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Iraqi Woman Recalls Abu Ghraib Rape Ordeal

Al-Wasat Weekly - Al-Hayat, London, 26.02.2005 07:00

Wonder how many PATRIOTIC AMERICANS would (support their brave heoric
troops) and even consider allowing their wives and daughters to be "protected"
by these "brave American US troops"?

US investigating Iraq rape accusations

AFP, 26.02.2005 06:50

All colonial powers who have colonized, have by default committed torture
and rape of the colonized population. Eventually all these colonial powers
have fallen from grace like Mr. Satan himself.
The USA is today's great Satan "indeed"! No pun intended.

Woman admits Iraq heroism story was hoax

CNN - AP, 26.02.2005 06:43

Once in a while CNN and other false propaganda news outlets like AP practice the
tactical exercise of spewing some truth to maintain whatever little credibility
they have left.

What a world as the party winds down!

Fred, 26.02.2005 06:23

Army mechanic faces desertion charge and much more! Share with all.

(Brave) US soldier shoots Bengal tiger in Baghdad zoo

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey - Pravda.Ru, 26.02.2005 06:14

After six-year-old children have their limbs blasted off them for being
"insurgents", now a defenseless animal in a cage is shot. For being a terrorist?
Support our "brave" US and coalition troops! wee!

Michael: Reflections of the trial

MAX GORDON, 26.02.2005 06:11

A black gay man examines the Michael Jackson trial through childhood remembrances and men's legacies of abuse.

Nominados los 5 Patriotas Cubanos

Jose Pinto Soto, 26.02.2005 05:42

Los 5 Patriotas Cubanos han sido nominados al Premio Nobel de la Paz

Join the Caravan for PALESTINE

Caravane pour la Palestine, 26.02.2005 00:16

The team is a melting pot of people who believe in the power of human relationships and solidarity. We are convinced that the application of international law is the key to resolve the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.


Pedro Rodriguez Medina, 25.02.2005 23:59

From December 2001 to February 23, 2005, Alimport had signed on a total of 4.9 million tones, worth US $ 1.255 billion, with freight costs included. Cuba’s timely cash payments of US $1.06 billion for these purchases have helped meet the Cuban people’s basic food basket needs and conveyed a desire to see a normalization of relations between both countries in an atmosphere of peace and friendship.

Ward the fake indian, wife beater, cop, and now intellectual property thief!! What a punkl

Chief opponent, 25.02.2005 23:52

I have enjoyed them ever since immensely; they're obviously up inside my house," Prentup said.
But last month came a stunning revelation, as Prentup flipped through a 1972 book called The Mystic Warriors of the Plains, written and illustrated by the late artist Thom-as E. Mails. In it he found a sketch that was strikingly similar to the Churchill piece. It get's Worse everyday doesn't it Ward?

Students in Ghana Prepare to do Battle Against Copyright

Leonard Shang-Quartey, 25.02.2005 22:55

Copyright Ghana plans to levy Ghanaian students' outrageous sums for some so-called reprographic rights of "authors".

Meet the 'New' Bush--it's the same 'Old' Bush(world's #1 Terrorist, per German activists)

DLi, 25.02.2005 22:42

The 'old Europe" wasn't fooled by the 'New' Bush. They know it's the same 'old' Bush, and their many placards & banners in Mainz this week show the Europeans regard Commander Chickenhawk-in-Chief as the "World's #1 Terrorist."

CIA Operative Ann Coulter Distorts &quot;Gannon&quot; Story

Media Matters, 25.02.2005 19:20

I suggest that you do a search for "The 25 Tactics of Disinformation" if you choose to read Coulter's ridiculous column. It's her rule book. She attempts to say that "liberals" (are they more or less scary than "commies" ... ?) were upset by Gannon because he's gay, as opposed to being paid by the Republican Party to distort information for Americans.

How long can Bush get away with lies?: ANDREW GREELEY, Chicago Sun Times

ANDREW GREELEY, 25.02.2005 18:56

The pRESIDENT is 'a dangerous fool'.

Community Leaders Protest Soup Kitchen

Chris Harie, 25.02.2005 17:33

What critics want you to know is that there are two sides to Suzy's. On one
side, there is the soup kitchen. On the other, a liquor store. It’s name -
Sousey Sue’s.

Is Peace in Palestine Really About to Break Out??

Ali Abunimah: The Electronic Intifada, 25.02.2005 16:30

Free Palestine Without an immediate halt in settlement construction, the possibility for a territorially contiguous, free Palestinian state alongside Israel will remain a distant


global women strike - refusing to kill, 25.02.2005 14:04

Una de nuestras iniciativas este año es la campaña de apoyo internacional al soldado estadounidense Jeremy Hinzman que, junto con su familia, ha pedido asilo en Canadá porque rechaza servir en Irak. Se espera que las ...


Colosseo, 25.02.2005 09:42

To help Africa and West Papua

Seymour Hersch &quot;We've Been Taken Over By A Cult&quot;, Bizarre Exhibit at Bush State of Union Address, The Bigger Picture

Truth Seeker, 25.02.2005 09:07

The Complete Article Shows The Bigger Picture. Seymour Hersch explains how our country and its democracy has been hijacked by a Cult. A Bizarre exhibit of woman in purple holding an Egyptian Pharoah's Feather Fan while standing behind Bush on stage was witnessed by thousands during his recent State of the Union Address. Bush was seen turning around to face her before his speech and she was seen giving him an assuring nod. This apparent Egyptian Occult "High Priestess" on stage with Bush should send a Wake Up Call to all of us. There's MUCH more than meets the eye about the Bush/Elitist agenda.
Jesus said that the true character of a man can be known through his actions, not his words. Would Jesus kill thousands of innocent people in the name of Democracy? (or his adversary?) The Death Cults Hegelistic ideology is contrived conflict so there is obedience to the State...Hegelism was the basis of Fascism, Communism, Nazism and the Skull & Bones Society of Yale. Occultism/Kabbalah/Hegelism (Love is the Law, Love Without Will), Advanced Technology and Democracy are a lethal Brew.

Jeff Gannon Has A Blog, 25.02.2005 07:39

Bruised but not broken

You've got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything&quot;

Little Nemo in Psycho Land, 25.02.2005 07:12

A Pome about why the Left is aiding the right

PRESS RELEASE Eddy's Medicinal Gardens

Seth I RastafarI, 25.02.2005 06:53

The first Sermon of the California RastafarI Movement shall be shared Feb 25th at 450 Golden Gate in Frisco. Juan-Love

'Popular Mechanics' &amp; Other CIA Front Organizations

From Peter Wakefield Sault, 25.02.2005 06:34

I came across this article written by Peter Sault the other day so I emailed Peter to see if I could get his permission to repost it here on ATS. Well I received Peter's reply this morning with his permission to do so, so here it is in it's entirety. Any opinions welcome.


Portland IMC, 25.02.2005 06:31

The disturbing part is that in over three years, the Bush/PNAC Regime has been unable to prove its own Conspiracy Theory about that day, and they've used that singular event to justify mass murder for profit!!

Leave Jeff Gannon Alone! He Gives N’erdowells Hope

Satire by Steve Young, A BUZZFLASH READER CONTRIBUTION, 25.02.2005 06:28

(Mon, Feb 21, AM) I am so sick and tired of the battering of Jeff Gannon, aka James Dale Guckert or whatever his name is.

Health Trouble In Electric Land

Fred Jones, 25.02.2005 03:04

An interview with Dr. Donald Hillman, Ph.d, concerning his recent research and work on the health effects of electricity in humans and animals.

&quot;Taliban Country&quot; Film Review

Nadrat Siddique, 25.02.2005 02:02

"Taliban Country" is the only independent documentary available about Southern Afghanistan. It is the work of Australian filmmaker Carmela Baranowska, who risked life and limb to travel unembedded to remote Uruzgan Province. There she uncovered untold atrocities committed by U.S. troops. This is the story of Afghanistan's Abu Ghraib.

Avoiding the Death of WOlrd Social FOrum: Lets Vote!

marcel miranda, 25.02.2005 01:28

From Ecuador to Mexico City People Know a New Way is Absoultely Needed NOW! The WSF is on the verge of falling apart or becoming meaningless becuse it cannot move forward and world events are moving beyond it. Four years of networking (is that work?) and sharing ideas seems like enough time - and GW Bush's USA Imperialism is not wiating for us to get our act together - nor is Global Warming. Let's vote on 2 economic proposals and planks....

Pre-emptive measure against ABC News SPECIAL tonite

£, 25.02.2005 00:40

DOINK! Prove first.

The Hydrogen News #28

Michael Johnston, 25.02.2005 00:21

The latest hydrogen energy news. This issue features a nice collection of climate change related stories.

Buddhist Priest Slams Ten Commandments

Monte Joffee, 25.02.2005 00:13

Buddhism is a religion of tolerance. Yet Jisei Nagasaka, priest of the Nichiren Shoshu Temples of New York and Washington, has taken aim at the Ten Commandments.




(Hamid Mir, Osama Bin laden's official biographer is working as Editor Northern Region, GEO Television Network (24 hour private Urdu News Channel)

Yes we know Bush is a War Mongering Bastard! So whats the next step???

Saint N., 24.02.2005 23:06

Yes we know George W.Bush and his Wall St. cronies are War Mongering Bastards! So whats the next step???

Media Monopoly and Lies told by Fox News

Kevin Price, 24.02.2005 20:43

A broad overview of bias and racism in the media focusing on a recent broadcast by Fox 29 News (Philadelphia) in which they implicate the MOVE Organization in a 2002 murder.

PECIAL: COLLAGE Magazine EE, premiere edition

£, 24.02.2005 20:37

10 years in the making (-:
8 pages distributed as untagged pdf
A Critical Journal Of The Individual In Society, Art & Technology

Media Monopoly and Lies Told by Fox News

Kevin Price, 24.02.2005 20:20

An overview of the blatant bias by the corporate media focusing on a recent slanderous broadcast in which FOX New 29 (Philadelphia) indicates that the MOVE Organization was involved in a murder that occurred in 2002.

Sneak Attack Threatens Arctic Refuge And Our Democratic Process

The Wilderness Society, 24.02.2005 19:53

The pristine natural beauty and unique wildlife of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge are facing a renewed attack from oil industry allies in Congress. But this time, it's a sneak attack.

Video, Images from Iraq combined with audio clips of Bush's pre-war 'intelligence' make a powerful case for War Crimes Prosecution of the Bush Regime

Ben Frank, 24.02.2005 19:47

"We've also discovered through intelligence that Iraq has a growing fleet of manned and unmanned aerial vehicles that could be used to disperse chemical or biological weapons across broad areas. We are concerned that Iraq is exploring ways of using these UAVs for missions targeting the United States."

Might Does Not Make Right

Jason Miller, 24.02.2005 19:43

I represented the People for the American Way yesterday in an attempt to persuade Senator Pat Roberts from Kansas to oppose the "nuclear option" to eliminate the filibuster.

Os havanas: líderes no mercado Premium

Agenci Cubana de Noticias, 24.02.2005 19:31

Havana, 24 fev (AIN) Os havanas, distribuídos por Habanos S.A., são líderes no mercado Premium no mundo. Feitos à mão, cobrem 30% do comércio mundial.

Causa dos Cinco no Parlamento Irlandês

Agencia Cubana de Noticias, 24.02.2005 19:13

Havana, 24 fev (AIN) Uma ampla informação sobre o caso dos Cinco foi exposta na Comissão Conjunta de Assuntos Exteriores do Parlamento Irlandês.

Israeli Involvement In 911

Power of Prophecy, 24.02.2005 19:02

On Spetmeber 1o, 2001, US Army Intelligence released a report stating that it was their belief that Israel's Mossad would fake attacks against Americans, and attempt to frame Arabs or Palestinians.

Cuban Five Case at Irish Parliament

Cuban News Agency, 24.02.2005 19:02

Havana, Feb 24 (AIN) Representatives of the Irish campaign to Free the Cuban Five presented the Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Irish Parliament with a detailed explanation of the case involving the anti-terrorist fighters jailed in US prisons.

This War is for Us

Ariel Natan Pasko, 24.02.2005 19:01

Keep in mind that when Pasko says "Jews", he really means "Zionists", those deluded Supremacists who swim in this ridiculous swill every day, in order to justify in their own minds support for a deadly and evil Ideology built upon racism, supremacy, and Hate.

RNC Update: The Video the NYPD Doesn't Want You to See

NLG NYC, 24.02.2005 18:35

A state-of-the-art NYPD helicopter with infrared camera over the August 27 critical mass ride films a couple making out on a penthouse roof instead of the violent mass arrest of hundreds of bicyclists on the street below. This tape was turned over as part
of discorvery material in the upcoming criminal trial of a legal observer. CBS2 has the story on video with this link.

&quot;Why are we welcoming this torturer?&quot;: The Guardian On Bush European visit

Victoria Brittain, The Guardian, 24.02.2005 18:28

Europe is tacitly condoning the Bush regime's appalling practices

Paraguay: El último secuestro??

Carmen Moreno, 24.02.2005 18:10

El secuestro y asesinato de Cecilia Cubas puso al descubierto una red de policías corruptos.

Meet on March 11

Chloe Davies, 24.02.2005 17:58

Thousands meeting on March 11 to remember victims of terrorism and reflect on democratic responses to terrorism.

El escritor Pablo Reyes trabaja un nuevo libro

El crítico, 24.02.2005 17:45

El escritor Pablo Reyes Perez trabaja un nuevo libro que será estrenado a fines de este 2005 y que tendrá la misma cálidad que sus 2 libros anteriores pero desde un enfoque distinto al abordar temas mixtos.

Presidente paraguayo busca a implicados en secuestro

Carmen Moreno, 24.02.2005 17:39

El presidente de Paraguay castigará a policías implicados en secuestro de Cecilia Cubas

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