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Actividades por el 490 aniversario de la ciudad cubana de Remdios

Gelasio Vidal, 25.03.2005 22:13

Con tiempo suficiente ya se habla de cumpleaños en la ciudad de Remedios, al norte de la provincia cubana de Villa Clara y a unos 43 kilómetros de la capital provincial.

El venidero 24 de junio se cumplirán 490 años de los inicios de ese asentamiento poblacional. Dicen sus pobladores que hay que poner muy linda a la villa para esperar el suceso.

Bush's America: Not Fascist, but National Socialist

Walter C. Uhler, 25.03.2005 22:12

"How much more damage will Bush's National Socialism inflict on America and the world before it is tossed on the trash heap of history?"

San Jose: &quot;Stop U.S. Election Rigging Now!&quot;

JamBoi, 25.03.2005 21:36

Gathering of well-known Electoral Justice activists to promote, secure verifiable, auditable, Free and Fair Elections in the U.S. Gathering is free and open to the public and located in downtown San Jose at St. James Senior Center, Saturday March 26th 2pm

Kettenduldungen abschaffen - Bleiberecht durchsetzen! Auch in NRW! Demo am 02.04.05 in Düsseldorf

kollektiv, 25.03.2005 20:50

Für Bewegungsfreiheit und Bleiberecht - statt Ausgrenzung und Ausbeutung!
Anlässlich des europaweiten Aktionstages für Bewegungsfreiheit und
Bleiberecht wollen wir unseren Widerstand gegen rassistische Gesetze und
Verordnungen und gegen die alltägliche soziale Ausgrenzung von
Flüchtlingen und MigrantInnen öffentlich und laut zum Ausdruck bringen.

Cuba and European Union to Enhance Relations (PL)

Estela McCollins, 25.03.2005 20:43

EU Commissioner in Havana to enhance relations with Cuba

Soft Drinks Are the Scapegoat

Katie Achermann, 25.03.2005 20:11

California Lawmakers are placing the blame away from the real issues of childhood obesity and putting it onto softdrinks.

His Own Private Abu Ghraib - Bush pal's house of child torture

John Gorenfeld, 25.03.2005 20:01

And a well Whitehouse rewarded child abuser at that...

Censorship in US

Chris Edson, 25.03.2005 19:29

The US Senate is trying to enforce decency laws that currently apply to network television and radio to cable television and satellite radio.

Hushed UN rape of Timor

Mark Dodd, 25.03.2005 18:54

"As for the quality of the investigation, it was just enough to warrant action being taken but not enough to truly expose the bullshit and get some sense of justice for crimes committed."

NEW LOGO: Brand Americana

£, 25.03.2005 17:39

W$ Dizney is Brand American Family

Will Blair Debate Publicly?

Dr Elsayed Omar Selim, 25.03.2005 17:24

In April 2001,I challenged Tony Blair for a public political debate which he declined.
Last week I have repeated my invitation asking Blair "Let's talk about Terror". So far, NO REPLY. Will Blair decline AGAIN?

29 años de neoliberalismo e impunidad

laureano asoli rosario argentina, 25.03.2005 17:07

Este poema lo escribio mi mama,que esta fallecida hace 7 años, ella escribio este poema en la epoca de la dictadura militar todos los años cuando se cumple el aniversario del nefasto golpe militar del 76 lo repartimos en la plaza, ayer justamente se cumplieron 29 del golpe, hoy se cumplen 28 de la tragica desaparicion del compañero rodolfo walsh, en homenaje a todos los compañeros caidos va esta poesia de mi mama.

There are free aletrnatives to E-Bay on the Web

Doanld Iarussi MFA, 25.03.2005 16:45

one does not have to deal with the closed minded capitalist greed of the auction monopoly of E-Bay. Companies like offer free listing of auctions to all on the web

History of the Rappite Communitarian Project and a Buberian Critique

Isaac Binkovitz, 25.03.2005 16:06

An in-depth look at the life of Johann Georg Rapp, the early 19th century German Anabaptist communitarian who founded communes in the United States, in addition to an examination of the strong and weak points of his movement, and their relevance to the political situation today from a Buberian libertarian socialist perspective.

Envío de cartas de protesta por los desalojos de familias sin recursos en Valencia

Cooperación Social Universitaria, 25.03.2005 15:37

Participa en la acción de protesta ante la indiferencia del ayuntamiento de Valencia frente a la situación de las familias sin recursos que están siendo desalojadas por las obras de ampliación de la avenida de los Naranjos.

Cencership in the US

Chris Edson, 25.03.2005 14:53

The US Senate is trying to expand indecincy laws from network radio, and telivison, to subscription serves. And 53% of Americans think it is a good idea.

persbericht en slotverklaring kraakpand 'de vismarkt' te utrecht

sympathisanten van de vismarkt, 25.03.2005 13:16

In het kader van haar 'holle kiezen' beleid heeft de gemeente het reeds 12 jaar bestaande kraakpand aan de Vismarkt aangemerkt als speerpunt en wil zij nu met haastige spoed de weg vrijmaken voor de plannen van de eigenaar. Zijn bouwplannen, die enkele jaren geleden nog afgewezen zijn omdat ze te weinig respect tonen voor de monumentale aard van het pand, worden er nu doorgedrukt door een college van B&W dat makkelijk wil scoren. Een gemiste kans, zeker aangezien de gemeente met een klein steuntje in de rug de aankoop- en bedrijfsplannen van de gebruikers van de Vismarkt, die enkele jaren geleden in een zeer ver gevorderd stadium waren, realiteit had kunnen maken, en daarmee Utrecht een echte culturele vrijplaats had kunnen geven.

Refugee Board of Canada turns down refugee status for U.S. GI resister Jeremy Hinzman

Tom Joad, 25.03.2005 09:00

Statement from War Resisters Support Campaign of Canada on the denial of asylum for Jeremy Hinzman by the Immigration and Refugee Board. There will be an appeal of this decision.

Assyrian Christian being killed in Middle East and their homes destroyed by Islamic

Ashrafiyah of East Beirut, 25.03.2005 07:53

Arab media does not broadcaste news about Assyrian being murdered by Islamic *** Assyrian Shopkeeper Killed in Dora -Baghdad
*** Shi'ai Gang Attacks Basra Students, Kills Christian Student
*** Turkey Illegally Confiscating and Selling Assyrian Lands
*** Western Sydney Shadow Minister Supports Assyrians

Sex slavery rife in ''the middle east's only democracy''

News 24, 25.03.2005 04:35

London-based rights group Amnesty International and the US State Department have also reported an alarming increase Jerusalem - Thousands of foreign women have been smuggled into Israel and sold into prostitution, earning the criminal underworld millions of dollars a year. For the last four years, between 3 000 and 5 000 women have been sold as sex slaves for $8 000 to $10 000 and forced to work up to 18 hours a day, said the head of the inquiry, Zehava Gal-On, of the left-wing opposition Yahad party. On average the women receive $4 for every $120 that clients pay their pimps for their services.

International Human Rights Volunteers Arrested in Attempt to Report Settler Attack Israeli Police

Onthegroundmedia, 25.03.2005 01:44

International Human Rights Volunteers Arrested in Attempt to Report Settler Attack [Hebron, West Bank] Israeli Police in the Kiryat Arba settlement have arrested two Americans assaulted by settlers this morning as well as two Scandinavian witnesses to the assault. The internationals went to the police station immediately after the attack to file a complaint.

US vs. the World in Geneva

Estela McCollins, 24.03.2005 23:01

UN Commission on Human Right becomes a battleground for US against the world.

Venezuelan and Cuban News Agencies Sign Agreement (PL)

Moisés Saab Lorenzo, 24.03.2005 22:53

Prensa Latina and Bolivarian News Agency sign cooperation agreement

South African anarchists interviewed

Black Flag, 24.03.2005 22:36

* This interview was done with Sh. And St. of the Durban-based Zabalaza Action
Group (ZAG), Joe Black of the regional Anarchist Black Cross (ABC), who is the
ZACF acting regional secretary, and Michael Schmidt of the Johannesburg-based
Bikisha Media Collective (BMC) who is the ZACF acting international secretary.
Joe and Sh. Are also involved with Zabalaza Books (ZB), while Michael is also
involved with the ABC. The collectives we are members of are among the founding
collectives of the ZACF. Some of them, like ZB, originated as underground
collectives a decade ago in the twilight of apartheid.

The &quot;antidote&quot; for the save martha campaign

Shawn Auer, 24.03.2005 22:14 is developed in direct opposition to the save martha campaign that is aimed at glamorizing the celebrity turned felon.

For Author, It's Publish or Watch World Perish

Colleen O'Connor Denver Post, 24.03.2005 21:51

Denver Post article about Susan Skog's book "Peace in Our Lifetime: Insights from the Worlds Peacemakers" covers the reluctance of major publishing houses to print a book on 'peace' with the political climate of the last 3 years. This was Susan Skog's fifth book with the previous 4 books published by traditional presses. "Peace in Our Lifetime" was self-published to good market acceptance.

What's with New Jersey IMC?

asdf, 24.03.2005 21:30

The NJ Indymedia site has been down for days and days. What's stranger is that nobody has taken the time to mention this.

New Orthopaedic Techniques Spread to the Whole Island

Gisela Rodriguez Armas-Tomas Armenteros Crespo, 24.03.2005 19:59

Cuban eminent orthopedics professor Rodrigo Alvarez Cambras spreads use of a new knee prosthesis for all Cuban patients.

Diving Into falluja - To Hell and Back - a must read

Mark Manning, 24.03.2005 19:51

According to Manning, the ‘bum’ winked at him and said: ‘Look in my eyes. I have the eyes of a former sniper. You thought you had the goods on George Bush, didn’t you? You’ve been sandbagged, boy.’ — Mark Manning

The State of the Mideast

Alexei, 24.03.2005 19:11

Some quotes worth thinking about, from a wide range of sources.....

New anti-coke song by Party People

Party People, 24.03.2005 18:55

Party People (UK) have just released a groovy new drum and bass tune celebrating the injustices and idiocies surrounding Coca-Cola's practices in Colombia and around the world.

Rusty Weston, Crazy...Except

Dan Hayworth, 24.03.2005 17:24

Weston is in a mental institution. His attempted target should join him there.

Activists Lobby to Prevent Lifting of Arms Embargo on China

from BBC, 24.03.2005 14:23

Activists Protest Lifting of Arms Ban on China

Israel's [and America's] Friendly Rapists and Honest Crooks

Rami G. Khouri, 24.03.2005 13:27


Carta en defensa de la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (Colombia)

Los Ancianos (Mamos) de la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, 24.03.2005 13:26

Esta carta fue escrita en defensa de los lugares sagrados de los indígenas de la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta: El Ministerio de Turismo y transporte planea construir un teleférico, que pasaría por estos lugares y destruiría la armonía de la sierra. Los indigenas están dispuestos a morir en su defensa, si no son escuchados por el gobierno.

The New York Times: &quot;One Step Back in the Mideast&quot;

NYT, 24.03.2005 12:58

Maybe Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of Israel doesn't quite get it yet, but this new era of hope in the Middle East means he needs to restrain his instincts for settlement building.

Genoa G8 Trials: Seizure And Punishment

Genoa Legal Support team (Supportolegale), 24.03.2005 12:18

Fresh intimidation from prosecutors trying Genoa G8 protestors, as laptops belonging to defense lawyers are seized following unrelated libel claims.

Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment

sushil yadav, 24.03.2005 12:16

The article is about the link between mind and environmental/ social issues.


Francisco Trindade, 24.03.2005 08:55


Praxis zu Kettenduldungen in NRW - Demonstration - Informations-Veranstaltung

kollektiv, 24.03.2005 08:08

Für Bewegungsfreiheit und Bleiberecht - statt Ausgrenzung und Ausbeutung!Kettenduldungen abschaffen - Bleiberecht durchsetzen! Auch in NRW!

Unas Preguntas Muy Serias

Pedro Rodriguez Medina, 24.03.2005 07:18

Blackmail for Silence!

see video, 24.03.2005 06:21

This is how a few can control so many and when this fails to get the proper level of compliance then they are suicided and it is covered up. Kuberick suggested this in Eyes Wide Shut, so they suicided him too!

ser mas poderoso que dios

gianfranco, 24.03.2005 06:07

¿quieres ser mas poderoso que Dios?
¿quieres tener mas dinero que Bill Gates?

checa el correo

password: 123456

SOLDIERS(the military) EXECUTED JESUS--abolish militarism !!

anti-war Jesus freak, 24.03.2005 04:22

Friends---here is an anti-war Easter message I feel the Spirit led me to share. I handed this out in front of the military recruiting office in Boston this week--a few prospective recruits took a copy.


Death Row Wife, 24.03.2005 02:55

Women who fall in love with death row inmates in America. They marry by proxy then send money, books, perfume and lots of explicit sex letters.

Is Music Copyright Strategy Or Tactic? (W$)

£, 24.03.2005 01:51

W$ The real problem with illegal music is that common difficulty: the difference between whether copyright is strategy or tactic.

No Space Samples!

Peter Ravenscroft., 24.03.2005 00:09

If there is life on Mars, bringing it back here may not be very smart. 'em without furthering name recognition, mainly form critical association

public rapsohody, private profit, 24.03.2005 00:03

Continue being critical of corporate "profit[eering] over people" but why use even their font when the point could be made other ways and with less chance of even more name recognition. 'Bow to shareholders or "serve the servants"?

Turning Our Backs on the Poor: The New Direction of Social Welfare in British Columbia

Grant Jamieson, 23.03.2005 22:33

This is a research paper attempting to place current trends in the area of social welfare, as manifested in British Columbia, in a historical context. In general terms, an admonishment of the far to common strategy of "poor bashing", it may be of interest to some, and includes a bibliography of interesting works.

Agip en Ecuador recibe criticas en Italia

Observatorio SELVAS - El Comercio - Ecuador, 23.03.2005 22:26

ni-Agip está cuestionada en Italia por su trabajo en Ecuador. Algunos movimientos sociales (sindicatos, el Observatorio Independiente sobre la Region Andina y asociaciones ecológicas) y el partido Verde la acusan de violar los derechos humanos de los indígenas de Pastaza (17 comunidades del campo Villano) y de irrespetar el ambiente.
Vea campana de pression:

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