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Cuba Charges US Lacks Moral Authority on Human Rights

MH (PL), 08.03.2005 18:51

Cuba rejects a US Departamen report aboput human raights in Cuba.

Mujeres: Las más discriminadas

Bertha Tamayo Soler (PL), 08.03.2005 18:48

Las europeas saben qué es la discriminación de la mujer.

Rechaza Cuba informe de Estados Unidos sobre Derechos Humanos

A. Corona (PL), 08.03.2005 18:45

Canciller afirma Cuba rechaza categóricamente informe Departamento de Estado


Texas-Aztlan Independent Media Collective, 08.03.2005 18:22

I don't know whether this is a joke, a bald-faced lie, or a brazen attempt to hide in plain sight by telling the truth, but it was posted this morning at

Beirut: 1.500.000 peoples in the square with Hezbollah

Libano against USA and Israele, 08.03.2005 18:07

beirut with hezbollah il Libano che è contro le ingerenze straniere, contro un medio oriente disegnato da Bush e Sharon


ME, 08.03.2005 17:02


Building A Better Wiki

£, 08.03.2005 16:58

Just doing some proofreading where I am and I have noticed a few interesting perculiarities I thought I would share.

TECHNO-STRATEGY: Torrents Going Massmarket

£, 08.03.2005 16:55

It does appear that torrents may be the first real new unique effort made on the mass market version of the Internet. A claim has just been made that the replacement of television will involve automated syndication, like rss-feeds (xml) and torrents (peer swarming). Other concerns arise from the rising tide.


Yenny Sebastian, 08.03.2005 16:29



By Roberto Perez Betancourt, 08.03.2005 16:16

Cuba holds nationwide nonpartisan municipal elections on April 17 and two of the basic precepts of the island's Electoral Law are the obligation placed on elected representatives to make periodic public reports on their work and the right of those who elected them to revoke their mandate.

Israel Needs Evangelical Christian Support

Yehiel Eckstein: Ha'aretz, 08.03.2005 14:24

One-third of the population of the United States are "born-again" Evangelical Christians. God bless those delusional people! They will sustain the corrupt and racist state of Israel, even as Jews worldwide are having second thoughts.

Love Story from (dating and photo rating)

Alex Kurt, 08.03.2005 12:16

Love Dating from Roxanne drove me crazy like no one else.
She's a beauty!
She blinded me with science, and weird science at that.
There was always something there to remind me of her and I just knew that I'd have the time of my life. I wasn't about to la-di-da-di.

See Peaceniks, Bush Was Right About Iraq

Captain America, 08.03.2005 10:05

Even the anti-America Independent in Britain is coming around to the truth.

Georgino Corleone Bushetti to more diplomatic UN Ambassador Candidates: &quot;Sorry, I Need a Wartime Consigliare&quot;

Steven Leser -, 08.03.2005 08:07

Erm, Mr. Bush, since Merriam Webster defines the word "Diplomat" as "one employed or skilled in diplomacy" it really makes me wonder what job you thought you were filling with this guy?


Econoticiasbolivia, 08.03.2005 06:48

Cornered by social protest that has Bolivia semi-paralysed, the neo-liberal
Carlos Mesa announced this past Sunday night his resignation to the
presidency of the Republic, that will be made effective in the next hours.

March 10th Tibetan Uprising Day

Miguelito Mendoza, 08.03.2005 06:37

Outraged Tibetans and supporters rally outside the Los Angeles Federal Building to decry China's illegal occupation and acts of genocide in Tibet.

Audio of Jeff 'Free' Luers keynote speech at Oregon ELAW conference

Friends of Jeff 'Free' Luers, 08.03.2005 05:09

Jeff Luers-Winter 2003 This is an mp3 file of Political Prisoner Jeff 'Free' Luers' recent keynote address at the 23rd annual Public Interest Environmental Law Conference, held March 3-6 in Eugene, Oregon, USA.

Silence is Not Golden

Jason Miller, 08.03.2005 03:55

These are my thoughts about Bush's controversial "re-nomination" of formerly rejected judicial nominees who would render judicial decisions hostile to working people, minorities, gays, women and the environment. It includes commentary about the folly and danger of eliminating the filibuster.

Much ado about nothing-Ward Churchill

Shake Spear, 08.03.2005 01:22

I personally know several people who went to jail for refusing to testify to the House Un-American Affairs Committee in the 50’s. Many went to jail for being communists. Churchill isn’t being blackballed like so many in academia and the arts were in the 50s. He isn’t being marginalized for his privately held opinions.


Michael Albert, 08.03.2005 01:21

"My reaction was to wish he hadn't written it. Ward took clear and cogent insights about the causes of international hostility to U.S. policies and weighed them down with not so clear and not so cogent non insights about the general population of the U.S."
SO are you going to say Michael is a cop as well?

Mazal Tov Cocktail: Call For Submissions!

Mobius, 08.03.2005 01:05

Details about a new project documenting Jewish radical culture.

Does this flag make my butt look big?: Reflections from the front lines of the Lebanese revolution

Mike Beaumier, 08.03.2005 00:41

Protesters in one of the many massive rallies through the streets of Beirut Lebanon finds itself in the midst of a profound political upheaval folowing the death of former (and likely to have been future) P.M. Rafiq Hariri. This article takes a look at the classist assumptions underlying the discourse surrounding the political phenomenon currently unfolding in Lebanon.

Video: U.N. 'explodes' American kids

UN/AMY LINDBLOM, 08.03.2005 00:14

Broadcasters not showing graphic ad depicting soccer children blown apart

Inside Falluja... real live stories

Mark Manning, 07.03.2005 23:44

There are fighters in Falluja. That is a fact. But they are
surrounded by some 490,000 innocent people. As a country, we have
decided the damage to the innocents is worth the end result, whatever
that may be. These people are being shattered by this very serious
situation that they have no control over. They are the innocent
victims of this war.

Why Data Is Free

£, 07.03.2005 22:30

condition red At ease.

References on what the Firefighters Witnessed

resources from http://www, 07.03.2005 22:25

audiovisual links and other key resources regarding the destruction of the World Trade Towers--includes first hand witness accounts that secondary devices were in the buildings

Homosexuals Control Bush White House - Russian Paper

Dimitri Sokolov, 07.03.2005 21:58

Gannon claims intimate connections with not only Mr. Bush himself but also with top leaders in the Republican party and most especially acting as a connection with the very powerful and controlling American Christian militant organizations. He claims that several very famous Christian leaders are also homosexual and that these work together with others in high political circles!

Cuban Women Breaktroughs Highlighted at UN Forum

RMA-PL, 07.03.2005 20:24

The women situation is worsened under the worlds´ unfair order, denounced today Cuba at UNO.

O Anti - Comunismo de Proudhon

Francisco Trindade, 07.03.2005 20:01

O Anti - Comunismo de Proudhon

The Effects of Nuclear War on Furry Animals or How Not to Cook a Sheep

Adam Roufberg, 07.03.2005 19:32

War Crimes, General Stupidity, and a recipe for sheep.

Descubren restos del antepasado más antiguo del hombre

MOR-PL, 07.03.2005 19:28

Restos de un homínido que existió unos cuatro millones de años atrás fueron encontrados en Etiopía.

Contrastan avances de Cuba en foro ONU sobre mujer

HR, 07.03.2005 19:22

Cuba denuncia ante la ONU el agravamiento de la situación de la mujer a nivel mundial.

&quot;Top&quot; Conspiracy Site Is Pedophile Haven

Septic Overlord, 07.03.2005 19:21, a growing internet conspiracy community web site was found that over 50% of messages sent via the system contained sexual content.

Cumple un mes regulación contra cigarrillos y tabacos en Cuba

MV, 07.03.2005 19:20

Alentadores resultados tras la aplicación de regulaciones para el consumo de cigarrillos y tabacos en Cuba.

Schroeder y Chirac presentan frente común en temas europeos

TO, 07.03.2005 19:17

El presidente francés y el canciller federal alemán unirán fuerzas para negociar Pacto de Estabilidad.

What's America Ever Done?

Alexei, 07.03.2005 18:35

Nothing really, just....

The Effects of Nuclear War on Furry Animals or How Not to Cook a Sheep

Adam Roufberg, 07.03.2005 17:57

War Crimes, General Stupidity, and a recipe for sheep.

See new graphic VIDEO/story!: Guard video shows harsh war scenes, racism towards the people US supposedly there to liberate

Ramadi Madness/ Palm Beach Post, 07.03.2005 17:32

New VIDEO!!! Graphic Abuse by US Guards in Iraq

Gannon claims intimate connections with not only Mr. Bush himself

raven, 07.03.2005 17:21

If these tapes are played in a public forum, as we understand they will be , it should lend considerable credence to the publication of his records. There will be a wave of terror engulfing the Metropolitan Club in Washington. come publication date.

$200503070840 Sino Genesis

£, 07.03.2005 17:00

In the beginning, there was the wealthy. Then there came war, and it was good. Moats and whirling swords set at the gates to the garden protect them, making us free. But the rich were bored.

Employee fights porn and wins.

Greg Hudson, 07.03.2005 15:59

Soft-porn magazines are being covered up in a Calgary 7-Eleven. The change is a result of consumer protest, initiated by one store clerk. The policy to cover up questionable material is not new in places like Utah and Idaho; however, this Northwest store is the first in Caglary to censure material.

End the Occupation - only in Lebanon (but heaven forbid not in Palestine or Iraq)

Zvi Bar'el: Ha'aretz, 07.03.2005 15:15

Three occupying countries remain in the Middle East: Syria, Israel and the United States. The two Western occupiers are now demanding that the Arab occupying state desist from occupying.

From Reproductive Rights to Social Justice, the annual CLPP Reproductive Rights Conference

CLPP at Hampshire College, 07.03.2005 14:26

Reproductive Rights Conference April 1-3 at Hampshire College.

Rencontre des écolos alternatifs radicaux

Rising Sun, 07.03.2005 13:14

Annonce de la rencontre Européenne des Ecolos Alternatifs Radicaux : à Plessa (Allemagne), du 18 au 28 mars 2005 entre Berlin et Dresden...

P4OT Press Releae

Jennifer Victores, 07.03.2005 12:50

Pray 4 Our Troops is a grassroots organization dedicated to praying for U.S. troops. What began as an outreach focused on encouraging and praying for troops and their families has quickly become a nationwide movement.

An appeal for solidarity concerning the threathening demolition of a Palestinian house

Astrid Essed, 07.03.2005 12:33

Underlying information is revealing not only a highly condemnable event, but especially symbols the Israeli policy of mass land and house-exproprations within Israel at the cost of a great number of Israeli Arabs.

Leading the Men in Blue

Vikram Vishal, 07.03.2005 12:23

Sourav Chandidas Ganguly had to wait a good four years for his comeback in the Indian Test squad. But after the century in his debut Test at cricket’s Mecca - Lord’s - in 1996, his career resurrected and he has never looked back since then.

A u T o g o b i e r n o: un Mundo PosEstatal (versión completa)

Nuevo Proyecto Histórico, 07.03.2005 11:24

Cuando convergen forma y contenido, cuando la horizontalidad coincide con decisiones anticapitalistas ejercidas por la potencia de los que sostienen los conflictos, entonces, se desequilibra el sistema nervioso de la verticalidad del estado. Una autonomía institucionalizada en comunas asamblearias; o en redes cosmopolitas productoras de bienes y saberes, creatividades y servicios, arte y afecto, para su propio uso y consumo.

Sant Mat in America, 2005

Robert Dawn, 07.03.2005 07:52

15 years after the passing of Hazur Maharaj Charan Singh Ji, many of his Initiates have begun to fall into the same patterns of specious argumentation, mind control, hypnotism, psycho-electronic warfare, bickering, ostracism, rumor-spreading, blacklisting and criminal conspiracy that emerged in so many other "spiritual" groups and cults -- the Rajneeshis, People's Temple, Scientology, etc..
The Dera in Beas

Ken Lawrence Covert Action Writer Exposes Ward/CIA connection!

Ken Lawrence, 07.03.2005 07:14

.Our disagreements were acknowledged with uneasy humor. Ward would call totease/taunt me -- for example, about his meeting with Brooklyn Rivera andEliott Abrams ("What will our CovertAction friends say about that?" he mocked)and about his barroom encounters with Robert K. Brown. I baited him back ("IfRoxanne was bad to rat on her comrades to a HUAC investigator, how can you justify your hat-in-hand meeting with the most enthusiastic war criminal inWashington?").

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