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M20 in Budapest (Hungary), 21.03.2004 12:24

Demonstration against the war (M20 in Budapest)

Anti-war protest in Malta

Sp|kEsLaW, 21.03.2004 12:03

A number of organisations and individuals joined the rest of the world yesterday in the Global Day of Action against War and Occupation with a demonstration from Blata l-Bajda to Valletta, organised locally by the Moviment Graffiti.

A cowboy and some indians

andre jordan, 21.03.2004 11:57

anti-war demonstrators offer a childrens area

&quot;Iraq on the Record&quot; report published

anonymous, 21.03.2004 11:44

A report published by the United States House of Representatives, that illustrates the misleading statements made by Bush administration officials about Iraq.


IMC IREL:AND, 21.03.2004 11:21

speeker after speeker called for massive protests
Iraq one year on...

Photo's M-20 Netherlands

Mischa, 21.03.2004 10:38

Rain M-20 The Netherlands (Amsterdam) Photo's M20 The Netherlands

Coloradoans rally for peace

Adam Cole, 21.03.2004 07:09

Colorado demonstrators show solidarity with Iraqis as part of Global Day of Action

Images from Montpelier, VT March

Sulis, 21.03.2004 06:02

Shoes Across the State House Steps Images from March held in Montpelier, VT

Good pic of huge crowd in NYC 3 20 04 Right on NYC!!!

Algorythm, 21.03.2004 05:37

HUGE NYC Peace Crowd 3 20 04 I wonder how many people attended the coincidentally timed celebration in honor of Bushes presidental run...

Seattle M20 Video

adili, 21.03.2004 03:18

A quick-and-dirty video edit of what my camera caught this afternoon, complete with heritage punk rock tunes.

Funny-as-crap sound bite commentary provided by the guy I was marching with.

Roundup of some m20 stories around the net

marco, 21.03.2004 02:19

these all are mostly from other indymedia sites,
but there are "outer" links as well.
Happy clicking...

Voting Paper Trail Advocate Dies In 'Tragic Accident'

Bob Fitrakis, 21.03.2004 01:16

Those darn coincidences just keep popping up. Isn't it amazing how things keep working out for the elites?

BUDAPEST M20 - magnificent live peace sign photo

tibi, 21.03.2004 00:49

Here is a photo of the Budapest event on M20 2004.

Privatisation of public transport in Lublin (Poland)

IMC Poland - 3miasto, 20.03.2004 22:50

Video reportage showing local boycott of privatisation initializated by anachist Federation in Lublin (city in south Poland) against privatisation of public transport (2 minutes, quicktime)

&quot; Imagine Good News &quot; Creating A Global Network of Community Centers and People, 20.03.2004 22:43

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Osaka rogue police assaulted rally participants (20 March 2004)

Kamagasaki Patrol, 20.03.2004 22:29

On 20 March anti-war rally, Osaka prefecture police assaulted participants before departure.

Toronto March 20 - Bicycle Cavalry for Peace Photos

Martino, 20.03.2004 22:16

The Bicycle Cavalry for Peace confronts pro-US invasion demonstrators and cops
by dropping their pants for peace.

Solidarity to the C.S.A. &quot;MALEPASSO&quot; (AV/IT)

Anonimous, 20.03.2004 21:35

Solidarity to the C.S.A. "MALEPASSO" (AV/IT) against every coactive movin' out.

Economist article on 17th century 'internet' - coffee houses

The Economist, 20.03.2004 21:29

...Dark rumours of plots and counter-plots swirled in London's coffee-houses, but they were also centres of informed political debate. Swift remarked that he was "not yet convinced that any Access to men in Power gives a man more Truth or Light than the Politicks of a Coffee House."...Pepys observed that its debates were "the most ingeniose, and smart, that I ever heard, or expect to heare, and bandied with great eagernesse; the arguments in the Parliament howse were but flatte to it."...

Powell urges Syria to end occupation of Lebanon

mark dameli, 20.03.2004 21:26

Secretary of State Colin Powell said on Saturday repeated calls made Friday by the State Department for an end to the Syrian occupation of Lebanon so that Lebanon could enjoy "full sovereignty."

Report on the boycott bush campaign in India, Mumbai.

Mr. Hozefa Merchant(posted by Guido), 20.03.2004 20:08

Wanted: George W. Bush The campaign started at 4:30 pm (Indian standard time) at Hutatma chok
near Churchghate Station. More than 300 protesters & volunteers turned up
on the streets, shouting out slogans and holding their placards. The
protesters gathered an even more number of commuters making the whole
protest look like a massive rally.

BREAKING NEWS: FBI bugs Brazil govt offices, bribes police

Brazilian news, 20.03.2004 20:01

Brazil government offices bugged by United States FBI, police bribed, says report (March 19, 2004) -- Also says Saddam Hussein and Donald Rumsfeld discussed anthrax sales in 1982

Amsterdam: over 2000 protest ongoing occupation of Iraq

Stop the War Coaltion Netherlands, 20.03.2004 19:50

As part of the world wide demonstrations against the ongoing and illegal occupation of Iraq, which started today exactly one year ago, over 2000 people bore the heavy winds and rain to protest.


Information Clearing House, 20.03.2004 19:28

PHOTOS - Information Clearing House Warning: These Pages Depict The Horror And Reality Of "OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM"

Part II, Raise Hell in Dixie

jeffery mcnary, 20.03.2004 18:59

This is essay is the conclusion of a two part series on what may be defining the 2004 Presidential Campaign.

<a href="">Oceania</a> / East Asia: Anti-War Protests

Melbourne IMC, 20.03.2004 18:20

Thousands rally in anti-war protests across Oceania

Israel: The Unmentionable Source of Terrorism

John Pilger, 20.03.2004 17:43

Ariel Sharon: War Criminal, Spin-master, Liar and Cheat The source of much of this danger is Israel. A creation of Britain, then guardian
of the west's empire in the Middle East, the Zionist state remains the
cause of more regional grievance and sheer terror than all the Muslim
states combined.

Destroy America's weapons of mass destruction, Mr Bush!

Kaiserslautern Greenpeace Group, Germany, 20.03.2004 17:31

Greenpeace and other activists have put up a statue of liberty outside the US airbase at Ramstein in Germany to protest against war and American weapons of mass destruction. The demonstrators called on the US government to start looking for weapons of mass destruction where they really can be found: in the USA itself. The six-metre-high statue has a map on it showing the production and storage locations of atomic, chemical and biological weapons in the US. Greenpeace spokesman Wolfgang Lohbeck said President Bush’s assertions about alleged Iraqi weapons of mass destruction “were nothing but cynical manipulation of public opinion. "It had long been decided to go to war."

Kerry Indicates He Would Continue Bush’s Pro-Sharon Policy

Ira Glunts, 20.03.2004 17:18

Lately, Senator John Kerry has been reassuring voters that he will be as pro-Israel as President Bush.  He has expressed his support for Sharon's policy of unilateral disengagement,  building of the so-called security barrier and the political isolation of Yasser Arafat.  The candidate's present position toward Middle East peace contradicts his past support of the Oslo peace process and provides a surprising contrast to his views when he was a young anti-war leader in the early '70s.

Germany's governing parties are corrupt to the marrow

By Dschugan Rosenberg, 20.03.2004 16:31

German original at

In regard to fighting corruption in our country the Red-Green government is part of the problem, not of the solution. Germany is suffocating in corruption affairs of the Social Democrats and Greens. It reaches right up to friends and closest staff members of the chancellor and the federal president. The police and justice system are incapable of taking action against these mafiose structures. That is proved by the cases depicted below.

ROLDA No-kill Shelter

ROLDA, 20.03.2004 16:23

Informations about a no-kill shelter from Romania.

Remember Maude! free poster! Just Don't Go!

Harold and Maude, 20.03.2004 15:54

Pass it on, and if you haven't seen the movie from the early 70s - Harold and Maude - now is a good time to do so.

A Message of Solidarity from the Toronto Coalition to Stop the War

Toronto Coalition to Stop the War, 20.03.2004 15:04

We, the Toronto Coalition to Stop the War (TCSW), send this message of solidarity to our brothers and sisters, wherever they may be in our world, who raise their voices, stand in witness and resist against those that build empire through the rape of our earth, violence against our minds and bodies, and seek to commodify living beings for the sake of profit and power.

Action Alert - happening now

ProgressiveBrit, 20.03.2004 14:57

The following is from the Progressive Webgroup Alliance mailing list. Allied groups members who for whatever reason cannot attend the real world demonstrations to mark the 1st anniversay of the illegal invasion of Iraq are today and tomorrow taking part in online demonstrations

blast furnace radio in Baghdad for m20

vincent / blast furnace radio, 20.03.2004 14:10

message from baghdad on m20 from baghdad


£, 20.03.2004 14:04

original gimpart

Saudia Arabia blocks Queer web sites

Paul McAndrew, 20.03.2004 13:46

Saudi Arabia's government has blocked access to Web sites giving GLBT-related information to people within the country once again, despite agreeing to free up its censorship last year.

East Timorese protest Iraq occupation

ETAN, 20.03.2004 13:15

Photos of demo More than fifty East Timorese, accompanied by a few international
supporters, peacefully demonstrated today against the continuing
United States occupation of Iraq, as part of a worldwide day of protest.
The following statement, in Tetum and English, was read out in front of
the United States Embassy in Dili, Timor Leste.

collect evidence ins treets if police riot today

kirsten anderberg, 20.03.2004 13:04

For today's protests, make sure to collect the spent evidence of police riot materials afterwards. Take pictures of cops without name tags. Dress as Santa. Take fake babies to the front lines...

States brawl as German nuclear waste transportation looks inevitable

Diet Simon, Bonn, 20.03.2004 10:50

Will you accept nuclear waste transport by train? You’ve got a week to think about it. But a transport there will be.

That’s the pistol the national German government, which has a Green environment minister, is holding to the head of the state government of North-Rhine Westphalia in Düsseldorf, which also has a Green environment minister.

Eyewitness Account of Madrid Demonstrations

Anonymous, 20.03.2004 04:42

This is an account of the demonstrations in Madrid on the eve of the
elections, written by a high school student. It is an amazing eyewitness

Modern Cointelpro

..., 20.03.2004 01:39

This is an article by scientist Allen Barker on more modern highly advanced technology used for purposes of harassment and psychological warfare

al Qaeda wants Bush re-elected

AP Hack, 20.03.2004 01:26

Bombing Group Reportedly Wants Bush Re-Elected
Terrorists Say They Need Bush's 'Idiocy' To Wake Up Islamic World

Washington Post Brainwashing Article

..., 19.03.2004 23:34

This is a post by scientist Allen Barker on a Washington Post article about brainwashing.

SF Action Shuts Down Bechtel Headquarters on Anniversary of Iraq Invasion

DASW Media, 19.03.2004 22:15

Global Mobilization Against US Occupation and "Corporate Invasion" of Iraq

2004 Athens Olympics - Greek Animals Race for Their Lives

Marijo Anne Gillis, 19.03.2004 21:06

An overview of the plight of both companion and farmed animals in Greece; especially referencing their abuse and the mysterious disappearance of abandoned dogs during a major Greek houskeeping effort in preparation for the 2004 Athens Olympic Games

Islam y Derechos Humanos

José Francisco Sánchez Beltrán. Valencia., 19.03.2004 20:52

La inminencia del Mundo Infeliz de Huxley, pura apariencia de armonía bajo la férula de la brutalidad institucional parece cada vez más próxima. El error en que se sustenta consiste en pretender armonizar concepciones vitales que son totalmente antagónicas.

Homage to Castilla

Julian Sanchez, 19.03.2004 20:38

nasty editorial cartoon "Appeasement" in Spain

Cuba Standing Up against Any US Maneuvering at UNHRC

Fausto Triana, 19.03.2004 20:29

Geneva, Mar 19 (PL) Cuba reiterated Friday its decision to face any possible condemnation at the UN Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) and challenged the US to show verifiable evidence to condemn Cuba this year.

Dublin Grassroots Network - Mayday No Borders weekend 2004 events

redflaremist, 19.03.2004 20:27

Line up of events in Dublin, Ireland. Come to Dublin!

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