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Mr anonyman, 08.02.2005 18:53

Patent Diagram You should be aware that Dr Aris Mardirossian of LLC technologies has developed an implantable microchip patent 6,011,991 and communications system that allows for mind reading,and instillation of thoughts....

Falluja Residents Testify to the Destruction of Their City

Michel Bôle-Richard, 08.02.2005 18:50

"I'd be happy never to see another American, not here or anywhere else on Earth," he says.


Yenny Sebastian, 08.02.2005 16:00


Police Brutality

Victims, 08.02.2005 15:34

Police in Arkansas, hoping to find drugs, chase an innocent family, even shoot at them. The family gets away, after a 2 hour chase, only to be prosecuted by dirty cops and a dirty court system.

Grrnd zero squatt Lyonnais en péril

asso superchampion, 08.02.2005 14:33

Le délibéré est tombé comme un couperet ce lundi 7 février. Superchampion a été prié par le Tribunal de Grande Instance de déguerpir au plus vite. La Justice ne reconnait aucun interet public à ses actions, et accuse même ses amis d'être trop riches pour squatter.

So! This is god's army?

unkown, 08.02.2005 11:11

So, this is god's army? I'm left wondering if he (bush) really knows what the hell he is talking about? When he (bush) and his gangsters in in office make statements about US forces being god's army? Anybody got a clue?


MANITHAM - Promoting Human Rights, Protecting Environment, 08.02.2005 10:25

MANITHAM - Promoting Human Rights, Protecting Environment Manitham is a Non-Governmental Organisation, aiming to bring radical changes in the society to enable individuals and communities to become self-reliant so that people may live in consonance with the true dictates of humanity in its widest scope and dimension.

Human Rights Groups Call Imelda A Liar

Task Force Detainees of the Philippines (TFDP), 08.02.2005 09:44

"Mrs. Imelda Marcos wants to erase whatever association the martial law victims have with the Marcos's name. The fact remains that there exist victims of martial rule who suffered and we have photographs and documents to prove it. Some victims are alive to tell their sufferings and traumatic experiences under the dictatorship of Marcos."

Human Rights Groups Call Imelda A Liar

Task Force Detainees of the Philippines (TFDP), 08.02.2005 09:39

"Mrs. Imelda Marcos wants to erase whatever association the martial law victims have with the Marcos's name. The fact remains that there exist victims of martial rule who suffered and we have photographs and documents to prove it. Some victims are alive to tell their sufferings and traumatic experiences under the dictatorship of Marcos."

Über die Lage in Venezuela - Resolution der X. Internationalen Konferenz Marxistisch-Leninistischer Parteien

Redaktion Roter Morgen, Zeitung der KPD, 08.02.2005 08:11

Ende Dezember hat in Ekuador die X. Konferenz der Marxistisch-Leninistischen Parteien und Organisationen stattgefunden. Die Konferenz hat unter anderem die Resolution "Über die Lage in Venezuela" verabschiedet. In diesem Dokument wird auch die schädliche, antileninistische Politik und Praxis der Partei Bandera Roja in Venezuela verurteilt.

Zionists Caught Faking Attack On Themselves

Guardian/Ha'Aretz, 08.02.2005 06:58

What Israel claimed was a terrorist attack turned out to be an alleged weapons test gone awry. This, as Sharon suggests terrorist acts will derail the peace summit he has no interest in, and Extremist, Zionist Rabbis pray for the failure of these talks.

Our Valentine--So Near, So Far

SANDEEP DATTA, Email:, 08.02.2005 06:27

This write-up narrates how we can figure out who is our valentine. Why should we complain others if it's our personal ignorance to recognise him/her on time? How valentine day has been misunderstood and ill-defined by a few sex-maniacs. Surely, love shouldn't be expressed as a one day fever.

Talleres de Cultura Popular

ECP-M68, 08.02.2005 05:26

TalleresECPM68 Tras 13 años de formar promotores culturales para los movimientos sociales, iniciamos nuestras actividades del 2005 con talleres de cultura popular.


Tonia Holbrook, 07.02.2005 21:23

School officials and students said prominent local racist Lisa "White Pride" Whiteside's protests against Muslim schoolgirls wearing hijab were joined by robed members of the Ku Klux Klan, carrying Confederate flags and white-supremacist regalia.

Best Way To &quot;Handle&quot; The Ward Churchill Attacks

marco, 07.02.2005 19:04

Arm yourself with the knowlege you need to
fight off these attacks, and the further
damage they do to our movement.
Read Brian Glick's book "war at home."
I can't stress that heavily enough.

open message to activists

£, 07.02.2005 18:24

Transparent Solidarity.

A plea?

Read It and Weep!

Ilya, 07.02.2005 17:16

All that needs to be said

Ed Magdeson's Rip Off Revenge - Fraud Exposed

Sharkie, 07.02.2005 17:07

Exposes the truth behind self styled consumer watchdog, Ed Magedson, to reveal his true interest lies in increasing his own bank account. This unscrupulous criminal uses his bully pulpit to issue outright threats to coerce legitimate business owners to pay-up for a favorable report. You can see all the evidence and decide the truth for yourself.

28,000 Pledges in 28 Days: Wolf Advocates Take Alaska Boycott Drive to the Internet

Daniel Hammer, 07.02.2005 16:52

Darien, Conn. — Throughout the month of February, activists opposed to Alaska’s state-sponsored aerial wolf-killing seek 28,000 pledges supporting a boycott of Alaska tourism.

New Website Encourages Alternatives to Ebay

Lindsey Christ, 07.02.2005 16:34

Website created to help sellers with eBay's fee increase. The fast growing website is calling for a boycott on eBay Feb 18-25, 2005


Eric Margolis, 07.02.2005 16:05

Life imitates art. This week, former military intelligence analyst William Arkin revealed a hitherto unknown directive, with the Orwellian name "JCS Conplan 0300-97," authorizing the Pentagon to employ special, ultra-secret "anti-terrorist" military units on American soil for what the author claims are "extra-legal missions."

In other words, using U.S. soldiers to kill or arrest Americans, acts that have been illegal since the U.S. Civil War.

An Insight Into The Journalistic Lifestyle

SANDEEP DATTA, Delhi,(India), 07.02.2005 13:08

What's your definition of a journalist? How do they perform their professional duties? Are they just set of clerks in any organisation or postmen to deliver news?Are they silent creatures or people with highly concerned viewpoints? Or they are simply hard-core revolutionists?

being murdered on ebay

'Downright' Badd, 07.02.2005 10:20

Now the right to be murdered has been offered, auctioned, fought for, and won on Ebay...

The crisis of the anti-war movement

Janus Prodeck, 07.02.2005 06:56

Last week I went to an anti-war gathering to hear young activists share their ideas on how to move forward in the fight against the occupation of Iraq. People were mostly confused about the Iraqi elections and seemed to have lost hope that they can do something that would really make a difference. One thing that stroke me was that almost everyone said that "life under Saddam Hussein turned out to be not so horrible as we were told", and "probably it would have been better to let Saddam stay in power". Fucking morons! Its been almost two years since the US invaded Iraq in March 2003, but they are still living in the past and talking nonsense.

Paul Wolf notable COINTELPRO and CIA researcher on Churchill

REPOST, 07.02.2005 06:44

ANd the hits just keep on comin

For Whom the Bell Tolls: Ward Churchill and the War on Dissent

W.B. Reeves, Atlanta IMC, 07.02.2005 06:22

Fox News hitman Bill O'Reilly spearheads new attacks on dissent. Radical academic Professor Ward Churchill is only his first target.

Come On Racist And Fascist Jews

Faruque Ahmed, 07.02.2005 05:52

To your surprise, the Taleeban in Afghanistan used to spend 50% of their times to stop fighting between only two Jews who used to live there! I said in many times, the Israel / Palestine conflict is NOT a conflict of religion. It is a conflict of land. I don’t understand why a racist and fascist like you even bother to bring race or religion in to this argument!

Defiant statement at half time show.

Henry Lowery, 07.02.2005 05:45

Tomorrow will the big controversy be the defiant statement made during the super bowl half time show?

Letter From Leonard Peltier Throwing all participants involved with &quot;Dark Night Field Notes&quot; off the LPDC committee

AIM, 07.02.2005 04:54

Remember this Ward?

Remember Ward CHuruchills favorite article &quot;Why Do You Think We Call It Struggle?&quot; This is Leanord Peltiers condemnation of It.

AIM, 07.02.2005 04:52

Your famous defence Ward? Remember "Why Do You Think They Call It Struggle"? Remember Leonard's Response? Well here it is for everyone to see. Punk

Churchill Says &quot;What if I'm not Indian as it becomes more clear He isn't Indian

aim, 07.02.2005 02:25

Rocky Mountain News in depth probe of Churchill's Indian heritage shows the people he calims to be related to who are Indian in fact are not!

The &quot;Scalping&quot; of Cherokee Indian Ward Churchill

Ernesto Cienfurgos, 07.02.2005 01:41

Chairman of Ethnic Studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder is forced to resign

¿Es posible que la multitud se autogobierne? El libre común acuerdo

Kropotkin, 06.02.2005 21:57

Y sin advertirlo, pasamos junto a mil agrupaciones humanas que se constituyen libremente, sin ninguna intervención de la ley, y que logran realizar cosas infinitamente superiores a las que se realizan bajo la tutela gubernamental.

666 Calculator - Telephone

Cosmos2000 Inc., 06.02.2005 20:32

666 image Brand-new 666 Calculator

The Iraq war has brought out a &quot;hunger for dictatorship&quot; in the Right that could signal the end of American democracy: Editor of American Conservative

Scott McConnell, 06.02.2005 19:05

Hunger for Dictatorship

War to export democracy may wreck our own.


Filmed, 06.02.2005 18:15


PORTLAND, OR – Filmed by Bike III, Portland’s premier festival of bicycle-themed film shorts, has released a call for entries. The deadline is March 15th, 2005 and films may be mailed to 5267 NE 20th Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97211, USA.

Arab-Israeli Conflict: The Deceptions

Ravenaeus, 06.02.2005 18:02

Though there are legitimate sources for real historical and current information, you will not find it on US media, from the Israeli PR machines, or the Arab PR machine.

Walden Bello's life in danger

forwarded by Boyd Reimer from Focus on the Global South website, 06.02.2005 17:51

A Statement of Concern about a Hit-list including Walden Bello and other Activists (Of the 14 people on this hit list, two have already been killed)

Are we as free as we think?

Robert Dawn, 06.02.2005 15:24

25% of us are already being destroyed by a disease - cancer - which was cured in 1934, before the AMA/FDA pharmaceutical monopoly outlawed it and hounded its brilliant and hard-working inventor Raymond Royal Rife to death.

The skies are laden with chemtrail clouds of artificially created viruses and fungal colonies intertwined into micro- fibers small enough to pass through the lung lining.

The same genocide and extermination that we see in Afganistan, Turkey, Bosnia, Iran, Iraq, is being practised here, and Americans are beginning to see the first computer screens that say "Access Denied" that they see in Russia and China.

The One-World Government Corporate Cabal is Pulling the Strings Tighter Around Our Necks

Robert Dawn, 06.02.2005 14:13

When you wonder why your computer crashes when you try to make a particular kind
of purchase, or you become dazed at the screen, or mentally distracted, or the phone rings each time - it is more than likely NOT coincidence -- only those transactions that are approved by a Mafia/NSA/CIA/Bankster cabal are processed, and the rest are blocked, "lost," discouraged, and dissapated by a variety of real-time goal-tending and mind control maneuvers....

Low-Horizon Satellites Beaming Americans

Palit, 06.02.2005 10:08

Low-Horizon 30-50 Miles Up Satellites Activists and Regular Americans Reporting that they are undergoing harassment by satellites

Electronic Torture

Palit, 06.02.2005 10:02

Low-Horizon 30-50 Mile Satellite Microwave Beam More Activists and People Being Harassed

Toronto Blanketed in Smog

CR Shay, 06.02.2005 08:49

Feb 6thm 2:33 am.

Toronto Blanketed in Smog

CR Shay, 06.02.2005 08:06

Feb 6thm 2:33 am.


David Rose, 06.02.2005 04:54

'I needed the toilet,' Mubanga said, 'and I asked the interrogator to let me go. But he just said, "you'll go when I say so". I told him he had five minutes to get me to the toilet or I was going to go on the floor. He left the room. Finally, I squirmed across the floor and did it in the corner, trying to minimise the mess. I suppose he was watching through a one-way mirror or the CCTV camera. He comes back with a mop and dips it in the pool of urine. Then he starts covering me with my own waste, like he's using a big paintbrush, working methodically, beginning with my feet and ankles and working his way up my legs. All the while he's racially abusing me, cussing me: "Oh, the poor little negro, the poor little nigger." He seemed to think it was funny.'

United States Leading Export: Gun Violence

By Daniel Kelley, 06.02.2005 03:14

AH-64 Apache The U.S. already rates as the worst of custodians preventing gun violence against children and has now taken their show on the road, to Baghdad.

Children killed by high speed projectile violence in each country as a percent of the population, (not specifically child population).

.0000000 Japan
.0000007 Germany
.000031 UK
.000181 France
.00048 Canada
.00097 US
.184 Iraq

These figures were derived by dividing Child Gun violence deaths for each country by each countries approximate population (X100 to draw each as a percent).

The above statistics were taken from:

Bush Surrounds Himself With Liars, Thugs &amp; Traitors

Bill Phillips, 06.02.2005 03:14

Elliot Abrams Convicted liar Elliot Abrams was recently promoted to Bush's deputy national security adviser and joins a cadre of Iran-Contra war criminals in the Bush junta.

Bill Gates Please Stop!

Dwight Acey, 06.02.2005 01:17

This is an article requesting Bill Gates stop funding a landfill in Suisun City, California.


John Cavanagh, 06.02.2005 00:55

Chavez was one of several leaders who expressed concern for Bello's safety. At the World Assembly of Social Movements, Joao Pedro Stedile, the legendary head of Brazil's Landless Movement (MST) introduced Bello as "an exemplary leader whose life is unfortunately under threat. May you have a long life Walden."

Disaster expands in Iraq. Will we stop the draft?

jamie, 06.02.2005 00:50

Disaster expands in Iraq. 1447 U.S. GI’s now confirmed dead. All indications say get ready for draft. Or should we make it clear that it will not work? jamie

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