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Audiencia de Apelacion de los Cinco: un año despues.

Combate News, 13.03.2005 07:06

Como se ha informado las Reglas Federales para el Procedimiento de Apelación
de los Estados Unidos, no establecen un plazo o término dentro del cual
deba emitirse el fallo, una vez efectuada la Vista, o sin haberse celebrado
ésta, por lo que habrá que seguir esperando que los jueces concluyan su
análisis y dicten su sentencia para conocer el resultado de la apelación.

Beschränkung von Verkehrs- und Handelswegen

Ferdinand Niehammer, 13.03.2005 07:02

Wolfgang Wallner F. Im Gespräch mit dem Schriftsteller Wolfgang Wallner F. (Buch: "Elihu; hinterlassene Aufzeichnungen aus der Ewigkeit")wird auf Gefahren des unbeschränkten Warenaustausches eingegangen

War on Terror Hoax

Walrus, 13.03.2005 06:55

The War on Terror is a cover story, anchored by the insider-staged attacks on 9/11, which is used to justify a global spree of conquest and resource looting by the money and power-mad gangster elite of New York and Washington D.C.

Lies of Arundhati Roy

Manoj, 13.03.2005 05:21

Lies of Arundhati Roy

WELCOME TO USA Narendra Modi Visionary &amp; Dynamic young Leader of India

Manoj, 13.03.2005 05:20

WELCOME TO USA Narendra Modi Visionary & Dynamic young Leader of India & Lion of Gujarat

Salt Lake City Tibetan Rally Commemorates Anniversary of Uprising

Chuck Tripp, 13.03.2005 05:06

Gathering Before the March Demonstration marks the 46th anniversary of the Dalai Lama's escape from Tibet to India on March 10, 1959 during the Tibetan people's uprising against Communist China's takeover of their country.

The Ego And Its Own (3D1on publishing)

£, 13.03.2005 04:47

full text of Stirner in free source pdf

Bush has Hariri assassinated to make way for US Air Base in Lebanon

raven, 13.03.2005 02:46

According to high-level Lebanese intelligence sources—Christian and Muslim—former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri was reportedly assassinated in a sophisticated explosion-by-wire bombing authorized by the Bush administration and Ariel Sharon's Likud government in Israel

Hariri Reportedly Assassinated To Make Way For Large US Air Base In Lebanon

Wayne Madsen, 13.03.2005 01:16

"According to high-level Lebanese intelligence sources-Christian and Muslim-former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri was reportedly assassinated in a sophisticated explosion-by-wire bombing authorized by the Bush administration and Ariel Sharon's Likud government in Israel."

READ DOCS!: ACLU release of documents today substantiating horrifying US torture of Iraqi juveniles

ACLU, 13.03.2005 00:39

Navy Corpsman Described Pressure to "Keep His Mouth Shut"

Sgrena shuts up. Why? John Negroponte, hit man.

xymphora, 12.03.2005 22:50

Saturday, March 12, 2005
Xymphora: Sgrena shuts up. Why? John Negroponte, hit man.

The Bush-lovin' Italian government wants (or here) Giuliana Sgrena to shut up about what happened to her in Iraq, and she has apparently taken the hint, and now claims that she does not believe the Americans were trying to kill her. I don't blame her for this, as we don't need this issue to blunt the effect of the reporting she will be doing regarding what took place in Falluja. We are able to draw our own conclusions on what happened to her:

Sgrena said:
"A soldier opened the door on the right-hand side. When he saw us, I had the impression that he was upset. I seem to remember him saying, 'Oh shit!' And when more turned up in an armoured car, I had the sensation that they were unhappy about what had happened."

From that, we are to believe that the shooting was an accident. What if the soldier who opened the door said 'Oh shit!' when he realized they had shot the wrong person?

From the Associated Press (or here):
"U.S. troops who mistakenly killed an Italian intelligence agent last week on the road to Baghdad's international airport were part of extra security provided by the U.S. Army to protect U.S. Ambassador John Negroponte, a U.S. official said Thursday.

Italian intelligence agent Nicola Calipari was killed Friday when U.S. troops opened fire on a car carrying him and Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena, who had just been freed from insurgents.

'The mobile patrol was there to enhance security because Ambassador Negroponte was expected through,' U.S. Embassy spokesman Robert Callahan said, confirming reports in Italian media. The newspaper La Repubblica reported Wednesday that the checkpoint had been 'set up to protect the passage of Ambassador Negroponte.'"

In case you're wondering what the American Ambassador to Iraq was doing driving around the dangerous roads of Baghdad when he could be flying, there is an attempt at a vague explanation:
"Senior U.S. officials such as the ambassador, who is by far seen as the most important American in Iraq, normally travel by helicopter to avoid roadside bombs and insurgent attacks along the airport road, which are frequent. But U.S. officials in Iraq often vary travel routes and methods so as not to be predictable."

You'll note that the explanation makes no sense. Would you expose yourself to gunfire on the ground just to avoid being 'predictable'?

The Official Story has been elaborated to explain that Negroponte was traveling by road because a storm made flying impossible. If you believe that, you have to swallow the story about the supposed temporary checkpoint that fired on Sgrena's car. Negroponte was traveling to a dinner appointment at 7:30, so must have passed the area before 7:30. Sgrena's car was shot at 8:55. What was a 'temporary' checkpoint set up supposedly just to facilitate the passage of Negroponte's convoy doing still in place an hour and a half later? As an American embassy official explained:
"A mobile one is one set up for a purpose and goes away."

Negroponte supposedly made the return trip by helicopter.

Based on evidence of where the ambush occurred, the fact the car appears to have been blocked by an American tank, and the precise bullet holes inconsistent with the massive amount of wild shooting that is claimed to have occurred, one can conclude that the attack on Sgrena's car was a professional hit.

An Italian general was the liaison with the American military. He informed them (or here) that an Italian national traveling with two officials would need access to the airport, but apparently did not know the purpose of the mission. Although he did not know the description of the car, the Americans had that description after it passed the first checkpoint. It is very implausible to think that the Americans weren't fully aware of what was going on.

Adding it all up, it appears that John Negroponte became aware that Giuliana Sgrena was leaving Iraq with dangerous information about what American forces had been up to in committing war crimes in Falluja. Negroponte's experience in Honduras gave him a certain expertise in covering up human rights violations, and he ordered his own personal bodyguard to assassinate Sgrena in a staged incident which was supposed to look like the usual problem at an American checkpoint in Iraq. The almost complete lack of damage to the car is inconsistent with the wild firing that is supposed to have happened, unless the Americans were intending to miss. The one shot that was supposed to count was the sniper shot to Sgrena, but that bullet was taken by Nicola Calipari. Had the shot hit Sgrena, we would never have heard about any of the details as the only witness who would have talked would be dead. It would simply be another unfortunate checkpoint incident, the Pentagon would have apologized, and all would soon be forgotten. No wonder the soldier said 'Oh shit!' To John Negroponte's many skills we can now add a new one: hit man.

Several links embedded in this article available at:

The American Taliban
by kos
Fri Mar 11th, 2005 at 09:13:07 PST

Once upon a time, it was easy for the American Right to smear its opponents on the left -- they could simply equate them with the nation's communist enemies. It didn't matter that the American "left" (Democrats) had more in common with the Right than international communism, the smear was useful.

Now, however, our international enemy -- Islamic radicalism -- is actually the polar opposite of what liberals stand for -- their actions on women rights are deplorable, they insist on theocracy, they loooveee torture and the death penalty, they demand to control the culture (TV, movies, music), they rail against rampant sexuality, they seek to spread their ideology via force, and they have a well-defined black-and-white sense of truth.

Remind you of a certain American party?

Continued at:

More on the Reign of Terror:


Political tags—such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth—are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire.

- Robert A Heinlein

The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.
- H.L. Mencken

John Negroponte became aware that Giuliana Sgrena was leaving Iraq with dangerous information about what American forces had been up to in committing war crimes in Falluja.

Bush hires Jesus to endorse his policies!

Fauxlosopher, 12.03.2005 22:35

Bush hires Jesus to endorse his policies!

Hablemos de democracia en Cuba

Liset Garcia, 12.03.2005 21:36

El presidente del Parlamento cubano enfoca uno de los temas que Estados Unidos desenfoca sobre la isla

Teens 4 Peace, Sudan Rally

Jaime Bergerson, 12.03.2005 21:09

SUDAN RALLY!! For teens come!!!!

Violaciones a los Derechos Humanos en Cuba

Pausides Cabrera, 12.03.2005 19:41

Un paraje de la zona oriental del archipiélago cubano, en estos momentos recuerda al tristemente célebre campo de Auschwitz

The Bankers Own The Earth [Repost, Updated]

Citizen Zer0, 12.03.2005 19:26

More pithy new quotes added. Some older quotes have been corrected for accuracy and attribution. Some new resource links added.

Allow peace activist Ms. Tali Fahima out of SOLITARY confinement

composite, 12.03.2005 18:33

We appeal to women and men of conscience worldwide, especially members of the medical, psychiatric and legal professions, on behalf of Ms. Tali Fahima, an Israeli peace activist whose conditions of imprisonment in prolonged isolation (since August 2004) threaten her long-term wellbeing.

le site guide latino a bruxelles

fernando montaño, 12.03.2005 18:19

guide latino pour les latinos et no latinos prêt a démarrer dans notre environement musical, manger boire et dance pas cher
associations culturelles, cours de dance et.....

¿Queda algo por reivindicar el 8 de marzo?

Ciudad de Mujeres, 12.03.2005 17:50

Un repaso sobre la situación de las mujeres en el mundo nos hace reafirmarnos en la idea de que el 8 de marzo es una fecha que sigue teniendo sentido en nuestros días.

Cuba´s Alicia Alonso Extolled as &quot;Mother of Latin American Dance&quot;

Prensa Latina, 12.03.2005 17:37

Cuban Alicia Alonso The 3rd International Dance Festival in Ecuador has extolled the life work of Cuban National Ballet (BNC) director Alicia Alonso by bestowing on her the title of "Mother of Latin American Dance".

Ruling on Cuba´s Five Appeal Process Still Unknown

Prensa Latina, 12.03.2005 17:26

A year after the beginning of the process, Atlanta´s Appeal Court has yet to rule on the case of five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters held in US prisons, lawyer of their relatives Nuris Piñero said in Havana today.

Cubans Keep Massively Supporting Nomination Assemblies

Prensa Latina, 12.03.2005 17:23

Cuban elections More than 6,000 women have been nominated in Cuba as candidates for the April 17 municipal legislative elections at constituency assemblies across the Island. Cubans keep turning out in huge numbers to these community open meetings.

Cuba´s Chucho Valdes Jams with Canadian Musicians to Fight Cancer

Mike Fuller, 12.03.2005 17:20

Cuban pianist Chucho Valdes In December I saw some Canadian jazz musicians in a Montreal dive called The Smoking Bear, but last night at the Gala Concert for 60 Years of Diplomatic Relations between Cuba and Canada, the bear jamming with the north country folks was renowned Cuban pianist Chucho Valdes.

Jeff Gannon is indeed kidnapped paperboy Johnny Gosch, 12.03.2005 17:12

Ted Gunderson, formerly the FBI Special Agent in Charge of the Los Angles office, and for more than 25 years a private investigator, appeared on the "Mysteries of the Mind" radio program March 8 where he confirmed that he has "a credible, reliable source" that says "Jeff Gannon" is indeed kidnapped paperboy Johnny Gosch.

APIC General Secretary Mahdi warns against the danger of armed conflict in Lebanon

Laila Marwan, 12.03.2005 16:16

In response to statements by General Aoun the secretary-general of the Afro-Asian People's Democratic Islamic Congress (APIC) His Excellency Muhammad A. Al Mahdi has called on the Lebanese people not to allow the region to lapse back into armed conflict and civil war.

Member of Worker-Run Factory in Argentina Was Kidnapped, Tortured  

Worker Freedom, 12.03.2005 15:45

by Benjamin Dangl March 09, 2005  


anarchist6913, 12.03.2005 14:34


Putin, Kwasniewski, and the anniversary of the finish of II World War

Marcin Wilkowski (, 12.03.2005 12:28

The polish president Aleksander Kwasniewski is going to Moscow to the meeting with Putin and other canvassers. This meeting is planned on May, in the anniversary of the finish of II World War. He have decided to go there though there are some huge political and historical problems between Poland and Russia.

NAZIS Here, Now...

Robert Dawn, 12.03.2005 08:22

President John F. Kennedy assassination was paid for, and planned by racist NAZIs who resented his standing up for human rights in 1963.

"This Nation was founded by men of many nations and backgrounds. It was founded on the principle that all men are created equal, and that the rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.

Today we are committed to a worldwide struggle to promote and protect the rights of all who wish to be free."


PRAVEEN DALAL (PERRY), 12.03.2005 07:08

The aim of this article is to analyse the propriety and desirability of expanding the scope of the traditional concept of statehood to private individuals in the changed environment of globalisation, privatisation and decentralization.

Mr. Mikhail Marinich, a belorussian political prisoner, had a stroke and his life is in danger

Maidan Inform, 12.03.2005 06:53

On the 7th of March 2005 Mikhail Marinich named “a prisoner of conscience” by Amnesty International had a stroke in a jail cell in Vitebsk, Belarus.

You can help get war crimes against Iraq nvestigated by the ICC.

Peter Ravenscroft, 12.03.2005 04:14

This re-issues, in four languages, an appeal that could make a real difference. We do not have much feedback from the ICC yet, as it treats all requests for investigations as confidential. But, the Athens Bar Association has submitted an indictment for British war crimes, to the ICC. It remains supine.

Cuba en la mira de Estados Unidos

Liset Garcia, 12.03.2005 03:02

El llamado programa para la transición hacia una Cuba libre ignora conceptos elementales del derecho en cualquier país, incluido Estados Unidos. Visión del decano de la Facultad cubana de Derecho.

¿Elecciones en Cuba?

Liset Garcia, 12.03.2005 02:44

Garantías de los electores en Cuba y el silencio de los grandes medios de prensa del mundo, acerca de los comicios cubanos

‘That’s me, a marine, a murderer of civilians’

Tom Whitney, 12.03.2005 02:29

Italian reporter shot by US military writes for newspaper that tells raw truth about US role in Iraq.

The Psalms 0.0 (3D1on publishing)

£, 12.03.2005 02:27

Hebrew Names Version of the World English Bible
compressed to 11 pages in original font
Free Source PDF

Un Faro en las Antillas

Erasmo Magoulas, 12.03.2005 00:46

Encender la luz de los conocimientos y multiplicarla, ha sido para la Revolución Cubana, la razón misma de su existencia.


Francisco Javier Angulo, 11.03.2005 23:42


Pobreza, Neoliberalismo y Oligarchia fascista

*Carlos Quintanilla, 11.03.2005 23:32

La Puta, el Puto y el nino - Todas fascistas Concentration of wealth, marginality, poverty, hunger, repression ad other phenomena, which prevent the development of the peoples, are only a few of the numerous phenomena that afflict Latin Americans. In Colombia, these phenomena gave rise to revolutionary struggle. The conflict continues without hope for peace dialogues, because of the intransigence of Uribe’s administration, which seems to be more interested in war than peace.

Girls Meeting Online to Discuss Hollywood’s Portrayal of Girls and Women

New Moon Magazine, 11.03.2005 23:18

Girls are fed-up with the sexism and impossible images of women they see in movies and TV, say the 16 girls ages 8-14 who edit New Moon: The Magazine For Girls And Their Dreams. Two of New Moon's girl editors are seeking girls’ opinions about movies and TV to take to the international Turn Beauty Inside Out (TBIO) Girls Leadership Conference, April 13 – 15, 2005, in Los Angeles.

EL LIBERTARIO de Venezuela: haciendo balance y siguiendo adelante

Redacción de El Libertario, 11.03.2005 23:01

* En el Editorial publicado en el # 41, febrero-marzo 2005, el colectivo responsable de esa publicación bimensual hace el recuento de lo que ha significado la tarea de una década por construir, mantener y consolidar tanto un periódico como una propuesta anarquista consecuente en Venezuela.

Do U Have a Side- 1st Internacional - PCPD - Revolution

Mer - Real left, 11.03.2005 22:31

Chavez calls for an Internacional - Bolivia Needs us too! - Participate Without decline in consumption in rich countries environmental issues are hopeless & chances of social change are non-existent. Resource wars & imperialism will be only issues left - the challenges and time limits we face. Debate rages among Enviro/Narrow Left elite over the meaning of activism in USA-EU. The Death of Environmentalism & how to enhance their charade of fighting global warming is the agenda. 5 billion $$ in donations & the world hang in the balance. The ecological time bombs of trade (invasive species) and global warming are ticking away. The real issue of what a post-global warming world means to the 3 billion poor of the planet must become the focus of all activism and the goal of strategy.

Bush's Guru

Uri Avnery, 11.03.2005 22:28

When Israelis heard for the first time about Bush citing Sharansky as his guide and mentor, they gasped in disbelief. Sharansky? Our Sharansky?


A message from Ramsey Clark, 11.03.2005 21:39

"We are urging all of those who are part of the impeachment movement to participate and bring the message of impeachment with signs and banners to the hundreds of local demonstrations that will be taking place on March 19/20, the second anniversary of the beginning of the criminal war against Iraq."


sketch, 11.03.2005 20:56

Representatives of the oppressed farmworkers of Immokalee, FL, spoke of slave labor conditions in their line of work, joined by other activists and peace patrons.

San José de Apartadó

Manuel Vargas, 11.03.2005 20:54

La realidad de San José de Apartadó y las falacias del sacerdote Javier Giraldo del Cinep.


Manuel Vargas Gomez, 11.03.2005 20:45

Las farc hacen presencia en San José de apartadó y asesinan a quienes no los apoyan, esto lo sabe el sacerdote jesuita Javier Giraldo, del CINEP y también Gloria Cuartas, pero no hacen nada o simplemente le echan la culpa al Ejército. esto resulta más rentable en términos políticos.

International Food Not Bombs Gathering!

Philly FNB, 11.03.2005 19:56

This June, in conjunction with the BioDevestation Counter-Convergence, Philadelphia will host the first International Food Not Bombs Gathering!

Protest Songs for March 18 - 20

Not Donald Rumsfield, 11.03.2005 19:20

Freely downloadable MP3's of protest songs have been released to support the run-up to the March 18-20 Global Days of Protest. Just go to and click away.

Massive Participation at Nomination Assemblies in Cuba

Prensa Latina, 11.03.2005 18:49

Massive participation of Cubans in assemblies to nominate their candidates to the People´s Power District Assemblies (local government) is an example of the practical democratic system in the nation.

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