el objetivo de hallar candidatos a delegados para las 169 Asambleas municipales del Poder Popular, con vistas a las elecciones del 17 de abril.

Uzbekistan, Interview with Craig Murray: Ex-British Ambassador to Uzbekistan

anon, 04.02.2005 10:29

Very intersting article on Usbekistan, including british participation to widespread torture.

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