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Próxima a mil 500 cifra de soldados de EEUU muertos en Iraq

MT, 01.03.2005 20:21

Casi mil 500 soldados de Estados Unidos han muerto en la guerra contra Iraq.

Promete Tabaré Vázquez un gobierno de todos los uruguayos

Luis Enrique González, 01.03.2005 20:16

El nuevo presidente de Uruguay, Tabaré Vázquez, se convierte en el primer gobernante socialista en la historia de ese país sudamericano.

Comment on Sudan polio threat to whole of Africa

Tiffany, 01.03.2005 20:00

Polio a deadly disease, threatens the lives of the citizens in the Sudan and the United Nations was been warned. The Sudan has the highest rate of polio second only to Nigeria and India. Polio was supposed to have disapeared in 2005 but after the Darfur conflict the disease re-emerged. The UN is taking part in massive countrywide campaign to vaccinate more than six million children against polio. But this will not stop the fighting that will continue and the disease will just re-emerge in the next few years. And what about the ones who already have the disease? How are they being treated? Despite the evidence that it is spreading to Ethiopia and there is even a high risk that it could spread to whole of Africa. It is said that South African Union Officials, and Sudanese discussed preparatory issues for yet another peace talk with the Dafar rebels groups even though previous attempts have failed. Therefore, the outbreaks will continue to kill the Sudanese population and spread throughout Africa until the both communities can come to some peaceful understanding. The fighting has already claimed 70,000 lives in a year mostly from disease and hunger.

Confirmation of the Ariel Path Marker in the Pentagon Lawn on September 11th

Rob Hay, 01.03.2005 19:56

Confirmation photos of an All Seeing Eye ariel Path Marker photographed by Satalite 4 days prior to 9/11 apears in photos taken on September 11th. The Ariel Path Marker points at the impact site of the of the Pentagon.

Os radioamadores na transmissão de informação durante as eleições

Agencia Cubana de Noticias, 01.03.2005 19:31

Havana, 1 mar (AIN) A Federação de Radioamadores de Cuba ativará seus mais de 4 000 membros como contribuição para a transmissão de informações durante as eleições parciais de 17 de abril.

Joe million fallows in Bill Clintons foot steps only he did inhale.

annomous soure denver colo. witness first hand, 01.03.2005 19:21

All the dirty little secretes about chelcies new love you never wanted to including former preferrences to weman.

Senador uruguaio deseja melhorar relações com Cuba

Agencia Cubana de Noticias, 01.03.2005 19:18

Havana, 1 mar (AIN) "Temos que melhorar as relações econômicas, culturais e tecnológicas com Cuba", disse em Uruguai José Mujica, novo presidente do Senado dessa república sul-americana.

Candidate Nomination Assemblies Draw Large Turnouts

Cuban News Agency, 01.03.2005 18:57

Matanzas, March 1 (AIN) Neighborhood assemblies held in the Cuban province of Matanzas to select candidates for the nationwide April 17 municipal elections are drawing a considerable proportion of the population

Haitian Police Open Fire on Nonviolent March for Democracy

Bill Quigley, 01.03.2005 18:52

Haitian police fired on peaceful march for democracy in Bel-Air Feb 28

Colombian Organizations Condemn US Anti-Cuba Plan at Human Rights Commission

Cuban News Agency, 01.03.2005 18:51

Havana, March 1 (AIN) Non-governmental organizations in Colombia denounced Washington's pressure on several countries to condemn Cuba at the 61st session of the UN Human Rights Commission.

EU Uses State Aid to Conquer Chinese Defense Market

Antinoos, 01.03.2005 18:49

EU is using commercial aircraft deals as bait in the process ending arms embargo on China as hundreds of pro democracy activists remain in prison and thousands of others are tortured each year.

Uruguayan Senator Calls for Strengthened Relations with Cuba

Cuban News Agency, 01.03.2005 18:47

Havana, March 1 (AIN) The new speaker of the Uruguayan Senate, Jose Mujica, said in Montevideo that his country should strengthen relations with Cuba in the fields of culture, technology and trade.

Beirut Protesters Back on Streets to Pressure Syria

Mark dameli, 01.03.2005 18:14

BEIRUT - Hundreds of protesters waving Lebanese flags returned to central Beirut on Tuesday to demand Syria quit Lebanon after the toppling of the Syrian-backed government by what the media called "people power."

The Bright Side of Having Your Arms and Legs Blown Off

Thomas DiLorenzo, 01.03.2005 17:18

A Story With 'Legs'

DC Underground Film Festival Call for Entries

DCUFF, 01.03.2005 16:35

DC Underground Film Festival Call for Entries

The Selling of the Saving of Social Security

Lee Russ, 01.03.2005 16:31

Even a cursory analysis of the Bush administration's efforts to convince the public that Social Security muste be saved, and that Bush is the man to do it, shows that this is no more than the launch of a new "Republican product" called private accounts (until focus groups showed that people liked "personal accounts" better).

Silvio Rodríguez ofreció en Cuba concierto bajo torrencial aguacero

Jorge Smith, 01.03.2005 16:21

El reconocido cantante y compositor cubano Silvio Rodríguez canto anoche en la escalinata de la Universidad de La Habana bajo un torrencial aguacero.

Oscar 2005: La Academia volvió una vez más la espalda a los latinos

Anubys Galardi, 01.03.2005 16:17

Salvo excepciones, los Oscar viraron la espalda a los latinos nominados en esta ocasión para las estatuillas.

Nominados casi 600 jóvenes de cara a comicios cubanos

APF, 01.03.2005 16:13

Casi 600 jóvenes figuran entre los candidatos propuestos para integrar las asambleas municipales del Poder Popular en Cuba.

UK Intelligence Divided Over Author Ransome’s Bolshevik Ties

Dmitry, 01.03.2005 16:10

Not even British spies could agree whether author Arthur Ransome, best known for his children’s classic “Swallows and Amazons”, was a communist sympathiser, a Soviet operative or a trustworthy agent.

cop alert - it's the bullets, stupid

£, 01.03.2005 16:08

amour piercing fear, bla bla bla from


Por Ángel Rodríguez Álvarez, 01.03.2005 15:49

En los últimos años el gobierno de Estados Unidos se ve precisado por esta fecha, a emplear a fondo sus enormes recursos y poder para lograr, por la mínima, la aprobación de una resolución de condena a Cuba en la Comisión de Derechos Humanos de la ONU (CDH).


Por Noelio Tiuna, 01.03.2005 15:33

Hasta hace poco tiempo la Alternativa Bolivariana de las Américas (ALBA), más que una utopía, era un concepto apenas conocido, y mucho menos reflejado en los medios de comunicación.
El tema resultaba incluso poco mencionado en los medios alternativos y tampoco formaba parte del lenguaje de los líderes, organizaciones y escenarios progresistas o de la llamada izquierda.

Iraqi blogger searching laptops

Iraqi Free Writer - through, 01.03.2005 15:11

Simple forgotten things could please others

Most of you, who are living in the modern west, and taking simple decisions to improve your life style in an ordinary way that still happening every day.
Let me give an example, your decision to change your old laptop computer with a new version, of course you are going to throw away the old one in your storage room upstairs.

La alta abstención deslegitima a la Constitución Europea

Tom Kucharz, miembro de Ecologistas en Acción, 01.03.2005 14:48

La importancia de la alta abstención en el referéndum y de un porcentaje creciente se verá más a medio plazo. Cuando la UE arrasa con los últimos servicios públicos, se agotan las pensiones públicas, el Euroejército interviene en terceros países para defender el acceso a los recursos petrolíferos o provoca conflictos militares, se disparan los índices de paro, se colapse el mercado inmobiliario dejando a decenas de miles de familias en la ruina y se multiplican las muertes por la mala calidad del medio ambiente o la inseguridad alimentaria.

Bush In Germany - Mainz

Naccar, 01.03.2005 14:11

Not only does Bush kill people, he also destroys our planet for others to clean. Bush tries to gain support for his overextended warplans, and shakes hands with government leaders all over the world, in order to paint over domestic problems at home, but despite the media's attempt to hush up any unpleasent voices of the street, there were 12.000 demonstrators in Germany alone.

$200502282323 Keep The Crazy For Real

£, 01.03.2005 14:02

some mind control commentary

Osama bin Laden: A dead nemesis perpetuated by the US government

Michael Rivero, 01.03.2005 06:06

As the disgraced Western media regurgitates without question the claims from the discredited Bush/PNAC Regime, my thoughts naturally turn to "Emmanuel Goldstein" from Orwell's prophetic "1984". I have just one question for the media: Have these alleged tapes passed voiceprint ID tests?

Project: Complete 911 Timeline

Open-Content project managed by Paul Thompson, 01.03.2005 06:02

The Israeli Spy Ring & foreknowledge.

The CBC &amp; Lebanon

Jordan Thornton, 01.03.2005 05:50

Just a letter to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, about its coverage of the situation in Lebanon.

The Death of Activism or Can we think together, 01.03.2005 01:44

How can you educate People? Where is there evidence this ever works? You might think that we are being extreme to say that there is nothing you can do in the USA to aid the Andean Region (or anywhere) through politics or education. Think about it… where are the lasting victories against USA imperialism and injustice? How can groups claim to have had any effect given the state of domestic politics and the foreign aggression of the USA today

&quot;F&quot; Word Alert Reprise

Jack Sands, 01.03.2005 01:09

Bill O'Reilly and Joe Scarborough skilfully use turnspeak in their latest attack on American Indian professor Ward Churchill: Just who are the facists anyway?

Who Says AmeriKKKa and North Korea Have Nothing in Common?

rona marsh, 01.03.2005 00:18

Kim Jong il They even share the same tastes in fashion...

wait and think / para y piensa

elkimikoleo //leonardo camps, 28.02.2005 23:54


Hollander Consultants Promotes New Analysis Coordinator

Matthew Bratschi, 28.02.2005 22:53

Hollander Consultants’ Director of Public Contact, Robert Reifer has just promoted Nate Neilsen to the position of Analysis Coordinator

Who Wants to Plunder?

Walter Burien, 28.02.2005 22:40

A mechanics of colonialism exposed through satire.

What is a democracy?

L, 28.02.2005 22:36

Under principles of democracy, five members of a group can vote to rape the sixth member. Under principles of democracy, nine members of a neighborhood can vote away the property rights of a tenth member. ...


Francisco Javier Angulo, 28.02.2005 22:30


Neoliberal Consciousness

Harald Werner, 28.02.2005 21:54

A great analysis of this Farce that we call "civilization", and the Terrorists driving us off the cliff.

Pamphlet against the False Prophet, George W. Bush

Juergen Fliege, 28.02.2005 21:51

For those "Christians" who have been led astray by the Enemy in disguise, hiding in a position of trust & authority within the Church.

2005: The Irrational American Hypocrisy

twisterius, 28.02.2005 21:50

With his paradoxical conquest for freedom, President Bush has captured the support of more than half of Americans. As soldiers blaze through Iraq killing tens of thousands, as Americans lose more and more liberties, it seems that Bush was perhaps one of America's greatest mistakes. Yet, there is nothing else greater that takes the independence out of independence than the two party systems established in the United States. With broad vision and simple answers to complex questions the left and right have captured voters into a predicament of picking the lesser of two extreme evils. With the media captured and the taboo's set, the masses are moved. With all our outlets controlled we are powerless to change in the current system, it is time for change, it is time for revolution.

La resistencia Social como fenómeno identitario (Sociedad civil y EZLN. Cristales de una misma ventana)

Mauricio Ocampo Campos, 28.02.2005 21:42

Vivimos en un sistema económico por demás inhumano, el Neoliberalismo, mismo que tiene como lógica la acumulación del capital por encima de la dignidad humana, sin embargo, a este paradigma económico, lo han desafiado grupos sociales marginados, mismos que se han visto en la necesidad de preguntar y preguntarse ¿qué hacemos?. Todos ellos giran en torno a un punto de coincidencia: la obtención de la libertad por medio de la resistencia.
Sin embargo, es en nuestro país, en donde un movimiento por demás humilde, llama la atención del mundo: El Zapataismo. Por las características, demandas y acciones de dicho movimiento, la sociedad civil internacional crea un carácter identitario hacia dicho movimiento, lo que los lleva a ser cristales de una misma ventana.

Aotearoa/NZ Action Update #3, March 2005, 28.02.2005 21:34

Image of front page The Aotearoa/ New Zealand Action Update is an action newssheet containing a summary of the past two months direct action, civil disobedience, creative action and protest news, upcoming activist court dates, important national dates and action group contacts. Subscription and submission information can be
found at the bottom of this document.

Anarchist Academy is Back!

Raw Phaser!, 28.02.2005 21:11

Unglaublich aber war. Die Kultband der 90er ist wieder da, und macht mobil gegen Nazirap.
Doppel A antworten Kool Savas (selbsternannter Sohn von Hitler)

Breaking: Top U.S. Official to be Sued Over Torture Policies by ACLU

ACLU, 28.02.2005 20:53

ACLU and Human Rights First to Sue Top U.S. Official Over Torture Policies; Former Military, Government Officials Join Landmark Lawsuit

&quot;Impolde Syria&quot;

k-pax, 28.02.2005 19:34


fbi/cia dangerous incompetence

geral sosbee, 28.02.2005 19:08

The incompetence of the fbi/cia in foreign intelligence matters is best seen in the failure of these two evil agencies to penetrate the Chinese culture; the simultaneous efforts by the fbi/cia to cover up their inabilities through propaganda signals a mini political crisis in the making.

U.S. Incompetence in Foreign Intelligence Matters

geral sosbee, 28.02.2005 18:56

The incompetence and corruption of the fbi/cia in foreign intelligence matters is best seen today in its dual failures to penetrate Chinese culture and Chinese war making capabilities.

Festival do havana contribuui com fundos para a Saúde

Agencia Cubana de Noticias, 28.02.2005 17:38

Havana, 28 fev (AIN) O leilão de umidores que fecha tradicionalmente o Festival do havana arrecadou 531 mil euros que serão destinados ao programa cubano de Saúde.

Documentário &quot;Missão contra o Terror&quot; em Los Ángeles

Agencia Cubana de Noticias, 28.02.2005 17:33

Havana, 28 fev (AIN) O documentário "Missão contra o Terror", acerca da injustiça contra os cinco cubanos presos nos Estados Unidos chegou a Los Ángeles.

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