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Weekend copwatch report

MAYDAY DC, 19.03.2004 20:01

24hr Gay &amp; Lesbian Network

Lisa Johnson, 19.03.2004 19:30

Triangular Multimedia is creating a channel dedicated to Gays & Lesbians. Sample Coming in May. Read Article.

Senegalese NGOs Fight Lottery Privatisation

Ally, 19.03.2004 19:16

The Senegal Social Forum has voiced opposition to the proposed privatisation of the Senegalese national lottery (LONASE).

2 PDF FLYERS TO PASS OUT @ AIRPORTS/PUBLIC: Project Cloverleaf summary &amp; HAARP connections

repost, 19.03.2004 18:04

Two separate flyers:

1. Mechanics, Airline Executives, & Doctors talk of Project Cloverleaf, 1998 to the Present

2. Project Cloverleaf: Timeline, 1994 to the Present--with its HAARP connections

US Gov... paving way for biggest int'l heroin drug route to dominate....

Anarcha Globalization, 19.03.2004 15:08

US Gov... paving way for biggest int'l heroin drug route to dominate....

Posters for M20, 19.03.2004 15:02

Anti-War-on-Terror Posters

London March 20

UnitedAgainstWar, 19.03.2004 13:59

London March 20 2004
UK Coach Info

&quot;We're Educateurs not Police Informants!&quot;

Ceara Lane, 19.03.2004 12:59

--More than 5,000 people gathered in Paris Wednesday to participate in a national demonstration denouncing, Minister of Interior, Nicolas Sarkozy’s proposition to create new laws aiming to prevent deliquence,which would significantly change the nature of the social system in France.

Americans Living Abroad Vow to Influence Elections

Ceara Lane, 19.03.2004 12:52

PARIS--“ We are being lied to about the number of Americans and Iraqis killed in Iraq, about the reasons the United States entered this illegal war that has wrecked havoc on a sovereign country, and about our motives in positioning troops in other nations including Haiti and Pakistan,” says Mark Cramer a member of Paris-based Americans Against the War (A.A.W.).

Nuke burnfield composite

£, 19.03.2004 12:50

burnfield Japanese burnfields

Bribery information being suppressed by local weekly newspapers

finnachta, 19.03.2004 12:47

Local weekly newspapers in East Galway (Republic of Ireland) appear to be completely suppressing important information relating to efforts to have an attempted bribery incident raised at an official planning appeal hearing.

Further information on this matter can be found in the e-mail reproduced in the section below.

nessie's hissy fit, this week!

Angie, 19.03.2004 09:43

how dare you come to our website and accuse us of not being fair. We are and we will do as we wish!


U.S. NOT JUST, 19.03.2004 05:22

PLEASE VISIT THIS SITE. I saw no link for Cuba.

Ernie Vega of CYBERSHAMAN: Where is the &quot;Resonant Chamber&quot; you promised?

Robert Dawn, 19.03.2004 05:19

I paid Ernie Vega $12,500.00 as requested, and have still
received nothing ....

kosovo crises

anonymus, 19.03.2004 04:07

breaking news from kosovo and balkan conflicts between serbs and albanians.

miriam and ryan

ryan, 19.03.2004 01:57

viva la miriam y ryan


G van den Berg, 18.03.2004 23:34

no violence but effect

New think for a new century

wt123, 18.03.2004 23:20

New think for a new century, A new Era and new world order. Revise your thinking don't be stuck with the old way of thinking.

Serbia Calling

Beta News Agency, 18.03.2004 22:40

The violence against Serbs in Kosovo region has escalated

Kosovo Violence

Radio B92, 18.03.2004 22:34

Kosovo Crisis Escalates

Unrest in South Eastern Kurdistan

Kamil Zaza, 18.03.2004 21:50

Kurdistan: A large number of arrests have been made in the Northern Syrian town of Quamishli.

Reports have indicated that at least 20 people have been killed and hundreds of Syrian Kurds arrested by security forces in Syria since 12 March 2004.

Unrest in South Eastern Kurdistan

Kamil Zaza, 18.03.2004 21:47

Fire starts as violence escalates Kurdistan: A large number of arrests have been made in the Northern Syrian town of Quamishli.

Reports have indicated that at least 20 people have been killed and hundreds of Syrian Kurds arrested by security forces in Syria since 12 March 2004.

Riots in Southeastern Kurdistan

Kamil Zaza, 18.03.2004 21:38

A football match has spilled into political violence and civil unrest in the Kurdish border town of Quamishli north east Syriya. What started off as a friendly game between a Kurdish team and a Arab team has turned into the worst political turmoil seen in years.

Special March 20th Tribute To the Iraqi Resistance!

Iraqi Resistance Solidarity Network, 18.03.2004 20:49


Francisco Trindade, 18.03.2004 20:44


Which Way John Kerry?

John Stanton, 18.03.2004 20:41

Does Kerry want to stay in Iraq?

montreal anarchist bookfair

apanac, 18.03.2004 20:36

The Montreal Anarchist Bookfair is the largest anarchist cultural gathering in northeastern North America, and an important exchange of anarchist and anti-authoritarian ideas. The Bookfair is for anarchist and non-anarchists alike, in English, French and Spanish, with over 50 booksellers and groups from all over North America and beyond. Anarchist Bookfair events include workshops, readings, films, presentations, walking tours and much more.

syrian uprising, 18.03.2004 18:45

video of uprising in northern syria

video of Direct Action at Caterpillar Offices

Jewish Voice for Peace, 18.03.2004 18:30

On the one year anniversary of Rachel Corrie's death Jewish Activists and Allies went to Northern California's largest Caterpillar dealership asking their help in demanding Caterpillar stop selling bulldozers to the Israeli Army.

The Search for the 'historical Jesus'

Brent Herbert, 18.03.2004 18:22

Each Easter, I have established a tradition of writing critical commentaries on the holiday season, and this Easter is no different. My theme for this year is the ‘search for the historical Jesus'.

Park Service Slaughters 260 Wild Buffalo Inside Yellowstone, Domesticates Another 198 Captive Wild Buffalo

Ted Fellman, 18.03.2004 18:08

The National Park Service (NPS) will send another 76 wild buffalo to slaughter in the next days, bringing the total number of buffalo killed in the past month on the northern boundary of Yellowstone National Park to 260. Last March the Park Service killed 231 wild Yellowstone buffalo. There has never been a documented case of brucellosis transmission from wild buffalo to livestock.

Iraqis Find Unity in Militia

Lisa Ashkenaz Croke, 18.03.2004 16:31

WASHINGTON ( -- Iraqi Shias, Sunnis and even Kurds have reportedly allied to form an armed vigilante militia aimed at overcoming the shortcomings of Coalition forces and Iraqi police.

Illuminating The Unknown

Mark Russell Bell, 18.03.2004 16:20

Mark Russell Bell Worked as a publicity writer for Paramount Pictures before he began compiling the case study that would document interaction with an Angelic Force. Bell has guested on 20 radio shows and ectured at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles on February 14th.


Lakota Student Alliance, 18.03.2004 15:25

American Indian group in Florida tries to stop annual parade float because of its depictions of Indians as "Savages" and "barbaric" while celebrating mass deaths of Tribes now extinct.

Leonard Weinglass: “IT WAS A FAIR HEARING&quot;

Rosa Miriam Elizalde y Esther Barroso, 18.03.2004 14:56

He had just arrived in Havana, two days after the appeals hearing in the case of the Five Cubans, who were condemned in the “poisoned” city of Miami three years ago, had taken place. This is the first interview that Leonard Weinglass gives to the Cuban press, but it will not be the last. Other colleagues will soon arrive and we want to take advantage of every single minute that he can give us.
In front of us, sitting in a large couch and smiling, is one of the protagonists of this new legal battle that takes place again in Miami but in different circumstances. We have a lot of questions and, by chance, Jose Pertierra – a lawyer that became known to the Cuban people during the legal battle for the return of Elián González to Cuba – has joined our working team. Generously, he will be our translator during this interview that begins with the words of the title: “It was a fair hearing.”

2 political cartoons from the Bascue C

MMAntxo, 18.03.2004 14:29

Garzon rajoy and Aznar on 12-3-04 demo 2 political cartoons from the Bascue C

Repression in the Basque Country in the aftermath of 11-3

Euskalinfo, 18.03.2004 14:24

Euskalinfo, 2004-03-18 15:04
- 2 basques killed - repression in demonstrations and celebrations

- Basque prisoners get beaten up after 11-3 / Zigor Larredonda in hunger strike

- Julen Arrutxa on hunger strike for 45 days (stopped on 17-3-04)

- basque refugees Rakel Garcia and Luis Moreno detained on 14 -3- 04 released on 16 -3-04

-Ibai Ederra of Solidari@s con Itoitz detained

-Repression against the radical web - closure of Red Vasca Roja

Stop Canada's Seal Hunt

Citizens' Initiative Omega, 18.03.2004 14:10

The Canadian government has already announced plans to kill nearly ONE MILLION seal pups in the next three years despite evidence of widespread cruelty and grave threats to the population. This is the largest slaughter of marine mammals in the world, and it will not end unless caring people like you take action now!

Memorial to Rachel Corrie

Gila Svirsky (posted by David James Vickery), 18.03.2004 13:54

An example of a home demolished in Rafah...imagine this happening to your house! This was written and presented by Gila Svirsky on the 1st. anniversary of the tragic death of Rachel Corrie, an American citizen who died trying to prevent the demolition of a home in the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah. I posted it because of the universal message and because it made me cry. David

tv NNewz is so totally on meth

£, 18.03.2004 13:37

Rx diagnosis

The official website of Jim Marrs down?

anonymous, 18.03.2004 12:37


For days already the official website of Jim Marrs has been

Can somebody notify him( I will also try to do that by e-mail)
about that.

Jim Marrs page is important - he has good newscoverage and the view
from Marrs is certainly among the best on internet.

Manif contre la guerre à l'humain

ventsteppes, 18.03.2004 10:58

Passer du système à l'humainVous faîtes

Madrid under attack

Ramon PM, 18.03.2004 10:30

Este video es mi visión de los sucesos ocurridos en Madrid desde el 11 de marzo hasta el 15 de marzo.

Translation with the tool of language of google: This video is my vision of the events happened in Madrid from the 11 of March to the 15 of March.

For A Bandaged Iris

James Peterson, 18.03.2004 09:28


The Mad Cow Crusader

Mike McCormick, 18.03.2004 06:43

Interview with Dave Louthan the man who killed and processed the first cow recognized to have BSE (Mad Cow Disease) in the U.S.

NothingTalk presents: A Call To Miinds : An Effort To Free The Civil Voice

The &lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;M&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;, 18.03.2004 05:40

June 5th. 2004 @ Dahnerts Lake in Garfield NJ (Next to the Police Station) There will be a Teach in/ Protest/ concert to help inform the public of the crimes being commited by the govenrment and corporate america.

Intelligence Agencies and religion

..., 18.03.2004 04:42

Intelligence Agencies and Religion

PDF FLYER TO PASS OUT IN AIRPORTS: Project Cloverleaf, short summary of chemtrails

., 18.03.2004 02:17

other informative summaries:

Editorial Cartoon: ANYBODY but Bush?

Mike Flugennock, 18.03.2004 01:49

newswire thumbnail version, &quot;Anybody but Bush?&quot; You mean, ANYBODY? Including a guy who supports Bush on every important issue but who's pretending to be a (gag) Democrat?

Editorial Cartoon: &quot;Show Us Your Tits!&quot;

Mike Flugennock, 18.03.2004 01:45

detail from &quot;Show Us Your Tits!&quot; "Shit, piss, cunt, fuck, cocksucker, motherfucker, tits!" --George Carlin.

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