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Massive Participation at Nomination Assemblies in Cuba

Prensa Latina, 11.03.2005 18:48

Massive participation of Cubans in assemblies to nominate their candidates to the People´s Power District Assemblies (local government) is an example of the practical democratic system in the nation.

Violaciones a los Derechos Humanos en Cuba

Pausides Cabrera, 11.03.2005 18:48

Un paraje de la zona oriental del archipiélago cubano, en estos momentos recuerda al tristemente célebre campo de Auschwitz.

On International Women’s Day, Activists Deliver Indian Brooms to Dow Representatives to Commemorate the Bhopal Chemical Disaster

Khelan Bhatt and kamayani swami, 11.03.2005 18:06

March 8, 2005: Chicago, Illinois, USA - On International Women’s Day, four supporters of the Bhopal Cause, including representatives of the South Asian Progressive (SAPAC) Action Collective made an attempt to deliver jhaadoos (Indian brooms); A court summons, issued to Dow by the Chief Judicial Magistrate's court in Bhopal and a copy of the book ‘Trespass Against Us: Dow Chemical & The Toxic Century’ to Dow Chemical representatives attending the National Manufacturing Week industry tradeshow, urging the company to clean up the still-contaminated site at Bhopal, India that was home of the world’s worst industrial disaster over two decades ago.

Blindwerk startet ersten deutschen Visitenkartenblog

Jan Entzminger, 11.03.2005 17:52

11.03.2005 – Die Südpfälzer Agentur für „Barrierefreie Design Lösungen“ Blindwerk – neue Medien startet den ersten Visitenkartenblog Deutschlands unter

Las autoridades indígenas del Altiplano se declaran en &quot;estado de apronte&quot;

claudia espinoza ((i)) la paz, 11.03.2005 17:36

Pacto de Unidad/COB Como en los años 2000, 2001, 2002 y 2003, cuando los indígenas del Altiplano de La Paz renacieron a la lucha en las carreteras, bloqueando la política neoliberal y cercando a la ciudad sin dejar el paso de transporte ni alimentos, los dirigentes y dirigentas de Tupak Katari y Bartolina Sisa se reunieron en un ampliado, al mando de su organización departamental, para definir que están “en movimiento”. Exigen y no piden, la nacionalización de los recursos naturales como el agua y los hidrocarburos, “porque no puede ser que se haya derramado sangre indígena para nada”.

Paraguay: Calidad democrática en peligro

Federico Tatter, 11.03.2005 17:15

En breves líneas y sin necesitad de abundar en cifras, siempre es necesario y saludable insistir en que la República del Paraguay, en sus casi doscientos años de vida independiente desde 1811 en adelante, no ha tenido más que uno o dos períodos breves de gobierno democrático formal y constitucionalmente sostenido, entendidos éstos dentro de sus limitaciones históricas e institucionales. Así, el proceso que comienza en febrero de 1989 y se extiende hasta la actualidad, dieciséis años para ser precisos, es el más largo período democrático en toda su historia, aunque sin estar exento de intentos de interrupción constitucional, conos de sombra, así como de un franco peligro de retroceso a un "status quo" semi o directamente dictatorial, como en el que hoy nos encontramos.

Soft Drinks on School Campus

Katie A., 11.03.2005 17:01

Law makers have targeted soft drinks on school campuses as the cause to childhood obesity. When in reality there is no one cause to overweight children, it is all about choice, moderation and a healthy lifestyle.

Continuing shootings is a Shame of America

Don &quot;Orfeo&quot; Rechtman, 11.03.2005 17:00

Anna Quindlen Quote on Columbine background In Atlanta, GA, yet another Judge and officers of his Court are assinated. I was in Colorado at the time of Columbine. The fact that this beat goes on is truly a Shame of America.

US Held Children at Abu Ghraib (PL)

AJS/MF, 11.03.2005 16:43

Brig. Gen. Janis Karpinski, former US commander of Iraq´s Abu Gharib prison, said the US military forces deteined children at tha center.

Opponents of Privatization and the USA Patriot Act Get Their Day in Court

Alfred Young, 11.03.2005 16:33

The British Columbia provincial government in Canada has proposed to privatize the management of the socialized health care system to an American corporation Maximus. This privatization puts the confidential health records of British Columbians (and visitors to British Columbia) in the hands of US law enforcement personnel through the USA Patriot Act. Opponents of the privatization will go to British Columbia Supreme Court on Monday, March 14, 2005 to try and have the contract declared illegal and the privatization stopped.

Johnny Gosch found alive

anonymous, 11.03.2005 16:18

Kidnap victim from 1982 found alive

Descubren causas genéticas de ceguera en ancianos (PL)

MOR, 11.03.2005 16:11

Estudios recientes apunta a que una mutación podría ser una de las causas princuipales de la ceguera en ancianos.

ACLU/CNN: Detained children at Abu Ghraib abused while parents forced to watch

MATT KELLEY, 11.03.2005 16:02

" documents offer rare details about the children whom the U.S. military has held in Iraq. Karpinski said the Army began holding women and children in a high-security cellblock at Abu Ghraib in the summer of 2003 because the facility was better than lockups in Baghdad where the youths had been held."

Agudizadas tensiones en Centroamérica por TLC con EEUU (PL)

Yudith Díaz Gazán, 11.03.2005 16:02

La ratificación del TLC entre Centroamérica y Estados Unidos será respondida con un frente común de resistencia contra esa iniciativa.

Fuerte aumento en déficit comercial de EEUU en enero 2005 (PL)

MEM, 11.03.2005 15:59

El déficit en la balanza comercial de Estados Unidos llegó a 58 mil 300 millones de dólares en enero de este año.

El Pentágono y la CIA pactaron encarcelamientos secretos en Iraq (PL)

ET, 11.03.2005 15:55

Prisioneros en Abu Ghraib fueron escondidos por el Pentágono y la CIA sin haber sido registrados oficialmente.

Streamline Whistleblower Demise

eileen c white (, 11.03.2005 15:35

USG Whistleblower: January 2000 State Dept. called me a spy but NEVER took it to court. State did freeze my assets to force bankruptcy and Cut off US Mail to streamline demise. Now State tries to declare assets abandoned to finish its dirtywork. State Dept. badge 1012789A, expelled April 1996

Imagine! Create! Stash! Share!

£, 11.03.2005 14:40

I!C!S!S! *o*

In the memory of Tom Hundall, &quot;Dr. Jack Shepard says; &quot;When will we realise that there can't be this many &quot;accidents&quot;?

Dr. Jack Shepard, 11.03.2005 12:18

Tom Hurndall and a photo of the crying Palestinian children he died helping Dr. Jack Shepard says, "When will we realise that there can't be this many "accidents"?

Tom Hurndall 1981-2004

This was the case in the killing of British ISM activist, Tom Hurndall, who was fatally shot in Rafah six days after Brian's injury. The internal command inquiry ruled that Tom was shot because of the presence of a Palestinian militant in his vicinity. The criminal investigation of the military police discovered that the soldier who fired the fatal shot and another soldier had lied in the internal inquiry. Charges of killing and interfering with the investigative procedure were brought.


Press Release : Major Breakthrough in case of Tom Hurndall Killing The campaign to obtain justice for Tom Hurndall has achieved an unprecedented breakthrough in its bid to get to the truth behind Tom's killing by an Israeli soldier last spring. The 21 year old British student photographer, was shot while he was shepherding children to safety in Rafah, Gaza .

In May this year Tom's family, through its lawyers - Avigdor Feldman and Michael Sfard, challenged the State Prosecution in respect of its decision not to release crucial evidence contained in the Military Police Inquiry Report.

They argued that ' there is a moral and legal obligation that whatever evidence has been collected and which has led to the indictment of a soldier for manslaughter should be made available 'to be independently tested '. This, they argued 'would be in line with the spirit of the consistent promises of 'Openness and Transparency' made by representatives of the Israeli Army and representatives of the Israeli Government including Ariel Sharon himself'.

The State Prosecution has been forced to take steps, unprecedented since the beginning of the Intifada in 2000, to make all of the evidence available to the family's lawyers. Sight of the evidence will be limited to the family's lawyers only and will not be directly available for family members or other parties to scrutinise. The State Prosecution has argued that this is to prevent a 'Media Trial'.

Crucially, the implications of this result are substantial and are expected to be ground breaking.

The lawyers will seek to address three crucial issues:

Is the current indictment against a soldier for manslaughter, the appropriate indictment or should the indictment be changed to murder?
Are there others who should be indicted in relation to the incident leading to the death of Tom Hurndall?
Are there systemic causes which led to the fatal shooting of Tom Hurndall and does responsibility for his death rest also with those higher up the chain of command?
A family friend and spokesman for the Tom Hurndall Foundation said: "This is a major step forward in our campaign to find out exactly how Tom died and who is responsible. The implications of getting access to this evidence are substantial. We took this to the Supreme Court when we discovered that promises from the Israeli Government of transparency and openness were ill founded."

He said: "Fourteen eye-witness statements gathered by the family, indicate that multiple shots were fired at a group of 20 children playing on a mound. Soldiers were firing above the heads and between the feet of the children - three of whom were frozen to the spot in terror. We have photographs of children fleeing from the shooting. In contrast the Israeli Army claims that there was a single shot – the shot that fatally wounded Tom Hurndall."

The trial in Israel, of Sgt Idier Wahid Taysir, who is facing six charges in connection with the killing of Tom Hurndall, is scheduled to resume on 11 th ,12 th August with additional dates scheduled on 22 nd August, 12 th & 23 rd September, 12 th & 28 th October and 18 th & 28 th November .

The charges for which Sgt Idier Wahid Taysir is currently indicted are manslaughter; two counts of obstruction of justice; incitement to false testimony; false testimony & improper conduct. He has entered a plea of not guilty to all charges.

The trial is taking place at a Military Court within the Military base at Castina Junction in Ashkalon, near Tel Aviv.

The 19 year old brother of Tom Hurndall – Billy Hurndall, last month learned that he would not be allowed to enter Israel to attend the trial. In a letter from the Israeli Ministry of Interior, the family's lawyers were informed that Billy 'represented a security risk' to Israel and would not be allowed access into the country. Although the Ministry of Interior refused to give reason for this classification, it is understood that the refusal is based on Billy's visit to the Occupied Territories to meet members of the International Solidarity Movement following the incident last spring.

The family are outraged at this decision, which removes Billy's basic right to attend the trial of his brother's killer. They said "For Billy to attend the trial represents more than just the chance to see justice done, but a very real need to obtain some sort of closure in what has been a most horrific period in his life." The family plan to appeal this decision in the courts.

If you should require any further information please contact:
Avigdor Feldman Advocate
00972 3 5608833
Michael Sfard Advocate
00972 3560 7345 Email:


Students for Bhopal, 11.03.2005 07:21

Child of Bhopal Today, the Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC) released a resolution that calls on the University of California to divest from Dow Chemical, the world’s largest chemicals manufacturer, and refuse all donations from the company. The resolution, sponsored by a coalition of South Asian and environmental student groups, cites Dow’s refusal to resolve the civil and criminal liabilities of its subsidiary, Union Carbide, in Bhopal—the “Hiroshima of the chemical industry”.

Jeff Gannon, Johnny Gosch, Hunter Thompson, and Bohemian Grove Snuff Porn

international news tracing log, 11.03.2005 05:33

Jeff Gannon, Johnny Gosch, Hunter Thompson, and Bohemian Grove Snuff Porn
Date: Wednesday, March 02 @ 09:35:59 PST
Topic: Columnists

CEO Ward Churchill Takes Control Of Omnimedia

£, 11.03.2005 04:04

wardtha stewchil gimp

Discover Sisyphe Website's English Section

Elaine Audet, 11.03.2005 02:56

Cutting edge analysis of women's condition and many other important issues.

SATURDAY! Co-founder create a movement! The Action Currency! The People's Currency!

Volunteer for A Better World Is Within Reach Peace Network, 11.03.2005 01:22

PeaceNotes are a Community Currency that will have the photos, pictures & artwork of activism, actions, ideas & artwork rather than the pictures of those who felt the phrase "all men are created equal" only applied to certain people of a certain race & gender. Become a cofounder as we create a currency that funds local communities & stops multinational corporations!

College Loses Suit Against Environmental Group Over Speech

Carola Von Hoffmannstahl-Solomonoff, 11.03.2005 00:59

On February 15, a New Jersey Superior Court Judge threw out the final count of a two-year old defamation suit against the Hoboken Fund for a Better Waterfront (FBW). FBW criticized plans by Stevens Institute to expand its campus to the Hoboken waterfront, alleging that they has improperly disposed of asbestos.

Where True Tyranny Resides: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave

Jason Miller, 11.03.2005 00:42

I am writing in response to social fundamentalists who have claimed that the Supreme Court represents a tyranny, and continues to rant about "activist judges" legislating from the bench.

Desenmascarados anexionistas en La Habana, Cuba.

Combate News, 10.03.2005 23:39

“Disidentes testifican desde La Habana ante el Congreso de EE.UU”, titula El Nuevo Herald la información en la que desenmascara, sin proponérselo, a tres de los más promocionados personajes de una autodenominada oposición con muchos partidos y muy pocos miembros.

40th Anniversery Teach-In: Evaluating the American Empire, held at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor on March 24

Emily Hilliard, 10.03.2005 23:10

40th Anniversary Teach-In: Evaluating the American Empire 40 years ago, the first Teach-In Protest against the Vietnam War was held on the University of Michigan's campus, spawning many more like it across the country. On March 24, the 40th Anniversery of the event, a Teach-In will be held on UM's campus addressing issues of the American Empire including: Iraq, the War on Terror, Consumerism as a Culture, Environmental Issues, Racial Inequalities, Israel/Palestine, Globalization/World Trade, and many more.

John Bolton, Another Motherfucker for America

Rude Pundit, 10.03.2005 23:02

Bolton's the perfect motherfucker for this government of the motherfuckers, by the motherfuckers, and for the motherfuckers.


Pete Anderson, 10.03.2005 22:51

We need to take a giant step from capitalism to Humanism.


ΤΑΣΟΣ, 10.03.2005 21:31

Μια νέα αποκαλυπτική ηλεκτρονική πύλη για την εκπαίδευση.

Evo Morales: Bolivian Prez Responsible if Blood is Shed

Manuel Robles Sosa, 10.03.2005 21:10

Anti-government Demonstrations intensify and Evo Morales held president responsible for any blood shed.

On Israeli Checkpoints

Rima Merriman, 10.03.2005 20:57

Qalandiya Checkpoint This article will give you a feel of what it is like to be a Palestinian having to face Israeli checkpoints every time you want or need to go somewhere. Qalandiya is unavoidable for anyone wanting to go north of Jerusalem.

Villa Clara no pudo con Camaguey en Placetas

Narciso Fernandez, 10.03.2005 20:31

El equipo Villa Clara de béisbol no pudo esta tarde ante Camagüey en el recién estrenado terreno de Placetas y cayó con pizarra final de 8 anotaciones por 3.

Cuba to present 10 Resolutions at UNHRC

Armando Perez, 10.03.2005 19:54

Cuba will present 10 draft resolutions in Geneva next month at the United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) of interest to the Third World

Cubanas en Venezuela: Ya no quiero vivir en otro tiempo

Dixie Edith, 10.03.2005 19:49

Una doctora cubana de 41 años, Evelym Méndez Hernández, descubrió que a toda persona le llega la hora de su propia hazaña

Cuban Farmers Benefit from Project against Drought

Alberto Salazar, 10.03.2005 19:45

NGOs support Cuban farmers in their struggle against drought.

Silencios que hablan

Dixie Edith, 10.03.2005 19:27

Desde 2004, el tercer mes del calendario abrió un compás de espera en la Mayor de las Antillas. Cinco cubanos aguardan, injustamente presos, el veredicto de una apelación conclusa para sentencia.

José Martý y la naturaleza. Radicalismo y armonía

Iramis Alonso Porro, 10.03.2005 19:12

Critica a la visión oligárquica de la naturaleza desde la óptica de José Martí.

My One and Only Love by Gilad Atzmon

Umm Yakoub, 10.03.2005 19:00

Gilad Atzmon's new book reviewed

Kyoto: ¿Y ahora qué?

Iramis Alonso Porro, 10.03.2005 18:59

Luego de siete años se aprueba el protocolo de Kyoto, con grandes incertidumbres sobre su puesta en práctica

An Open Letter to Judge Pitt, J.

Wolfe, 10.03.2005 17:44

Judgement against The Washington Post will be a problem for Indymedia.


Pedro Fermin Vargas, 10.03.2005 15:59


Solidariedade com Cuba na Turquia

Agencia Cubana de Noticias, 10.03.2005 15:42

Havana, 9 mar (AIN) O presidente da Comissão dos Direitos Humanos do Parlamento turco, Mehmet Elkatmis, apontou que não há direito para manter o bloqueio contra Cuba.

Cuba Successfully Uses Hypnosis for Medical Purposes

Cuban News Agency, 10.03.2005 15:29

Havana, Mar 9 (AIN) Cuba is successfully using hypnosis for medical purposes and thousands of patients in the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba have benefited from the technique.

U.S. Called Ready to See Hezbollah in Lebanon Role

Steven R. Weisman: The New York Times, 10.03.2005 15:08


&quot;My truth&quot;: Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena talks about her

Giuliana Sgrena, 10.03.2005 14:54

Il Manifesto
9 March 2005

Ignoran exportadores estadounidenses restricciones contra Cuba (PL)

Alberto Corona López, 10.03.2005 13:45

Empresas de Estados Unidos venderán a Cuba otros 15 millones de dólares en alimentos. Prensente la gobernadora de Louisiana, Kathleen Blanco en la firma del acuerdo.

Realizarán foro en Internet sobre elecciones en Cuba (PL)

ro, 10.03.2005 13:39

Parlamentarios cubanos participarán el próximo día 13 en un foro abierto de Internet sobre las elecciones en Cuba.

competition for independent musicians and bands

konik polny, 10.03.2005 12:52

competition for independent musicians and bands, the competition was born with the idea of give more visibility to independent music reality.

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