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Bringing the War Back Home

Peter Chabarek, 21.03.2005 21:39

Eugene, Oregon civil resisters shut down recruitment center, inject graphic images of the war's atrocities into the mainstream media, violate the law as police back down from responding

Path That Leads To Life

Robert Meade Deaf Messenger, 21.03.2005 21:23

For those who became Israel when they opposed Israel, out of the land of the North (Jer. 23:8; 31:8).

250 Israeli high school students declare refusal to serve

Yesh Gvul, 21.03.2005 21:03

A new declaration of refusal by "shministim" - students of the 11th and 12th grades of Israeli high schools - addressed to prime minister Ariel Sharon, Defence Minister Shaul Mofaz, IDF chief of staff Moshe Yaalon and Education Minister Limor Livnat, has already collected 250 signatures of youngsters facing their term of compulsory military service.

My letter to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

Kay Krafczyk, 21.03.2005 20:20

This letter is concerning Mr.Mordechai Vanunu and the State of Israel that despite his full sentence and the unfair treatment he still gets is not allowed to leave Israel.

Who is Kate Martin ?

geral sosbee, 21.03.2005 20:16

The publication of Kate Martin's outrageous lies reflects poorly on the media as a whole.

Blue Mountain Project Offers Vacation with Purpose

Wendy Topinka, 21.03.2005 20:00

College students and adventurous travelers can spend their vacation helping the people of rural Jamaica.

Orgonite Enclosure Update

Robert Dawn, 21.03.2005 19:39

I think there is great hope for the future of human beings on this planet, for human rights and the potential of the human spirit.

A simple building material called "orgonite" may well hold they key. Orgonite, a mixture of metal and resin, alternately reflects and absorbs all kinds of energies, especially EMF, RF, and other dangerous radiations, and breaks it up into normal, vital, background energy.

As such, it presents a great salvation to people and the planet. The deadly rays from towers and depleted, transfixed energy fields (DOR) become once again the warm, relaxed, vital and life-friendly energies of creation and nature.

Ohio Voter Fraud Investigation - New Report: Findings of Registration Fraud, Intimidation, Vote Fraud

ACVR, 21.03.2005 17:49

ACVR Refers Voter Fraud Investigation to Department of Justice, Congressional Oversight Panel; Report Shows Third Party Effort to Circumvent Law and Register Illegal Voters

El Pueblo en Armas Frente Al Imperio

Juan Contreras, María Guadalupe, 21.03.2005 17:40

El Pueblo en Armas Frente al Imperio
Coordinadora Simón Bolívar. Barrio 23 de Enero
República Bolivariana de Venezuela

Restore NJ License - Restore Viola Property, 21.03.2005 17:14

Restore NJ Driver's (W3512 19763 59455 and Restore property (105 Viola Ave, Clifton 07011). May 1996 Paterson, NJ Surrogate court personnel tried to lure me to NJ/judges Chambers, make a false arrest, amounting to kidnap. They wanted the property at viola avenue because it had development potential being both residential and business zoned.

Photos of NYC 3/19/5 Protest Against War with Iraq, 21.03.2005 17:11

Photos of New York City 3/19/5 Protest Against War with Iraq

March from Harlem to Central Park

Photos and slide show can be found here.

© 2005

Schwarzenegger Attacks Public Education

Katie McMillan, 21.03.2005 16:36

rescind of proposition 98

3-20-2005 Peace rally in Kansas City, MO

Christina C., 21.03.2005 15:36

These are pictures of the anti-war / pro peace protest in kansas city, mo

Bill Gates, saviour of the world?

Maarten Vanheuverswyn, 21.03.2005 14:39

Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft, recently committed himself to donating $750 million to the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation charity. Using a lot of messianic words, the richest man in the world is more and more presenting himself as the saviour of the world. Maarten Vanheuverswyn looks at the reality behind the phrases and takes a look at his company Microsoft and its predatory tactics.

The Loyal Opposition: March 19 US Antiwar Protests

Amer Jubran, 21.03.2005 14:19

This article was written by Palestiniana ctivist Amer Jubran, who worked for many years in Boston Massachusetts, organizing support for the Palestinian Liberation struggle. The witch hunts and repressive efforts of Homeland Security forced him to seek deportation to Jordan, but thankfully, his voice has not been silent. Amer continues to contribute to the efforts of those concerned with the plight of Palestinians and Iraqis, by providing us with news and analyses of developments in those countries. Our lack of success in hampering the military, political and corporate structures that make ameriKKKa's crimes against the Iraqis possible should compell us to hear what he has to say about the Anti War Movement's efforts and modify our work.

Who are giving God glory today?

M.A.Hussain, 21.03.2005 13:56 (Note: A famous evangelical missionary and Christian visionary who works for establishment of Kingdom of God in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan etc., is presently in U.S. He is known as Apostle Yang Burz Home; some call him Saint Yang. The people of all faiths bow their head in reverence for his humility and humanity, for unconditional love and concern for the people of the region.

He has recently addressed mass of Christians in New York city Church and T.V channels world over carried the telecast live. He has also given audience to American President George Bush, Condoneleeza Rice, Rumsfeld, Dick Channey and others. Here are the excerpts of his sermon. .......... Editor)

Electronic Sit-in Against Coal Power Station Proposal in Aotearoa/NZ

Mighty People Power, 21.03.2005 12:39

MIGHTY PEOPLE POWER have called for a cyber sit-in on the Mighty River Power website in New Zealand (

&gt;&gt;It's time we the left took a good look at the language we use to communicate:FRAMING&lt;&lt;

lewisa, 21.03.2005 12:04

How the Right have used language and what cognitive scientists call 'framing' to win over traditional Left voters. Why the Right are Wrong and why the Left don't get it.


Docupolis 2005 abre la que ya es su 5ª convocatoria. Las obras pueden presentarse en el certamen documental hasta el 30 de junio.

Nazi-skinheads and the police attack visitors of rock concert in Minsk (Belarus), 21.03.2005 10:28

On March 16, 2005 a group of 20-30 nazi-skinheads, presumably with the
support of policemen in civilian clothes, attacked young people who
were returning after a rock concert that took place in the Minsk club
“Leo”. As a result of the conflict three visitors of the concert were
hospitalized: two of them received knife wounds, the third sustained
craniocerebral injury. A 15-year-old boy, who received a knife stab in
his back, was taken to the Children’s Surgery Center.

42 years waiting for.... (since 9th October, 1963!)

Tiziano Dal Farra, Udine - Italy, 21.03.2005 10:18

A community killed. The huge killer wawe that flew over the Vajont dam fell ferociously on 4 towns and washed them away together with 1450 lifes from Longarone, 158 lifes from Erto and Casso, 111 lifes from Castellavazzo, 191 lifes of simple people that found themselves right their at the destiny date.

Hundreds of the victims were even never compensate for the loss of their complete existence in properties and life. Since than for all Italians as well as for the whole world, Vajont is the name of mass murder through conspiracy of silence and money. No excuses from the killers to our people.

Taiwan's reaction mixed to China's anti-secession law

Neil Parmar, 21.03.2005 09:02

Reaction in Taiwan is mixed after China passes a new anti-secession law that forbids the country from formally declaring independence.

Hundreds join spirited anti-war March &amp; Rally in Honolulu

DLi, 21.03.2005 06:37

On Saturday March 19, a large and colorful contingent of more than 300 Peace activists & citizens marched against the U.S. Occupation of Iraq. One highlight was a giant Octopus puppet that depicted expansive U.S. militarism...

Photographs From Iraq: March 12 - 20, 2005

combat, 21.03.2005 06:20

A selection of pics from Iraq taken in the last week: American soldiers blow up and shoot unarmed Iraqis in Mosul; Iraqis demand the release of prisoners held by the occupation in Basra; oil sabotaged, a few sidenotes of occupation, and two years on, Iraqis find the Freedom shabby and reeking of feces.

&gt;&gt;It's time we the left took a good look at the language we use to communicate:FRAMING&lt;&lt;

Lewis A, 21.03.2005 04:38

How the Right have used language and what cognitive scientists call 'framing' to win over traditional Left voters. Why the Right are Wrong and why the Left don't get it.

2nd Annual Animal Liberation Philosophy and Policy Conference

SARO, 21.03.2005 03:39

This year's conference discusses Queer Liberation,Prison Abolition, Revolution, Capitalism, and more, in relation to Animal Liberation

How Many More Will Die?

jamie, 21.03.2005 03:32

How Many More Will Die? The "Official" death count of U.S. GI's killed in Iraq is now 1521 ( Nor have the oil barons got control of world oil prices. Think they ever will? War details from Iraq follow:


CARLOS FRANCO PACHECO, 21.03.2005 02:43

Invitacion .Conversatorio

How we made U.S. deny visa to Modi

Angana Chatterji, 21.03.2005 02:18

Coalition Against Genocide's campaign against Narendra Modi's trip to the US is successful as the US denies him a visa.

Dowry and Bride Price In India: Paradign Shift

Jasper Vikas George, Advocate, Delhi High Court, 21.03.2005 01:46

Jasper Vikas George, Advocate, Delhi High Court Dowry and Bride Price are the customs which are derogatory towards the women as whole. Though the modes in both the systems are different yet one thing common in both l.e., the pathatic condition of the women in India

Orgonite and Freedom, Orgonite and Health

Robert Dawn, 21.03.2005 00:15

A simple, new substance made of common materials - scrap metal, resin, and a few quartz crystals - may well provide affordable, practical safe havens from psycho-electronic intrusion and unhealthy radiations of all kinds.

media culturel libre

nopasaran, 20.03.2005 22:29

enfin un media culturel libre, sans inscription et rapide

Breaking The War Machine (avi), 20.03.2005 21:49

NEW YORK- A direct-action collective,called Breaking the War Machine opposing the U.S. occupation of Iraq, marked the second annniversary of the invasion by turning the waters of the Rockefeller Center fountain into "blood".

U.S. Iraq Bloodspill Hits New York City Landmark, 20.03.2005 21:11

fountain bloodspill NEW YORK- Breaking the War Machine, a direct-action collective opposing the U.S. occupation of Iraq, marked the second anniversary of the invasion by turning the waters of the Rockefeller Center Fountain into "blood".

What 15 seconds did to the Hassan family—and to the men of Apache Company

Owen Matthews, 20.03.2005 20:59

Orphans of Tall Afar

Species, Habitat and the Economy - Outlook is Not Good! Is Climate Warming A Bandit or a Savior? CEEI copyright 2005

Jacqueline Brandish, 20.03.2005 19:45

(This Outlook article/ discussion, represents a synthesis of the current news, headlines and information relating to global warming and Arctic climate change.) By Max Casebeau, BA Director of the CEEI Jacqueline Bradish, BS Biology, MS Environmental Science

APIC sharply condemns attack in Southwest Pakistan

Laila Marwan, 20.03.2005 18:30

Mahdi: Our political future depends on our ability to accomodate differences

Increasing state repression and attack to the movements in Milan Italy

marius jacob, 20.03.2005 17:58

Increasing state repression and attack to the movements, through hundred of denunciations, lay-offs, killings (Dax, a 26 year old antifa killed by 3 fascists with knives on 16 march 2003 in Milano), fascist aggressions, arrests, the new repressive action in the comparisons of a companion of the COAT28 Center Occupied of via dei Transiti 28 Milano

Venezuela: La explotación del carbon favorece a las trasnacionales

Homoetnatura, 20.03.2005 17:42

Convocatoria a la marcha del 31 de marzo contra la explotacion del carbon en el zulia

Breaking the War Machine, 20.03.2005 17:06

NEW YORK- A direct-action collective,called Breaking the War Machine opposing the U.S. occupation of Iraq, marked the second annniversary of the invasion by turning the waters of the Rockefeller Center fountain into "blood".


Sandra, 20.03.2005 16:56

El día a día de un teleoperador.

Peace Rally in Denver, Colorado

Ranger Mike, 20.03.2005 16:00

Part of the crowd Photos from the Peace Rally in Denver

On Israel and the Holocaust

Uri Avnery, 20.03.2005 15:36

The time has come to turn the memory of the Holocaust from an exclusively Jewish property into a world-wide human possession. The mourning, the anger and the shame must be turned into a universal message against all forms of genocide.


GU_G8, 20.03.2005 14:40

FREE PALESTINE & IRAQ; We all live in a terrorist regime
The Herald backs Modochai Vanunu; BBC appeases Sharon

New Novels Of V Bright Saigal Coming

V Bright Saigal, 20.03.2005 09:11

New novels of V Bright Saigal coming soon.As a part of it a web site has been launched excerpts of all novels has been posted on the web site for the convenience of the readers.His first poem TEARS AND HOPE has been published by poetry international Washington and won international quarter final in Washington.The poems and short stories also posted on the web site for the readers.

Pictures from 3/19 anti-war protests around the world

Repost, 20.03.2005 09:08

Pictures from 3/19 anti-war protests around the world

Turkish demonstrators hold anti-war banners during a protest in Istanbul, Turkey, Saturday, March 19, 2005. Thousands of Turkish anti-war protesters gathered in Istanbul's Kadikoy square for a march marking the second anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. Banners that read: 'Put Bush, the war criminal, on trial!' and 'Stop the occupation in Iraq' (AP Photo/Murad Sezer)

add your comments

by reposts Saturday, Mar. 19, 2005 at 7:02 AM

denmark_iraq_war_anniversary_jmc102.jpg, image/jpeg, 409x242

Anti-War Demonstration, 20.03.2005 08:54

Los Angeles, CA Anti-war demonstration in Los Angeles, CA.

My open publishing book. v.0.0

£, 20.03.2005 04:02

AUDIT: iNDYMEDIA Global Newswire Personal Chronicle, year ending March 2005

Free Ward Churchill (+W$)

£, 20.03.2005 03:26

Herr Churchill You know you want to. Go ahead and just say. Ah, come on! Okay, I will do it for you.

March 19th, 2005 event in Madison ,WI

Judy Miner, 20.03.2005 03:25

Report March 19th,2005, from Madison, WI: 250 gathered today to say, bring the troops home now from Iraq!

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