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Yesterday's Draft Dodgers Help Today's War Resisters

M.L. LYKE, 20.02.2005 19:17

Now, there's two generations of war resisters. I hope Canadians will be compassionate.

El KapiTalismo como Genocidio de la ExceDencia

Colectivo Nuevo Proyecto Histórico, 20.02.2005 19:09



Mark Jensen, 20.02.2005 19:01

Scott Ritter said that although the peace movement failed to stop the war in Iraq, it had a chance to stop the expansion of the war to other nations like Iran and Syria. He held up the specter of a day when the Iraq war might be remembered as a relatively minor event that preceded an even greater conflagration.

Boycott Protest in Brussels as Bush visits Belgium

Boycott Bush, 20.02.2005 18:59

Bush: I'm Lovin it! During a first demonstration against the visit of President Bush to Brussels the Belgian Boycott Bush network started a series of colorful protests outside the McDonalds and the Bourse/Beurs in the centre of Brussels. Seven activists with masks dressed up as George W. Bush and handed out dollar bills calling for a boycott of U.S. brands. The US presidents wore large lincoln-style hats with the logos of the U.S. multinationals which donated millions of dollars to Bush's re-election campaign. They also carried placards with slogans such as "We love Bush - privatize everything" and "Human rights? On holiday in Guantanamo". Also the skeletal figure Mr. Death joined the protest with a coffin displaying the logos of six main U.S. multinationals which are the targets of the international boycott campaign: the oil campanies Exxon-Mobile (ESSO) and Texaco, the soft drinks giants Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, the food and cigarettes giant Altria (Philip Morris and Kraft) and McDonalds, the outstanding symbol of U.S. cultural and economic imperialism.

Bush in Brussels - call for boycott of U.S. brands to protest U.S. unilateral policies

For Mother Earth, 20.02.2005 18:52

Brussels: We can not protest Bush while drinking Coca Cola and eating a Big Mac During a first demonstration against the visit of President Bush to Brussels seven activists dressed up as George W. Bush and handed out dollar bills calling for a boycott of U.S. brands. A recent market research conducted by Seattle-based Global Market Insite (GMI) Inc. shows that 20% of Canadian and European consumers avoid U.S. brands to protest U.S. foreign policies.

It's Abbie Hoffman Time

Lloyd Hart, 20.02.2005 18:36

Every generation when in their youth sets the cultural paradigm for decades to come. It is now time for the offspring of the baby boom generation to set their cultural paradigm and lead us to brighter future. My advice to all young people who read this article is "Seize The Day".

The Shells Of Turtle Island

£, 20.02.2005 16:27

- A brief Sunday commentary

Do U.S. Forces Plan to Destroy Another Major Iraqi City In Order To &quot;Save&quot; It?

jamie, 20.02.2005 15:51

Do U.S. Forces Plan to Destroy Another Major Iraqi City In Order To "Save" It? No Crime Too Gross For The Imperialists. A Worldwide Response Is Needed. May It Begin March 19 In NC. Spread The Word.

Oh, The Pain... The Pain.

Paul F. Heller, 20.02.2005 15:26

The FDA goes CYA for drug-makers, PDQ.

how to beat the system: or: LYING TO LIARS, 20.02.2005 14:32

don't become the same old media that shafted us after wto and wtc. wake up. george w. bush does it cause his daddy is a tyrant. DRINK!
punk rock is here to remind people to take the pole out.

come on, people, now.


Foreign Press Foundation - The Netherlands, 20.02.2005 11:38


Australian Freedom Ride confronts racism

Green Left Weekly, 20.02.2005 11:02

A Freedom Ride bus trip by Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students of Sydney University has found crass racism in northern and north-western New South Wales.

G8 and OILWATCH interview on Climate Summit Cop10

luna, 20.02.2005 08:23

24/7 ... 365 days global war for oil The Convention on Climate Change is the platform where the world decides what to do about "the Climate". Every year the climate big wigs give birth to pretty horrible things in the name of "sustainable" development. Kyoto was one of those. With russia about to ratify the Kyoto climate change agreement, and the Carbon Trading Market opening up for business world wide, State and NGO bureaucrats and business lobbyist almost rushed for last orders in the "Buenos Aires" Climate COP 10.


FRENTE CIVICO, 20.02.2005 01:37



200502191931 Society Slain, More At 6 &amp; 11

£, 20.02.2005 01:21

Life is not full of contradiction, but choice.

NYT: Bush friend Doug Wead leaks tapes of future president in '98. Shrub frets over potential cocaine controversy, mulls future need to &quot;kick gays&quot; for political points

DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK, 20.02.2005 00:57

The White House did not dispute the authenticity of the tapes...

If you wink at torture, you can go far in this world

Matthew Rothschild, 20.02.2005 00:00

Just ask John Negroponte.

Bob Robideau Kicked Peltier to the curb for supporting John Graham Now?

AIM, 19.02.2005 23:36

Recently he came and said Peltier never supported john Graham. Bob are you absolutely crazy.

Defending Free Speech By Screaming Your Fool Head Off

Mark W Bradley, 19.02.2005 22:56

Last Tuesday evening, I traveled the mile or so that separates my house from the Land Park home of Stephen and Virginia Pearcy, intending to offer them a little moral support against those who would deny the couple's right to exercise free speech. What I encountered was a combination media circus and screaming match of epic proportions.

evidence of cultural genocide of first nations in british columbia, canada

janine, 19.02.2005 21:06

this log fell off a sea-going vessel and now lives on a beach, as &quot;driftwood.&quot; i've probably seen these culturally modified trees before, but i only learned about them last summer while visiting the cathedral grove forest protectors' camp.


Bárbara Deás Trobajo., 19.02.2005 21:00

Over 80 works will compete in this event, which for the first
time will have an international presence, with moviemakers from
Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Italy, Germany, Canada, Puerto Rico,
United States, France, Argentina, Peru, Spain, Chile, Uruguay
and Morocco, among other nations presenting their screenplays
and documentaries.


Por Eduardo Montes de Oca, 19.02.2005 20:00

Para los grandes medios, la democracia es inexistente en Cuba; las elecciones, una verdad tapiada


Verena, 19.02.2005 19:14


Paramilitary group planning actions along US/Mexico border

Vladamir Aaron, 19.02.2005 18:32

If radical labor such as the [URL=]IWW[/URL] were to begin recruiting for and forming militias to enforce existing statist labour rights or fight the capitalist class with military tactics and Kalashnikovs mainstream media as well as every city, county, state and federal government would be all over it in a negative way. One wonders why then rightwing [URL=]Minuteman Project[/URL] from Arizona can engage in these activities and the only way one can find out about it is through a journalist writing from Mexico City, Diego Cevellos, transmitted by the IPS.


Francisco Javier Angulo, 19.02.2005 18:28


Two people thrown out of Bush event for silent speech

Steve Diamond, 19.02.2005 18:28

Two people were thrown out of a Bush event (Wednesday) for wearing anti-Bush T-shirts.

Fallujah: the truth at last. This is the story of how the US murdered a city

Richard - Press Officer for Greater Manchester Coalition to Stop the War (UK), 19.02.2005 16:45

Doctor Salam Ismael took aid to Fallujah last month. This is his story of how the US murdered a city

" IT WAS the smell that first hit me, a smell that is difficult to describe, and one that will never leave me. It was the smell of death. Hundreds of corpses were decomposing in the houses, gardens and streets of Fallujah. Bodies were rotting where they had fallen—bodies of men, women and children, many half-eaten by wild dogs......."

Read the rest of report on-line. Does contain graphic images of civilian casualties in Fallujah.

Protesters face severe federal cherges

Kenny Ritter, 19.02.2005 15:22

Protesters at a recruting center who have already faced local trial are now engaged on a more serious level

Lyon all stars Lyon, le son des indés Lyonnais

SR, 19.02.2005 14:43

L'objet est plutôt bien soigné Les Artistes indépendants Lyonnais sortent de l'ombre avec ce disque qui prend le paris d'exister dans une marché en pleine crise.

Magic Mushrooms facing ban in the UK

King Amdo, 19.02.2005 14:41,2763,1418086,00.html

These power magical herbs should not be sold...However the proposals are to classify them as 'class A' ...the same as cocaine, LSD, and heroin. A way has to be found to make sale illegal, but not everything else.

You ask why should they not be sold?...

This should explain to you why.

Australian Defence Minister &amp; Intelligence Chief Admit Coalition Ignoring Iraqi Death Toll

Gideon Polya, 19.02.2005 12:06

Cross-examination by an Australian Senate Committee of a Defence Minister and an Australian intelligence chief has revealed that Australia and its Coalition partners are ignoring the Iraqi death toll. A detailed analysis sent to essentially all members of the Australian Federal Parliament documents an estimated 0.4 million avoidable, post-invasion Iraqi deaths.

A Key To Survive Any Relationship

SANDEEP DATTA, 19.02.2005 12:03

The wisdom lies in learning the art of surviving relationships,instead of spoiling them. Being humans, we all need someone to care and share our emotions. In this materialist world to find a like-minded individual is rare. And,even if we find that person it is our responsibility that we don't loose him/her just because we failed to realise the right time to care.

Sara Arenson remains detained in St Boniface Hospital: Winnipeg, Manitoba.

MC, 19.02.2005 10:51

Sara Arenson is a Canadian activist and writer. Sara has been involuntarily detained and drugged at St Boniface Hospital since the 23rd January 2005.

Middle East: 12 Australians wanted over Hariri’s murder

raven, 19.02.2005 07:39

Middle East News]: Lebanon’s Justice Minister Adnan Addoum said on Friday that authorities were hunting for twelve Australian men wanted over the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq al-Hariri.

Addum said that six of the suspects left Beirut for Australia hours after Monday’s deadly blast, adding that police found traces of explosives on aircraft seats.

Hariri was killed in a huge explosion in Beirut which also claimed the lives of additional 16 people.

Sword Play

Chris Floyd, 19.02.2005 03:22

This is how the sheep dogs keep the sheep moving so they can be exploited sheered taxed etc..

Defiant Palestinian Sheppards Face Down Settler and Army Violence

Aaron Lakoff, 19.02.2005 02:45

Dov Dribin was an Israeli settler who lived in Ma'on. Over the years, he had gained a fearful reputation with the Palestinian sheppards in his area. He must have felt it was his duty to beat, harass, or insult any Palestinian within range. Then, on one day in April, 1998, Dov took his hatred of his neighbors to the extreme. He came across two sheppards in the field, and shot one of them in the leg with his gun. The other sheppard, fearful for his life, struggled with Dov, managed to grab his gun, and fired a lethal blow into his body. Dov's death still lingers in the air today, and is reason enough for the occupation forces to consider At-Tuwani to be dangerous.

An Alternative to Unfair Taxation

William John Cox, 19.02.2005 02:04

Why don’t we impose a tax on the movement of money in our economy, not a sales tax, but a toll on every financial transaction that occurs within our economic system? Based upon our eleven-trillion-dollar annual economy, the federal government could operate on the revenues produced by a simple transaction tax of much less than ten percent on the movement of money.

200409101036 Media Tactical Analysis

£, 19.02.2005 01:07

(from my D1ary)

What do these eleven points have in common:

violente expulsion de squatt hier soir a paris

anti répression, 19.02.2005 00:22

les maire du parti " socialiste " français de m hollande ne valent pas mieux dans leur haine anti sociale que les maires français de la droite u.m.p de m chirac

Widerstand Manifesto

Paul Peck, 18.02.2005 23:28

A history of Gestapo-esque murders in Milwaukee, their root cause, and an effort for redress.

Google Censors Political Website after site attacks Google Toolbar's privacy issue

The Founder, 18.02.2005 23:26

Sqlspace Logo Google blocks Political Website linking only to sites that link to it, in essance banning the website from it's results because the website has voiced concerns over some privacy concerns regarding Google's toolbar.

Hollywood Demand British Authors Heads

Pussy Galore, PR and Publicity, 18.02.2005 21:58

Rock and Roll with Harvey, Cannes, May 2004 A little pink book by British authors Shirley and Holly Yanez, "Looking For Harvey Weinstein" has put the cat amongst the pigeons according to industry insider and tabloid journalist Al Bowman. CNN producer, Mercedes Torres swapped sides and abruptly severed all media after an initial endorsement from Larry King. Many other powerful people who feature in the 250 page expose, are non too happy with the writers.

Gannongate threatens to expose a huge GOP pedophile and male prostitution ring

Wayne Madsen, 18.02.2005 21:15

Folks, This is the issue that we can CRUCIFY the Bushites with.

Get ahold of your local editors and stick these stories up their you know whats until this issue makes the mainstream.

2004's Top War Profiteers

info, 18.02.2005 20:38

Recently, the Center for Corporate Responsibility released a report, the Ten Worst War Profiteers of 2004. Although this report was insightful and possibly shocking (with Halliburton coming in at a meager #7), does it really give us the whole story? Tyranny, including foreign entanglements, needs money. Most, if not all, of that money is coming from US Taxpayers, but who is making the profits? Most of the top ten don't provide goods or services to the general public. Although we've heard it for years on numerous issues, a boycott is really in order.

Ward Churchill Speaks on Democracy Now

DN! transcript, 18.02.2005 20:19

The Justice of Roosting Chickens: Ward Churchill Speaks
Friday, February 18th, 2005

From Baghdad to Beirut

Pepe Escobar: Asia Times, 18.02.2005 20:15

middle east The neo-con agenda - which happens to be Sharon's agenda - is once again pure divide and conquer: the aim is to destabilize what neo-cons see as the emerging "Shi'ite crescent" in the Middle East - Iran, the new Iraq and Lebanon, with Syria as a key transit point.

Siete Quijotas en La Habana

Maria Salomé Campanioni, 18.02.2005 20:03

Rosario, Carmen, y Anait, con esta periodista en la Feria del Libro de La Habana De la Desmemoria al Desolvido es un libro que testimonia el tiempo vivido por siete mujeres expresas uruguayas, durante la dictadura de los años 70.

Churchill Defense Petition from CO AIM

Leslie Radford, 18.02.2005 19:58

Colorado American Indian Movement posts petition for public support for free speech rights of dissident scholar/writer Ward Churchill.


Por Orlando Oramas León, 18.02.2005 19:48

En Washington casi a diario funcionarios republicanos disparan andanadas de ataques contra el gobierno venezolano.

Whose National Security are We Talking About? The Elite Pedophiles'?

SUZAN MAZUR, 18.02.2005 19:18

A Very Bad Pattern

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