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Culture of Death

CoD, 06.04.2005 23:54

Site parodying the Republican's favorite new buzzphrase- "Culture of Death"

La construction de l'autonomie en danger! Repression à Puebla Mexique contre des collectifs alternatifs.

ESPIRAL 77 pte. 509 altos 22 Puebla Mexico, 06.04.2005 23:28

Suite à l'arrestation et au matraquage, le 3 avril 2005 de huit militants par la police et les hommes de main du président municipal de la ville de Puebla, Enrique Doger Guerrero. Les organisations alternatives, autonomes, punks et anarchistes: Sociedad Arkana, GRA, Espiral 7, Complices del Odio, Mala Influencia, Rude Boys, Luna y Sombras, Humor Ácido, Prensa Subversiva, Movimiento 12 de enero y Brigada por la Esperanza Zapatista, ont publié le communiqué de presse suivant.

A New World in our Hearts: Anarchist May Day Festival!

Lucky Parsons, 06.04.2005 22:37

A New World in our Hearts: Building for Revolution May Day Festival

Today in Palestine

Tierra Insurgente / Intifada Al Ard, 06.04.2005 22:16

This is a summary of the news about Palestine today.

Jamaica’s Inclusion in Caribbean Court Postponed (PL)

Tomas Armenteros Crespo, 06.04.2005 22:12

Jamaica works for inclusion in the Cariibean Court of Justice (CCJ).

New Information on Americas Ecology to Be Provided from Panama (PL)

Tomas Armenteros Crespo, 06.04.2005 22:09

New Center for Continental Environmental Information from Panama.

Mexican Senate Urges Fox to Abstain from Backing US Anti-Cuba Scheme (PL)

Ana Julia Suarez-Martin Hachtoun, 06.04.2005 20:43

The Mexican government receives urge to vote against injustice.

Definition of Terrorism Sharpens Debate on UN Reform (PL)

Tomas Armenteros Crespo, 06.04.2005 20:35

Definition on terrorism will require negotiations before September 2005.

Violence Tarnishes First Bus Service through Kashmir

Tomas Armenteros Crespo, 06.04.2005 19:56

Killing of two extremists who attacked the hotel accommodating passengers on the first public service through Kashmir from India to Pakistan, and the later protest of both countries´ governments.

Half of Americans say Bush deliberately misled about Iraq

KUNA, 06.04.2005 19:30

Misled? Translation: Bush is a fuggin' LIAR


Por Regla Llorente, 06.04.2005 18:43

El próximo 17 de abril los cubanos asistiremos a los colegios electorales que en cifra superior a los 37 mil abrirán sus puertas a todo lo largo y ancho del país, y cuando lo hagamos estaremos decidiendo quién nos representará en el órgano de gobierno local: la Asamblea Municipal del Poder Popular.

Letter to Betty Windsor: 'Queen' of England

David Arthur Johnston, 06.04.2005 18:21

Will the British monarchy fall before the end of the year?

fbi corruption

geral sosbee, 06.04.2005 18:19

Préparer vos enfants (et vous) pour le monde comme suit .


PRAVEEN DALAL (PERRY), 06.04.2005 17:40


Op-Ed: Tracking Our Future: At What Cost?

Michelle M. Jones, 06.04.2005 17:27

The use of RFID tags to track the children of America is disturbing and scary because of the possiblities it could lead to. Do we really want to scarifice what privacy we have left?

Voters´ Registry for Cuban Municipal Elections Published

Prensa Latina, 06.04.2005 17:05

The voters' registry for the Cuban municipal elections on April 17 were published Wednesday in the 37,200 electoral colleges set up for the elections in the entire Island.

Future News: George W.Bush acclaimed as new Pope!

Fauxlosopher, 06.04.2005 16:44

Future News: George W.Bush acclaimed as new Pope!

The Iraq War Goes to Trial: The St. Patrick Four

Tarik M. Abdelazim, 06.04.2005 13:56

On March 17, 2003, four Catholic Workers from Ithaca NY walked into a local military recruiting station, poured blood on the walls, posters, flag, and carpet, knelt for prayer, and waited for the authorities. Surprisingly, in April 2004, the prosecution of the four war resistors in state court ended in a mistrial, with the jury deadlocked 9-3 in favor of acquittal. Four months later, however, the federal government jumped into the fray and issued subpoenas. With the trial to start this summer in Binghamton, NY, the "St. Patrick Four" face six years in prison (or more) if convicted. Provided is an audio link to an exclusive, in-studio interview with the four defendants.

Convocatoria para documentalistas y directores/as de cine social

Centro de Iniciativas para la Cooperación - Batá, 06.04.2005 11:08

Se convoca a documentalistas y realizadores/as de cine social a presentar sus trabajos a la Muestra 2005 LA IMAGEN DEL SUR, enfocada al debate sobre la realidad latinoamericana y africana.

Aralar también sufre el acoso de ETA

TEO, 06.04.2005 09:51

NI la izquierda abertzale democrática se salva del acoso de los radicales de ETA.

Military Recruiters Targeting Minority Teens

Erika Hayasaki, 06.04.2005 08:46

Carloss spent seven weeks in recruiting classes to hone his marketing and communication skills. His techniques are similar to those in the Army´s "School Recruiting Program Handbook," published last year.

The guide instructs recruiters to deliver doughnuts and coffee for the school staff once a month; attend faculty and parent meetings; chaperon dances; participate in Black History Month and Hispanic Heritage Month events; meet with the student government, newspaper editors and athletes; and lead the football team in calisthenics. It lays out a month-by-month plan to make recruiters "indispensable" on campus. The booklet states: "Be so helpful and so much a part of the school scene that you are in constant demand."

City of Portland, illegally issuing parking citations, and not allowing citizens to fight them.

Myself., 06.04.2005 07:24

One instance of a Mter Officer, writing an illegal parking citation, and the city not offering a way for the citizen to successfully fight it. The citation must be PAID IN FULL, before they city wille ven consider a hearing. Which is a moot point considering the city does not return money to it's citizens, even after proving the money was wrongfully taken. The excuse being the city needs the money, and if the citizen had done nothing wrong then no money would have been taken.

Take Action:From the Ongoing Sit-In at Washin

Washu Student Worker Alliance, 06.04.2005 04:53

The following is from a student participating in the ongoing sit-in/occupation in the main administrative building of Washington University in St. Louis. The sit-in is in support of campus workers who do not currently receive a living wage. Currently the sit-in has been going on for over 24 hours(as of noon april 5). Below this message is a list of ways you can take action.

Ali Qased - Leading Palestinian Activist, Organizer in US Dies at 62

Palestine Solidarity Group - North, 06.04.2005 03:21

Ali Qased, long-time activist and organizer for Palestinian national rights, died in the early hours of Sunday, April 3rd, 2005, after spending nearly two weeks in a New Jersey Hospital. He had been battling health problems for the last three years, and finally succumbed to complications from heart failure at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Patterson, New Jersey. He was 62.


libre????, 06.04.2005 03:12



Manuel R Villacorta O, 05.04.2005 23:59

En 1996 la Organización de Estados Americanos (OEA) a través de sus estados miembros, hizo entrar en vigencia la “Convención Interamericana Contra la Corrupción” (CICC). Un quinquenio después se realizó la Tercera Cumbre de las Américas y Corrupción. En la misma fue establecido que: “La corrupción afecta gravemente las instituciones políticas democráticas y privadas, debilita el crecimiento económico y atenta contra las necesidades y los intereses fundamentales de los grupos más desfavorecidos de un país.

media rep suggests bludgeoning sosbee to death

geral sosbee, 05.04.2005 23:43

russell sellers of the troy messenger invites the public to kill sosbee for an article that sosbee wrote in response to sellers' praise of the fbi academy.

Hollander Consultants’ Top Consultant for the Quarter Spotlighted

Matthew Bratschi, 05.04.2005 22:37

Dave McKevitt Surpasses Numerous Production Records

New Cuban Vaccine Successful (PL)

Dayami Interian, 05.04.2005 22:29

Clinical trials of new Cuban vaccine prove successful

Ricardo Alarcon Leads Cuban Delegation at Pope´s Funeral (PL)

Estela McCollins, 05.04.2005 22:24

Cuban Parliament Chairman heads official delegation to Pope´s Funeral

Venezuela Denounces US Disinformation Campaign Intensifies (PL)

Elsy, 05.04.2005 22:16

US disinformation campaign intensifies against Venezuela, denounces the government

Fidel Castro Attends Mass in Honor of Pope John Paul II (PL)

Raquel García, 05.04.2005 22:08

Cuban president attends Mass and signs book of condolences in honor of Pope John Paul II

Cameraman for CBS Wounded by U.S. Troops in Iraq

Reuters, 05.04.2005 21:18

NEW YORK (Reuters) - An Iraqi freelance cameraman who works for CBS News was shot and wounded on Tuesday in northern Iraq by U.S. troops who mistook his camera for a weapon, the U.S. military and CBS News said.

Please tell TARGET STORES INC. to carry recycled paper goods ... only takes a second or two.

NorthWest EcoSystem Alliance, 05.04.2005 20:21

Please take just a minute to tell TARGET STORES INC. to carry recycled paper goods, (such as toilet tissue, paper towels, nose tissue etc.)

FOSSIL FOOLS DAY: International Youth 'Just Say No' to fossil fuels

brianna, 05.04.2005 18:46

Canadians lead the clean energy revolution On April 1st activists from around the globe participated in a successful 2nd annual FOSSIL FOOLS DAY, created to raise awareness about dirty energy and sustainable alternatives. FOSSIL FOOLS DAY doubled in size this year with over 300 actions- 155 at Ford dealerships- in 43 US states. 7 Canadian provinces, Panama, and Nigeria. Over 40 human rights and environmental groups joined the energy revolution Friday.

Advice to Activists/Humanists

geral sosbee, 05.04.2005 18:03

In order to prepare ourselves and our children for the atrocities that face us look inward and consider the following guidelines.


Comite, 05.04.2005 17:26

Marcha por Zapata
El 10 de abril todos a honrar la lucha del GENERAL EMILIANO ZAPATA.



Protest Arnold Schwarzenegger's corporate fundraising

Worker, 05.04.2005 17:02

WHAT: Nurses, patients, teachers, working families
protest Schwarzenegger's corporate fundraising
WHEN: Tuesday, April 5, 6 pm
WHERE: Ritz Carlton Hotel, Stockton & California

Learn more:; 510-273-2240;

How to End the Occupation of Iraq: Outmaneuver the War Proponents

Gareth Porter, 05.04.2005 15:49

Gareth Porter was codirector of the Indochina Resource Center, an anti-war lobbying organization in Washington, DC, from 1974 to 1976. He has written about negotiated settlements of wars in Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines and is the author of Perils of Dominance: Imbalance of Power and the Road to War in Vietnam, forthcoming from University of California Press.


By Roberto Perez Betancourt, 05.04.2005 15:25

The US dollar is suffering from severe depreciation and its buying power has dropped considerably. The impact is being felt by US consumers that must pay more for the same products they buy at supermarkets, as well as for any imports and services that have to be acquired from abroad.

Colombian Army Murders Rural Trade Unionists

IUF, 05.04.2005 13:16

The International Union of Food and Allied Workers (IUF) is calling for international protests following the murder by the Colombian army of three rural trade union and peasant activists.

Petition Zimbabwe: Save Lovemore Madhuku &amp; Lovemore Matombo now!

Hille Takken, 05.04.2005 11:42

Mugabe won the elections by a landslide. The MDC appears powerless. Fears are that the regime wants to eliminate political activists. We received word that the Zimbabwean secret police, the CIO, plans to get rid of human rights activist Lovemore Madhuku and union leader Lovemore Matombo.


Por Ángel Rodríguez Álvarez, 05.04.2005 11:13

Diversos medios de prensa en Estados Unidos especulan sobre los próximos pasos del connotado terrorista de origen cubano Luis Posada Carriles, quien se encuentra desde hace una semana en Miami, a donde llegó después de permanecer varios meses oculto en un país centroamericano.

Comienza el 24 de los corrientes el Beisbol de Base en Cuba

Normando Hernández Castro, 05.04.2005 03:03

Información sobre el comienzo de los campeonatos de base del Bésibol en Cuba,y de manera particular en la provincia cubana de Villa Clara.

n0t3s The Continuing Fragmentation Of The Internet

3D1on, 05.04.2005 01:38

W$ The more the learning curve advances towards mobility with telecom handsets and the trinity of pods, blogs, and torrents what becomes the Internet is an increasingly useless mess.

The moral short-sightedness of the Dutch prime-minister Balkenende and the EU regarding Israel

Astrid Essed, 05.04.2005 01:06

Although it is of main importance the Dutch prime-minister Balkenende has referred to the universal values in respect of the holocaust, it is striking that he is lacking in moral indignation with respect to the Palestinian victims of the Israeli occupation.

hate website sends death message

geral sosbee, 05.04.2005 00:40

A writer for the Troy begins a personal, ad hominem, assault on Sosbee; for evidence of this see the low minded death message sent to sosbee by Russell Sellers.

Heres a full list of all John Paul's great accomplishments and triumphs as Pope!

Fauxlosopher, 05.04.2005 00:23

Heres a full list of all John Paul's accomplishments and triumphs as Pope!

Venezuela's Media Minister Andres Izarra replies to the Washington Post

Translated by Philip Stinard, 04.04.2005 23:54

The Venezuelan Minister of Communication & Information has replied to
Washington Post columnist Jackson Diehl, who stated in an article published
March 28 that in Venezuela, journalists are persecuted and the press is

Diehl also spoke of the Law of Social Responsibility in Radio & Television
as a punitive instrument that won't permit the independent exercise of

In Andres Izarra's response, we find a story of rights violated in the
United States, and attacks against the freedom of information in that
country. In conclusion, the press is freer in Venezuela than in the United

Protests Ignite and Media Swarms as Minuteman Project Invades Southern Arizona

jessica lee, 04.04.2005 22:44

The Minuteman Project thinks the U.S. government is failing to secure the border While the vigilante, border activist and humanitarian groups all agree U.S. immigration policy is flawed, the dispute on how to fix the border is clashing out in the Arizona desert heat.

There was no fooling around April 1 when hundreds of “vigilantes” swarmed to defend small stretch of the Arizona-Mexico border, picking up the slack where they say the government is failing to stop the so-called “invasion of mobs of illegal aliens and terrorists.” The month-long gathering, dubbed the Minuteman Project, has attracted volunteers from all of the country to come camp in the desert and monitor the border.

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