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Rachel Corrie: Courageous Resister

Craig Hymson, David Becker, Jonah Volk, 17.03.2005 21:17

The following short video was screened on 3/16/05 at the Anthology Film Archives in NYC as part of a program remembering Rachel Corrie.

TERRORISTS: The Global Least Wanted

£, 17.03.2005 21:17

police poster

Another kind of “creationism”

Wilfredo Gutiérrez, 17.03.2005 20:26


World Zionist Organization Implicated in Israel Scandal

Nathaniel Popper: Forward, 17.03.2005 19:51

Zionism is the Problem NOT Jews Embarrassed leaders of American Jewish organizations were absorbing the news this week that an international body under their control was at the center of a tangled Israeli scheme, detailed in a bombshell government report, to build illegal settlement outposts in violation of Israeli law, policy and international commitments.

[Do you suppose there could be a link between such revelations and the rise in so-called "anti-semitism"? d.v.]

TransAfrica on Wolfowitz nomination

Bill Fletcher, President, TransAfrica, 17.03.2005 19:34

TransAfrica Forum, the leading think tank on issue of Africa and the African Diaspora, opposes the nomination of Paul Wolfowitz to head to World Bank. But the organization is not surprised that President Bush would do this!!!

Bank of Italy Warns of Fall in Economic Growth

Tomas Armenteros, 17.03.2005 19:03

A study published Wednesday confirms slowing down of Italian economic growth and shows its weak competitive capacity.

Twenty Countries Dance in Havana Streets

Tomas Armenteros, 17.03.2005 18:56

From March 23 to 27, a dancing event offers workshops, fine arts exhibits, conferences and master classes, with the participation of dancing groups from 20 cpuntries of the world.

Sierra Leonean President Praises Cuban Educational Progress

Tomas Armenteros, 17.03.2005 18:50

Sierra Leonean President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah makes some praising statements on Cuban educational progress in his first visit to Cuba and shows interest in taking this experience to his homeland

Le GERM annonce la création de L’Observatoire des Mondialisations

GERM, 17.03.2005 18:29

Le GERM (Groupe d’Etudes et de Recherches sur les Mondialisations), qui a débuté ses travaux début 2000, annonce la création de L’Observatoire des Mondialisations*. Cet Observatoire s’intéressera aux différents processus de mondialisation en cours d’un triple point de vue : analyse, veille (géopolitique, culturelle, économique, sociale, scientifique…) et élaboration de propositions d’action.

Half of Poland Declares Itself GMO Free Zone

ICPPC - International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside, 17.03.2005 18:11

Mazowieckie Province (with capitol Warsaw), with a population of over five
million, has become the sixth Province in Poland whose local authorities
have passed a resolution declaring themselves a GMO Free Zone.

israeli War Crimes, 16 March 2005

Intifada Al Ard / Tierra Insurgente, 17.03.2005 18:04

This is a summary of israeli War Crimes in Palestine for the week ending 16 march 2005. 4mins (english)

Guatemalans Die In Anti-Cafta Protests

Heron, 17.03.2005 18:00

A first-hand account from Guatemalan anti-Cafta demonstrations in which three people have died and many others are seriously wounded

House Quashes Gannon Inquiry - And Other Pathetic &quot;Media&quot; Stories

Jordan Thornton, 17.03.2005 17:54

On April 20, wear ORANGE, and dress in ORANGE, and surround the media at their places of Business, and DEMAND change. Make your signs easy to read, things like "COWARDS, TRAITORS, LIARS".

Actions in the Netherlands and Counter Conference on Soy in Brazil

Biotech IMC, 17.03.2005 17:50

Banner 1 Link to feature on Biotech IMC, about actions against (gm) soy production and the industrial agriculture at the same time as grassroots conference against soy in Argentina.

Bundeswehr-Propaganda gestört!

Antifaschistische Aktion Neubrandenburg, 17.03.2005 17:30

Aktivisten der Antifaschistischen Aktion Neubrandenburg haben heute eine Werbeveranstaltung der Bundeswehr massiv gestört.
Die Veranstaltung im Berufsinformationszentrum, die in Form eines Vortrages durch einen Wehrdienstberater der Bundeswehr stattfinden sollte, konnte nur unter Protest und diversen Störaktionen durchgeführt werden.

Israel Nuke Whistleblower Vanunu Indicted

PETER ENAV, Associated Press Writer, 17.03.2005 17:16

JERUSALEM - Israeli nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu was indicted Thursday for violating the terms of his release from prison, the Israeli Justice Ministry said.

Restore Salary to Dept. State employee:badge 1012789A, 17.03.2005 16:49

USG whistleblower:Sept 1995 I gave USSpecial Counsel info about the $1 million shortfall at Embassy mexico City. April 1996 State Dept. expelled me(badge 1012789A).January 2000 State called me a spy: cut US Mail-froze assets. Feb 2001 Dc's Deputy Corp Counsel gave Arlington's (VA)KANGAROO court falsified evidence, holding me 1 month INCOMMUNICADO. New accusations: drug trafficking -- with the Arlington police housed 1922, 1924 & 1926 N. cleveland St. 5 years, left over from the Spy Allegations.

Fidel Castro to Address Cuban Political Leaders Today (PL)

RO, 17.03.2005 16:38

Cuba´s President Fidel Castro will hold a special meeting Thursday

Mueren más soldados de EE.UU. y oficiales nativos en Iraq (PL)

joe, 17.03.2005 16:35

Nuevas bajas en el ejército intervencionista de EEUU en Iraq

Anuncian discurso especial de Fidel Castro hoy (PL)

RO, 17.03.2005 16:32

Fidel Castro hablará hoy a dirigentes políticos cubanos


Peter Buknatski, 17.03.2005 16:30

Editorial poem about 'feel good' liberalism. From Vermont, "The Vigil State"--Vermonters respond to EVIL with SILENCE.

Cuba propone cambiar al mundo para mejorar la CDH (PL)

Orlando Oramas León, enviado especial, 17.03.2005 16:29

Sólo cambiando el mundo de raíz será posible una Comisión de Derechos Humanos sin chantajes, dobles raseros e hipocresía.

scienze della comunicazione: incontro con indymedia

studenti A1 occupata, 17.03.2005 15:40

dalle 12 alle 15 si è svolto un workshop con indymedia-Roma

n0t3s: Walmart facts

£, 17.03.2005 15:29


- it is a rural issue, so 'grassroots' might as well be euphemistic with 'city-centric'

One Year Later: No one sees and no one hears 3/22/2004 Dr. Samir, Rafah

Dr. Samir, 17.03.2005 15:24

My family and I will never forget March 16, 2003, the day we lost our
dear friend Rachel Corrie. A volunteer with the International Solidarity
Movement(ISM), Rachel lived with us in Rafah as if she were a member of
our family.

Word of the Day: Anthropocentricity

£, 17.03.2005 14:16

Spring Edition pending Diseased bovine and bird flu. Clearcutting and warfare of Scorched Earth Policy. Leather sneakers, even sandals, without so much as a square centimetre of canvas in sight.

manifestazioa - sos arrazakeria - arrazakeria eta xenofobiaren kontra - martxoak 18, bilbao

sos arrazakeria - sos racismo WWW.SOSRACISMO.ORG, 17.03.2005 12:04


MARTXOAK 18, OSTIRALA - 20etan - Arriaga plazan - BILBAO




- bilbao - OSTIRALA 18, plaza arriaga, 20etan
- Donostia - IGANDEA 20, trintxerpe (PASAIA), 12 etan
- Iruña, ASTELEHENA, MARTXOAK 21, paseo sarasate, 20 etan

&quot;Inhuman And Degrading Treatment&quot; Of Genoa G8 Detainees

ANSA newswire, 17.03.2005 12:03

Translation of Italian article on the preliminary hearing into the abuse of detainees by police and medical staff during the Genoa G8 protests

manifestación Viernes 18 marzo , bilbao - sos racismo - sos arrazakeria - contra el racismo - domingo 20, 12h trintexrpe a donosti, lunes 21, 20 h, paseo sarasate - pamlona

sos racismo - sos arrazakeria, 17.03.2005 11:59


MARTXOAK 18, OSTIRALA - 20etan - Arriaga plazan - BILBAO


VIERNES 18 DE MARZO - 20 h - Plza Arriaga - BILBAO




- bilbao - viernes 18, plaza arriaga, 20etan
- Donostia - domingo 20, salida de trintxerpe, 12 etan
- Iruña, lunes 21 de marzo, paseo sarasate, 20 etan

Using the Holocaust to Ward Off Criticism

Amira Hass, 17.03.2005 10:35

"This is a society that is systematically continuing to banish the Palestinian nation from its land and usurp its rights as a nation and its chances for a humane future."

Posters for M19 -- SAY SOMETHING, 17.03.2005 07:47 New posters just in time for M19:


Israel's Broken Record - Attack Iran

Kurt Nimmo, 17.03.2005 07:13

It might be good to finally examine where the pro-Zionist criminals comprising the Bush/PNAC Regime really get their marching orders. (Might be good to actually prove who was behind 911, the "opportunity" these men seized upon in order to prosecute illegal wars, and deliver America into the clutches of Fascism, while we're at it.)

Israel pleased with choice of Wolfowitz

Neo-Con Jerusalem post, 17.03.2005 07:10

And why wouldn't they be? Their meal ticket just came in. No more need to play nice with the "animals" they're trying to eradicate, in the name of increasing their territory, wealth, and power. A WB head who was NOT a Fascist might demand change from the Zionist War State.

Tape of Churchill Threatening AIM Leaders

Kalamity, 17.03.2005 05:30

Churchill threatening AIM leader Vernon Bellecourt the day after he had a quadruple by-pass.

Rename the World Bank

ACT for the Earth, 17.03.2005 04:51

With Paul Wolfowitz about to head the World Bank, it's time for a reality check.

Worldwide Protests Against Impending Slaughter of Over 300,000 Harp Seals in Canada

Diana Marmorstein, Ph.D., 17.03.2005 04:33

Protesters in Los Angeles Thousands of protesters gathered in demonstrations around the world to expose an atrocity committed annually in Canada--the massacre of over 300,000 harp seals, mostly pups only a few weeks old. This is the largest marine mammal slaughter in the world. This year, the demonstrators unveiled their new weapon: the boycott of Canadian seafood, a strategy with the power to end this horror once and for all.

Reporters Without Shame

Jean Guy Allard, 17.03.2005 04:28

A Cuban counterintelligence agent infiltrates Reporters Without Borders. RSF founder Robert Menard pays Cubans to write negative stories about their country. Did he help send some of them to prison?

Anti-United Nations resolution that I am promoting with the Texas Legislature

Robert Morrow, 17.03.2005 04:21

The United Nations is filled to the brim with anti-democrats, thugs, human rights violators and power mad bureaucrats who want to tax the world and get control of the US military. The United States and all countries that believe in freedom should withdraw from this corrupt madhouse/cesspool.

The United Nations' madhouse needs to be Defunded, Dissolved and Defumigated

Robert Morrow, 17.03.2005 04:16

The United Nations' madhouse/cesspool is a threat to democracy, human rights and freedom. The UN is a worthless organization that is at least 25% military dictators and it's so-called Human Rights Commission on has on it some of the worst human rights violators in the world like Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, China, Zimbabwe etc. For the sake of the world, the UN madhouse must be dissolved.

The Most Powerful Zionist in America

Shami (Iraqi Assyrian), 17.03.2005 01:08

Dov Zakheim In 2000, Zakheim writes a paper saying Zionists must stage a catastrophic event to start the ball rolling on WW3. He presented it to a Project for a New American Century, a Jewish think tank involved in linking the foreign policies of the United States and the Zionist Entity

Dog Shooting in Iraq for &quot;Fun&quot;

G. I. Warcriminal, 17.03.2005 00:53

since people don't mind shooting wounded Iraqi's in mosques they won't mind seeing gi's shooting dogs for fun

Rosemonts Receive Algren Award

Laura valentine, 17.03.2005 00:52

Every year the Nelson Algren Committee honors one or more Chicagoans who exemplify Algren’s ideal of “a conscience in touch with humanity.” Among this year’s recipients of the Nelson Algren Committee Awards are Franklin and Penelope Rosemont of the Charles H. Kerr Publishing Company

Stand in front of a Chinese tank, you become an icon for freedom; stand in front of an Israeli bulldozer, you die

Various, 16.03.2005 23:29

VIDEO + Articles: The Murder of Rachel Corrie

Churchill Threatened AIM leaders lives on tape! As has been alleged

Kalamity Rain, 16.03.2005 23:26

Here at long last in the tape of Ward Churchill threatening the life of leader Vernon Bellecourt on answering machine the same day Mr. Bellecourt had a quadruple bypass open heart surgery. Mr.Bellecourt is a long time radical who has spent over a year and a half in jail.

Americans Murdering Their Judges, and the American Crisis of Judicial Corruption

Dr. Les Sachs, 16.03.2005 23:13

The recent murderous attacks on U.S. judges in the context of the American crisis of judicial corruption. This is a benchmark survey of corruption among USA courts, judges and lawyers, with examples such as the criminal court fraud scandal involving the right-wing celebrity book author Patricia Cornwell, who is a longtime friend of the President Bush family.

Rhetoric vs. Reality: A Closer Look at the President's Dedication to Results

Gary Bass and Adam Hughes, OMB Watch, Washington, DC, 16.03.2005 23:02

President Bush has been talking for weeks about how his budget is tough, placing high premiums on performance and promoting a results-oriented mindset in government. But there is little evidence in the FY 06 budget to support his rhetoric. It seems to be merely a political smokescreen.

Israel surprised at banning

Big News Network, 16.03.2005 22:53

Well, when you get caught stealing passports, so that intelligence work done by you can be traced to the host country, they tend to get pissed off.


Tomas Armenteros, 16.03.2005 21:34

MERCOSUR-EU in their path to reopen their 2005 negotiations


Tomas Armenteros, 16.03.2005 21:29

Some data on the Pakistani government´s reasons to say they have a extremely dense situation in their border

Cuba Proposes Change of the World to Improve Human Rights(PL)

Fausto Triana, 16.03.2005 21:15

Cuban Foreign Minister denounces black mail, double standards and hypocrisy at the UNCHR

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