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Colombia - Gobierno Uribe amenaza las Comunidades de Paz

mmm, 04.04.2005 20:54

Comunidad de Paz

La solidez y la confianza en nuestro proceso lo da la convicción y la conciencia que cada miembro de nuestra comunidad ha creado en comunidad durante estos años. Nuestra opción sigue más firme que nunca por no estar con ningún actor armado, ni de colaborar de ninguna forma con ninguno de ellos, nuestro compromiso se alimenta de opciones diferentes basadas en el trabajo comunitario, la solidaridad, la justicia, la verdad, la no-impunidad, la memoria, todas estas palabras que vividas como lo hemos hecho y seguiremos haciendo nos permite crear todo un conjunto que llamamos dignidad.

cyber action

razzia, 04.04.2005 20:43

contre forum virtuel

Respons to &quot;A Death in the Box&quot;

Deanna Murrell, 04.04.2005 20:24

I was appalled by "A death in the Box" by Mary Beth Pfeiffer. The fact that our justice system could sentence a mentally ill woman not only to prison time but to solitary confinement is disturbing.

bush yushenko video

c-span, 04.04.2005 17:30

around noon there was live coverage of bush and yushenko
at the end of the news conference bush pulled yushenko's ear phone. You can find this video by going to

APIC expresses Condolences to the World's Catholic Communities

Laila Marwan, 04.04.2005 16:52

As Pope John Paul II died in Rome, the Afro-Asian People's Democratic Congress expresses condolences to the world's Catholic communities and remembers John Paul's work


Cold Fusion: Liberals and Neocons for a Draft, 04.04.2005 16:44

Bailing Out the Pentagon


By Angel Rodriguez Alvarez, 04.04.2005 14:40

General Antonio Maceo erected a monument to dignity and the self-respect of all Cubans with his historic protest at Baragua, Cuba on March 15, 1878.


Martín Guédez, 04.04.2005 14:34

La CIA, decidida a derrocar el gobierno revolucionario bolivariano en Venezuela, utiliza los medios de desinformación masiva como punta de lanza de la conspiración.

Every Body Counts

John Mackesy, 04.04.2005 14:16

This is an article offering hope to two yougsters whose parents were killed on 9/11 and in Iraq. It is a call for Justice and an end to the export weapons industry.

Ankara´s Governor Starts Visit to Cuba

msl/fx/jgll, 04.04.2005 14:08

Ankara´s Governor Starts Visit to Cuba

EE.UU. mueve peones para resolución anticubana en la CDH

Por Orlando Oramas León, enviado especial, 04.04.2005 13:59

EE.UU. mueve peones para resolución anticubana en la CDH

Nexos económicos centran cumbre Rusia-Belarus

fg/Ga, 04.04.2005 13:53

Nexos económicos centran cumbre Rusia-Belarus

Comisión Europea revisa a la baja pronósticos de crecimiento en UE

fg/mem, 04.04.2005 13:48

Comisión Europea revisa a la baja pronósticos de crecimiento en UE

US Moves its Puppets to Achieve Anti-Cuban Resolution at CHR

ir/abo/ool, 04.04.2005 13:18

US Moves its Puppets to Achieve Anti-Cuban Resolution at CHR

Ankara´s Governor Starts Visit to Cuba

msl/fx/jgll, 04.04.2005 13:15

Ankara´s Governor Starts Visit to Cuba

G8 Genoa policing operation - 6 April trial opening is a step towards combating police impunity

Amnesty International, 04.04.2005 11:40

On 6 April, almost four years after the policing operation surrounding the G8 summit and related demonstrations held in Genoa in July 2001, 28 police officers, a number of them high-ranking, are scheduled to stand trial.


Jodel, 04.04.2005 10:03

Jodel have a good friends

Wiedergeurt des Papstes und Abschluss Antragsverfahren und Art und Weise=Beweisführung

Der Wolf mit dem Kruzschlüssel, Enrico und Marco Berges-Zarbano, 04.04.2005 09:44

Teil1)Die Versöhnung für die Er stand wird Uns auf unseren Wegen begleiten...
Teil2)Antragsverfahren Art und Weise ist gleich Beweisführung Kläger Enrico und Marco Berges-Zarbano
Gamelli-Law- Krieg der Schlüssel ist mit seinem Tod zu Ende


MANITHAM - Promoting Human Rights, Protecting Environment, 04.04.2005 09:37

Imaginery Location Map of Sethusamudram Ship Canal Project THAT A MEGA scheme such as the Sethusamudram Ship Canal Project (SSCP), which undoubtedly will change the face the earth in two countries and might exacerbate the possibility of sudden natural disasters such as Tsunamis, Tidal waves or Cyclones. It could also create the conditions of slow disasters such as the destruction of the ecological system of the Gulf of Mannar (GOM) or the Palk Bay, destroy the breeding grounds for the marine life and thereby ruin the livelihood of millions of fisherman in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka or ruin the farmers of the Northern Province by gradually increasing the salinity of the ground water.

occupation du lycée Hélène Boucher

Lycéens Hélène Boucher, 04.04.2005 09:14

Occupation du lycée Hélène Boucher, Paris 20ème jusqu'à nouvel ordre


Miss Urka, 04.04.2005 08:53

good new collaborations between friends


Campaña Bolivia Vs Abengoa, 04.04.2005 03:14

Respondiendo al llamado de la Coordinadora de Defensa del Agua y de la Vida (Cochabamba, Bolivia), diversos colectivos europeos activos en Inglaterra, Suiza, Italia y Cataluña han recolectado más de 600 firmas de organizaciones, personalidades e individuos en una carta que exige a la empresa española Abengoa SA que cese en su demanda al gobierno de Bolivia ante un tribunal del Banco Mundial (CIADI).

2nd day of Action for Freedom of Movement and ther Right to stay

caravan, 04.04.2005 00:23

An uncomplete summary of action reports all over Europe on Indymedia Germany (Special)

¿A quién prefieres como un santo?

Wilfredo Gutiérrez, 03.04.2005 22:34


Nottingham UK 'Noisy' Demo: Rights for migrants and asylum seekers

Tash [alan lodge], 03.04.2005 22:00

In Nottingham, there was a noisy demo at Market Square, Saturday 2 April
Several hundred turned out on this bright sunny afternoon.
We stand against racism and fortress Europe and for the rights of migrants and asylum seekers. For citizenship based on residency and the closing of all detention centres. We oppose deportation of migrants.

fbi, cia psychopaths

geral sosbee, 03.04.2005 21:48

A small group of psychopaths bring chaos to the people of the world; our job (yours and mine) is to end the chaos without becoming more evil than the perpetrators.


Por EDUARDO MONTES DE OCA, 03.04.2005 21:41

Bajo la bandera de "revolución popular", en Kirguistán se esconden intereses no precisamente nacionales.

Torture Inc. Americas Brutal Prisons: Video and text. Warning: you will witness young men dying

Channel 4 TV, 03.04.2005 21:14

Savaged by dogs, Electrocuted With Cattle Prods, Burned By Toxic Chemicals, Does such barbaric abuse inside U.S. jails explain the horrors that were committed in Iraq?

APRIL 4--37th anniversary of Martin Luther King's assassination--the truth

anti-war hippie, 03.04.2005 17:14

Monday, April 4 marks the 37th anniversary of King's assassination. Info on how the U.S. government killed

Τα δικαιώματα των πεζών στην πόλη

Κώστας Φωτεινάκης 6932 638523, 03.04.2005 16:34

Εκδήλωση για τα δικαιώματα των πεζών στην πόλη.
Διοργανωτής η δημοτική κίνηση Χαϊδαρίου «πολίτες σε δράση»
Κατάληψη πεζοδρομίων - Ποδηλατόδρομοι - Στάθμευση - Θόρυβος - Αισθητική και ατμοσφαιρική ρύπανση...
Πρόσκληση για συμμετοχή

No US Intervention in Venezuela! A highly educational new slide show ..., 03.04.2005 15:19

From the slide show ... Now is the time to build solidarity with the people of Venezuela. Check out this great slide show presentation and make sure to pass it on to friends, workmates and others. Venezuela needs your solidarity NOW!

NOW: transmits from Basrah!

streamtime, 03.04.2005 13:26

Although was hacked daily LIVE streams from the Merbed Poetry Carnival Basrah, Iraq do go on


V BRIGHT SAIGAL, 03.04.2005 12:06

New novels of V BRIGHT SAIGAL coming soon.As a part of it a web site has been launched The excerpts of all novels has been posted on the web site for the convenience of the readers.His first poem Tears And Hope has been published by poetry international Washington and won international quarter final in Washington.The poems and short stories also posted on the web site for the readers.The novels are Legacy Of Sin a main stream novel and Behind The Full Moon romance and Conscript Memorial mystery.The Philosophy Of GovernanThce a non -fiction also will be published soon.
Legacy Of Sin narrates the story of the corrupt system. But how many men and women know the bitter reality behind the curtain of the real politics and the suffering of the general public?
As the reader opens the pages appears Mr.Bedi the character and Mohanty the Minister .The latter loots the system while the former represent the suffering public. Mr. Bedi a poor government employee always struggles with poverty to meet two ends. The political bosses always found ways to escape. Politicians,Executives and Judiciary create nexus and its access to Mafia rules as a covert government. The police charge false cases against the poor in order to mint money and silence the public. While the rulers basking in mansion the ruled sleeping in the street without food.
Another victim Pacheni who defects the network found died in the river in mysterious circumstances. Neha the other challenger lost her job as her bank went bankrupt due to political interference. The fight between the corrupted and the anti corrupts ends up in the latter’s defeat. But surprisingly the time defeated the corrupted. One fine morning the trial of time leads a revolution in the human mind. When his wife dies due to an unknown disease the minister repent and as penance he surrenders everything to the future and walks out of life.
A hot chilly suspense drama keeps the reader anxious throughout the story. This well written fiction told in a style presenting facts in adequate seriousness perfectly sketched and crafted plot of an average citizen who born to bear the burden of the ruling class.



(off shore contact center):pb 10562 jnu po
newdelhi 110067

Even Atheists Are Mourning The Pope's Death

Mr. Bill, 03.04.2005 09:23

Even a drunk with nothing better to do than watch television all day, and down another bottle of rye before I go to bed, is mourning the death of The Pope. Everybody is mourning the death of The Pope.

And so it goes. 1535 GI's dead and how a vet kept his child out of the reserve

jamie, 03.04.2005 06:11

"But last fall, her father quashed those plans. Michael Smith, himself a former National Guard recruiter, was called to duty last July and shipped to Iraq. What he saw there evidently persuaded him he didn't want his daughter going.
"He was like, 'No, no, don't go,'" said Smith, 17, now a senior at Shepard High School in southwest suburban Palos Heights. "'Tell [the recruiter] to stop contacting you.'"

Catholics Still Don't Get it

Bill Phillips, 03.04.2005 04:39

With over a Billion adherents and growing, the catholic church is a powerful institution. As an organization that claims to represent God and do good, it has tremendous potential to create positive change. Yet, the catholic church has a long history of supporting evil and continues to cause tremendous suffering.

EARTH MATTERS radio - Canadian Seal Hunt

Amanda Bellerby, 02.04.2005 23:09

EARTH MATTERS - weekly environmental news segment on KPFA's news magazine, FLASHPOINTS. This week: headlines, followed by an interview with REBECCA ALDWORTH, via satellite phone from the ice floes in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, where 20- 30,000 baby harp seals are being slaughtered every day.

Evil GW Bush and Hypocrite Pope J Paul

Wish they would all die, 02.04.2005 22:50

Bush the great evil of the last 100 yeqars, gave an impassioned and completely opportunistc speech mourning the loss of the shepherd John Paul - the same John Paul who condemed the US invasionof Iraq... John Paul said great things and did nothing...

Pope goes back home and he of course gets a HOT reception!

Saint N., 02.04.2005 22:43

Pope goes back home and he of course gets a HOT reception!

a snap shot of my typical day.

geral sosbee, 02.04.2005 20:35

The antics of the fbi and the cia as briefly summarized in this snapshot reflect the pervasive and evil mentality of a nation on the decline; this is fact not because I say so, but because the cowardly and macabre activities of the fbi/cia are now seen globally as the fiends that they truly are.

psychiatrie central europe

Jan Verhaegh, 02.04.2005 20:01

Not at the agenda, psychiatrie in central europe

Not at the agenda,psychiatrie and patients in Central Europe

Jan Verhaegh, 02.04.2005 18:56

Situation of psychiatric patients and psychiatrie in Central Europe

Interrupting sport team sales, weather &amp; accident reports..local news?

&quot;mass&quot; indy media, 02.04.2005 18:23

Not expecting NEtWorked adS that virtually constantly 'report' wedding annoucements to mention free/nonfree software. "Breaking [corporate] News" is part of the locales-global, GB[Billion] Integration effort.



Artículo que habla sobre la situación de los animales domésticos en México. La indefensión en que se encuentran estos seres , a merced de personas despiadadas.

The Newswire Sucks

Captain America, 02.04.2005 18:12

Articles on Indymedia published by myself disappear into a black hole never to be seen again.

THIS is the voice of the people?

That sucks, people.

The Pope And Liberation Theology

Holger Henke, 02.04.2005 17:50

In the late 1960s many Latin American clerics engaged in a more rigorous interpretation of the Bible. As they read it, it is a call to all Christians to concern themselves actively with the material depression and oppression of the large marginalised sectors of the population in their countries, who do not profit from any "trickle down" of a growing national product. The little crumbs falling from the tables of the rich did, for various reasons, did not lift them out of their state of material deprivation. (We may add that the currently advertised brand of "democratisation" in the region is not likely to achieve this either - see e.g., William I. Robinson, Promoting Polyarchy. Globalisation, US Intervention, and Hegemony Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1996). This brand of Bible interpretation soon became known - and feared by the powers that be - as "liberation theology."

The German theologian Dorothee Soelle summarised the underlying rationale of liberation theology the following way: "I think by growing deaf for the cry of the poor we also make ourselves dumb. If we allow the dream that all hungry be fed - an age-old dream, a dream of mankind common to all religions - to be ruled out, we break with God. And I think that our era is aiming precisely at prohibiting the dream that all hungry will be fed."

Mercy College, NY AN INSTITUTION TO BE AVOIDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Recovering Voter, 02.04.2005 15:24

Mass layoffs at Mercy College, NY are despicable!!


Aldo Isidrón del Valle, 02.04.2005 15:00

..."Antes de la llegada de Ernesto, en el barrio se decía que Villa Nidia estaba hechizada, pero con Ernesto, sus padres, sus hermanos, se convirtió en la casa del pueblo. Los niños del lugar seguían encantados. De hecho Doña Celia, animaba a su primogénito y sus otros hermanos, Celia, Roberto y Ana María, a que llevaran a sus amigos a Villa Nidia, sin importarles que fuéramos de su misma clase social o vendedores de periódicos" ...

authorities believe 20+ students involved in red lake shooting

marco [reprint from mke imc], 02.04.2005 14:58

March 21st was the anniversary of a failed
assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler. This
may or may not be a pertinent wrinkle to this
story. Might link this shooting to Columbine
(Hitler's B-day 4/20) and Trench Coat Mafia,
Posse Comitatus neo nazi group, etc.

THe Film: jeannette of Nazareth

Eric P. Burdet &amp; Jeannette of Nazareth, 02.04.2005 14:39

Bonjour !

Nous aimerion faire connaitre le film: Jeannette de Nazareth. Un film d'Humanité et de Paix qui condamne la
guerre et la violence. C'est un film sur vidéo cassette réalisé par Eric Pierre Burdet et son assistante: Jeannette
de Nazareth. Le but est non-lucratif pour aller aider les églises, org. à but non lucratif ou charitables à ramasser des
fonds. Il est en français mais on entend plusieurs langues à travers la documentation et la chanson. Le but de ce film
c'est pour promouvoir l'Humanité et la Paix mondiale. Les personages viennent principlaement du Canada mais
d'origines des pays variés. Les personnages de tout âge, culture, race, couleur, et religion dans ce film: Il est
documentaire et musical à la fois. Les scènes sont internationales. Des questions? Il
faut le voir pour y croire!

Jeannette de Nazareth
Tel: (819) 329-3387

P.S. Cet été le groupe sera en Europe pour projeter ce film et le faire connaitre afin de passer ce
message de paix. Pourriez-vous nous aider s.v.p. à le projeter à Genève cet été première semaine
d'aout durant notre voyage? Un grand merci! Joie et Paix au Monde Entier!

The Friendly Message of Peace to the Whole World
May 28, 2005; at 2:p.m.
The Film : Jeannette of Nazareth

This is to announce the featuring of the Film of this Unique production : Jeannette of Nazareth.
It will be run on Mai 28, 2005 at 2 :00 p.m. at the Ottawa Central Library at 120 Metcalf St.
Jeannette will be playing her own composition 'Freedom', doing a speech, dancing & singing a
song from Jonathan Livington Seagull film before running the movie. The audience who know
her songs will be able to sing along during the film. This musical documentary humouristic yet
dramatic film is one of a kind which man has never seen before. It has a spiritual, political, artistic,
and touristic aspect with gorgeous panoramic scene of many countries taking you right to the
Alps of Switzerland, to the heart of Paris, right to Nazareth in the Holy Land, and the
Mediteranian beaches of Spain in Costa Brava.Come and see how each of us can contribute in our
own way towards world peace.The film is in French; however, Jeannette will be translating
spontaneously sprinkling a word here and there during the film to help us follow up the theme
and understand the content of this two-hour musical documentary movie. Don’t miss this beautiful
opportunity which will shake our emotion and vibrate the musical cord in full sensation and
admiration. It will touch the heart of the young and the old. All done in simplicity and poverty!
The entry is absolutely FREE! It was created in support for the
community and in promotion of the world peace. The film is not for sale.
There will be limited seats; first come first serve. We suggest strongly that you arrive
15 minutes early. Mark this important event on your calendar. It is strongly suggested that
children be accompanied by adults. Thanks! Hurry up! Don’t miss your chance!
We will be waiting for you!

P.S. This movie will be run during year 2005 on the following dates: March 19, May 28, and
Sept. 10, 2005.As for Dec. 10, there will be a Christmas Concert while running on the giant
screen some video-clips of passed three years peace concerts.

May Joy and Peace Reign on Earth Now and forever!

Le Message Amical de Paix au Monde Entier
Le 28 mai 2005 à 14:00
Le Film :Jeannette de Nazareth

C’est pour annoncer le Film cette production Unique : Jeannette de Nazareth. Cela aura lieu
le 28 mai, 2005 à 14 :00 à l’auditorium de la Bibliothèque Centrale d’Ottawa au 120 rue
Metcalf. Avant le déroulement du film, Jeannette jouera sa mélodie 'Liberté', fera un discours,
dansera et chantera une chanson tirée du film: Jonathan Livington Seagull. Les spectateurs qui
connaissent ses chansons pourront chanter spontanément durant la projection du film. Ce
magnifique film documentaire musical humoristique et dramatique est un film de jamais vu
auparavant. Il s’agit d’une touche spirituelle, politique, artistique, et touristique en vous faisant
découvrir des scènes panoramiques d’extrêmes beautés de plusieurs pays. On vous fait voyager
jusqu’aux Alpes de la Suisse, dans le cœur de Paris, dans la ville de Nazareth en Terre Sainte, sans
oublier les plus belle plages Méditerranéennes de Costa Brava en Espagne. Venez voir comment
chacun de nous à son tour pourra contribuer à sa façon envers la paix mondiale. Le film est en
français; cependant, Jeannette projettera quelques mots spontannément durant la projection du
film qui durera deux heures. Ne manquez pas cette belle opportunité qui touchera les émotions
des grands et des petits en grande admiration. Tout est fait dans la simplicité et la
pauvreté! L’entrée est absolument GRATUITE! Ce film a été conçu en promotion
de l’esprit communautaire et la paix mondiale. Il n'est pas à vendre. Le nombre
des sièges est limité. Premier arrivé premier servi. Nous vous encourageons
d’arriver 15 minutes en avance.
Marquez cet événement inoubliable sur votre calendrier.
Il est fortement suggéré que tout enfant soit accompagné par un adulte.
Vite! Ne manquez pas la chance! On vous attend!

P.S. Ce film sera projeté durant l'année 2005: le 19 mars, le 28 mai,et le 10 sept. 2005.
Quant au 10 Déc., il y aura un Concert de Noel avec une projection instantanée sur l'écran
géant de maintes videos-clips tirés des spectacles de paix durant les années passées.

Joie et la Paix Règne sur Terre maintenant et à jamais!

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