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LaborPower newsletter III(3) - More readable this time?

Bill Miller, 22.03.2004 17:17

Labor-related legislative issues

LaborPower Newsletter III(3)

Bill Miller, 22.03.2004 17:08

Labor related legislative issues


£, 22.03.2004 17:00

messiah fyi


Tester, 22.03.2004 16:56

Just Testing.

Big Brother is editing my incoming email

David Piney, 22.03.2004 15:41

The beginning of the decline in oil extraction world-wide has set the elite on a raw expediency self-preservation mode, and the rise of a fascist police state is eminent in Canada unless democracy intervenes.

Tell him what you think

daniel gurney, 22.03.2004 15:20

A thank tony bliar site.
subversives needed here!

El Sur, vertedero de España

Anonimo, 22.03.2004 15:11

Andalucía oriental, el teórico paraiso natural del sur de España, no esta exenta de contaminación y problemas ambientales derivados de la producción de residuos peligrosos procedentes de diferentes tipos de industrias y servicios.

History: Starting world wars, inventing horrible weapons, enslaving large populations...

cannabisculture, 22.03.2004 14:35

CANNABIS CULTURE MAGAZINE PO Box 15, 199 West Hastings, Vancouver BC Canada V6B 1H4

Communiqué from Coke Workers' Union

ayun, 22.03.2004 13:18

Workers on national hunger strike for the right to work and against the violation of human rights at Coca-Cola.


JARI TUOMINEN, 22.03.2004 11:45

Two Finnish businessmen have been shot in Bagdad, tells Finnish TV's YLE24 news agency. They apparently were on a business trip, with a purpose to negotiate business contracts with the oppressive USA-minded junta in Iraq.

A Little Civil Disobedience

Lisa Burgin, 22.03.2004 11:11

An essay concerning electronic voting and the steps that voters might take to protest on election day if they feel that their vote may not count.

New Song added to Bridges of Peace

Bridges of Peace, 22.03.2004 10:32

No in the name of "Peace" (dedicated to the memory of american pacifist
Rachel Corrie) is a song written by Italian artist Agnese Ginocchio

Seven Oaks issue 5 online, 22.03.2004 09:46

Read the latest issue of Seven Oaks magazine, a progressive, non-sectarian, political, and cultural weekly. Contributors and sponsors wanted. See

Pig yasin s dead

Spit on Leftist scum, 22.03.2004 09:44

piggy yasin is a dog meet (sorry, dogs didn't want to offend you). now it is time for next piggy -arafat.


Jay Michaelson, 22.03.2004 08:28

This Article argues that the lack of success in climate change policy stems from the exclusive focus of policymakers on various forms of preventive regulation. Because climate change regulation requires an extraordinary amount of will and coordination, and because uncertainty, cost, equity, and other factors threaten the effective implementation of a Kyoto-style program, a regulation-only approach is dangerously myopic. Not even the most austere post-Kyoto regulatory regime can avert a probable temperature rise of 2 to 3 degrees Fahrenheit during the next century, and most observers estimate that more politically feasible plans will yield a rise of between 3 and 8 degrees. [FN6] Yet other than simply doing nothing and adapting to climate change when it happens--a potentially catastrophic strategy--what alternatives do we have?

Voting Paper Trail Advocate Dies In 'Tragic Accident'

Bob Fitrakis, 22.03.2004 08:02

It's getting increasingly more difficult to stand up to the powers that be, and exercise democracy.

The U.S. Media Does Not Tell Us The Full Facts About Israel

Patriotic American, 22.03.2004 07:06

There is much our major media here in the U.S. does not tell us about Israel. How much do you know?

blast furnace radio in baghdad for m20

vincent / blast furnace radio, 22.03.2004 06:46

speech read at home in pittsburgh

March 20th Protest

Z. Diaz, 22.03.2004 06:41

Some people were for Bush in '04 Photo Essay on the March 20th Protest

USA Federal Marriage Amendment To 'Dick-Walker-Off' Our Civil Liberties

Pigweenia (aka. Bruce C. Lupfer), 22.03.2004 05:44

GLBT civil rights. Intro. to Logic example to exercise. Petition to Sign being sent to President George Walker Bush against the federal marriage amendment.

FBI steals from WTC victims

chrisjohn316 NEWS, 22.03.2004 04:43

FBI steals from WTC victims

Short Memory: Narrative of the March 20, 2004 Anti-War March in New York and Report of DC Ant-War Network Bus Trip

Jim Macdonald, 22.03.2004 04:22

A introspective and alternative narrative of the DC Anti-War Networks bus trip to the UFPJ March 20, 2004, anti-war protests in New York City to commemorate the one year anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq. Included, you will also find links to captioned photographs.

NASA figuring out ways to decipher silent speech

..., 22.03.2004 03:43

NASA figuring out ways to decipher silent speech

Audio Collage From M20

marco, 22.03.2004 03:01

This collage is taken mostly from Chicago Indymedia and
Enemy Combatant Radio with a little bit of IMC Pittsburgh
and whatever I could find on the net quickly mixed in.
All things were live during M20 as near as I can tell.

Coalition for Peace in Ireland in St.Patrick's Parade Montreal Photos

LD Hammond, 22.03.2004 03:01

Peace troll Coalition for Peace in Ireland in St.Patrick's Day Parade
Montreal March 14, 04

M20 Protest Montreal Quebec 20/3/04 Photos

LD Hammond, 22.03.2004 02:43

Protester holds my sign while angels practice the game of war The protest in Montreal was smaller than anticipated. Where were the tens of thousands of last years's Canadian protesters? The organizers claimed 7,000- the media several hundred. The truth? Somewhere in between but far too few. This issue hasn't gone away. Tens of thousands more are missing- but from Iraq's streets, as they are DEAD and largely uncounted ...

March 20th.....NYC

Greg D, 22.03.2004 01:25

North View of Protest March Photos from protest in NYC

Midwest Protest Takes On U.S. Global Occupations [PDF]

Chris Kaihatsu, Chicago IMC, 22.03.2004 00:45

Today's protest march is taking place one year after protestors swarmed the lanes of Lake Shore Drive on March 20, 2003, to do what they could to prevent the U.S.'s war on Iraq from beginning.

protest: international media montage

£, 22.03.2004 00:22

©OLLAGE mostly from this weekend!

this sight steals thier stories from s/f bay!

read this!, 22.03.2004 00:08

s/f imc has taken to stealing it's stories and pictures from other IMC's

Indi-Media's Anti-Semitism is back!

Me, 21.03.2004 23:35

The progressives at Indimedia, who are supposedly for equality, continue to spew hatred towards Jews.

M.20 Peace Rally photos...

ME!, 21.03.2004 23:28

Some photos

demonstration for change in Cairo, Egypt [photos]

Alaa Abd El Fatah, 21.03.2004 23:04

Cairo, Egypt 20/3/2004
this year instead of just protesting against the war in Iraq, the demonstration was a celebration of last years series of demonstrations, marches and protest, the biggest public protest in the country since the food riots of January 1977.

Police Brutality and A Miscarriage of Justice in Missouri

Gabe Harper, 21.03.2004 22:10

If you’ve got a few extra minutes, I’d encourage you to look into the case of Dr. Ramona Miller at . This has got to be one of the most disgusting miscarriages of justice I’ve read about in recent memory.

Follow the dying

jamie, 21.03.2004 21:29

582 dead U.S. GI's as of today. Share this site (www.lunaville. org) and the bad news on it with the world! Stop the killing!

The Lord of the Rings: Good versus Evil

Gary Sudborough, 21.03.2004 20:37

A comparison of the two good versus evil confrontation theories being propagated by the Bush administration with one that I think bears a closer resemblance to reality.


ME!, 21.03.2004 20:28


eye-witness report from Iraq

Dr. Geert Van Moorter, 21.03.2004 20:25

Dr. Geert Van Moorter, from the Belgian NGO Medical Aid for the Third World ( on a mission in Iraq for, tells how he experienced the bomb attack on the Mount Lebanon Hotel.

Action in Stockholm - March 21 2004.

Made up and quite happy., 21.03.2004 19:19

New steps in cross political dialogue.
AFA activists and other Swedish Anarkist groups protested on Sunday the 21st March in Stockholm against Israeli politics against the Palestinian people.

Boston Globe breaks Mariani vs. Bush Lawsuit!

AP, 21.03.2004 19:00

A New Hampshire woman who filed the first lawsuit against United Airlines relating to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks -- and the first suit accusing President Bush of negligence beforehand -- doesn't want money, just answers.

100,000+ Pile into NY to Demand End to Occupation

Don DeBar, 21.03.2004 18:42

See video of March 20 in NYC at

raw video sequence in the streets of Brussels, during M20 Peace Rally

Olme, 21.03.2004 18:30

raw video sequence in the streets of Brussels, during M20 Peace Rally 5 min handycam shot troegh the crowd ...

M20 Anti-War Protest in St Paul, Minnesota

Bert Schlauch, 21.03.2004 17:06

The Crowd converging on the capitol More than two thousand persons marched to the capitol today to protest the illegal war in Iraq. Its consequences on domestic policies and on persons in the war zone were highlighted by guest speakers and protesters.

&quot;We're Educateurs not Police Informants&quot;

Ceara Lane, 21.03.2004 16:46

More than 5,000 people gathered in Paris Wednesday to participate in a national demonstration denouncing, Minister of Interior, Nicolas Sarkozy’s proposition to create new laws aiming to prevent deliquence,which would significantly change the nature of the social system in France.

Americans Living Abroad Vow to Influence Elections

Ceara Lane, 21.03.2004 16:42

“ We are being lied to about the number of Americans and Iraqis killed in Iraq, about the reasons the United States entered this illegal war that has wrecked havoc on a sovereign country, and about our motives in positioning troops in other nations including Haiti and Pakistan,” says Mark Cramer a member of Paris-based Americans Against the War (A.A.W.).

Bush's own campaign office uses banned sweatshop labor in Burma to produce merchandise

newsday, 21.03.2004 16:36

Bush last July signed into law the Burmese Freedom and Democracy Act, saying "The United States will not waver from its commitment to the cause of democracy and human rights in Burma."

Violators of the import ban are subject to fines and jail, according to the U.S. Treasury Department.

Burmese textile workers earn as little as 7 cents per hour, according to the National Labor Committee, a human rights group.

"If it is true, it is very contradictory because the sanctions were imposed by the Bush administration," said Bo Hla-Tint, a spokesman for the Burmese government-in-exile in Washington, D.C.

SF-Active Volunteer call

Sf-Active Team, 21.03.2004 15:46

volunteer call for sf-active.

Irish atonment for Iraq war

Edward Horgan, 21.03.2004 14:30

Shannon airport in Ireland has been used over the past three years as a forward airbase by US forces engaged in wars against Afghanistan and Iraq. During 2003, over 125,000 heavily armed US troops and munitions passed through Shannon on their way to the unlawful war against Iraq in which up to 30,000 people died.
Flowers and wreath were laid at Shannon airport by peace activists as an act of atonement for the innocent people killed in Iraq over the past year. We, the Irish people helped to kill up to 10,000 civilians and up to 20,000 Iraqi conscripts by allowing the United States to use Shannon airport as its main forward airbase. We did this for money.

M20 in Budapest, Hungary

drifter, 21.03.2004 13:53

Budapest, Heroes' Square, March 20th 2004. 800 people formed a live peace sign with torches on the Heroes' Square in Budapest.

Report on Bush administration's Lies about Iraq

anonymous, 21.03.2004 12:35

A committee of the USA House Of Representatives has published a report that details the misleading statements made by Bush administration officials about the threats posed by Iraq.

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