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Eduardo Anguita y &quot;la compañía del monte&quot;

entrevista de Mora Cordeu, 29.03.2005 15:42

Desde una perspectiva diferente a la de sus libros anteriores, el periodista Eduardo Anguita vuelve a abordar la violencia de los años 70 en su primera novela "La compañía del monte", el relato de la mayor experiencia de guerrilla rural en la Argentina, que tuvo lugar en los montes tucumanos.

European Student Says Zionism Reigns at Columbia University

Nuu On, 29.03.2005 15:17

A European student discusses the Zionism that
reigns at Columbia University and how it is
crushing academic freedom and chasing European
students away from the school.

Death squad Democracy:Second Anniversary of Iraq's Invasion

F.QUAMMAQUAMI, 29.03.2005 15:08

Establishing a puppet cliet regime in Iraq and its fragmentatioon was the primary goal of the Invasion.A state in which fratricide, Death Squads destruction would be prevalent. The "tipping Point" was acheived by the brutal massacre in Falluja.As Iraqis are induced to fight among themselves their resources and national sovreignty would be submitted to giant American Corporations and their progressive culture would be forced to Dark Ages by Shiit Thugs.

Protection from Tsunamis

Dear John,eter Ravenscroft, 29.03.2005 14:14

There has just been another seaquake in the Indian Ocean. Tsunamis need to be taken more seriously, as there will be more Elevated open sports fields and climable trees on beachfronts may provide some security.

I Believe The 9/11 Commission Report

Mr. Bill, 29.03.2005 10:24

At first, I was a sceptic of the official story about 9/11...

Narmada Villagers Won the Case!

kali, 29.03.2005 09:49

Good news from the Supreme Court in India
Narmada Villagers WON the case!
Important select quotes from the judgement


COMITE, 29.03.2005 09:32



Terri Schiavo: A Cause for the Left?

Mark Polit, 29.03.2005 04:06

Progressives, should not be suckered into an oppose position, because the right is grandstanding. Progressives have a proud history of defending those who cannot defend themselves, seeking to give voice to the needs of the voiceless, and fighting for life over death. It is the right wing that promotes a culture of death, waging a war of aggression, torturing and murdering prisoners of war, supporting the death penalty, and seeking to roll back funding for health care for seniors and the poor. The powerful have long dehumanized other classes races or groups. And starving to death Terri Schiavo embodies the prejudice and misperceptions of disability that are prevalent in our society, just as similar dehumanizing attitudes have led to the aweful oppression of other minorities.


Barry Wilkins, 29.03.2005 00:59

US criticized over world human rights report.

COLLAGE Magazine EE #2

£, 28.03.2005 23:08

Articles: Breaking Down The Graphic Novel, Stan Lee Artist?
Page one from my first digital graphic novel.
n0t3s on IP and the WTO

Quebec Student Strike

mon royal, 28.03.2005 19:51

etudiants en greve etudiants en greve


LAURENT PROUVOST, 28.03.2005 18:31

Send us your pictures at

“Lunes de Revolución” y el canon literario cubano

Eliades Acosta Matos, 28.03.2005 18:13

El 9 de octubre de 1960 ve la luz el número 126 del suplemento cultural del periódico Revolución, conocido como Lunes de Revolución. Su director era entonces el recién fallecido escritor Guillermo Cabrera Infante y el poeta Pablo Armando Fernández su segundo. Lo interesante de este número es que en él se publicaron los resultados de una encuesta enviada a escritores cubanos para seleccionar las diez mejores obras literarias, de cualquier género, escritas en la isla.

Another Tsunami Possible NOW

lw, 28.03.2005 17:25

TIME - 0710 AST 03/28/2005
0810 PST 03/28/2005
1610 UTC 03/28/2005

Is God Christian ?

Excerpts compiled by Zippo, 28.03.2005 15:10

Religious conservatives in Texas, USA, are pressuring textbook publishers to conform to their agenda—which is changing schoolbooks everywhere.

The Caribbean Wants to Step Up Cooperation

mh, 28.03.2005 13:43

Carribean Cooperation

US Army Abuse at Jail near Mosul

ef/ajs, 28.03.2005 13:39

Army Abuse at Jail near Mosul

Iraq, oil and conspiracy theories

Diarist, 28.03.2005 13:06

"we may be right or we may be wrong, I mean people have their different views about why we're doing this thing. But the oil conspiracy theory is honestly one of the most absurd when you analyse it." - British Prime Minister Tony Blair, 6 Feb 2003

Maroon Descendant Makes Appearance at Sankofa Books and Video

O. Abiola Akintola, 28.03.2005 08:44

"Reconnecting with Rural Communities: Cultural and Economic Self-Determination” is part of “The Maroon Journey 2005: Legacy of Resistance”, produced in conjunction with The Maroon Project.

Barry Goldwater, Social Security &amp; My Mother

Daniel Borgström, 28.03.2005 03:32

Goldwater's stand on Social Security became a turning point in my life

Paved With Bad Intentions

Uri Avnery, 28.03.2005 02:53

David Ben-Gurion, who liked him very much, called him a serial liar. "If Sharon would get rid of his faults, such as not telling the truth… he would have been an exemplary military leader," Ben-Gurion wrote in his diary on January 29, 1960.

Kirk &amp; Picard (g1mp)

£, 28.03.2005 00:21

W$ !g3k

To Governor Bush

Veronica Carney Houston TEXAS, 27.03.2005 22:53

Governor Bush,

Executive? Act now!

Executioner? No act . . .


NY Vacation homes seated in Racist County

Oko_ne, 27.03.2005 21:37

Racism throughout Bucks County, PA is so inbred that it is inherent in the area, without distinction.

Tony Blair. You are charged with leading Britain into an illegal war... How do you plead?

Dan Plesch, 27.03.2005 20:42

The Prime Minister must be punished.

Muckrakers and Freedom of the Press in the 21st Century

Garda Ghista, 27.03.2005 20:24

Muckrakers, those great investigative journalists who expose fraud and corruption in high places, are generally trampled upon during their lifetime by powerful politicians and corporations. But after their death, they are heralded for their courage and books are written extolling their bravery in reporting what others dared not report. Ghista says, let the journalists of the 21st century play a far more pivotal role in the society. Let them not only expose frauds and corruptions, let them also be the moral guides and leaders of the society, writing with a deep love for the little people of this world, describing their affliction-ridden lives and leaving in the minds of the readers the impression of 'sympathy, charged with profound pain' - and forever fighting for their rights and freedoms!

Suppressed Evidence in Security Council Reports on Darfur and Congo

William Church, 27.03.2005 18:10

The UN Security Council on Darfur and Congo report rumor as facts, contain misrepresenations and omissions of material facts and these actions are done with knowledge of the Sanctions Committee.

Atractivo sitio digital para usted, desde Santa Clara.

Antonio García Acuña y Suandy Amador Rodríguez., 27.03.2005 17:29

Radio Reloj directo desde Villa Clara


Michael O'McCarthy, 27.03.2005 15:38

This is NOT about religion or government policy. It’s about the next step in the Bush "Con-Evangelical" coup, their push for a dictatorship of the Corporate State and it's religion of evangelical Christendom.

Community Windows - not another generic &quot;Fresh Hair&quot; Trademark

&quot;persistent tour guide&quot;, 27.03.2005 13:31

Look mommy, there goes a 'win-a-bagel'. Tyshana, that mobile home is a CriticalCitizen - she points to differences leading to confusion over a trade name getting assumed be the only form there is.

If Pres. Bush has his way the Social Security Trust Fund Will Not Increase From $1.7 Trillion to $3.9 Trillion

Wall Street Journal Article, 27.03.2005 06:34

The current size of the Social Security Trust Fund is $1.7 trillion and is scheduled to increase to $3.9 Trillion through 2014.

The surplus cash should be invested in investment grade companies Real Estate. If it is reasonable to buy stock in a company then isn't it much safer to buy the building the company uses and lease it back to them. If the company goes bust you can lease the property to another company.

Also buy and lease back Federal and State facilities. A fund of Govt. leased properties would certainly be a safe and secure investment.

Consider the value of a single family home and how it has increased in value.

CNN's ... Melting Point... [global warming]

Pat Neuman, 27.03.2005 04:55

1820-1890 temperature readings from Ft. Snelling "The confusing debate over climate change has given way to a new scientific consensus: The Earth is getting warmer."


Por EDUARDO MONTES DE OCA (InSurGente), 27.03.2005 00:37

Por mucho que el presidente eluda el tema, o afirme lo contrario, a los gringos no les va nada bien en la Mesopotamia.

CHOMSKY VIDEO: &quot;Illegal but Legitimate: a dubious doctrine for the times.&quot;

NOAM CHOMSKY, 26.03.2005 23:28

Watch Lecture last Tuesday by Noam Chomsky at University of Edinburgh

Hinzman and Harkat: Resisting War and Racism

Dylan Penner, ACTivist Magazine, 26.03.2005 22:46

Jeremy Hinzman and Mohamed Harkat, US War Resister and a Secret Trial Detainee, respectively, are at the leading edge of resistance to empire.

Support &quot;Us and Them&quot; and 'everyone's backyard'

&quot;persistent anoyance&quot;, 26.03.2005 20:21

A reply of sorts regarding the "war machine". It can be overcome by "action[s] at a distance" and by many more members of the "G8[Billion]" Integration, individuals, not necessarily 'Gods, Kings, or Groups' -especially those who practically think 'ole Saddamm was 'flying the planes'.

Se desarrolla la Feria Comercial del Centro en la ciudad cubana de Santa Clara

Lourdes Rey Veitia, 26.03.2005 18:33

Más de 250 empresas participan en la Tercera Feria Comercial del centro de la Isla que se celebra en Villa Clara. De ellas 150 intervienen como expositoras y se encuentran representados ocho países: Holanda, Italia, España, Canadá, Francia, Panamá, Guatemala y por supuesto Cuba, según informó Manuel Hernández, director de EXPOCENTRO, recinto ferial, donde se realiza la misma.

911 Affidavit Filed in RICO Lawsuit Against Bush - to &quot;find the truth of 911&quot;

Philip J. Berg, Esquire, 26.03.2005 18:07

Affidavit filed in Federal Court RICO [Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations] lawsuit against President Bush and his cronies. This affidavit supports the fact that 911 could not happened without the complicity of our government!

Letter to President Bush to issue &quot;Executive Order&quot; for Terri Schiavo

Philip J. Berg, Esquire, 26.03.2005 17:41

Letter from Domocratic attorney to President Bush to issue an "Executive Order" for Terri Schoavo to have feeding tube reinserted, her parents designated as guardians and declare her divorced.

Kettenduldungen abschaffen - Bleiberecht durchsetzen! Auch in NRW!

kollektiv, 26.03.2005 17:17

Für Bewegungsfreiheit und Bleiberecht - statt Ausgrenzung und Ausbeutung!
Kettenduldungen abschaffen - Bleiberecht durchsetzen! Auch in NRW!

Anlässlich des europaweiten Aktionstages für Bewegungsfreiheit und
Bleiberecht wollen wir unseren Widerstand gegen rassistische Gesetze und
Verordnungen und gegen die alltägliche soziale Ausgrenzung von
Flüchtlingen und MigrantInnen öffentlich und laut zum Ausdruck bringen.

Auf ein extremes Beispiel rassistischer Politik wollen wir besonders
aufmerksam machen:
Den skandalösen Erlass des Innenministeriums von NRW vom 28.02.05, der
Flüchtlinge, die bisher eine Duldung hatten und die mit dem
Inkrafttreten des "Zuwanderungsgesetzes" auf einen etwas sichereren
Aufenthaltsstatus hoffen konnten, in die Rechtlosigkeit stößt und damit
in die Illegalität drängt (Genaueres darüber findet ihr im Aufruf zu der

Israeli War Crimes

Tierra Insurgente / Intifada Al Ard, 26.03.2005 16:40

This is a summary of israeli war crimes in Palestine for the week ending 14 March 2005. 8mins (english)

Ralph Nader and Wesley J. Smith Say &quot;Let Terri Live&quot;

Ralph Nader and Wesley J. Smith, 26.03.2005 08:21

March 24, 2005: Consumer Advocate Ralph Nader and Discovery Institute Senior Fellow Wesley J. Smith, author of the award winning book Culture of Death: The Assault on Medical Ethics in America call upon the Florida Courts and Governor Jeb Bush to take any legal action available to let Terri Schiavo live.

GW BUSH &amp; V.P. Dick Cheney BOth Recieved DWI's in earlier time

Donald Iarussi MFA, 26.03.2005 07:48

Most people know that President GW Bush received a DWI,
but did you know that Vice President Dick Cheney also did

When we stop this one

jamie, 26.03.2005 07:23

The notes below from continue to demonstrate the stupidity of the neocon project. As of this report, 1525 U.S. GI's, many "contractors," and who knows how many Iraqis have been killed in the greedy effort. Spread the news. When we stop this one we could bring in a new day. jamie

Most Powerful American Pro-Israel Lobby Group in Big Shit

Nathan Guttman: Ha'aretz, 26.03.2005 02:47

Remember when the story first came out about Larry Franklin passing classified information about U.S. policy on Iran to the Israeli government through AIPAC? Remember what representatives of AIPAC said at the time?
We DENY...DENY...DENY. We love America and would never do such a thing! (vickery)

Diaz Trial goes to European Court of Human Rights

Nessuno, 26.03.2005 01:01

Diaz Trial goes to European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.


Jackie Oh, 26.03.2005 00:34

The Chinese comment on Condoleezza Rice.

Speaking Tour Launches Month of Action Against Coca-Cola

India Resource Center, 26.03.2005 00:19

Out Of Order From April 4-19, a Speaking Tour to Hold Coca-Cola Accountable will hold public events on the East Coast of the United States, including New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Philadelphia, to bring attention to Coca-Cola's crimes against humanity- particularly in Colombia and India. The tour will also stop at Coca-Cola's shareholder meeting in Wilmington on April 19. April has been designated as the month of action against the Coca-Cola company for its crimes against humanity, and a series of events will be held around the world to demand justice for Coca-Cola affected communities.

Bush Administration Weakens Title IX

League of Fans, 25.03.2005 23:31

In the latest move in a years-long attempt to weaken Title IX, the Department of Education quietly cut the legs out from under the anti-discrimination law last week. The ridiculously offensive alteration allows schools to comply with Title IX by making female students justify that they are deserving of equal opportunities in athletics by responding to e-mail surveys.

Currency raises with people's hope

Ivan Martinez and Alberto Salazar, 25.03.2005 22:31

Contains currency policy announcements by Cuban President Fidel Castroin latest addresses.

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