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IRAQ,17 JUNE 2004: U.S.TAD, Ex-Im Bank, PMCs...

Christian Pose, 13.02.2005 14:47

L'Irak, une journ仔 du mois de juin 2004, une approche d'un coup d'Etat clefs en main, les moyens bancaires priv市 arabes et am屍icains, les Private Military Companies, le d思eloppement 残onomique autoritaire... la d士ocratie?

my definition of a boombasta afrougoisie vs rebels unlimited

Ytzhak, 13.02.2005 13:17

remember the main point in the f.b.i., and prior to that, the colonial
powers, in the directive to the control of the, what william carlos
williams refered as, "pure products of ameri(kkk)a" = (blacks in north
amerikkka) was to insure they did not get a black "messiah" and to
destroy the black male.

global facts

Emile Duerckheim, 13.02.2005 12:38

if you believe in social justice and sharing the planet between all species then go to and find out more

Iran: Celebrating 26 Years of Independence

Mohammad, 13.02.2005 12:32

Azadi (Freedom) Square Thousands of Iranians took to the streets across the country on Feb 10th to celebrate the 26th Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution of 1979, and to send a message to the world's leaders that they will not tolerate any oppression. Despite heavy snowfall in the nation’s capital, Tehran, thousands gathered in the streets and marched on to Azadi (Freedom) Square to listen to President Khatami’s speech and show their resistance to American hegemony in the region, all the while handing out balloons and enjoying the occasional snowball fight.

Slavery Died With The Slaves, God Is The Only Master

Jacqueline Amos, 13.02.2005 08:50

Everyone man who wear shades ain’t blind; the conspiracy to over throw the constitution of unity, the sun shines and the moon resolves, so who is man who conspires in the dark, the destruction comes within the sources of a mask, hypocritical, character assignations, all for self, and unity for none. Mr. Charlie has return, under the decay of a world order which refuse to adjust, it is not man on the mountain, it is not the man who wholes the cards of power, it is the man who lives by the laws of God

'Resurrection: The J.R. Richard Story' - Houston Film Premiere

Christopher Rogers, 13.02.2005 06:05

&quot;Resurrection: The J.R. Richard Story&quot; "…the true story of a man's fall from grace and resurrection to the light."

IMC-Manila taken over by the a Dictator!

Indymedia Manila, 13.02.2005 05:22

What happened to the Indymedia Manila Editorial Passwords?

GEORGE W. BUSHITLER, 13.02.2005 01:57

BUSHITLER pic You may have read somewhere of the similarities of Hitler and Dubya. I'll do one better...

Indymedia tool for Cointelpro Biased Against AIM

AIM, 13.02.2005 01:46

Have you ever called AIM, have you bothered to interview us? No? You made your judgement without bothering to meet us? Fine! Have it your way.

Bush's Plan for Social Security

Steve Larson (the Townman's Blog), 12.02.2005 23:31

I think I've figured out why Bush wants to divert money away from the Social Security Administration and into private investing accounts... and it isn't to solve the "crisis".


£, 12.02.2005 22:36

pdf of some comics from off the internet

Special Report: This world is led by 4-star clowns, liars and frauds + Video

Karl W. B. Schwarz, 12.02.2005 21:03

It is time for all Americans to wake up. Come to grips with this fact that if you believe the Bush Lies, you are living a lie. It's that simple.

New Age Scientists Build Prophecy Machine They Say Can See The Future

M, 12.02.2005 19:31

Can This Black Box See Into the Future?

DEEP in the basement of a dusty university library in Edinburgh lies a small black box, roughly the size of two cigarette packets side by side, that churns out random numbers in an endless stream.

At first glance it is an unremarkable piece of equipment. Encased in metal, it contains at its heart a microchip no more complex than the ones found in modern pocket calculators.

But, according to a growing band of top scientists, this box has quite extraordinary powers. It is, they claim, the 'eye' of a machine that appears capable of peering into the future and predicting major world events.

02121131 RSS. Do it!

£, 12.02.2005 17:43

_Rich Site Summary_ (RSS) - re: syndication - originally developed at Netscape.
1057 WORDS


Frente Civico, 12.02.2005 17:40

The Make-TIAA-CREF Ethical coalition, comprised of worldwide organizations** dedicated to social responsibility, recently met with the powerful teachers’ pension fund TIAA-CREF and asked them to take the following actions:

§ Drop its stock in Philip Morris/Altria, which is responsible for thousands of tobacco-related deaths worldwide;

§ Pressure Nike and Wal-Mart to end sweatshop abuses worldwide; urge Wal-Mart to stop its destructive impact on local economies and close its Teotihuacan, Mexico store ----or divest from those companies if changes are not made;

§ Urge Unocal to improve its human rights record in Burma—or divest if changes are not made;

§ Pressure retailer Costco to close its illegally constructed warehouses in Mexico and end human rights abuses—or divest;

§ Support the proxy resolution of the New York City pension funds for an independent investigation of human rights abuse associated with Coca-Cola bottling plants in Colombia--and pressure The Coca-Cola Co. to agree to such an investigation; also, pressure Coca-Cola to end all marketing (including Coke toys, in-school marketing, and product placement) aimed at children - or divest;

§ Pledge to buy no new World Bank bonds as long as bank policies contribute to economic instability around the globe-TIAA-CREF previously divested such holdings

Most Americans Don't Know How Many Have Died in Iraq

jamie, 12.02.2005 15:21

The article below suggests we're not doing enough to get the tragedy and cost of our nations illegal actions before our people in all it's horror. We can do better! We can stop this maddness. Please people, on your cars, in your windows, on the corner, on the net, make the # of U.S. dead GI's visible to all. Today the "official" # is 1457 ( Be the media that ABC and CNN, etc. will not be. jamie

Elliot Abrams: defender of death squads to direct US “democracy” crusade

Bill Van Auken, 12.02.2005 15:00

Central American activists of the 80's will never forget this pig. No wonder they are calling on him now. Let's hound him to death. Charles Stanton!

At Fort Bragg, another violent suicide

reposted by Sara, 12.02.2005 14:47

By Dan Olmsted

Washington, DC, Feb. 11 (UPI) -- Another Special Forces soldier who served in Afghanistan shot himself to death at Fort Bragg last week after wounding his ex-wife and her boyfriend, according to police and military officials. The soldier was in a unit prescribed a controversial malaria drug that has been linked to several other violent incidents ending in soldier suicides.

Action Alert - Bush is coming

ZERO FIVE Television, 12.02.2005 13:15

banner 1 Empire Campaign Alert


winnogway, 12.02.2005 12:14

Some the consequense of the abolishment of national law on private land.
The number on the land is cannotdolaw.

Lifedanger after reading! The abolishment of national law

winnogway, 12.02.2005 11:23

The how and why of the abolishment of the national state law. Through the aboilishment of the landnumber.

El AuTogobierno de la MulTiTud

Colectivo Nuevo Proyecto Histórico, 12.02.2005 08:56

La mercancía es el mejor ejército del capital … Los capitalistas compran tierras y tecnología, bancos y comercios, fábricas y hombres, bosques y pozos petroleros, agua y animales. Endeudan economías y ejecutan genocidios.

Latest From The Iraqi Resistance

Joe, 12.02.2005 06:00

"Iraqi Resistance forces mounted a missile attack at a Ukrainian military column in the village of Juwaymisiyah, south of as-Suwayrah at 1pm Thursday, Mafkarat al-Islam reported. The correspondent quoted local eyewitnesses as saying that Resistance fighters fired three shoulder-carried self-propelled bazooka shells at the Ukrainian colum, setting one Dan vehicle ablaze and disabling a second. The sources added that American troops showed up on the scene and closed off the area, but were unable to find the attackers. US helicopters evacuated the dead and wounded Ukrainians. The local witnesses said they saw at least five dead Ukrainian troops."

Linking the American Left to Terror-The Stewart Conviction

Lloyd Hart, 12.02.2005 05:09

The true meaning of the radical persecution of civil-rights attorney Lynne Stewart is simply to link the American left wing with terrorism.

Linking the American Left to Terror-The Stewart Conviction

Lloyd Hart, 12.02.2005 05:02

The true meaning of the radical persecution of civil-rights attorney Lynne Stewart is simply to link the American left wing with terrorism.

Killers without Borders

Mohammed, 12.02.2005 02:20

This is the truth about how america has become the sespool of the planet and why they are going to pay a very high price for allow themselves to fall into a delusional state because of the media whores.

Rip Off Report RICO Lawsuit Filed !!!

Vindicator, 12.02.2005 01:25

Expose' Ed Magedson, owner of Rip Off Report, sued by several companies under a civil RICO filing; $20,000 reward offered.


JORGE MAMANI, 12.02.2005 01:13


The History Of Rainbow City

3DIon, 12.02.2005 01:09

TITLE dear macheads: do not be too put off by ".avi"!
XviD is for the OSX platform.

Tips on Effective Propaganda AKA 'Public Relations'

Feral, 12.02.2005 00:59

This guide is intended to be the most functional, reference and introduction to propaganda. I intend to cover as much ground in the shortest form possible; so you could call it utilitarian. While no hands are held- if you have any experience with the media, lying to your parents, or reading into shit you should be able to use this as a very valuable guidepost on your way to freedom.

LLamamiento Urgente a la Solidaridad sin fronteras!

Red Latina sin fronteras, 12.02.2005 00:52

Libertad a Sandra Bakutz Urgente! LLamamiento a la Solidaridad internacionalista!
Turquía, Estambul: Libertad para la Cra Sandra Bakutz!
A poner la solidaridad en movimiento!
Okupa tu lugar!
Juntos es posible!

Video: David Ray Griffin Feb 9/05 Interview, Charges White House Complicity in 9/11 Attack - a MUST SEE

WingTV, 12.02.2005 00:08

Video: David Ray Griffin Feb 9/05 interview, author of "The 911 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions".

The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions And Distortions
by David Ray Griffin

Interview:Thinking Unthinkable Thoughts Theologian Charges White House Complicity in 9/11 Attack

The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11, Updated Edition with a New Afterword by David Ray Griffin, Foreword by Richard Falk

David Ray Griffin AUDIO 59 min tape - mp3

IRAK,17 juin 2004:U.S.TAD,Ex-Im Bank, Private Military Companies...

Christian Pose, 11.02.2005 22:28

L'Irak, une journ仔 du mois de juin 2004, une approche d'un coup d'Etat clefs en main, les moyens bancaires priv市 arabes et am屍icains, les Private Military Companies, le d思eloppement 残onomique autoritaire... la d士ocratie?

Eichmann's Pay Ward's salary! He is an Eichmann TOO!!

AIM, 11.02.2005 22:23

CU officials say roughly 15 percent of Churchill's $92,000-a-year salary - $13,800 - comes from state tax dollars. The remaining 85 percent - $78,200 - comes from tuition. But about 74 percent of that tuition - $57,868 - comes from out-of-state students, CU says.Ward Churchill gets paid plenty by the rich parents of kids from the country's major metropolitan areas who can afford CU's hefty nonresident bills.

See Leftists, Lynne Stewart Is A Terrorist

Captain America, 11.02.2005 21:52

Terrorist attorney Lynne Stewart is headed where she belongs. God bless America!

Watch Lynne Stewart on Democracy Now! Today

posted by vickery, 11.02.2005 20:08

Famous human-rights lawyer Lynne Stewart is interviewed today on Democracy Now!, days after her conviction. She may serve the rest of her life in prison.

Fraudulent reporting by Jeff Gannon of Talon News

peter vos, 11.02.2005 19:55

Man with false credentials gains access to White House

This Week In The Other America: Pick Your Poison

Neil deMause, 11.02.2005 19:40

Why the new Bush budget could be the worst in a generation.

Fair Trade

Sixy, 11.02.2005 19:12 activist Sixy explores the injustices between the Wests monopoly on trade which is keeping the poor poor.


Jose Luis Suazo, 11.02.2005 18:47

Denuncia sistematica de los abusos que se cometen en la Universidad(?) española

Rally to Stop the Iraq War- Friday, Feb. 25

Peace and Justice, 11.02.2005 18:47

Nationwide effort with a stop in New York


Atef Daghlas, 11.02.2005 17:18

Al-Aqsa Society of the Reconstruction of Islamic Shrines said Israelis had turned the old houses of the village into nightclubs and private property for Jews only. Every house has a “Private Property. No Entry” sign emblazoned in Hebrew on its façade, according the Society, based in Umm Al-Fahm, part of Arab lands seized by Israel in 1948. Even Lifta mosque was not spared. It is daubed with graffiti on love affairs and has empty bottles of wine inside.

Bush Hires Another Felon for His New World Order Crime Syndicate

Al Kamen, 11.02.2005 16:46

Going From Jail to Mars, and Beyond

heehee: Ted Rall's latest comic

£, 11.02.2005 16:27

Ted Rall mit pas permishun

funny comic strip you might not have seen...

£, 11.02.2005 15:22

with/ permission, bien sur funnyhaha

The Global Descent of America

Reposted by jamie, 11.02.2005 15:13

"There is a an international conversation going on that Americans are not privy to, because of the censorship practiced by our corporate media. Whether we hear it or not, the bell is tolling."

02110121 D1ARY September The Nine One One Eleventh

£, 11.02.2005 15:06

911 Wow. I can almost here the sigh from the reader upon writing that title for this piece of writing.

Tahltan Band Office Occupation (Day 25)

Ron Collins, 11.02.2005 14:37

Jerry Asp is the elected Indian Act chief of the Tahltan First Nation. Last month, he was the poster boy for the BC Liberal government's new "BC Mining Plan" which promoted a new synergy between native communities and the mining industry. Now he is not even welcomed in his own office.

35 Tahltan elders, between the ages of 55 and 84, have been occupying their band council's office in Telegraph Creek for 25 days. They say their chief has abandoned traditional values in pursuit of a fast buck and are asking him to step down.

&quot;Free Speech Radio&quot; Silences Black Activist

Committee to Promote Racial and Social Justice at WMNF, 11.02.2005 14:02

On Monday, January 24th, Tampa radio station WMNF cancelled the “Straight Talk” weekly program hosted by African community activist Connie Burton. Community activists charge that Burton has been retaliated against for challenging the station to grant African, Latino, Arab, Asian and Indigenous voices equal standing in accordance with its Mission Statement which reads that WMNF, “celebrates local cultural diversity and is committed to equality, peace and social and economic justice”. WMNF is a listener-sponsored community radio station affiliated with the Pacifica Radio network.

EU Creating New Military Indistrial Complex paid for with State Aid

Arnaud, 11.02.2005 13:49

EU's Weapons MAker EADS a project of JAcques Chirac begging for EU taxpayer money under the guise of reducing unemployment is actually sending millions of jobs to the United States and China.

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