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&quot;animal rights&quot; commies! get slap in the mouth

Decent Taxpayer, 22.02.2005 03:12

Thank God SOMEONE has spoken out against the "animal rights" commies!


Janine Calloway, 22.02.2005 02:57

America A detailed account of the mess within the "best" country in the world.

Nobel Peace Award For Rafic Hariri : A Friend As Smooth As Silk

JFKASSAD, 22.02.2005 02:48

Rafic Hariri was to Lebanon what Nelson Mandela was to South Africa. May I humbly suggest that we nominate Rafic Hariri, posthumously, for the Nobel Peace Award this year? Hariri is a Hero.Hariri is synonymous to Hero.I can think of no one more deserving of that honor today.

Two sisters: Giuliana and Mithal

Giulio Stocchi, 22.02.2005 02:27

Two sisters: Giuliana and Mithal

The text you are about to read is a combination of words that were all written by Giuliana Sgrena. Some of them were part of her appeal contained in the video released by her captors and the others are from an article she wrote on July 1, 2004 about Mithal, an Iraqi woman detained in Abu Grahib. It’s the story of two prisoners, two victims, perhaps not by the same hand, but certainly of the same injustice.

Giulio Stocchi

Special peace Anthem CD by Greg Jones to benefit spouses of lost troops through Red Cross as accolades mount worldwide!

Ken J., 22.02.2005 02:16

New Anthem for World Peace by Greg Jones garners exciting global reviews. Portion of proceeds from Special release to benefit spouses of lost troops. Experts predict future classic as accolades mount worldwide!

Femicidio in Guatemala

Jen, 22.02.2005 01:06

Femicidio, the mass killings of women has been heard in places like Ciudad Juarez, but south of the Mexican border, more women are being brutally violated and killed...

Melanie Phillips: the killing of a child is a &quot;minor grievance&quot; (pic added)

special_agent50, 22.02.2005 00:39

Silly Woman Melanie Phillips: the killing of a child is a "minor grievance" (picture added) This woman on a mission

Melanie Phillips: the killing of a child is a &quot;minor grievance&quot; (pic added)

special_agent50, 22.02.2005 00:37

gif Melanie Phillips: the killing of a child is a "minor grievance"
(picture added)
This woman on a mission

$200502211455 A Internet Strategy Against Mass Murder

£, 22.02.2005 00:12

evening edition!

'Myth Busters' TV Slams Free Energy Devices

Ted Twietmeyer, 22.02.2005 00:12

The bad Abbott and Costello pair performed narrow minded, non-scientific testing on what they labeled as "free energy." This is also known as "zero point energy."

Yad Vashem: Nazi Soap Stories &quot;invention&quot;

John Paul Cupp, the hollowcause &quot;Denier&quot;, 22.02.2005 00:09

So they lied about this and they lied about Iraq possessing weapons of mass destruction, because President Hussein was the most pro-Palestinian of all Arab leaders, and they lied about a land without a people for a people without a land....

but its supposedly irrational and hateful to question them about gas chambers?

Does it make Jewish death any less real to just call typhus what it is, a horrible way to die in ghetto conditions without some supernatural self-explotation story used to justify crimes in Palestine?

---John Paul Cupp

PS Sorry to use a Zionist newspaper but I think it is important because this is coming out of the Zionist devil-liars mouth directly!

Melanie Phillips: the killing of a child is a &quot;minor grievance&quot;

special_agent50, 22.02.2005 00:00

Melanie Phillips: the killing of a child is a "minor grievance"

WSF's 12 Point Proposal

WSF / hfx_ben, 21.02.2005 23:32

There was much ado about a document put out by I think it was nineteen notable figures at this years’ WSF. Oddly, the document itself wasn’t dispersed very visibly or widely, perhaps in part because there was considerable consternation over process as well as some content, I think rightly. We have received what claims to be a translation, and it sounds like it is, so it seemed worthwhile to pass it along as a commentary, as a kind of document of record…

Video: Protester Throws Shoe at Former Pentagon Adviser Perle

C&amp;R, 21.02.2005 23:09

Richard Perle and the Shoe
Protester Throws Shoe at Former Pentagon Adviser Perle As He and Dean Debate in Oregon

Perle: Oregonians may have perished disproportionately in fighting this war, and it is sad when anyone is killed in war, and I can only share the sense that many of you feel here, of how costly this war has been. All wars are costly.

Perle: We went into Iraq on the basis of the best information we had..

Then came the shoe, and shouts of liar, liar..


NESTOR NUÑEZ, 21.02.2005 21:16

Las grandes potencias acusan en la CDH a las naciones del Sur, mientras esconden sus grandes culpas.

Protests, Vigils to Mark One-Year Anniversary of Coup d'etat in Haiti

Haiti Reborn, 21.02.2005 21:13

Protests in Several Cities to Call for Investigation into U.S. Role in Last Year's Coup, Ending Discrimination Against Haitian Refugees

Speaking Tours, Vigils, Film-Screenings, and Faith Reflection Will Also Commemorate Haiti Solidarity Week 2005

Cuba: à procura de candidatos para as eleições

Agência Cubana de Noticias, 21.02.2005 20:12

Em todos os grupos populacionais de até 399 habitantes (circunscrições) os moradores começam a se reunir a partir de 24 de fevereiro para propor os candidatos às assembléias municipais do Poder Popular que deverão ser eleitos em 17 de abril

Reproductive Rights and Social Justice Conference in Amherst MA

Jamie K Evans, 21.02.2005 20:02

A FREE conference in which conference speakers address reproductive freedom as it relates to a broad range of social justice initiatives including economic justice, healthcare reform, racial equality, peace, freedom from violence, youth liberation, civil liberties, and LGBTQ rights.

Hundreds of Thousands rally in Beirut against Syria one week after Hariri murder

MARK DAMELI, 21.02.2005 18:54

February 21, 2005 AFP
BEIRUT - Thousands of Lebanese massed on the Beirut seafront chanting "Syria out" as pressure mounted on the government and its backers in Damascus a week after the killing of ex-prime minister Rafiq Hariri.


Pedro Fermin Vargas, 21.02.2005 18:23


On Travelling in Palestine

Aaron Lakoff, 21.02.2005 18:04

Even though I love being in Palestine, I have to admit that I hate traveling around it. The idea of movement here scares me, but movement seems to be intimidating for most."

Los jardines colgantes de Santa Clara

Idalia Vazquez Zerquera, 21.02.2005 17:17

Describe la vegetación desde un balcón familiar en la ciudad de Santa Clara, capital de la provincia de Villa Clara en Cuba.

Mock Pop-up Ads: DVD

£, 21.02.2005 16:33

&quot;sony&quot; gimp

Successful Kidney Transplants in Eastern Cuba

Cuban News Agency, 21.02.2005 16:29

Havana, Feb 21 (AIN) The public health department in eastern
Holguin province has reported a 70 percent effectiveness in
kidney transplants with no urological complications, placing the
territory at the top island-wide.

$2,005,022,110.12 a.m. D1ary Of The Anarkist Gangsta

£, 21.02.2005 16:27

los libation auf du jour

Jardines colgantes en la ciudad cubana de Santa Clara

Idalia Vázquez Zerquera, 21.02.2005 16:03

Desde el balcón de un apartamento en Santa Clara se aprecia un lindo jardín colgante


Por Ángel Rodríguez Álvarez, 21.02.2005 13:51

A partir del 14 de marzo y hasta el 22 de abril Ginebra será el escenario, como cada año, del período de sesiones de la Comisión de la ONU encargada del polémico asunto.
Las labores de los 53 países que la integran se ha visto cada vez mas lastrada por la manipulación política, a cargo de un reducido grupo de naciones encabezadas por Estados


PEDRO MARTINEZ MESA, 21.02.2005 12:43

Los medios de comunicaciond e la provincia de malaga tienen tapada la delincuencia en el municipio de fuengirola, con un are poblacional de unos 150000 habitantes.De ellos solo 60000 censados.


Por Roberto Pérez Betancourt, 21.02.2005 12:23

Jeb Bush, gobernador de la Florida, aspira a centralizar el proceso electoral del estado que dirige, suprimiendo la autonomía de los supervisores en cada condado, con lo cual brinda un nuevo ejemplo de cómo funciona la democracia de los ricos.

Help Support

T. Maulik, 21.02.2005 12:09

We are going to publish India’s first complete magazine on corporate social responsibility.

What Hunter Said About Bush

Maureen Farrell, 21.02.2005 07:55

Suicide? Hunter S. Thompson? Not a chance.

Here's What Hunter Said

Maureen Farrell, 21.02.2005 07:47

Suicide? Hunter S. Thompson? Not a chance.

[Scotland] gears up for G8 protests, 21.02.2005 07:27

The leaders of the world’s eight industrial nations, including Tony Blair, George W Bush and Vladimir Putin, meet from 6 to 8 July at Gleneagles Hotel. However, it is anticipated that anti-capitalists will protest for the whole week leading up to the summit.


David A. Garrett Jr., 21.02.2005 07:23

Hunter Thompson is dead.

Hunter S. Thompson Dead After Releasing Bush Criticism

By CATHERINE TSAI, Associated Press Writer, 21.02.2005 07:04

Hunter S. Thompson, the acerbic counterculture writer who popularized a new form of fictional journalism in books like "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas," fatally shot himself Sunday night at his Aspen-area home, his son said. He was 67.

Linux Virgin

Iron Cobra, 21.02.2005 06:08

linux virgin linux virgin 1.1-1.5 series, an erotic and informative video series about learning to build a computer to run linux on.
Check it out, these girls rock!

Hunter S. Thompson murdered by U.S. Government

victim of U.S. fascism, 21.02.2005 05:37

Hunter S. Thompson has been assassinated by the U.S. government. They have disguised it as a so-called "suicide."

How To Smell A Stinky Music Industry Story

£, 21.02.2005 04:08

comment on a story circulating at the moment

Tariq Ali, James Petras and the Cry of the Excluded:: Voices From A Real Left:

Editing and Comments by MARCEL MIRANDA, 21.02.2005 03:08

Across the ANdes Indigenous - Worker Alliance prepare to Assume Power and Destin We hold out the hand of open debate and we sincerely seek an honest appraisal of the various movements. But as Ted Dornhaus found there are no avenues for discourse among environmentalist (or anyone working on change in the US), "We emailed all these guys after the article came out and asked if they'd be willing to have a dialogue and the silence has been's like, God, please disagree with us. We would be honored. There is no place for public debate in the environmental movement. Even librarians have much fiercer public debates and dialogues than the environmental community."

A possible look into the near future of web-publishing.

£, 21.02.2005 02:14

Me being smart again...

Bush Administration Policy Towards Iran

Babak Banaei, 21.02.2005 02:01

In his 2005 State of the Union Speech, when President Bush said: "to the Iranian people, I say tonight: As you stand for your own liberty, America stands with you." His statement does not resonate in Iran. Moreover, his statements have the opposite effect.

The Fight to Save the Farm

posted by A Better World Is Within Reach Peace Network, 21.02.2005 01:27

Greenspace Not Brownstone is mobilizing and organizing a growing campaign to save the Tryon Life Community Farm (TLC), an educational non-profit located on seven acres bordering Tryon Creek State Park which is accessible to the public, from development. Interview


Wendy Levy Bay Area Video Coalition, 20.02.2005 23:41

Introduction to PREPUT 2005, an international public broadcaster conference. Get your film in front of hundreds of international public broadcasting programmers!

Tzolk'in: Nuclear Fusion Is a Myth

Mark McCarron, 20.02.2005 23:34

A recent report by the BBC claiming that nuclear Fusion has been achieved cannot be correct. Using data from the ancient Mayan Tzolk'in it is clear that light cannot be fused together in any manner. The process, if it has been achieveed, is nothing more than atomic transmutation and not nuclear fusion.

G8 and OILWATCH interview on Climate Summit Cop10

luna, 20.02.2005 23:23

The Convention on Climate Change is the platform where the world decides what to do about "the Climate". Every year the climate big wigs give birth to pretty horrible things in the name of "sustainable" development. Kyoto was one of those. With russia about to ratify the Kyoto climate change agreement, and the Carbon Trading Market opening up for business world wide, State and NGO bureaucrats and business lobbyist almost rushed for last orders in the "Buenos Aires" Climate COP 10.

Why is the US the One 'Superpower'? BS, That's Why

by xymphora, 20.02.2005 23:01

Why? " exploiting their advantage in terms of communication technology and near monopoly of information media."

Grandpa Jeanmarie : Hassan and Ismaël (maintenance 4)

jeanmarry, 20.02.2005 22:46

My children, I have a dream to come to plant an olive-tree of peace on the border of your two countries

Jeff Gannon's Alma Mater: The Leadership Institute

Media Matters, 20.02.2005 19:45

The only journalism-related credential listed on former Talon News Washington bureau chief and White House correspondent Jeff Gannon's Talon News bio was The Leadership Institute Broadcast School of Journalism...

VIDEO: The Adventures

3D1on, 20.02.2005 19:41

Open source video (XviD) original.
Open source soundtrack (actually, just some audio I did yesterday):

Heidelberg Action against the Bush visit

Heidelberger Bündnis gegen den Bush- Besuch, 20.02.2005 19:32

Three days before the coming visit of Bush in Mainz, Germany, one hundred Activists gathered contributed to the European wide protests against the upcoming Bush visit by hanging a big Banner (6*25 m) from the walls of the Castle Ruins. So the message “Bush ruins – Peace, climate, rights” could be read even from a far distance.

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