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Pensamiento anarquista

Flick, 23.02.2005 12:54


History Will Perform The Autopsy. It is Time to Move On

David Pringle, 23.02.2005 09:50

Post Alliance Stress Disorder (PASD) best discribes the rollercoaster ride many Alliance members have gone through over the past two years. In this essay I liken the current leadership to a cancer that has taken root and is now killing the host.

Human Rights Rally in Australia

Mountainranger, 23.02.2005 09:46



Mountainranger, 23.02.2005 09:42

PAAHR demands that the Australian government change its practices, policies and legislation to conform with all Human Rights.

PAAHR Strategy and Tactics

Mountainranger, 23.02.2005 09:37

PAAHR aims to force governments to submit to all Human Rights.

Hungry Man

anonymous, 23.02.2005 09:30

The fastest is the winner


Mountainranger, 23.02.2005 09:23

People for the Assertion of All Human Rights (PAAHR)
A Human Right is a freedom that is owed to people unconditionally because they are human.


Mountainranger, 23.02.2005 08:48

People for the Assertion of All Human Rights (PAAHR)

Bangladesh: They confess to training for Islamic revolution

Raqta, 23.02.2005 08:31

Islamist militants are poised to start a revolution in Bangladesh to create Banglastan -- a second Afghanistan.Many militants have been arrested who after interrogation have revealed that an Islamist revolution is on its way in Bangladesh. Their leaders have been trained in Afghanistan or have been to Afghanistan.

the origin of antiracistaction

unity cognition '85, 23.02.2005 06:57

punx see above

Justice Begins at home, in Nazi America

The Toxic Reverend, 23.02.2005 05:46

"Justice begins at home and we can not take what we do not have to a foreign land. Stop the Red Collar Crimes of Corporate America with criminal charges against corporations for the reckless homicides of Americans, in America by Corporate America. One District Attorney has charged ten corporations and won all ten cases (162 ).

- The Toxic Reverend, No More Red Collar Crime

an ode to Hunter S.

ducatisti, 23.02.2005 04:36

My friend Peter Martin handed me a beat-up, torn-up, chewed-up copy of “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.” It was a clarion call, although to what was unclear. For Peter and me, and many others who came of age in the pastel ghetto of the eighties, Hunter S. Thompson was a sort of pied piper— calling us to look hard at ugly truths and celebrating life at the verge of self-destruction.

The Workers Solidarity Movement

Workers Solidarity Movement publications, 23.02.2005 04:04

Anarchist alternative. posted by £

Fear and Loathing in George Bush's Amerika!!!

Anarchist6913, 23.02.2005 03:56

Fear and Loathing in George Bush's Amerika!!!

who is this person?

Fakepic, 23.02.2005 03:37

who chiteez@aol claims to be tghe person on this pic , who is the real person?

Unfinished Business Issue One is Out!!

NorthWest Anarchist Federation, 23.02.2005 03:24

The first issue of Unfinished Business has been printed and is available to be shipped to you and your organization. Unfinished Business is the agitational newspaper of the North West Anarchist Federation. It is a newspaper covering militant anarchist-communist class struggle organizing throughout the North West of Canada and the U.S. Issue one contains articles on workplace organizing, anti-military recruitment in schools, working class perspectives on environmentalism, anarchist free schools, organizing theory, and the perspectives of the North West Anarchist Federation.

who is this person

finding the True identity, 23.02.2005 03:09

who is this claims to be this person. What is the true identity of this person

Possible AOL Fake Picture

isthischitees, 23.02.2005 03:03

who is this? is saying she is the person in this picture, it it possible she is lying . The person in this picture should note that someone is faking to be her

Another lie told by Churchill to get tenure he didn't deserve!

Leftists Against Movement Imperialism!, 23.02.2005 00:52

University of Colorado officials rushed to award tenure to Ward Churchill in 1991, thinking he had been offered a full professorship in American Indian studies at a California university. But a former official in the California system says no such offer was ever made.

CU enrollment down because of Churchill 19% and other scandals!!

Leftisis against Churchill!!, 23.02.2005 00:50

A new coalition is forming against White folks who hijack the struggles of people of color. Leftist against Movement Imperialsts!!

Churchill threatens, spits on and beats up women!

pick on someone your own size, 23.02.2005 00:42

For years Churchill and Russ Means have beaten up old men, threatened to kill people, accused others of murder, spit on, threatened, and abused women, still the white testosterone laden machismo more radical than thou elements of the left are buying him hoolline and sinker!!

Attacks on Shi'ite sites condemned by APIC

Laila Marwan, 22.02.2005 23:22

In response to the recent bloody attacks on Shi'ite sites in Iraq the secretary general of the Afro-Asian People's Democratic Islamic Congress, His Excellency Muhammad A. Al Mahdi on February 19 issued a statement condemning the attacks.

Social Security, Medicair, Medicaid and Health care in one plan

Maged Taman. MD, PhD., 22.02.2005 21:51

Isn't nice to have a plan that takes care of all the worries of Americans for the future. With one health card you control your Health Care, Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare. It does all of that besides it gets rid of all paper work, save billion of dollars to America every year and improving the economy. Too good to be true? could I be a liar? read it.

Piss Off

Paul Belien, 22.02.2005 21:33

A Belgian novelty shows what the good people of Brussels really think about George W. Bush.

Steger stuns audience with climate change evidence, blames CO2 emissions

Pat Neuman, 22.02.2005 21:26

Minnesota dog sledder / explorer Will Steger and meteorologist Paul Douglas told an audience of senators and congressmen at the Minnesota state capitol yesterday that policymakers need to be more informed about climate change.


By Angel Rodriguez AlvaRez, 22.02.2005 19:45

New battle lines are being drawn around the controversial issue of human rights; as once again Geneva prepares to host the annual sessions of the 53-member UN Human Rights Commission.


By Nestor Nuñez, 22.02.2005 19:39

After more than four decades of unrelenting US aggression, Cubans are used to carrying out their projects and plans under special conditions. The island has managed to rise up, mobilize its forces and has much to show for it.

Apocalypse Cow

David Hahn, 22.02.2005 19:38

Apocalypse Cow is an electroic sound collage and was assembled from 2 speeches of Bush and Rumsfeld, along with some other sounds--planes, bombs, cows (of course) and sex sounds to signify both the lust for war and the pornographic greed and arrogance which characterizes the present regime. Hopefully some laughter and art can be gleaned from the tragic state of our republic.

Here are the source texts which I used in creating Apocalypse Cow:

“I don't know anybody that I can think of who has contended that the Iraqis had nuclear weapons… I don't know anybody in any government or any intelligence agency who suggested that the Iraqis had nuclear weapons. That's fact number one."
Donald Rumsfeld June 2003
“The evidence indicates that Iraq is reconstituting its nuclear weapons program. Saddam Hussein has held numerous meetings with Iraqi nuclear scientists, a group he calls his ‘nuclear mujahideen’.... his nuclear holy warriors… Facing clear evidence of peril, we cannot wait for the final proof.... the smoking gun.... that could come in the form of a mushroom cloud.”
George W. Bush October 2002


Ohio '04: Defining Democracy Down

Dan Benbow, 22.02.2005 19:13

More election lectures from Iraq's liberators...

You'll Go Down if You Don't Stand Up for Yourself: Lynne Stewart

snowshoefilms, 22.02.2005 19:03

NYC, April 14, 2003 The night before a million people converged on New York City to protest the Bush-Cheney war on Iraq, Stewart ended her remarks at an evening rally with a poem from Bertolt Brecht: "And I always thought: the very simplest words Must be enough. When I say what things are like Everyone's heart must be torn to shreds. That you'll go down if you don't stand up for yourself. Surely you see that."

Anti-Bush Protests in Frankfurt am Main

rogue_runner, 22.02.2005 19:00

Pictures of a 1500 strong anti bush march.

text message

Dan R., 22.02.2005 18:25

the link between our divided nation's

Mercury Amalgam Teeth Fillings &quot;Poison&quot; your Immune System!

Fauxlosopher, 22.02.2005 17:58

Mercury Amalgam Teeth Fillings "Poison" your Immune System!

Call for Entry - Woodstock film festival

WFF, 22.02.2005 17:17

The WOODSTOCK FILM FESTIVAL (Sept. 28 - Oct. 2, 2005) is currently accepting submissions in all categories.

Weapons of Reconstruction

Kati Dshedshorov, 22.02.2005 15:15

Tree of Life in Maputo's Peace Park, Mozambique; Christian Aid/David Rose Thirteen years after the end of the civil war in Mozambique there are still millions of guns scattered around the country waiting to be swapped for tools of reconstruction.

America's Democracy of Double-Standards Won't Work

David Hirst: The Daily Star, 22.02.2005 14:14

But is Israel really a democracy? It is for its Jewish citizens, who enjoy constitutional freedoms Arab regimes suppress. But for the Palestinians it is not - a fact most aptly, and topically, personified by this self-same Sharansky, a hero of freedom in the White House, but an expansionist zealot at home.

Cuba rompe las barreras de la información

Roberto Carlos Delgado, 22.02.2005 14:10

De una nueva comunidad de blogeros cubanos

Cuba, rompiendo la barrera de la información

Roberto Carlos Delgado, 22.02.2005 13:56

De como un grupo de periodistas cubanos se integran a la red de redes desde sus bitácoras para divulgar sus verdades.


NEW AFRIKAN MILLENNIUM, 22.02.2005 12:50

A new human rights report on Haiti by a Philadephia-based immigration lawyer has spurred grassroots activists to action, grabbed the attention of U.S. and Canadian lawmakers, and created a buzz in conferences and Internet chat rooms.
hE will speak about his findings at a mass rally on Feb. 27th at 5 p.m. at Clara Barton High School, 901 Classon Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.

51st State? Washington Discusses Splitting In Two

Mark Taylor-Canfield, 22.02.2005 11:20

Red Versus Blue - Washington State Considers Dividing Into Two Separate States

La Conspiration blanche du SIDA : Syndrome Inventé pour Décimer les Africains

Akam Akamayong, 22.02.2005 11:08

Qu’est-ce donc qui a pris Mathieu Kérékou actuel président du Bénin de passage à Paris fin 2002 pour qu’il déclare, à propos du SIDA, à l’adresse de compatriotes abasourdis : Ce sont les puissances étrangères qui ont inventé ce fléau pour décimer les Noirs d’Afrique…J’ai en ma possession un document confidentiel qui le prouve. Si j’en divulgue le contenu on se rendra bien vite compte du scandale.

Awaiting the Prisoner of Zion From Within Israel's First Circle

Mary la Rosa, 22.02.2005 07:09

Israel has created a purgatory in which a free man is held prisoner because of nineteen year old memories in a fifty year old brain.

The World’s Warmonger

Colombia Journal Online, 22.02.2005 05:15

Followers of the Bush/PNAC Regime and its Fascist ideals incessantly rant about Bush going after the "bad guys", ignorant (or uncaring) of the fact that at this point in history, no other Regime poses more of a threat to the world and its inhabitants.

New Zealand rejects Israeli apology on Mossad agents

Ha'Aretz, 22.02.2005 05:12

An Indian paper yesterday suggested that the assassins of Lebanon's Priome Minister fled the country on Australian passports, and it is Israel which seeks the destruction of both Syria and Lebanon.

Why isn't Bob Novak going to jail?

Tony Norman, 22.02.2005 05:10

The Bush/PNAC Regime committed TREASON in order to punish Wilson from blowing the lid off of one of their many LIES about Iraq. These criminals MUST be held accountable, and so must those who betray the American People in order to help them.


LEONARD PITTS, 22.02.2005 05:07

The recent "W Tapes" seem to be designed as a diversion, to take the heat off the White House. It's time to turn up that heat, and demand some answers from these criminals.

World Council of Churches gives nod to Israeli divestment proposal

Episcopal News Service, 22.02.2005 05:05

Zionism has been identified as a racist, supremacist ideology, and the Zionist state called "Israel", an Apartheid State. Zionism is breathing its last gasps, and world events support as much.

Leave our country now (and commrnts)

Reposted by jamie, 22.02.2005 05:03

"We lived through dark days under Saddam Hussein's dictatorship. When the regime fell, people wanted a new life: a life without shackles and terror; a life where we could rebuild our country and enjoy its natural wealth. Instead, our communities have been attacked with chemicals and cluster bombs, and our people tortured, raped and killed in our homes.

Saddam's secret police used to creep over the roofs into our homes at night; occupation troops now break down our doors in broad daylight. The media do not show even a fraction of the devastation that has engulfed Iraq. Journalists who dare to report the truth of what is happening have been kidnapped by terrorists. This serves the agenda of the occupation, which aims to eliminate witnesses to its crimes."

&quot;Gannon&quot; scandal leads to link between high-level Republicans, high-level Democrats

Carol Rawle, 22.02.2005 04:57

Republicans and Democrats together
No more stormy weather

Makes you think that maybe they don't like our genocide, I mean freedom.

jamie, 22.02.2005 04:02

1482 U.S. GI's now "officially" killed in Iraq as the dying seems to intensify. The corporate spin dogs are working harder and harder to hide the "awful truth." Iraq is a proud nation of 25 million people, most of whom now loathe the "good ole USA." Makes you think that maybe they don't appreciate our genocide, I mean freedom. Check out the most recentwar notes from and spread the truth and lets get this war and the system that produces them over with. jamie

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