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Stunt in polish army in Iraq

Marcin Wilkowski (, 10.03.2005 11:47

A great corruption stunt was reported in the polish press. It refers to the polish army in Iraq.

More about Mind Control, Psychological Warfare Operations, and Sant Mat in America

Robert Dawn, 10.03.2005 10:32

As an initiate of more than thirty years I have seen the transformation of a warm, kindly group of spiritual aspirants into a pack of vindictive, psycho-electronically intrusive, mind gangsters who have made occult criminality and pathology not only a way of life, but a business. If these things could not have happened in the time of Hazur Maharaj Ji, then why do they happen now, during the tenure of Baba Gurinder Singh, if he is, as they claim, a "Perfect Master?"

My concern is that no one will speak up, because of the strong RSSB-A hold on the State Department and other seats of governmental power, and for fear of reprisal, and that potential new initiates may find themselves committed by lifelong vows to an organization that no longer represents the high and altruistic Teachings of the Masters.

murs et annexions israéliennes, quelle paix en Palestine?

Pierrette Iselin, 10.03.2005 10:18

Appel à une conférence le 10 mars à 20h. Boulevard de Grancy 31 Lausanne


Godfrey Waterhouse, 10.03.2005 08:05

A story not of "Liberty and Justice for all," but of "Captivity and Injustice for one," in the land of the brave and the home of the FREE?

Bulgaria is now sure U.S. forces killed one of its soldiers

Reuters, 10.03.2005 06:31

Chaos slowly but surely spreads across USA and coalition occupiers of Iraq.
As expected USA eventually uses and then casually betrays it's partners in it's "war on

Sen. DeCamp and Pedophelia In High Places, 10.03.2005 05:03

My best friend, my advisor, who made me write this book, Bill Colby, the former director of the CIA and U.S. ambassador to Vietnam (and secretly the head of the CIA over there at the time), was involved with me in trying to expose this and to get it all out in the open. He told me, initially, "You should get out and stay out. This will get you killed."

QUÉBEC : La grève pour l'accès à l'éducation

Adrien Beauduin, 10.03.2005 04:42

1ère manifestation du 10 novembre 2004 à Montréal - Encore plus à venir ! Le gouvernement néo-libéral du premier ministre Jean Charest a décidé de trahir la jeunesse et l'avenir du Québec en annonçant des coupures dans le régime des prêts et bourses de l'ordre de 103 millions de dollars (65 millions d'euros). Ainsi, les plus pauvres, qui bénéficient des bourses, n'auront presque plus que des prêts et devront s'endetter pour étudier.

any one know ?

Ozymandias, 10.03.2005 03:20

origin of "shill ?"


Donald Macintyre: The Independent Online Edition, 10.03.2005 03:12

As so often in Israeli politics, the contradictions of ARIEL SHARON are at the heart of the exposure of official connivance with the determination of Jewish settlers to expand Israel's grip on the occupied West Bank.


Contact: Carolyn Cervantes Antonio, 10.03.2005 00:51

GABNet March &amp; Rally in NYC From New York to California, GABRIELA Network, a multi-racial Philippine-US women's mass organization, celebrates International Women's Day, Women's History Month, calls attention to violence against and impact of war and occupation on Filipina immigrant workers worldwide and Filipina activists, organizers in the Philippines.

Rice Takes Washington’s Anti-Terrorist Slogan to Asia

Tomas Armenteros, 09.03.2005 23:00

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice takes anti-terrorism with her to her future Asian tour.

Increased Budget for Cuban Mountain Development Program

Tomas Armenteros, 09.03.2005 22:38

The Cuban government approves a budget of 126.8 million dollars to create integral development programs for mountain zones.

Islamic charitable work &quot;criminal&quot; and &quot;extremist&quot;?

Forum 18 News Service -- Igor Rotar, 09.03.2005 22:30

False allegations against 23 Uzbek businessmen by the Uzbek govt.
Trials to occur in kangaroo court in a small town inaccessible to human-rights
To top it off, USA fully supports the current corrupt tyrant govt. of


Charles Caltrop, 09.03.2005 21:17

A través de diferentes medios, se ha iniciado una campaña de desprestigio a nivel mundial que en el plazo de un año, haga creer a la opinión mundial, que el área ocupada por el Andes Central, cuyos pueblos aymaras y quechuas son los que están entorpeciendo la adhesión de America del Sur a la globalización planetaria, para lo que es necesario efectuar una "limpieza étnica", con el propósito de apoderarse de todas las riquezas gasíferas y acuiferas de los países que ocupan territorio de los Andes Centrales.

Member of Worker-Run Factory in Argentina Kidnapped, Tortured

Benjamin Dangl, 09.03.2005 21:17

Woman who works at Zanon ceramics factory was kidnapped and tortured by people workers believe are linked to local government.

New Amazing GI Video: A rocket attack on Camp Harriman, Afghanistan

GI, 09.03.2005 19:32

Amazing Video Straight from Afghanistan


£, 09.03.2005 18:35

minicollage Two mode of conduct are considered tolerable atm. Your blues are because of politics and your happiness depends on laughing away your blues at the sterile media jester jack-in-the-box.

Who's the Terrorist?, By WARD CHURCHILL

WARD CHURCHILL, 09.03.2005 17:37

Conning the Public

No US Mail 5 years, 09.03.2005 16:12

USG Whistleblower: Have Post Office restore USMail delivery to me at 1931 N. Cleveland St.Cleveland House-6th floor,Arlington, VA 22201. Put the mail under the door. No signatures for receipt.

Helpful Insight

Action Jackson, 09.03.2005 15:57

This piece is one answer to to all the people who ask, "What can I do?". In this example, one can participate and perform with every variety of life and if done well, can ultimately take back the power that has been out of our hands since day one. It's a long article and it probably could've been cut down to two or three words,(and into three to four different articles) but I just wanted every variety of life to understand where i was coming from. Please take the time to read this and get a full understanding of how easy this process can be.

The real &quot;W&quot; in Iraq

Abu Assur, 09.03.2005 15:48

"Bush, dare to tell what is really going on in Iraq!
By: Abu Assur on: 09.03.2005 [01:51 ] (168 reads)

(4885 bytes)

Bush, dare to tell what is really going on in Iraq!

By Abu Assur

Bush the liar, Zion idol adorer! If you still have a mustard seed of shame and pride, tell your subjects what is really going on in Iraq! Bush! If you have still a grain of dignity, let them hear what your broken army frightened generals say about Iraq: It is impossible to vanquish the Iraqi insurgents even for the next tens years. But Bush! You won't tell them! Bush if the alcohol has left you some verily, tell your citizens what the Iraqi resistance is doing to your army rabble. Go on tell them: huge areas in Iraq are liberated and are no go places for the US occupiers. Go on tell them, that the US mercenaries are killed by the hundreds. Go on; tell them, that your democratic army is throwing its killed mercenary Latinos, in the Tigris and in the Euphrates rivers. That Iraq is no man's land for the US yobs, that the glorious Resistance fighters have cut the US supply lines. That the mighty US army rabbles urinate on themselves with freight. They can't protect themselves let alone their traitor appointees.

Tell them about the real numbers of the US casualties in Iraq. They are by the thousands.

God bless the Iraqis and the Iraqi Resistance!

Bush the coward ! We don't hear you these days ! Are you hiding you too like Abizeid Tarzan? Where is your bragging, your boasting ? Nobody of your acolytes is talking about the invincible US nazi army hey? No one is mentioning your resounding army victories. These days your army generals are not talking at all about triumph, or even about breaking the insurgency backbone. We miss in fact their hilarious and stupid euphemism when they speak about their resounding recurrent defeats. Yes we do understand them they know that they lost the war and you know too. But you are just trying to gain time. You don’t know what to do in Iraq. Your army rabble shoot in every direction. They are getting hysterical. Some commit suicide. Some desert. All have no cause to fight for. All are fed up. All curse you. No mercenary is safe in Iraq. Bush can you stand one day on USS Lincoln, decorated with Chevron, Exxon and BP medals side by side with your favourite spinster mother hen and piano player Condi and tell all this to US citizens? Do US people really realise what is going on in Iraq before it is too late and when no one, Bush, ill come to your rescue, when committee after committees will enquire about your lies and about the real US losses in Iraq. Bush the dollar is collapsing. Bush your economy is in shambles. You seem living in another world. But madness is a bliss and you are not wise but dangerous as well. You are sending US youth to be killed in a lost war spending millions with no light at the end of you Iraq tunnel.

But cowards don't recognize their defeat until it is too late. You are swimming against the current. The glorious Iraqi Resistance is gaining support inside and outside Iraq. Your citizens are loosing thousands of their sons, beloved and daughters for the sake of oil. When the US will wake up one day and realize where did your Zionists thugs have led the US, no body will envy then the fate of your gangster circle of Rumsfeld, Cheney Perle and Poulton.

Tell your citizens about the elections masquerade, and tell them that you killed millions of innocents Iraqis. Tell them Dubya Bush about your achievements in Iraq, where you clan is making millions of dollars for bogus reconstructions programmes, while Iraqis lack every thing, from food, to electricity, to oil.

Bush the Simple Simon, tell the good old McDonald if he is still alive and kicking on his farm, that you made the whole world over hate the US. Tell them what happened to Negroponte, where is Bremer, where is democracy and reforms? Tell them that you ordered your thugs to humiliate, rape and torture Iraqi women and children. Tell them why you are still friendly with the backwards Saudis eunuch princes.

You are stuck in Iraq Bush. This what the Iraqis were longing to see. This is Iraq! These are the Iraqis. They are sons and daughters of the great civilizations writers of eternal human epics. They are dignified and noble people with a will made of iron that has defeated your army, the most ferocious military power in History. These are Iraqis who taught humanity values and rule of law. These are Iraqis who are the hope and the admiration of all mankind. These are the sons and daughters of the Mesopotamia, which you thought easy to gobble like a filthy dragon. This is Iraq. You will hear soon from them more good news, they will change your whole nights and days into permanent nightmares.

God bless Iraq. God bless Iraq. May curse of death, confusion and shame engulf the enemies of the Arab nation, the Zionists US, the enemies of mankind?"

Trabajadores inmigrantes del campo ganan a multinacional gigante de comida rápida

Translocales, 09.03.2005 15:40

La Coalición de Trabajadores de Immokalee (CIW en sus siglas en ingles) declaró el fin de los cuatro anos de boicot nacional contra la multinacional de comida rápida Taco Bell, cuando ésta hizo público que cumpliría las demandas exigidas por la organización de trabajadores inmigrantes del campo.

A Report From Fallujah

Sheila Provencher, 09.03.2005 15:32

"Last week, I found out one of the reasons why. Horrible things are happening, and too many people feel that there is no one left to tell the story. In the last week, I have seen the outskirts of Fallujah, talked with refugees, and heard several first-person testimonies of countless civilian deaths. The stories are hard to read and to hear."


Por Luz Marina Fornieles Sánchez, 09.03.2005 15:23

Este 17 de abril en la primera vuelta de las elecciones parciales en Cuba podrán votar aproximadamente ocho millones de personas, de acuerdo con los registros primarios publicados.
De esa cantidad, más de 370 mil son jóvenes involucrados por primera vez en el proceso electoral, tras arribar a los 16 años, edad a partir de la cual todos los cubanos tienen automáticamente derecho a emitir su voto.

$: Mus1c Play3rz

£, 09.03.2005 15:18

Because it makes the world go round.


Tout va très bien

Collectif Malgré Tout, 09.03.2005 14:44

La feuille du collectif Malgré Tout autour de Miguel Benasayag


Por Ángel Rodríguez Álvarez, 09.03.2005 14:21

Como era previsible, ya el Gobierno de Estados Unidos realiza gestiones "discretas y secretas" como las calificara el canciller cubano Felipe Pérez Roque, para encontrar un ponente del proyecto de resolución contra Cuba en la Comisión de Derechos Humanos (CDH), en Ginebra.
La afanosa búsqueda del patrocinador del texto, de invariable factura en Washington, se ha trasladado a Europa del Este, ante la resistencia de países latinoamericanos, negados a desempeñar tan triste y ominoso papel.

Fidel Castro: Cuba Economically and Militarily Invulnerable

MH (PL), 09.03.2005 14:15

Cuba is and will always be economically and militarily indestructible, said Fidel Castro.

Stop the war that would never end

jamie, 09.03.2005 14:11

The article and comments below may indicate the true nature of events unfolding in Lebonon, Syria, Iran, etc. Please share these notes widely. There is still time to stop the neocons. All out to Fayetteville March 19!

Waving his arms across the huge crowd, Nasrallah asked, "Isn't this Western democracy? The majority is rejecting Resolution 1559."

Dal Missier y Chucho Valdés en apertura de festival de piano hoy

PQJ (PL), 09.03.2005 14:11

Giovanni Dal Missier y Chucho Valdés se presentan hoy en la apertura de un festival de piano en Cuba

Impacto discorde en Rusia por muerte de terrorista Masjadov

Mario Hubert Garrido, 09.03.2005 14:06

Opiniones y reflexiones diversas tras la muerte de Masjadov

Anuncia Fidel Castro nuevos beneficios para mujeres cubanas

Orlando Oramas León (PL), 09.03.2005 14:03

El presidente Fidel Castro adelanta nuevos pasos en beneficio de las mujeres cubanas

World War 4 Report: Issue 107 March 2005

World War 4 Report, 09.03.2005 13:33

Deconstructing the War on Terror

Le Clébard n°5 est sorti &quot;ALCOOL : l'argent des poches&quot;

Louis La guérite, 09.03.2005 10:33

Qu'importe si l'alcool fait des dégâts tant que le secteur dégage des marges substancielles. Lorsque le business s'allie à la traditionnelle lutte contre l'alccol... C'est le dossier du Clébrd du mois de mars 2005."

Many Were Called but the Women were Chosen

Benwen Lopez, 09.03.2005 09:13

Women Apostles

Peace Symphony Funding - PRESS RELEASE

Don Rechtman, 09.03.2005 06:19

New Way to Fund the Arts


Farhat QUAMMAQUAMI, 09.03.2005 05:36

March 5th is the 38th anniversary of the 1967 death of the 1951 Time Magazine Man of the Year Dr. Mossadegh. He was a symbol of the rule of law and democracy that died under house arrest by design of “good” Americans. Under his rule, Iran became a blossoming civil society with an elected government, freedom of the press, and thriving political parties. Mossadegh was a man of peace who would have had a far greater impact in world politics than Mahatma Gandhi or Nelson Mandela.

My American Dream

Aaron Cynic, 09.03.2005 05:04

this might be satire...

The Problem With Journalism And The Internet

£, 09.03.2005 03:32

I hope, in what is apparently my eternal self-delusion, to promote the word, reportage. It is not semantics, though - sorry.

What about this people power Bush? 1.5 Million join pro-Syria rally

Agence France-Presse, 09.03.2005 03:29

The USA, Israel, British scam to colonize has already been defeated and exposed.
Check out:


Martha Rivera (transcripción), 09.03.2005 02:22

A pesar de las adversidades que simpre suelen existir, respirando profundo para no dejarse guiar por el conflicto que ya nos sigue como una alusinación con la que tenemos que luchar internamente, a pesar de los vientos que se dejaron sentir, a pesar de la lluvia que se hizo presente el Festival se dió. Diálogo del hombre con sus raices en donde una vez más se dió rienda suelta a la imaginación en colectivo, en donde nuestros sentidos fueron los más agraciados pues para todos hubo. San Pedro está vivo pues como ya hace cuatro años cada año, en el mes de marzo nos recibe, llora, se rie y nos cobija con la calidéz de siempre, lleno de colorido que nos invita nuevamente a que nos sigamos haciendo presentes pues es tierra de todos y en consecuencia tierra de nadie que no se va, que ahí está y que nos conmina a seguir en esta lucha por la supervivencia de nuestra identidad.
Un abrazo a los organizadores que trabajan todo el año para que estos tres dias sean de fiesta dentro de un conflicto y lo que es mejor y lo que queda de valor es el que se suma y que se sigue involucrando pues este festival va sumando y no restando y eso es lo que nos queda.
Y a pesar de las críticas pagadas de editorial MIVAL y sus pasquines Pulso y San Luis Hoy, las cuales solo demuestran el miedo que el sistema le tiene a las iniciativas ciudadanas.
A continuación comparto con ustedes la conferencia de Carlos Monsivais a propósito del Cuarto Festival Cultural de Cerro de San Pedro. Retomando algunas palabras del Sr. Monsivais: Vale un Potosí leerla.
Martha Rivera Sierra

Catalans i Catalanes, BOIKOT A L'ACTE ANTICATALÀ

Joannoubarris, 08.03.2005 23:08



Mario Esquivel, 08.03.2005 22:26

New variety of pineapple resistant to plagues and diseases developed = pedophile network

septik, 08.03.2005 22:17

Why doesn't Indymedia report or allow people to report in this? Maybe the FBI had the right idea about FBI servers, you are just as selective as FOX on the issues you allow on your site. Shame on on Indymedia.

Hollander Consultants Named One of the Hundred Best Companies to Work for in Oregon

Matthew Bratschi, 08.03.2005 22:09

Hollander Consultants was named one of the hundred best companies to work for in Oregon by Oregon Business magazine

Seven Theses on the Anti-War Movement and Student Resistance

Asad Haider, 08.03.2005 20:19

“The old SDS dictum, ‘People have to be organized around the issues that really affect their lives,’ is really true… That is to say, that racism and imperialism really are issues that affect people’s lives. And it was these things that people moved on, not dorm rules, or democratizing university governance, or any of that bullshit.” —Mark Rudd, “Columbia—Notes on the Spring Rebellion”

Hizbollah- US Alter. Media Distortions LIES - indy too...

screaming junkies, 08.03.2005 20:00

Nasr Allah said the rally would protest over UN resolution 1559 The people of Lebannon told Bush, Blair, Chirac that they will stop Western interference, remain friendly to Syria and If Sweet little GW (fur) Bush wants to play democracy - "Let's Roll..." 400,000 marched in Beirut compared to 30 thousand for "shishi" yuppie-christianistas. US wants to create chaos in the Middle East-but if God wills, this turn against imperialists. Soon..

Radio Nacional de Venezuela en la lucha por la verdad

Alicia Elizundia, 08.03.2005 19:47

Guerra mediática: la guerra por imponer la verdad, la información necesaria ante la gran campaña de desinformación que viven hoy nuestros pueblos.
A esa guerra mediática se enfrenta el proceso revolucionario de Venezuela desde su nacimiento, y en esa lucha contra la mentira organizada por los grandes medios ha jugado un importante rol Radio Nacional de Venezuela, según lo atestigua su directora general, Helena Salcedo.

Desde hace cinco años RNV transmite para todo el país con un formato netamente participativo. Según dijo su directora en entrevista a CMHW, "sólo las radios comunitarias podrán abrir el camino para crear una fortaleza informativa y enfrentar el modelo neoliberal. No se puede privar al pueblo de la información, elemento fundamental para el crecimiento del ser humano, de ahí la importancia de cualquier esfuerzo que se haga en ese sentido en el continente"


AMY TEIBEL, Associated Press Writer, 08.03.2005 19:31

Settler leaders on Tuesday painted a picture of widespread state complicity in setting up unauthorized West Bank settlement outposts, contradicting Israel's repeated claim that it is trying to dismantle outposts in line with an internationally backed peace plan.


MOISES SAAB, 08.03.2005 18:55

Video showing abuses of wounded Iraqi prisoners revealed

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