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Much ado about nothing-Ward Churchill

Shake Spear, 07.03.2005 07:00

I personally know several people who went to jail for refusing to testify to the House Un-American Affairs Committee in the 50’s. Many went to jail for being communists. Churchill isn’t being blackballed like so many in academia and the arts were in the 50s. He isn’t being marginalized for his privately held opinions.


Michael Albert, 07.03.2005 06:59

"My reaction was to wish he hadn't written it. Ward took clear and cogent insights about the causes of international hostility to U.S. policies and weighed them down with not so clear and not so cogent non insights about the general population of the U.S."
SO are you going to say Michael is a cop as well?

ALERT: CODEX WTO - will restrict vitamin, mineral herb and other supplements!!!

Anarchist6913, 07.03.2005 06:30

ALERT: CODEX WTO - will restrict vitamin, mineral herb and other supplements!!!


DR. NASIR MAHMOOD, 07.03.2005 05:56


&quot;Sgrena's ambush was a colossal mistake, only because she survived it.&quot;

Jeff, 07.03.2005 03:41

"It can't be just said that it was just an accident.
We can't accept this, it is not possible." - Giuliana Sgrena.

Gannon/Guckert Is Really Johnny Gosch

Tim White, 07.03.2005 03:40

Google Johnny Gosch, and know what your leaders have really been up to.

Fallujah: the American Earthquake

Mark Manning, 07.03.2005 02:22

A letter, dated March 5, 2005 from an eyewtiness to the REALITY of Falluja's 'liberation'.

Future US Oil Wars

William, 07.03.2005 01:34

So now you will know why they will suddenly find al CIA dha in these countries forment war, blowing things up and creating chaos.

See Leftists, Communist Anti-Ameican Journalist Giuliana Sgrena Is A Liar

Captain America, 06.03.2005 23:09

The anti-American Independent in the UK reports that anti-American communist journalist Giuliana Sgrena claims the car she was in was hit with a volley of 300 to 400 bullets fired by American soldiers. See the picture of Sgrena's car. Where are the holes from the 300 - 400 bullets? I'll bet this entire "kinapping" and "rescue" operation was set up Sgena herself to further her anti-American agenda.

Team Bush Dog and Pony Show Hits the Road to Convince Public Social Security is Dead

Paintball Johnny Federici, 06.03.2005 22:44

How lack of credibility and dubious number crunching is not dissuading Team Bush from attempting to persuade America that the end is near for Social Security.

Secondhand Spit: People who date dippers in danger of getting cancer

Chris Haire, 06.03.2005 22:43

According to scientists at the Texas Institute of Technology, preliminary studies in "second-hand dip spit" began only months before Sally was diagnosed, and it is only now that they have some proof. "We've known for quite some time that smokeless tobacco was cancer-causing, but only recently have we discovered this tragic side-effect," says Dr. Robert Ferguson, chief researcher at TIT. "The tobacco travels from one party to the other through the mixing of saliva associated with deep, or french-style, kissing. Then the tobacco particles settle in the cheek or gum of the unsuspecting, non-dipping party. Due to the high state of arousal, neither party is aware of this exchanging of cancer-causing materials when it occurs."

Breaking: NYT: &quot;The fact that the Americans don't want negotiations to free the hostages is known,&quot; Freed Journalist

JASON HOROWITZ, 06.03.2005 22:35

Italian Journalist Shot in Iraq Rejects U.S. Account

India: Radiation Monitoring Around Madras Atomic Power Station

VT Padmanabhan and NP Nakul, 06.03.2005 22:13

An independent citizens invesitgation on Tamil Nadu's Coastal region - A radiation dosimteric expedition through Coimbatore, Chengelpet , Chennai, Mahabalipuram and Kalpakkam with a portable gamma counter. (February 10-20, 2005)

8 March in Holland...................

prime, 06.03.2005 20:18

Stop the Suppression of Women’s Rights

On 8 March 2005 at 13.30 a petition will be presented to the Permanent Parliamentarian Commission for Justice and Integration.

At 14.00 an impressive demonstration will begin at Central Station, with hundreds of women dressed in black with white masks, and end at `Het Plein´. Many prominent women will take part in this demonstration.

On International Women’s Day, hundreds of women will take to the streets in solidarity with the female asylum seekers who have experienced sexual violence in their land of origin. Where Dutch victims are permitted to file a complaint for up to 15 years after the crime, these asylum seekers receive only one chance to talk about how they were sexually abused and sometimes persecuted for it.

While the Dutch victims of sexual violence get the chance to tell their story when they are ready to, in complete calmness and guided by an expert, these asylum seekers are compelled to do so within 48 hours upon their arrival in the Netherlands – not in calmness and not with the guidance of an expert.
Where the Dutch victims are heard by special counselors, no specialists are brought in for asylum seekers.

It is high time that the Dutch asylum policy pays as much attention to the discrimination against female asylum seekers as they do to the other victims of sexual violence in the Netherlands. This is the feeling of hundreds of social and political organizations.
We are asking for the equal treatment of sexually abused women, and thus observation of article 1 of the Constitution, for everyone, including asylum seekers!

This poor IND policy regarding women who have been through sexual violence is but one example of a failing governmental policy. This policy has failed to protect the rights of the asylum seeker women in the Netherlands.

The action on March 8th is the beginning of a project of women who were sexually abused in their land of origin, on the way to the Netherlands and sometimes also in the Netherlands, after they were put on the streets.

Currently lawyers and experts are working on a ´blackbook´ in which this failing policy regarding the sexual abuse of women will be put on the spot.

Sexually abused women are being threatened with deportation and some already have been deported.

We demand that:

1. Female asylum seekers who have been the victims of sexual violence not be discriminated from Dutch women;
2. Women be received and guided in a professional way during the asylum procedure;
3. Women both with, and without, children not be put on the street if their cases are have been closed;
4. Women who are victims of sexual violence, in their own land and/or in the Netherlands, not be departed;
5. International agreements on human rights be observed also for female refugees.

For more information:

Namens Stichting PRIME
Ahmed Pouri (coördinator)
Tel. 06 55 36 23 13 / 070 3050415


EL DUENDE DE LOS ANDES, 06.03.2005 18:47


$20050306.pdf The Sterile Appliance Of Rock And Roll

£, 06.03.2005 17:53


Bush Calls for Full Israeli Withdrawal from Palestine by May

Israeli Newspaper Ha'aretz, 06.03.2005 17:41

"When we say withdraw we mean complete withdrawal - no half-hearted measures," Bush told an audience in New Jersey on Friday."

Why I Love Shoplifting from Big Corporations

subMedia, 06.03.2005 17:26

Scene from the short film &quot;Why I Love Shoplifting from Big Corporations&quot; subMedia completes second short film inspired by crimethinc's manifesto.

I Cannot Support the Troops.

Lloyd Hart, 06.03.2005 17:08

An open letter to all active duty U.S. Military personal.

The Cure for AIDS and HIV is Here GET IT OUT!!!

james davis, 06.03.2005 14:39

the cure for almost every disease is covered up by THE USA Government. help us. we have help us cure the owrld of hiv aids herpes. the flu. HELP US S.O.S.

Turkish weekly Anti-Civilization Bulletin (issue 40)

Against Civilization, 06.03.2005 12:27

Internationla News

Sibel Edmond's 2005 Spring Offensive

john stanton, 06.03.2005 05:50

FBI Shields Pakistan/Turkey Nuclear Weapons Development, Drug Trade, Cheney, Rumsfeld

We have a dream, too

Benjamin Hale, 06.03.2005 02:45

I have a dream-of a land filled with lily White faces only. A land where there is no crime, no poverty, a land of plenty, a land of wealth. At this point I...

London, England: Mayor Ken Livingstone Speaks Out About Israel

Ken Livingstone: The Guardian, 06.03.2005 02:18

Not to speak out against this injustice would not only be wrong. It would ignore the threat it poses to us all.

See Peaceniks, If You're Against War With Iran, You're With The Mullas

Captain America, 06.03.2005 01:15

If you're against war with Iran, you're objectively pro-mulla at worst, or an unwitting dupe of the mullas at best.

VIDEO Just Released! : &quot;When They Came for Ward Churchill&quot;

FSTV, 06.03.2005 00:01

Embattled Professor Ward Churchill speaks on the controversy over his essay, his treatment by the media and the people calling for his firing, and even execution, for 'treason'. In this hour-long program, Prof. Churchill invites FSTV into his home to tell the side of the story told nowhere else on American television: his side.

Passion of the Christ (gimped poster)

£, 05.03.2005 23:18

majority crucifies png image

Gorilla Radio

ape, 05.03.2005 23:05

Che Koko Gorilla Radio is broad/webcast from the University of Victoria, Canada at http://cfuv.uvic. The show airs live, every Monday between 5-6pm pacific time

Humilde homenaje a Pelusa

Stella Maris Francia, 05.03.2005 23:05

Las lagrimas estallaron sobre el teclado en homenaje al compañero muerto

Almeria: BASTA YA de asesinatos, racismo y superexplotación!

Red Latina sin fronteras, 05.03.2005 21:27

Ni Olvido Ni Perdón! NO a la impunidad de autores y autoridades cómplices Almeria, Estado español
Ante el asesinato, el racismo y la superexplotación:
BASTA YA! Resistir para existir!


CELERINO CASTILLO III, 05.03.2005 21:22


The Archetype of Destruction

Glenn McCarthy, 05.03.2005 20:54

This articel is a creation of, and in response to, the many "conversations" I have had with know-it-all militants.

US Groups Refuses Banning of Trips to Cuba

ABO, 05.03.2005 19:56

US political groups call for fight agains prohibition to travles to Cuba

The husband of the US wounded Italian journalist: It was an &quot;ambush&quot;; &quot;the U.S.A. did not want that it left lives&quot;

El Pais, Madrid newspaper, 05.03.2005 19:54

The Italian journalist affirms that they were reached in "a fire rain".

Attack on Sregna was Intentional, says Italian Eyewitness

EMW, 05.03.2005 19:53

Piero Scolari, the sentimental partner of the italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena said Us soldiers shut more than 300 bullets

Electoral Board Already Constituted in Cuba

ABO, 05.03.2005 19:48

Almost 200,000 cubans appointed for electoral boards

Abrirán en Cuba casa dedicada al novelista francés Víctor Hugo

PGJ, 05.03.2005 19:42

Una residencia colonial del siglo XVIII servirá de sede memorial en La Habana del novelista francés Victor Hugo

Estadounidenses atacaron intencionalmente a periodista italiana

BTS, 05.03.2005 19:38

Existía la intención de que la periodista italiana Giuliana Sgrena no saliera con vida.


Belarus-München, 05.03.2005 19:33

Neueste Nachrichten vom weißrussischen Widerstand, staatlichen Repressionen und gesellschaftlichen Entwicklungen (regelmäßige Übersichten geplant)

Manifestation pour les réfugiés politiques basques a Montréal

anonyme, 05.03.2005 18:09

Hier le 4 mars 2005, Une dizaine de bannières ont été posées dans la ville de Montréal en solidarité avec les réfugiés politiques basques Gorka et Eduardo qui risquent l'extradition vers l'Espagne et la Torture.

Une manifestation est prévue samedi le 5 mars 2005 à 14h au Carré Philips, (métro McGill).

US attack against Italians in Baghdad was deliberate: companion : &quot;Giuliana had information, and the US military did not want her to survive,&quot;

AFP, 05.03.2005 18:00

[Italy demands answer as journalist liberation turns bloody
Freed Italian hostage Giuliana Sgrena, wounded by US soldiers, returned home as the United States sought to provide answers to an angry Italy over the deadly shooting of her convoy.]

UN calls for probe of US Proxy Colombia's Massacre of Children

Associated Press, 05.03.2005 17:07

U.N. calls for probe of Colombia massacre

Agrupaciones estadounidenses contra prohibiciones de viajar a Cuba

ACL, 05.03.2005 16:06

Hoy se efectuará en ueva York una reunión para buscar alternativas ante la prohibición del gobierno de George W. Bush de viajar a Cuba.

El poder de elegir en Cuba

Alberto Corona López, 05.03.2005 16:04

Los cubanos eligen a quienes serán sus delegados ante el Poder Popular.

¿Quién presidirá Rusia en 2008?

Mario H. Garrido, 05.03.2005 16:00

¿Putin o Kasianov?: los rusos se plantean la interrogante.

Men Who Stare at Goats author questions and answers

Michael Meaney, 04.03.2005 18:13

Jon Ronson The man that brought the Bilderbergs, Bohemian Grove and psychic military operations to the British mainstream media, kindly took the time to answer RINF.COM: Media Hijacker's questions. Special guest, Mr Jon Ronson.

Why an HIV Vaccine Can't Work

Questioning AIDS, 04.03.2005 17:28

Twenty+ years of AIDS and no vaccine, why?

Political Priorities

Katie McMillan, 04.03.2005 17:10

California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is proposing to rescind Proposition 98.

State votes to remove troops from Iraq

Indy Army, 04.03.2005 16:17

This is great steps


José Del Grosso, 04.03.2005 16:14

Análisis descriptivo sobre cómo los medios privados venezolanos han venido creando una matriz de opinión en pro de una invasión de USA a Venezuela. Incluye la manera como han venido aplicando técnicas psicológicas de lavado de cerebro para sus fines

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