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Massive Movement of US Military Chemical and Biological Forces Reported

Sorcha Faal, 03.03.2005 01:57

"Unlike an explosion, a biological attack may or may not be immediately obvious. While it is possible that you will see signs of a biological attack, as was sometimes the case with the anthrax mailings, it is perhaps more likely that local health care workers will report a pattern of unusual illness or there will be a wave of sick people seeking emergency medical attention. You will probably learn of the danger through an emergency radio or TV broadcast, or some other signal used in your community. You might get a telephone call or emergency response workers may come to your door."

The original source at contains many hyperlinks.

Historic public meeting: The creation of a nationwide, non-corporate alternative currency.

A Better World Is Within Reach - Peace Network, 03.03.2005 01:16

Historic public meeting: The creation of a nationwide alternative currency.

When judges eperiment with children

Merranda A Chilson, 03.03.2005 01:09

It is a scarey thing when in todays society judges can make our children into experements.That is what happened to me when my son was placed with an abusive father to see if his behavior improved.

16th World Festival of Students and Youth - Caracas, Venezuela

Karl Belin, 02.03.2005 23:53

Hands Off Venezuela

$ A Return To Centralization.

£, 02.03.2005 22:21

Conditions have never be so favourable for writing.

Unfairness and Inaccuracy in Media, The Propaganda-Apologists Continue to Shill For Jeff/Jim Gannon/Guckert

Anthony Wade/Macon Daily, 02.03.2005 20:56

The Fascists always simply shout at the top of their lungs when they are caught with their pants down. It's time for us to start shouting back, and holding them to account.

Relativity, LA Times Style

Alison Weir, 02.03.2005 20:53

A story all too common. We must begin to make the media a major focus of our protest efforts. We must rally at their feet, their places of business, and DEMAND that they start doing the job they claim to be, that which is currently being done by "blogs" and independents. (Remember to wear ORANGE to any planned rallies. We can steal the psychological Tactics of our Enemy ...)

State &amp; Federal Unclaimed Property

Y. Kim, 02.03.2005 20:52

What is unclaimed property?
Unclaimed property is when property such as listed on our home page that goes unclaimed despite reasonable efforts by the holder to locate and notify the owner.

The Coming End of the American Superpower

Paul Craig Roberts, 02.03.2005 20:49

See the Declaration of Independence, posted below, and what it says about how YOU can help fix this situation NOW.

AMERICANS - This Is Your Declaration of Independence

Really Smart Dead Guys, 02.03.2005 20:47

Wherein it identifies your GOD-GIVEN RIGHT to remove traitors and tyrants from your Government. read it. Learn it. Live it. TEST IT OUT.

Remember, at all rallies this spring - WEAR ORANGE!! That, in itself will send a message, and test these Fascists.

Materiales invisibles: la ruina de los magos

Manuel Vázquez, de Prensa Latina, 02.03.2005 20:43

Quienes batallan en favor de lo invisible se aproximan a una victoria.

¿Dónde están los huesos del gigante de Altzo?

Luis M. Arce, corresponsal de Prensa Latina en Madrid, 02.03.2005 20:39

Los españoles buscan aún los gigantescos restos de quien se presume ha sido uno de los hombres más altos en la historia de ese país.

Expondrán en Londres colección de hijo de Cristobal Colón

JS, 02.03.2005 20:24

El Museo Británico expondrá en junio próximo una selección de estampas de época coleccionadas por el hijo de Cristobal Colón.

UPRISING! Aerial Activism

Center for Tactical Magic, 02.03.2005 20:19

Rise Up! Feel like we're living beneath a dark, political cloud? Rise Up!
"Uprising!" is a community kite-building project that encourages aerial democracy.

Internet: una nueva herramienta para comercializar drogas

Carmen Moreno, de Prensa Latina, 02.03.2005 20:07

Primer mundo: Punto de partida en el uso de Internet para el comercio de drogas.

Bello, Sison and Tensions in the Philipino Left

the burningman, 02.03.2005 20:05

[p]Despite efforts by many around the world to rise above sectarianism in the face of the USA's raw imperialism, Walden Bello, a prominent critic of neo-liberalism, has [a href=""]launched[/a] an international distancing campaign against the [a href=""]Communist Party of the Philippines[/a] and the democratic sectoral movements which draw political inspiration from them. Claiming that the CPP's military wing has targeted him with a "[a href=";month=12;day=07;edition=eng;article=08"]hit list[/a]," which in fact is a mere diagram showing the international linkages of various Phillipino parties and individuals, Bello is playing a dangerous game. Included on the diagram is Bello's [a href=""]Akbayan[/a] parlimentary party.[/p]

Jews Must Wake Up!

SHIRA HERZOG, 02.03.2005 20:05

It's time to call a spade a spade and confront Israeli extremists and their supporters head-on.

Matan a dos miembros del tribunal que juzgará a Saddam Hussein

MT, 02.03.2005 20:01

Dos integrantes del tribunal que juzgará a Saddam Hussein fueron ultimados hoy en Bagdad por hombres armados.

Uruguay y Cuba decretan nueva era de la historia bilateral

Luis Enrique González, Enviado Especial de Prensa Latina, 02.03.2005 19:56

Primeras declaraciones del canciller cubano, Felipe Pérez Roque, tras el restablecimiento de relaciones diplomáticas entre su país y Uruguay.

The Coming End of the American Superpower

PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS, 02.03.2005 17:53

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration. He was Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal editorial page and Contributing Editor of National Review. He is coauthor of The Tyranny of Good Intentions.He can be reached at:

Mais de 77 mulheres já foram candidatadas

Agencia Cubana de Noticias, 02.03.2005 17:26

Havana, 2 mar (AIN) Mais de 700 mulheres já foram candidatadas como delegadas de circunscrição, informou hoje Roberto Díaz Sotolongo, presidente da Comissão Eleitoral Nacional e ministro da Justiça.

Plus de 700 femmes nominées pour les élections municipales du 17 avril

Agence cubaine d'information, 02.03.2005 17:19

La Havane, 02.03.05 (AIN)
Roberto Diaz, président de la Commission électorale nationale, a annoncé que les candidatures de plus de 700 femmes ont déjà été retenues au cours des assemblées populaires de nomination en cours dans tout Cuba en vue des élections municipales prévues pour le 17 avril.

U.S. used mustard gas, nerve gas in Fallujah: Iraqi Health Ministry

IRR/IM, 02.03.2005 17:18

Representative of Iraqi “Ministry of Health”: America used mustard gas, nerve gas and other internationally prohibited substances in Fallujah.

La Commission des Droits de l’homme de la République dominicaine exprime son respect pour Cuba

Agence cubaine d'information, 02.03.2005 17:16

La Havane, 02.03.05 (AIN)
Le juriste Manuel M. Mercedes, président de la Commission nationale des Droits de l’homme de la République dominicaine, a confirmé son respect pour Cuba au cours d’une rencontre avec Juan Fernandez Palacio, directeur des Affaires multilatérales au ministère cubain des Affaires étrangères.

International Yoruba Workshop in Santiago de Cuba

Cuban News Agency, 02.03.2005 17:11

Santiago de Cuba, March 2 (AIN) The history of the Yoruba
culture and its presence in Latin America and the Caribbean is
the main topic of the 8th International Workshop on African
Roots "Ortiz-Lachatanere" to be held from April 5-9 in the city
of Santiago de Cuba

State &amp; Federal Unclaimed Property

Y Kim, 02.03.2005 16:07

When does the holder report unclaimed property?
By law, a holder is obligated to locate and unite unclaimed funds with owners within a specified time period. When the time period exceeds without successfully finding the owner (often times called "dormancy period"), the holder reports unclaimed property to state and federal departments.

Number of US Soldiers Killed in Iraq Nears 1,500

RMA, 02.03.2005 16:00

Almost 1,500 US soldiers have been death since the beggining of the war against Iraq.

Over 700 Women Nominated to Cuban Municipal Elections

IFF, 02.03.2005 15:56

More than 700 cuban women have been nominated as candidates for local gobernments.

Vazquez Assumes Presidency and Reestablishes Links with Cuba

Luis Enrique González, Foreign Correspondent, 02.03.2005 15:52

New Uruguayab President, Tabaré Vazquez, reestablish diplomatics relations with Cuba.


Por Ileana Medina Amaro, 02.03.2005 15:48

Este ocho de marzo, oportunidad en que las cubanas reciben más felicitaciones de lo habitual, la fecha del Día Internacional de la Mujer cumple su aniversario 95 de instituida por la Organización de las Naciones Unidas.

Alta asistencia de cubanos en asambleas electorales

APF, 02.03.2005 15:43

La asistencia de los cubanos a las asambleas electorales del Poder Popular sigue elevada pese a inclemencias del tiempo.

Vázquez asume mandato popular y restablece nexos con Cuba

Luis Enrique González, enviado especial de Prensa Latina, 02.03.2005 15:02

El presidente Tabaré Vázquez restablece las relaciones diplomáticas de Uruguay con Cuba.

Iraqi police on strike as 1499 U.S.GI's now &quot;officially&quot; killed in Iraq

Reposted by jamie, 02.03.2005 14:43

TIKRIT, Iraq, March 2 (Xinhuanet) -- Iraqi police in Tikrit, north of Baghdad, went on strike Wednesday demanding the release of a police chief captured by the US troops and guarantees from the foreign forces to respect the local police, a police officer said.

Los jardines colgantes del boulevard de Santa Clara.

Idalia Vazquez Zerquera, 02.03.2005 14:42

Foto Ramón Barrera Un lugar, como existen otros en el mundo, que llama la atención de los que recorren el centro histórico de la ciudad cubana de Santa Clara.

Karnataka Farmers’ Mammoth Rally Marks “Gram Swaraj Day” (Village Republic) on february 13th 2005

Karnataka State Farmers' Movement and Green Brigade (KRRS), 02.03.2005 14:07

Millions of framers’ from different parts of the country and International representatives gathered in Mysore-India on February 13th 2005 to take an oath for Gram Swaraj.(Village Republic) in protest against the anti farmers’ situation arising out of India’s decision to be part of the WTO. The day also marked farmers’ leader Prof. M. D. Nanjundaswamy’s 69th Birth Anniversary.

BNP stand for control of University of Manchester student paper

disturbed, 02.03.2005 13:45

NAZI'S are again after control of student literature

Aborigines charge Australia with racial vilification and genocide at UN

Michael Anderson, 02.03.2005 13:09

Aborigines charge Australia with racial vilification and genocide at UN

In a statement issued from Geneva, Aboriginal political activist, Michael Anderson, said today: ‘NGO submissions to the Committee on the Elimination of all forms of racial discrimination (CERD) told of racial vilification and genocidal practices against its Indigenous Peoples in Australia.’


Por Eduardo Montes de Oca (Cádiz Rebelde), 02.03.2005 11:14

¿Podrá un sistema obsoleto perdurar por los siglos de los siglos?

Warlord Don now blames Iraqi resistance on...Turkey!

DLi, 02.03.2005 10:08

In a recent "Larry King Live" episode, America's Chief Warlord(aka the Don who never met a carpet bomber he didn't like)now blames NATO ally Turkey--part of the Coalition of the UNwilling--for the success of the Iraqi resistance.

Horrendous British war-time violation of subject Indian &amp; Iraqi women

Gideon Polya, 02.03.2005 06:07

Anglo-American mainstream media will simply NOT report two immense war-related crimes against subject women, namely the mass sexual abuse of starving women and girls during the 1943/44 man-made Bengal Famine in Britsh-ruled India and the continuing horrendous infant mortality in Occupied Iraq estimated to total 0.1 million under-5 year old infants each year.

What's In A Lunchbox? Symbolism and Subliminal Messaging

The Green Lantern, 02.03.2005 05:19

Human behavior as it relates to subliminal messaging and expression in various social settings.

Relativity, LA Times Style

Alison Weir, 02.03.2005 05:10

While planning protest rallies this spring, we should make the media and their places of business a substantial part of our plans. It's time to DEMAND that they stop LYING, stop self-censoring, stop abusing our Public Airwaves, and begin doing the job that they claim to be, just like 'non-professionals' and independents have been for years.

What's in a Lunchbox? Symbolism and Subliminal Messaging

The Green Lantern, 02.03.2005 05:08

Human behavior as it relates to subliminal messaging and expression in various social settings.

Is the U.S. getting ready to strike again?

Jane Saunders, 02.03.2005 05:06

It's time to start planning rallies again. Perhaps we should hold silent vigils and moments of silence for the Walking Dead in the US, those about to be sacrificed once again by the Bush/PNAC Regime, like those in September, 2001.

British Army abuse Mentally Handicapped Kids

chrisjohn316, 02.03.2005 05:01

British Army abuse Mentally Handicapped Kids

Ward Churchill leaves Santa Barbara County Superior Court on second day of sensational trial (gimp)

£, 02.03.2005 01:21

ward michael jackson churchill (photos by Ed Andrieski and Aaron Lambert)

ontario ca. is that what they call it now?

theaffected, 01.03.2005 23:43

this is my rant about a california funded organization
that said they could help me get home to portland oregon (from san bernardino ca.,) and then didn't...

Canada Rejects Bush Missile Scheme

Ingmar Lee, 01.03.2005 22:15

Canada stands with an increasing majority of Americans who are horrified by the global domination agenda of the megalomaniac, George W. Bush and his administration.

What military recruiters have to say!

neo, 01.03.2005 22:03

Military recruiters in the US enlighten us...

Treadmill, USA - going NOWHERE, fast!

Editor,, 01.03.2005 21:50

The complicity of the corporate media in withholding important news and information from the public has resulted in the creation of a collective mentality in America that TvNewsLIES calls Treadmill, USAv

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