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Joint letter from Chinese democrate in support of NTDTV, 12.04.2005 14:52

Eutelsat bouing to pressure from Chinese state authorities What You Can Do

Call EutelSat to express your view and concern on this matter. (EutelSat contact info below)
Contact your Congressmen and ask them to co-sign the Congress Dear Colleague Letter. You may also contact your Senator to write to President Bush to express your concern.

Contact your local representatives to express your concern.
Contact the newspaper, TV channel, radio and all the other media you can reach.
Contact the non-government organizations those who support Human Right and Free Press worldwide
Tell more people about this issue.
EutelSat Contact Details

Mr. Giuliano Berretta
Chairman & CEO
Eutelsat, S.A.
Tel. 33 - 1 - 53 - 98 - 48 - 62
Fax: 33 - 1 - 53 - 98 - 46 - 64

Ms. Vanessa O'Connor
Public Liaison
Eutelsat, S.A.
Tel. 33 - 1 - 53 - 99 - 38 - 88

Mr. Ronald Samuel
Chief, Eutelsat, Inc.
Tel. 202 - 756 - 1382
Tel. 202 - 415 - 3430

Mr. Olivier Millies-Lacroix
Commercial Director
Eutelsat, S.A.
Tel. 33 - 1 - 53 - 98 - 35 - 71
Fax: 33 - 1 - 53 - 98 - 38 - 99

Mover &quot;covers&quot; up

Reposted by Jane, 12.04.2005 14:11

“A cover-up would fit in with everything else they have done. It would be part of an effort to keep the cost of this war away from the American public,” Paul Rieckhoff, founder of Operation Truth, a group set up for veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan, told The Independent.

Salta Argentina, Maestros del Departamento San Martin Cortan ruta

Psa, 11.04.2005 22:53

En mosconi esenario de luchas sociales en ell norte argentino, la comunidad se unio a los educadores y cortan ruta

Human Cost of Iraq War - video and picture gallery of my visit to the Eyes Wide Open exhibit

arize, 11.04.2005 22:42

Human Cost of the Iraq War - video and picture gallery of my visit to the Eyes Wide Open exhibit - empty shoes and boots of the dead in the war, sprawled out in a plaza in your face making it kinda hard not to be moved in the direction of deepening anti-war work...


FARHAT QUAMMAQUAMI, 11.04.2005 22:01

Tens of thousands poured into the sreets of iraq cities to demand the end of the U.S. occupation of their country.They are giving a vote of non-ocnfidence ot a government hcosen by the United States which is mailly composed of imported Iraqis. It is suspected that this puppet government would legitimise the American ownership and control of Iraqs economy for the foreseable future.

June 10-12, 2005 &quot;Weekend of Resistance&quot; for Political Prisoner Jeff 'Free' Luers

Friends of Jeff 'Free' Luers, 11.04.2005 22:00

Jeff Luers-January 2005 June 2005 marks the five-year anniversary of the imprisonment of our friend and comrade: Oregon environmental political prisoner, Jeff "Free" Luers.

First radio station of homosexuals to start airing in Turkey

Radio Rebel, 11.04.2005 21:45

Homosexuals in Turkey have begun radio broadcast on a web site, under the name of 'Radyo Direniş/Radyo Berxwedan (Radio Rebel)', to put their voice on the map

What about the Racism That We Face? (Racism within and by unions)

ANONYMOUS FROM CANADA, 11.04.2005 21:26

Written by a member of a Canadian union and Originally published at

Racism has an unquestionably destructive effect upon worker solidarity.
What strategies do unions have in place for combating racism within the union?

Vote Fraud for Democracy

FluxRostrum, 11.04.2005 20:49

a 26 minute video of the Contest the Vote Rally in DC on January 6th. Why doesn't anybody (american) seem to give a shit anymore?

The Poor Are Revolting

Diarist, 11.04.2005 20:18

Should voters in the UK General Election "move on" from the issue of Iraq?

Does this make any sense to you?

All except the elite are victims in the war against terrorism, 11.04.2005 19:35

The Pentagon claims the Engines, Wings and Flight recorder
were vaporized.

They also claim that Passenger Body Parts were NOT vaporized -
but were identified!

They claim that the nose punched through 9 reinforced concrete walls!
But the heavier and denser 10 000 pounds Engines didn`t punch
through even one!

Does this make any sense to you?

Bush serves Sharon, literally

me, 11.04.2005 19:21

Bush serves Sharon To all those zionazis, israeli firsters, here's your proof that BUSH and his administration are serving SHARON and Israeli apartheid...literally

Dear George and Dick, I feel I can be informal, since you killed my son

Cindy Sheehan, 11.04.2005 18:50

Cindy Sheehan is the mother of Spc. Casey Austin Shehan, KIA 04/04/04

Queens Market

Keith Parkins, 11.04.2005 17:37

mercado de fruitas y veduras en Tenerife Queens Market, a jewel in the crown, one of the few surviving East End markets, can be found at Upton Park in East London. At least it can for now, as the local mayor in collusion with property developers St Modwens wishes to see it destroyed and replaced by an Asda superstore and a block of luxury flats.

Not Saint, only peace award for...

Cristian Hendrickse, 11.04.2005 16:45

The Pope's show


Francisco Javier Angulo, 11.04.2005 16:35



Virgil Kret, 11.04.2005 16:28

Expect the United States of America to be defeated on April 19, 2005

Nazi Horrors at Buchenwald Remembered at 60th Anniversary

mh, 11.04.2005 16:15

Nazi Horrors at Buchenwald Remembered at 60th Anniversary

Comienza hoy Quinta reunión de expertos de la UNESCO en Quito.

rc/lgo, 11.04.2005 15:56

Comienza hoy Quinta reunión de expertos de la UNESCO en Quito

Derechos de Inmigración de una Pareja Casada Bi-Nacional del Mismo Sexo

Hana Tauber y Miriam Morales, 11.04.2005 15:56

foto del ceremonia del casamiento bi-nacional. 23 de mayo, 2004. Para muchas comunidades que han intentado plantar raíces en los estados unidos, vivimos en un tiempo de mucha incertidumbre. Hoy día enfrentamos más limitaciones para poder continuar con nuestro trabajo y vidas en los estados unidos, y cada día personas como nosotras necesitan tomar decisiones sobre como dejar un gran parte de nosotros mismos atrás para poder sobrevivir de una mejor manera. Somos una pareja casada bi-nacional del mismo sexo que les escribe a ustedes para compartir nuestro testimonio como una pareja viviendo en el exilio de los estados unidos, que desea reunirse con nuestras comunidades. Estamos buscando maneras para contar nuestra historia desde el otro lado del continente, y esperamos que ustedes firmen estas palabras como personas o como organizaciones para apoyar nuestro caso.

Rights to US Immigration of Same-Sex Bi-national Married Couple.

Hana Tauber &amp; Miriam Morales, 11.04.2005 15:53

photo of bi-national marriage ceremony. May 23rd, 2005. For many communities who have tried to plant roots in the United States, we live in a time of great uncertainty. Everyday we face more limitations on being able to continue with our work and lives in the US, and everyday people like us have to make decisions on how to leave a large part of ourselves behind in order to be able to survive the best way that we can. We are a bi-national, married, same-sex couple who write to you to share our testimony as a couple living in exile from the United States who desire to reunite with our communities. We are looking for ways to tell our story from the other end of the continent, and we hope that you might sign on to these words as individuals or as organizations in order to support our case.

Cuban and Dominican Universities agree to Create Doctorate

ef/abo/MBR/rr, 11.04.2005 15:36

Cuban and Dominican Universities agree to Create Doctorate

The Church of Rome...

King Amdo, 11.04.2005 15:03

The Church of Rome is a 'satanic' construct...the origin of all the various 'devil's spawn' of all the different christian denominations. It is a construct of pure evil...that really is the only way to see an overstanding...rather than being taken in by any of the bullshit.

Cardenales continúan preparación de cónclave

rc/hav, 11.04.2005 14:53

Cardenales continúan preparación de cónclave

Wall Street atento a presiones inflacionarias

Mario Esquivel, 11.04.2005 14:49

Wall Street atento a presiones inflacionarias

Venezuela: Socialismo bliviariano IV

Rafael Iribarren, 11.04.2005 13:17

Analisis sobre la declaracion "socialista" de la revolucion "bolivariana" en Venezuela

Αυτοδιαχειριζόμενη Εστία Στα Τει Ηρακλείου

ParaboL, 11.04.2005 12:09


A Strong Protest Against Eutelsat, 11.04.2005 11:19

Viewers like this man in Anhui Province of China will no longer be able to watch As of April 15, Eutelsat, a French TV broadcasting company, will not be extending its contract with New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV) and will stop broadcasting NTDTV's signal to Asia due to financial benefits and political pressure from the Chinese Communist Party.(CCP)

The Federation for a Democratic China has expressed surprise and anger at Eutelsat for suppressing a voice of freedom and democracy.

In den Gezeiten der Menschheit

(1-2Phönix) Cesare della Tera, 11.04.2005 11:07

Papst Johannes Paul II;Fürst Rainer von Manaco, Prinz Ersnt August von Hannover, Königliche Hoheit Camila Parker Bowles und Prinz Charles

Free Market Saves Rover For At Least One More Week

Mr. Bill, 11.04.2005 07:31

Glad to see the magic of the Free Market keeping Rover afloat for at least one more week.

Platzverweis zur Gedenkveranstalltung

R.O.T.K.Ä.P.C.H.E.N., 11.04.2005 06:58

Polizei verweigerte Antifa-Work-Camp Teilnehmern den Aufenthalt in der Stadt Weimar und behandelt sie wie Verbrecher !

Israeli War Crimes

Tierra Insurgente / Intifada Al Ard, 11.04.2005 04:36

Another israeli War Crime.

Today in Palestine

Tierra Insurgente / Intifada Al Ard, 11.04.2005 03:56

This is a summary of the news from Palestine.

j0urnaL: G3k Craf7s

£, 11.04.2005 00:05

W$ g3qs r neo-hippies

El libertario du Venezuela

Le Monde libertaire, 10.04.2005 23:28

* Au milieu des années 80, à Caracas (Venezuela), le collectif autogestionnaire libertaire crée El libertario (1) mais en suspendra la parution au bout de six numéros. Parmi les initiateurs du journal, il y a Angel Cappelletti (2), des vétérans espagnols, des militants ouvriers et d'autres militants... Ce n'est qu'en novembre 1995 que le journal reparaît, sous l'impulsion du Comité de relations anarchistes (CRA) qui vient de se créer à Caracas.

Indymedia Germany Offline???

mojo, 10.04.2005 22:25

As far as I can see Indy Germany is hacked or offline? Is anyone nowing what´s happenig??? Soweit ich das sehe gibt es unter nur ein komisches Bild aber keine Seite mehr. Weiss jemand was genaues???

Behandelt wie „Terroristen“ zur Gedenkverandtaltung in Buchenwald

R.O.T.K.Ä.P.C.H.E.N., 10.04.2005 22:09

Zum Tag der Selbstbefreiung des KZ´s Buchenwalds hatte es Team Green auf uns AntiFas abgesehen! Mit Rechtswidrigen Platzverweisen für die ganze Stadt Weimar und Haftandrohung ! ! ! (Nur weil der „Super Kanzler“ da war)

Why China Persecute Falun Gong?, 10.04.2005 20:13

Why Falun Gong practitioner being tortured to death in China the most important reason is that Falun Gong Teaches “Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance;” the Communist Party Brews “Falsehood, Hatred and Struggle” , therefore from this ideological point of view, the philosophy that the Communist Party has relied on for its survival is completely opposite to what Falun Gong teaches (for more detail information, please see the nine commentary about communist published by English EPOCH TIME)

Phase II of WMD Report Swept Under Carpet: Video/Text

C&amp;R, 10.04.2005 19:46

Where is Phase II of the WMD report?


razzia, 10.04.2005 19:11

cyber action biosphere

Critical Thinker, Google and the IDF

just wondering, 10.04.2005 18:22

I decided to look into what “Critical Thinker” does to Indymedia with his time beside pollute with vile, racist spew.

Death squad diplomacy: Welcome to the New Ambassodor

Farhat quammaquuami, 10.04.2005 18:08

In the second anniversary of the"staged" toppeling of Saddam's Statue hundreds of thousands of Iraqis are begging America to leave their country.They are unaware that America is there to stay.65 per cent of American oil is imported and America must secure all the oil resourses fot the New Century. The mission of the new Ambassodor Khalilzad is to build a fragmanted Middle East based on a perverted brand od Islamist Warlords who under the banner of Islam secure this process.

Torture Methods

tl, 10.04.2005 16:32

Burning, 3000 Watts electric shock ...etc It's hard to imagine that tens of millions of people are singled out for destruction because they believe in Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance. And if there is anything more disturbing than this, it is the lengths to which Chinese authorities have gone to eradicate that belief

Taiwan WOIPFG Released Investigation Announcement on the CCP Officials’ Involvement in Forcing Eutelsat Terminate Contract with NTDTV

tl, 10.04.2005 16:20

Imminent Shutdown of NTDTV’s Broadcast to Asia Attracts Worldwide Attention Due to political and economical pressure from the Chinese Communist Party, European Satellite Company Eutelsat is deciding not to renew the contract with New Tang Dynasty Television broadcast to Asia. The incident raised much international concern as NTDTV's contract is set to end in 8 days.

La e-privacy

Simona Marini, 10.04.2005 13:54

La perdita o la confisca della privacy appartengono storicamente al regime di ogni istituzione totale, dove assumono il valore esplicito del controllo sull’altrui esistenza.
Oggi la privacy viene violata ogni giorno e in modo capillare.

Zapatista Doll Pies Barbie At GWU Law Lecture, 10.04.2005 13:36

Succombing to a recent trend among raver kids and
sports enthusiasts of all ages, Zapatista Doll has
pied Barbie at one of her most important current

A resource war disguised as a 'War on Terrorism'

Hubberts Peak, 10.04.2005 13:05

Image from Many who stood against the Iraq war held banners of ‘No Blood for Oil’, yet since the war, Iraqi oil production has been intermittent, and at much lower levels than had been hoped. For Iraqi oil alone, monthly billions pouring into Iraq by the coalition seemed an excessively high price.
A surge in the price of oil from $35 to $55 in the last year have suddenly made their investment appear astonishingly well timed…


RESISTANCES, 10.04.2005 11:08

From the 10th to 16th of April, 2005, the Biovision/Biosquare forum will take place in the city of Lyon, France. This summit can be compared with the Davos WEF, but is solely concerned with biotech issues

Is the U.S. planning a &quot;contra&quot; war for Venezuela?

Reposted from by jamie, 10.04.2005 10:45

"A senior Pentagon official told UPI in September that the Bush administration may support Colombia's plan to arm 20,000 peasants to help defend its territory from narcotics-financed guerrillas and paramilitaries but it is waiting for details on the proposal before publicly endorsing it."

Breaking News California Safe Schools Receives $25,000 at Volvo For Life Awards

Carol Schuler, 10.04.2005 02:17

The Executive Director of California Safe Schools, Robina Suwol, named one of nine finalist in third annual Volvo for Life Awards.

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