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geral sosbee, 23.03.2005 21:59

The core values of geral sosbee (as ' T ' ) are easy to discern, but the values of fools and cowards takes a bit more research.

La victoire du « non » n’est pas la victoire du libéralisme, au contraire !

Nodytsu, 23.03.2005 20:45

Dire non à ce traité c'est dire non à l'horreur économique et au libéralisme, pas le contraire !

Howard Dean, Extortion, Bribes and other problems

Scott Huminski, 23.03.2005 20:42

DNC Chair Howard Dean’s problems with the Bill of Rights, the Law and Ethics.

Women’s History Month Program:“A Community gardening project: In celebration of the work of Dr. Wangari Maathai, 2004 Nobel Peace Prize recipient”

Faye Kennedy, 23.03.2005 20:21

Sacramento—The Sacramento Area Black Caucus (SABC) and the Freedom Bound Center (FBC), invites the public to celebrate and participate in a Women’s History Program entitled “A Community gardening project: In celebration of the work of Dr. Wangari Maathai, the 2004 Noble Peace Prize recipient,” on Saturday, March 26 from 12noon to 2:00pm at 4320 Stockton Blvd., Sacramento (near Parker Ave.) in Sacramento.

Politics Today &amp; Always?

Edmund Johnson - Comedian, 23.03.2005 20:15

The meaning of the word politic.

New names for our one political party.


Dan Hayworth with Roger Schmid, 23.03.2005 20:14


Hollander Consultants Creates Tight-Knit Teams with Florida Symposium

Matthew Bratschi, 23.03.2005 20:12

Attendees are attributing their ability to work better as a team to the lectures they attended in Florida

New Mining Deposit to Be Exploited in Moa

Tomas Armenteros Crespo, 23.03.2005 20:10

Cuban nickel anterprise gets ready to exploit a new mining deposit together with Canadian firm, to increase Cuban mining production volume.

Argentineans Ask Kirchner to Vote against Anti-Cuban Resolution

Tomas Armenteros Crespo, 23.03.2005 20:04

Argentinean personalities and organizations request President Nestor Kirchner to vote against the US resolution condemning Cuba at UNHRC and support the people and government of Cuba.

Fayetteville, NC protest

Diane Greene Lent, 23.03.2005 19:39

Iraq Veterans Against the War March 19: Iraq Veterans Against the War led 3,500 to the gates of Ft. Bragg to protest the war in Iraq. Other organizers included Military Families Speak Out, Gold Star Families for Peace and Veterans for Peace.


Faye Kennedy at, 23.03.2005 19:21

The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) will honor fallen U.S. military personnel and Iraqi civilians with its traveling memorial exhibition: Eyes Wide Open: The Human Cost of War, which will be on display at the All Wars Memorial on the Capitol Park grounds for three days beginning Tuesday, March 29, 2005. AFSC, an international social justice organization, created Eyes Wide Open (EWO) to memorialize the lives lost in the war in Iraq. In addition to the more than 1,500 pairs of boots honoring U.S. military casualties, the exhibit includes a 32-foot wall of names and incidents of Iraqi civilian deaths and 1,000 pairs of shoes memorializing a small fraction of the Iraqi civilians who have been killed in the conflict.

Israeli Settlers Poison Palestinian Land and Sheep

Christian Peacemaker Team via Gush Shalom, 23.03.2005 19:15

Sheep and gazelles are dying - settlers of a manifestly illegal hilltop settlement are suspected to have spread poison in huge stretches of Palestinian land...

fbi indicts self

geral sosbee, 23.03.2005 18:56

The fbi cannot be allowed to proclaim itself as defenders of liberty and at the same time cover up crimes against Humanity.


Por Ángel Rodríguez Álvarez, 23.03.2005 18:53

De un extremo a otro Cuba se encuentra en pleno proceso electoral y así estará hasta el 24 de abril, fecha prevista para realizar la segunda vuelta en aquellas circunscripciones en que ninguno de los candidatos alcance el 50 por ciento más uno de los votos válidos emitidos.

Military Recruiters on College Campus

David LeBeau, 23.03.2005 18:18

CCPA attempts to remove the military presence from communnity college campus

Hiding Our War Dead?

Gail Vida, 23.03.2005 15:07

The state funeral in Rome last month for Nicola Calipari - the Italian intelligence officer who rescued a kidnapped journalist from Iraqi captors, only to be gunned down by jittery American soldiers at a checkpoint in Baghdad - was a national event that united all Italians, merging their raw sorrow with the singular grief of his widow and children. It was the second time Italy pulled out all the stops for its Iraq War dead.

Comunicado de LNSG por los sucesos en Red Lake alrededor de uno de sus simpatizantes

ODESSA, 23.03.2005 13:26

El Libertarian National Socialist Green Party, ha emitido un comunicado tras los sucesos dramáticos sucesos en Minnesota que acabaron con la vida de 9 inocentes y la muerte de Jeff Weisse, simpatizante de su movimiento.

LNSG es un movimiento que apoya la identidad de los puebos amerindios, afroamericanos, hispanos y asiáticos dentro de la sociedad estadounidense - esa es la causa por la que un indígena americano formara parte de su círculo de partidarios. No era, pero, un activista.


WILSON, Circuit Judge, dissenting, 23.03.2005 12:50

I strongly dissent from the majority’s decision to deny the request for an injunction pursuant to the All Writs Act and the request for a preliminary injunction. First, Plaintiffs have demonstrated their entitlement to a preliminary injunction. Second, the denial of Plaintiffs’ request for an injunction frustrates Congress’s intent, which is to maintain the status quo by keeping Theresa Schiavo alive until the federal courts have a new and adequate opportunity to consider the constitutional issues raised by Plaintiffs.

Caterpillar: Making a Killing in Palestine?

Nick Dearden and Joe Zacune, The Electronic Intifada, 23.03.2005 11:58

Caterpillar logo Frequently in the global economy, it seems that corporations are able to get away with activities which would see an individual locked up in the Hague for decades.

Terror In the Highlands: Death, Mayan women and free trade

Cindy Forster, 23.03.2005 09:08

Four women with only their words for protection were the ones who finally persuaded Guatemalan soldiers and police to stop firing on unarmed protesters in the Indigenous municipality of Colotenango last Tuesday (March 14) where at least two civilians lost their lives and many more were wounded.

Protest Photography Central Park, NYC 3-19-05, 23.03.2005 04:13

silence is consent View and share images from thee recent protest in NYC


Name Witheld, 23.03.2005 03:17

Robert Mugabe and his Marxist-Leninist Thugs have banned an indymedia site.

Face the Facts - Progressives are Losers

Joel Bleifuss, 23.03.2005 02:27

Were those Democrats who supported the bankruptcy bill, which exempts credit card debt from bankruptcy laws, voting on principle?

Nearly 200 March for Peace in Sandpoint, Idaho

Gary Hassler, 23.03.2005 02:17

As the crowd gathers, a protester displays her hand-made peace symbol. The Downtown Peace March in Sandpoint, Idaho drew 195 local residents who demanded the return of U.S. Troops from Iraq and ending the policy of "preemptive war." Photos are included

The Social Security Debate

Social Security Truth Squad, 23.03.2005 01:41

There are many problems that President Bush's proposal to create private accounts faces as he seeks to persuade a skeptical electorate that his plan is sound. These problems are not being talked about and must be fully discussed.

Minnesota School Shooter An Agent Of The Bush Administration?

Mr. Bill, 22.03.2005 23:14

I noticed today that the FBI is on the scene of the school shooting in Minnesota. Looks pretty nefarious to me. I'll bet they're on the scene to cover up the fact that the shooter was a patsy of the Bush administration, who was hired to kill off all the Indians in Minnesota, and, thus, many a potential Democratic voter. Those Republican bastards!


Por Néstor Núñez, 22.03.2005 20:10

De manera que el atentado contra las esposas de Gerardo Hernández y René González, dos de los Cinco Héroes cubanos prisioneros en EE.UU por luchar contra el terrorismo, privadas de visitar a sus compañeros condenados injustamente en cárceles norteamericanas, es nada en el
expediente de los autoproclamados jueces universales.
Adriana y Olga, esta última junto a su pequeña hija Ivette, han vuelto este año a la sede de la Comisión de la ONU para los Derechos Humanos, en el entendido de que recibirán respuesta de ese organismo a su demanda de visas
para visitar a sus esposos.

Prol-Position-News #1 out now!

prol-position news, 22.03.2005 18:48

Newsletter on recent class struggles from a perspective of auto-organisation

Editorial: Why such a project now?
Wildcat strike at GM/Opel in Bochum, Germany
GM/Saab policies in Sweden
New wage-model at VW, Germany
Last note on VW
Protests against welfare-reform in Germany
Update on Hartz IV/welfare-reform
Struggles of migrant workers in Paris, France
Travel report: More struggles in France
Aviation: Two struggles in Britain and Belgium
Construction: Struggle at Laing O’Rourke/Britain

para onde vamos?

calendariodapaz, 22.03.2005 18:36

?para onde o planeta vai se continuarmos assim? de orientação espiritual _mas sem se confundir com religião_ José Arguelles em seus estudos, mais especificamente em seus ensaios em livros, aponta uma solução nem tão longe de ser absurda para um mundo a cada dia mais absurdo..

The &quot;National Defense&quot; Strategy of the U$ of A

PNAC/Bush Regime, 22.03.2005 18:29

The Fascists in their own words.

Judge allows hospital to discontinue infant's life-sustaining care against Mother's wishes

A Parent, 22.03.2005 18:24

Double standard in who is allowed to live and who is allowed to die.

fbi national academy

geral sosbee, 22.03.2005 17:55

The graduates of the fbi national academy are programmed for life to undermine human rights as may be dictated by the fbi/cia.

ISRAEL: Settlement or Colonization...What is the Conflict all About?

BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights, 22.03.2005 17:28

Jewish settlements constitute a form of colonization in a world that has outlawed colonialism says the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in the 1967 occupied Palestinian territories.

Couey Linked to Georgia Child Sex Ring, Murder of Florida Investigator

Ralph G. Kershaw, 22.03.2005 17:17

The self-confessed murderer of 9-year old Jessica Lunsford in Florida is tied to a Georgia child sex ring with links to Bush Sr. and Jr. administrations.


Francisco Javier Angulo, 22.03.2005 17:11


San Francisco: Billionaire World

Marc Norton, 22.03.2005 17:00

San Francisco now has 20 resident billionaires, up from 11 last year, according to a new report by Forbes Magazine. The combined net worth of the city's billionaires is now $42.6 billion, nearly double the $21.5 billion they had squirreled away last year. This one-year, $20 billion increase in billionaire wealth -- privately held by a group of people so small that they wouldn't even fill a cable car -- could pay for the expected revenue from MUNI's proposed fare increase for the next 1,500 years.

3-20-05 Peace rally Kansas City, Mo

Christina C., 22.03.2005 16:59

Peace rally Pictures from Kansas City, Mo. At the Country Club Plaza. Peace rally

Please Support This Man And All Other True &quot;Heros&quot; Like Him

Reposted by jamie, 22.03.2005 16:32

"Widely interviewed by the press, Anderson was featured in the Feb. 28 Time magazine, is to appear soon in a major CNN report, and has been interviewed by publications in France and Germany, countries that opposed the U.S. invasion of Iraq.
Anderson has become an effective, if unpolished, public speaker, appearing at numerous Canadian peace rallies like the one this bitter March night, sponsored by Students for Peace in Iraq and the War Resisters Support Campaign."

Poverty Relief, Human Rights and Peace; and Preventing WWIII

Seth Leonard, 22.03.2005 15:47

Based on the text by the Hopi, Hotevilla (Thom.Mails/Dan Evehema) I created two essential websites for activists worldwide and in the United States.

Moviment Graffitti Against Warships

Mark Camilleri, 22.03.2005 14:18

Moviment Graffitti is a Maltese non-governmental organisation which fights against the exploitation of humans, the environment and animals. It campaigns continously for peace. Some of it's activities included ones which focused against the presence of warships in Maltese harbours.

Jaizkibel a threated jewel of the Cantabric sea

Borja Fernández de Arlas Bidegain, 22.03.2005 10:08

Jaizkibel is aa unique coastal Mountain in the eastern basque shoreline. It is a point in which the earth meets the sea, developing an unique ecosystem in these latitudes. Now it is threated by the enlargement proyect of the harbour of Pasaia, in the eastern Basque Country.

Terri Schiavo, the hidden agenda

Ryan Dawson, 22.03.2005 08:21

The Terri Schiavo is an issue that the religious right are testing the waters for their greater plan. Thay are galvenizing their pro-life supporters for a greater fight to over turn Roe v Wade. But congress has over stepped its powers.

A Husbands Rights and Responsibilities are Being Trampled On

Another Husband, 22.03.2005 06:48

Why pass a law that applys only to Terry Schiavo and not others having a similar medical historhy?

Red Sox Jet Used For CIA Torture Flights

Chicago Tribune, 22.03.2005 06:38

Is THIS why the Sox finally won the Series?


FARHAT QUAMMAQUAM, 22.03.2005 06:02

The insurgency in Iraq hits its "tipping point" when Negro Ponte decided to use his trade mark Death Squads against the insurgents with imputiny.Aside from scattered incidents the insurgents are losing power as they are hunted down by masked Death Squad Shiite thugs.Death Squad strategy of divide and rule has been extremely successfulto intimidate iraqi politician to accept the US agenda and put forward a government subservient to the wishes of US embassy.

Afghans look back to Taliban -- Nostalgia grows amid crime wave

N.C. Aizenman, Washington Post -- bostonglobe, 22.03.2005 03:58

So the assumption is that USA "intends" to install fair democracy throughout
the world?!
Forget the rest of the world, democracy does not exist in the USA!

Concerned Virginia Tech Students to Protest CIA &amp; Military Recruitment Fair on Campus

Nicholas J. Kiersey, 22.03.2005 03:52

Blacksburg, VA March 21, 2005 - A coalition of concerned graduate students and campus organizations at Virginia Tech are planning to protest the 'Directions 2005' career fair, sponsored by Virginia Tech Career Services. The fair takes place in Colonial Hall, Squire's Student Center (Tuesday, 03/22 to Wednesday, 03/23). The career fair will feature the CIA and many other organizations involved in America's problematically named “war on terror” (see

The Face of Protest is A Changin'

Jeffrey Feldman, 22.03.2005 02:32

The critical issue to emerge from this weekend is not medical ethics, but the failure of the US anti-War movement to focus public attention on the fear, death and suffering caused by President Bush's foreign policy.  There are two reasons for this failure:  control of the media by political forces that support the Evangelical agenda, and refusal of the US progressive movement to move beyond the protest style of the 1960s anti-war movement.   As a result, the new face of protest in America has shifted from anti-war to religious militancy.

5-Year-Old Cuffed, Arrested in Florida

blahblahblah, 22.03.2005 00:35

Police arrest 5-year old anarchist,after a demonstration in her classroom.

Hollander Consultants Symposium Sets Standard for Client Delivery

Matthew Bratschi, 21.03.2005 22:25

Hollander Consultants is holding its annual Florida symposium in Clearwater Beach with over 350 people in attendance

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